The Solace of the Voice

So, this latest vid (thanks, Junnie!) finally cemented what I had known all along. David Archuleta has officially ruined singing competitions for me.

Consider.  Last week, a show premiered called “The Voice,” which David alerted me to via Twitter, and that was a good thing because the ODD-crazed Archie in me was getting ready to get an attitude: How dare NBC try to capitalize on David’s nickname!

But when I tuned in, I was impressed that the level of talent was so much stronger than what we’re currently witnessing on this season’s Idol.

Until this week, and I watched the show again, and I was not at all impressed with the latest contestants. Indeed, I fell asleep before the 2-hour spectacle was over.  I decided: Nah, no way could this show compete on the same level as Idol. At least with AI, we get invested in contestants from Day 1 (Auditions through Hollywood, etc.).

But then I tuned into Idol last night, and OhMyGosh! What a hot mess everybody sounded. Even more shocking was the ridiculous praise each contestant received.  Where is the magic, the solace, the emotive connection that David, even during a quick soundbite on an interview (as the above video highlights), can give? An entire episode in which each contestant sang twice, and not once did I get goosebumps.

Sure, of the remaining contestants, Haley Reinhart is the most talented vocally, but she growls instead of emoting, she grimaces instead of improvising. In short, she’s tedious even if she’s got the most interesting vocals. James and Jacob scream at you, poor Lauren Alaina is too self-conscious to really communicate vocally (i.e. can you imagine what the one and only Voice would have done to “Unchained Melody”? GAH! I get chills just thinking about it), and Scott McCreery is too busy mugging for the camera to really deliver any kind of emotional punch. Granted, he looks like he’s wining this thing, and rightly so because what he does, he does well. But never have I left an episode of Idol feeling so horrified by what my ears had to endure. Everyone was all over the place pitchy, flat, or (worse of all) underwhelming.

When I listen to these contestants in singing competitions, I realize I am unfairly holding them up to the standard that David represents in my book. After all, where is the love that we feel in this:

And when you want to be slayed, who can deliver a haunting song in this way:

Sigh. I think I’m just missing the Voice. I think he knows we miss him too (why else is he spontaneously breaking out into song in his vlogs and interviews?).


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  1. you got that right ,how do you always come up with my very thoughts ,love your posts

  2. Haven’t been watching Idol, but The Voice is surprisingly good, IMO, especially the judges. Maybe it will get too reality-television-ish later…

    Go Team Adam Levine!

  3. One of David’s strengths is his innate ability to connect to a song. As Andrew Lloyd Webber said, a true “musical soul”.

    As for the remaining AI contestants, I hear a lot of over singing or see quite a bit of the “camera mugging”. I think Jacob will be leaving tonight. I don’t know if Scotty will win but I think he do very well beyond the show.

  4. Interesting article re. Jordin – her desire to evolve as an artist, etc. Also you can hear her new song, “I Am Woman”. It sounds like a Beyonce-type song.

    • I liked some of Jordin’s older songs,like No Air, better than this new one. I am sure that she will have Jive’s support and money behind her for this new single. It sounds like the type of song Jive wants her to sing. I still am not sure that it will be a hit single.

      • Jordin is going to be on AI next week and the song will be released to itunes next week. It will be interesting to see how the single does with all the support and promo she is getting for it. It is a Beyonce-Britney type song which is what they play on top 40 pop stations.

      • Per her tweets, Jordin has been working on choreography. It should be an interesting performance tonight. She’s going up against Beyonce’s new female empowerment song, ‘Run the World (Girls)’.

  5. “Unchained Melody” is my all time favorite song. It came out when I was 16 and I sang it from California to Iowa on a family trip. David singing it would be a dream come true.
    Haley was so good last night until she growled. I think that she has a lot of potential. Maybe she can emotionally deliver a song that she is more familiar with.
    When you listen to David sing, “Falling” with so much emotion along with those desperate words, you have to wonder if David himself has gone through something similiar. How could he have written those words at such a young age? He is amazing!

  6. I loving the Voice new format tbh, and i love David voice, but , naaaah, still some very good and versatiles voices out there…..Haley was fantastic yesterday, she know her voice and have attitude to sing , Judge don’t love her, but she is the only one taking risks to win, i hope she survived tonight. The too teen in my opinion are the two weaks teen ever in terms of memorables moments ever on Idol, Lauren is so immature and not sure why are her motivations to be in the music business, her love for the music ? and the adorable Scott, his vocal range is so limitate and his performance a little meh to me…but he’s gonna win probably, James is the most emotional of all of them and knows how to perform for sure, but is so pitchy sometimes lol, and Jacob, idk what to say, he has good voice, but i don’t like his interpretations , like too over the top to me, but he is a sweet guy. 🙂

  7. Each of those vids are stunning examples of the voice; I enjoyed watching them.

    Is it my imagination, or did David have the weirdest/annoyed look on his face when Ryan walked out after Love me Tender?

    • Yes these vids are STUNNING…sorry. And David was so “in the zone” the sight of Ryan shocked David back into…”reality tv”.

    • yep, david looked annoyed and shocked at the sight of ryan. i think this was the point in the show where all the remaining idols were ready to get off the show and get on with their real lives, lol.

  8. I’d forgotten how beautiful those performances were. *sigh*

  9. I thought the performances last night on AI were not good. They were a hot mess. My favorite this year was Casey so since he is no longer on AI I don’t have much interest. Jacob singing No Air last night was really I could care less who wins it. The only ones benefiting from the show this year are the judges. JLo and Tyler’s careers have improved greatly by being on AI. Of course they aren’t good judges. However, I do like The Voice. I think it is a good show and has better talent than AI this year.

    • Marie – Sooo True! The judges’ careers have definitely benefited. I think Last week’s contestants were stronger singers. Still watching the outcome though.

  10. When at work I peeked on SD and could not wait to get home to respond to this post.
    Gosh – what Ray said was so right – HG are you reading my mind or what?

    Last week The Voice thrilled me with possibilities. This week it became another ho hum talent show. Since last week I have felt myself becoming more and more bored of AI 10 and now can’t wait for it to be over. In my mind each contestant is competing to be as over the top as possible than the last contestant. At first I did not miss Simon but as the weeks wore on I realized that there is no objectivity from the judges as Stephen likes everything, and Jennifer and Randy offer not much more resistance. I no longer have a favorite as the competition has become a screamfest and spectacle a la James and company. I believe Simon may have reined in the contestants a bit more.
    Now how can you compare others favorably when David slays the listener by the end of his first phrase in Falling with finesse, control and feelings? Even the interviewer is at a loss for words. The timbre of his voice in the lower register, the emotive break in his upper register and caressing of notes – dang! There is no doubt – David is truly vocally gifted. As one of his recent commenters on YT said – his voice is like chocolate for the ears.

  11. Love, Love, Love AND SO IT GOES!

    IMO another one of David’s finest performances 🙂

  12. Lucky Indonesia

    tweet from David—> Message to Indonesian fans!
    17 minutes ago via web

  13. so now David is doing special video announcements lol

    I can’t believe he confirmed something and he seemed really really happy ! (it’s cool for the Indonesian fans !!!).

  14. So this is another confirmed events ?! Found on his FB page !

    Pond’s Teens Concert featuring David Archuleta – Jakarta, Indonesia
    16 July.!/event.php?eid=196149980429866

    Lucky Indonesia fans, happy for them, they have been waiting for 3 years !! 😀

  15. Woooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooo we are as happy as he is !!! Yes!!! Yes !!! Asia tour !!!

  16. hell0g0rge0us

    Wow, Indonesia! Good for David! Good for Indonesian fans! 🙂

    Just who is managing David right now? Makes you wonder…

    On another note, after watching the Idol results show, all I have to say is: poor Lauren Alaina. That gal can barely hold it together?

    Whose bright idea was it to lower the age for contestants again?

  17. DINNER W/ @DavidArchie at 2011 Utah’s Entertainment & Choice Awards May 20!

  18. things are starting to happen now……yes.

    Hope he comes to the US east coast before the snow flies :_)

    • Yes things are starting to happen. I live in northeastern NC and Myrtle Beach is upon us and I’m not sure I can go. So bummed out. I did see David on his first solo tour in VA Beach. I wanta see David and his new band and this one is free! From David’s vlog, he has known about the Indonesia trip but could not really confirm it until now. Whoever is working for David, he must have said, “Get me to Indonesia ASAP!” Yep, David is in control now, I feel it.

  19. This from #TweetingDrummer: @StevenJRob

    Hmmm….boss man just called me. Indonesia. 🙂

    I do love his tweets. David had some excited band members. I can’t wait to hear them altogether.

    • #TweetingDrummer seems to be so friendly! He’s a little on the chatty side but his comments are rather harmless. He has mastered the technique of getting fans excited without really telling us anything.

      • “He has mastered the technique of getting fans excited without really telling us anything.”

        Sounds like David. Bet they get along well.

        I feel your pain about missing the Anaheim show (below), but he seems to get to Cali a lot, so I’m sure he’ll be there again sooner rather than later. I’ll cross my fingers for you.

      • Thanks!

  20. Great news about the Indonesian tour! I am stoked for all you fans there who have patiently waited for 3 years to see and hear David live. You are in for a treat. 🙂

    Show him the love and excitement you’ve held in reserve for 3 long years – I hope everyone who wants to see him gets the chance to do just that. I hope this is a foreshadowing of more and more gigs wherever the notion takes him.

    • I am with ya on “wherever the notion takes him”! He should go wherever HE decides. (I’ll just pray it’s close, or semi-close to me!)
      I’m all full of smiles and giddiness for David. The Archu-future is here…WOOT!

  21. I’m so happy for the fans in Indonesia! I could kick myself for not going to D’s Anaheim show last Dec. because no telling if he will ever come my way again.

  22. Shanny in Australia

    Woot Woot for Indonesia! I’m so excited for them! And what a joy it is to see David excited too – I think he has been waiting and has been just as excited to release news of concerts/tour as much as we have been waiting and excited. lol I love that Indonesia was high on his list of places to get to pronto – he obviously cared very much about having to cancel on them last time. I wouldn’t be surprised if Singapore isn’t one of the countries to get announced next also. I don’t think it is David’s style to get fans to buy expensive cellphones and then give them 3 songs in return….I think he’ll be trotting back there asap to make it up to them. Good things on the horizon for sure! Exciting times. 🙂

  23. David Archuleta is trending Worlwide:

    Trending: Worldwide

    Seve Ballesteros
    Music Bank FIGHTING
    Carroça Desembestada
    David Archuleta
    Tom Welling

  24. Love, love, love David singing these songs! Talk about an exquisite voice, passion and heart in a song, and the ability to move an audience. That’s what got me interested in popular music again, the magic David brought.

    The Voice is more interesting than I thought it would be. Missed it this week, but last week’s show tweeked my attention. We’ll see how it goes.

    I watch Idol these days out of habit after Season 7 but end up fast-forwarding through about 80% of the program. I’m disappointed in JLo and Tyler though I like them both. All they ever say is ‘great job or not the best song choice’. Blather of that sort. No real critique offered and Randy’s little better.

    What Simon did that the others don’t was to assess how each performance would be received were the singer to put the song out as a single. He didn’t just consider the success of the vocals but WHETHER IT WOULD SELL. The present bunch seem to think almost anything would sell. Not hardly!! In this day, almost nothing will prompt people to buy a CD when they can circumvent the industry and download songs they like for free.

    The present singers on Idol bore me 99% of the time. They seem like nice kids who can sing reasonably well, but they don’t move me like David did. Not even close. This week Hailey’s last song was the only one that registered with me. The beginning was a tad noxious, but it worked well once she got rolling. The rest were pretty much a yawn. Scotty had a good first song, but he mugs for the camera so much, it’s off-putting. Was glad to see Jacob go though he seems a sweetie. I got soo tired of the falsetto and pitchiness, I could hardly take it. I think either Scotty or James will win, but unfortunately for them and the show, I really could care less.

    On a lighter note… I am thrilled for the Asian Archies and can hardly wait to see all their videos, pictures and read the exciting tales of David concerts and sightings!

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