Happy Mother’s Day!

To my mom, David’s mom Lupe, and all the fabulous mothers, expectant mothers (hi, Embe! *waves*), and surrogate mothers out there! Have a blessed and glorious day! 🙂

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  1. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!!! Have a nice a day. The countdown clock on David’s new website, DavidArchuleta.com, has been changed. It was changed to coming soon in 57 days which would be 7/4/11 I believe. Interesting. I wonder why?

  2. Happy Mother’s Day you guys!!

  3. Happy Mother’s Day! David and his mom are just glowing in that photo.

    The date for the website grand opening has changed? Hmmm, maybe they moved it to the date he will release his new single. Wishful thinking. 🙂

  4. I like the way you think desertrat. It may be a good sign that he is checking out all his options too.

  5. Happy Mother’s Day!

    So, instead of two weeks, the new website will be available in two months?


    • Peter, I just looove your optimism. lol! David has never really had luck with websites. Here’s hoping this time is different.

  6. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone 🙂

  7. At least David has some good fan-sites, and his facebook is now getting updated. I hope the delay in his OS is that it’s going to be topnotch. I guess we shall see when it is launched.

  8. HappyMother’s Day to everyone!!

  9. Here’s to hoping all of you mothers, almost mothers, and those in the position of mother, are having the best-est day ever! 😉
    I’m so blessed to have the greatest kids in the world!

  10. the new OS is going to be great..Trust the archuletor !!

    saw this at the bottom of the OS page
    Page design by T. R. Pennington

    is this the the person ?


    PS Happy Mother’s day to all Moms !!

    • If you click on TR Pennington on the OS site it goes to FanScene, a fan site for David. The FanScene owner is Todd Pennington. It might be him. I saw someone else mention this on another site. I hope he gets his OS launched by a professional in July now.

    • Looks like they haven’t learned anything…

      I’m still hoping a new website = new label & new management, but it looks less probable now.

      • LOL, Peter!! , even if the evidence point to a ‘déjà-vu’ scenario, i still hopping for the new label and new management , more than for tour news…i want to still optimist ha, ha 🙂

        I saw the TP/FS connection with the OS last week, and i hope that is just about a transitory situation like someone said…maybe?

      • I agree with you totally. I just hope that this delay means he is checking out all his options and he will then sign with new label/management. David is lucky to have such supportive fan sites.

      • I mean ‘ Hoping for the new label and management….’

      • sadly, I agree with Peter. I want to be optimist and think it’s just a transition thing but some tweets from his drummer made it clear for me that he’s managed by his dad. I don’t want to judge before seeing what they are working on but this time I decided that I just won’t hope for anything but new music, I just don’t want to be disappointed.

        You know his dad has a pretty good CV now so maybe he could do the job : he’s a songwriter, a manager, an executive producer, a song arranger, he even does sound checks lol, I just hope he never had the ambition to run a record label … (note to the Archuleta Police : I’m just (half) joking !)

      • Peter and cmoi: lol. Great comments.

      • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…

        Well, all the signs were pointing in the direction of MIC Management. He was waiting for the right moment. It is obvious that he thinks he can do things better than a professional label and manager.

        I guess this will be entertaining, but not in a nice way.

      • I hope his new music, if any, will not be recorded in a business associate’s garage.

      • lol Peter, I heard the acoustic is great in a garage !

      • LOL. Perhaps Ms. Hilden has one. She’s everywhere lately:


      • He also has @SunnyHilden on keyboards now. She was with David yesterday. Why????

      • Peter you are faster than me. Good work. lol

      • Sunny Girl looks like his manager right now, or at least on this low times…not impressive with the gigs he’s getting lately at all, so low profil , and i think he deserve more than that . I don’t know that much about this lady though, with exception of DSH and that is dad’s friend and her very sugary way to talk on twitter,, like a motivational coach ? …and that is not encouragent at all 😐

      • “her very sugary way to talk on twitter”, lol Tibitibi, I thought I was the only one thinking that lol but I doubt she’s his manager (unless she’s co-managing with his dad lol).

      • According to her website, she’s a “songwriter, lyricist, composer, vocalist, keyboardist, arranger, producer, oboist, actress.”

      • MIC + SH = A management match made in heaven

      • Peter. LOL so much that I am crying.

  11. If you are a woman and haven’t any children of your own but have unofficially adopted David, does that count as being a mother? Haha

    Happy Mother’s Day everyone!!!

  12. Oh cool, my own shout-out! Thanks HG ❤

    Here's David wishing happy Mother's day in Spanish – yet another one of my pregnancy cravings…


  13. And Happy delayed Mother Day/Week to all the ones who fill this role in the life of any human being ! 😉

  14. hell0g0rge0us

    sadly, I agree with Peter. I want to be optimist and think it’s just a transition thing but some tweets from his drummer made it clear for me that he’s managed by his dad. I don’t want to judge before seeing what they are working on but this time I decided that I just won’t hope for anything but new music, I just don’t want to be disappointed.

    Seriously, folks, when things like this are said, I WANT EVIDENCE LAID OUT RIGHT HERE… either post a link or copy/paste your info.

    This is Web 2.0 (now going on 3.0). Surely we’re beyond reporting hearsay, right? 😛

    All this is to say: if MIC is on the horizon (or people fear this to be the case), I want some proof. Thanks! 🙂

  15. His drummer tweets a lot but I found it lol

    a fan asked him this : “whose idea was the GGTT/Message in a Bottle mashup?” and he replied : “ha ha ha, that was cool huh?! David mostly, with some help from his management”. Another fan asked him almost the same question and he replied “Mostly David, with some help from his crew. :-)”

    The mashup reminded me his “Stand By Me/Beautiful Girls” performance on AI (there were rumors saying his dad did it even if the BG song was not cleared or something like that). I’m just basing my assumption on those tweets from his drummer because the process seemed familiar to me. But I guess it’s open to speculation till official announcement …

    So no real proof but for me it’s pretty obvious his dad is his manager for the moment

    • Wait ‘ David mostly, with some help from his management” …..MELINDA!! 🙂

      Ok,now seriously , is clear that : a management exist right now, but have not name or should be named for the moment and has some knowledge of music enough for David to accept the ‘suggestion’ …. now i can see your point. Still needing to see tjhe ‘cap’ in question like evidence ha, ha :)…….i guess i gonna try to laugh from now.

      • I think his dad was with him at the IC concert. When Melinda was his manager, she was with him everywhere. You’re right that the only sure thing from the drummer’s tweets are that he has management but I find it hard to think that nothing leaked by now about this supposed manager. If I remember well, Melinda was tweeting about David before she officialy announced that she was his manager. I just don’t think it would be so secretive if it was a professional (we would have found a way to know lol).

        I think his dad is his manager in this transitional period while David is taking a break. We’ll see if that changes when he’ll find the answers to his questions lol

      • Oh not the three points i made from your post were serious ;), and would said almost facts since the drummer guy is using the word management already, so i’m almost totally with you in your hipothetical statement. I don’t see either why the secret, if to announce an Official Management Team would bring so much relieve to this fanbase about his futur and would be motive of celebration 🙂 ….. unless it is a polemic one, then . clearly him/they don’t want the buzz right now because…… :/

        Let’s hope all this will become just a transitional phase, that makes sense right now at this evolving moment on his career .

      • lol, I know that you weren’t serious (I know that this is Web 2.0 but I don’t know how you do the smileys lol). I was thinking out loud lol.

        For the moment, things are going well for David (they promised exciting things in the horizon) so I’m not going to judge his manager, whoever he/she is, he/she needs time to work. Only time will tell if he/she was the good person for David …

        When I read his drummer’s tweets, I wasn’t even “sad” about the possibility of his dad managing him. David said that he’s in charge now, so it’s him who made the decisions about management. I’m OK with that, it’s his career after all. Also, to be honest, I don’t know who are the managers of the artists that I like and I don’t even care about who they are (even if it’s not a secret thing like for David). Maybe I should apply this thinking to David.

      • I would be disappointed to be honest if he goes for the amateur route (aka MIC) too much story and risk to still under the public stigma of ”controlled boy”, but like you said is his career and from his perspective, influences and fears is the way to go….of course i hope again is just a provisional thing and real professionals gonna be there for him to do the work.

  16. In an Hipothetical sense ;), to me right now looks more like a family business than MIC situation LOL…..in any case i still hoping for a professional and with experience and not amateurish move on his career, because is sad to see this all potential ignored for the world because the lack of mentoring capacity around him….but again is up to him to open his eyes and recognize that beyond his maybe ideal perfect world , it exist good, smart, passionate and honest people that can help him to move forward with his career.

  17. I think MIC/family is management now but I hope it changes for David’s sake. I really have to believe that even if David does not sign with a label that he will sign with a professional music management company. There are tons of “professional music management companies” that I am sure would love to work with David. There is no reason or excuse for David not to sign with one.

    • ITA with you !

      I think that one of the mistakes made in the past was that David didn’t have a manager for a long time before the release of TOSOD. I think that even if he was just preparing a new album, he should have had a professional management. It’s the same now, even if he’s in a transitional period and doesn’t have a label, he still should hire now a professional manager.

  18. Like cmoi I am just going to be happy if David tours and records some new music. He does have some big events coming up – Myrtle Beach and Stadium of Fire plus what I believe will be an Asian tour. All very good things. It looks like his booking agent is being smart so far in his bookings. He’s not going to lose any money on an of these. As far as management – who knows? Basketball charity event he went with his Mom. MIC was with him at the Nashville event, and Sunny was with him at the event yesterday. I don’t think he has a label yet, but that is just my opinion.

  19. David’s last tweet is really interesting, I wonder if it’s career related. But it could be about anything or just a way to show his friends some love, with David we never know.

    “Hello hello. So glad to have the friends that I have and what they help me realize! Friends are some of the best teachers you can have”.

  20. I just saw the video where D’s mom is dancing with his Grandpa and his sister – so cute!

    I’ll hold my management thoughts until after I finish my dinner. 😛

    If anyone’s looking for how to use smiley’s, you can go here:

    If you’re looking make an avatar, you can go here:

  21. In the last ASCAP video clip David mentioned how he has worked with some people who wanted him to do something or be someone that benefited them (and not him). For that reason, I think it’s a good thing that a few people who know and care about him and his career are assisting.

    Last year, Bob Lefsetz shared an email from industry insiders joking about Britney Spear’s father/manager’s efforts to arrange shows for her. I’d hate to see that happen to David. If I can find the link I’ll post it because it’s a good read.

    David is so talented, like everyone else, I want people working for him who have connections, know the industry and will work in his best interest. But on the other hand, I know some things are MUCH more important than advancing in a career.

    • My last spam, lol. Here’s the 2010 email re. Britney. The topic at large was poor ticket sales for concerts last summer and how some artists don’t understand that they’re not worth their asking price.


      Just got a call from an agent who was representing Britney Spears and working with her dad in finding venues where Britney could “host” a room in order to get close to her fans: sign autographs, shake hands, and maybe sing to a couple of tracks. I thought he wanted to rent my theatre but as we talked, found out he was selling this “event” for $75K (but could possibly get it as low as $60K), plus 4 first-class plane tickets; 4 5-star hotel rooms, Grey Goose Vodka, etc.

      How sweet of Britney to offer to do this! And what a sacrifice on her part! Although anatomicaaly impossible, I suggested an alternative venue where this event could be hosted and slammed the phone down. In what universe do these people live? Have they not gotten the memo? Nobody cares about this crap anymore – train wreck or no!

    • Adele is just one example of an artist that seems to not have compromised what she wanted to do and has a great career going. She’s #1 on itunes. She has a label and professional management and worked with professional producers/songwriters. No family management. Her label is XL Columbia and her management is September Management. I hate Britney’s autotune music but she seems to be doing alright. Thanks for the tips. I have to practice my smiley’s. When David signs with new label/management I will do one. lol

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