Daily Archives: May 10, 2011

New Directions (Away from Jive)

While we continue to speculate about what’s in store for David Archuleta, let’s be thankful for two things:

1. He’s no longer with Jive who would be giving him songs like this or this or this!

(No matter what you may think of any of these pop stars, I at least hope you recognize that each one is better than any of that crap music their label forced on them. And poor Britney looks so tired and uninspired in her recent music videos!)

2. He’s not being forced to alter his appearance for wider acceptance, like his fellow Idol Jordin Sparks:

(I know Jordin, who looks great now but looked great then too IMO, has already excused her dramatic weight loss by talking about “feeling good” and “making right decisions” about eating and exercising.  However, I also know lots of folks who are her previous height and build who also make smart choices about diet and exercise and still don’t lose rapid weight like that; but then, they’re not being packaged for the current music industry. And if you don’t think the gal wasn’t under pressure to lose the weight – or merely her big-boned features – check out this photoshopped image that her label had circulated around the time of her previous hit, “Battlefield,” before she started “making right decisions” about eating and exercise)

Must be nice having a personal trainer, but I’m sure Jordin is loving the new look and the ability to prove to the world that “she is woman,” especially since her label or manager offered her a photoshopped “glimpse” of what she could look like and what would help her to sell.

Granted, sooner or later David will have to do something similar to change his public image from the “boy” we all know and love and want to “mother.”

At any rate, while we may look at these recent offerings by David’s former label and perhaps even feel resentment that these artists at least got promo (something David never did), I do want to give David the credit for walking away – if this is the direction Jive had in mind for him (and considering how none of the music production on any of these stars’ singles are truly distinguishable from each other, I doubt David’s musical direction with them would have been any different), I can’t blame David for wanting to get away from a sound (and perhaps an image) that simply doesn’t suit him.

Wandering around label-less and perhaps professional-management-less may cause stress for some fans, but David hasn’t looked so “free” in a long time.  If we can at least celebrate that he’s not tied to Jive (and their Jive-Ass recordings) I’m willing to ride that wave for now.