Indonesia, Here He Comes!

What an opportunity!


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  1. The Indonesian fans are great ! David is trending worldwide and we can feel that they are as excited as David for the concert. They’ll surely give him the super star treatment he deserves !

  2. I am thrilled for the Indonesian fans also!! They are amazing! They deserve this!

  3. David is so excited that he can hardly express himself. Other artist would act all cool and tone down their enthusiasm in front of the camera. Not David, he lets us all know how much he is looking forward to going back to Asia and performing. David kept his word when he told his Asian fans that he would be back someday. They’re great people and truly loyal fans. Good for them.

  4. He is going Philippines too:D

    @FerjiPerj it seems to be confirmed by Araneta.. David willhave a concert here in ARANETA in July 18, tickets will go on sale soon!!

    Getting giddy with all these exciting news lol

  5. So excited for all of the Asian fans! They sooo deserve this! You can feel the energy and excitement everywhere! yay! What a ride! lovin it!

  6. David Archuleta was trending Worlwide this morning!!

    Trending: Worldwide

    Seve Ballesteros
    Music Bank FIGHTING
    Carroça Desembestada
    David Archuleta
    Tom Welling

    • and he’s still trending lol
      There are tweets asking why David is trending so it’s good for him, free promo for his future show !

  7. When you think that he’s trending because he only announced one concert date lol. That makes you think that he still has the star power even when he’s taking a break and has no label !

    I’m happy and excited for the Asian fans ! Can’t wait for more good news !

    • Very Good Observation !! ;), now we need to convince David himself of this reality……i still confidente on his talent and his power to be more than a regular artist ;)…and i know i’m not alone in my wishes 🙂

  8. So happy for Asia /indonesia fans, i just read that Phill maybe gonna have their concert too, i hope is true for them and the rest of Asia fans, they deserve their recompense for their loyal support to David’s career, Thank to them he is an International Star 😉 ….,i hope David and his band gonna put all their efforts and creativity to do a very entertaining show 🙂

    And great to see his name Trending Worldwide 😀

  9. David Archuleta interviewed at the ASCAP “I Create Music” Expo

  10. Someone over at FOD made a funny, true comment that David has had more publicity from one vlog about a coming concert than 3 years with Jive/Weg, etc. Also, I am very happy that he actually retweeted LadyV’s tweet about his worldwide trending so that all his fans would know that he knows about it!

    • True LOL, well he’s already realizing that is to him to make the announces and create the excitation around his business in others words taking the responsability 🙂 and this little vlog was perfect example of good and not cocky self promotion, with more buzz than his Jive/Azzof/JA era Jive/Notmang era and Jive/WEG era (that was too short to work). 😉

      And Wow still Trending worldwide :O

  11. David Archuleta Tour Dates

    “Archuleta fans around the world are super excited as the Idol alum will be performing on July 16, 2011 in Jakarta, Indonesia. During his brief video blog, David Archuleta also tells his Asian fans to stay tuned for MORE tour dates!”

    “Today David Archuleta fans are showing their support by trending the young singer’s name on Twitter. While Arculeta may not have won American Idol, he still has a very large fan base and is on the road to an extremely successful career in the music industry.”

  12. Good news for Asian fans. The trending worldwide was great. I am hoping for more good news in just a few weeks.

  13. raelovingangels

    Well I am so happy for the Indosian fans- and I am hearing Manilla too!
    David was bursting with joy. I almost expected him to jump around the room and do the happy dance. For now- no label, no problem. How cool is trending in so many countries including the US & world? Guess he still has it.

  14. I’m still uber excited about the Indonesian/International touring, and the outpouring of support for David they have shown. That global trending was something to see, still blown away by that. The International fans are too awesome for words -they showed us how to get it done, and may they never tire in their support for David. It’s that kind of fundamental, respectful but fiercely rabid support that sustains artists and careers. I can be somewhat objective and philosophical at times about my David fanship, but I enjoy the goofball, excited, rabid fangirl part of being a fan more, lol. The fangirl side is more fun 🙂

  15. The Voice has a series on David’s new band members. Today there is a nice article about the #TweetingDrummer. He sounds very talented and I love his enthusiasm.

    New article at TheVoice! Band Series, Part 2 ~ Introducing David Archuleta’s Band Join the discussion!

  16. I kind of like #Tweeting Drummer. He explained how he ended up in David’s band. He said that ” At the end of the day, it’s all about networking, and building relationships with fellow entertainers.” He is right about that. He is also a Berklee grad.

  17. Per a link on Fanscene, in order to attend the concert you have to purchase a tube of Pond’s Facial Foam and then visit a local radio station to exchange the receipt for a ticket to the show.

    • Woohoo?

    • what?

    • Lol dont be so surprised. That’s the culture over here in Asia. It’s very common for big corporation to sponsor celebrity & bring them for gigs! we have to buy the products rather than tickets!

      • Actually, it sounds like a good deal!

      • Well, yay1 fior the creativity to promote both their product and the artist :! and Pond’s is a good product btw 🙂 , but now i wonder, if this is an small showcase or a real concert , for how many people then? : |

      • well, if I could go to a David concert, I would probably buy……whatever…..depending on the cost, of course

  18. Celebrity Mother’s Day Shout-Outs

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