Daily Archives: May 5, 2011

The Solace of the Voice

So, this latest vid (thanks, Junnie!) finally cemented what I had known all along. David Archuleta has officially ruined singing competitions for me.

Consider.  Last week, a show premiered called “The Voice,” which David alerted me to via Twitter, and that was a good thing because the ODD-crazed Archie in me was getting ready to get an attitude: How dare NBC try to capitalize on David’s nickname!

But when I tuned in, I was impressed that the level of talent was so much stronger than what we’re currently witnessing on this season’s Idol.

Until this week, and I watched the show again, and I was not at all impressed with the latest contestants. Indeed, I fell asleep before the 2-hour spectacle was over.  I decided: Nah, no way could this show compete on the same level as Idol. At least with AI, we get invested in contestants from Day 1 (Auditions through Hollywood, etc.).

But then I tuned into Idol last night, and OhMyGosh! What a hot mess everybody sounded. Even more shocking was the ridiculous praise each contestant received.  Where is the magic, the solace, the emotive connection that David, even during a quick soundbite on an interview (as the above video highlights), can give? An entire episode in which each contestant sang twice, and not once did I get goosebumps.

Sure, of the remaining contestants, Haley Reinhart is the most talented vocally, but she growls instead of emoting, she grimaces instead of improvising. In short, she’s tedious even if she’s got the most interesting vocals. James and Jacob scream at you, poor Lauren Alaina is too self-conscious to really communicate vocally (i.e. can you imagine what the one and only Voice would have done to “Unchained Melody”? GAH! I get chills just thinking about it), and Scott McCreery is too busy mugging for the camera to really deliver any kind of emotional punch. Granted, he looks like he’s wining this thing, and rightly so because what he does, he does well. But never have I left an episode of Idol feeling so horrified by what my ears had to endure. Everyone was all over the place pitchy, flat, or (worse of all) underwhelming.

When I listen to these contestants in singing competitions, I realize I am unfairly holding them up to the standard that David represents in my book. After all, where is the love that we feel in this:

And when you want to be slayed, who can deliver a haunting song in this way:

Sigh. I think I’m just missing the Voice. I think he knows we miss him too (why else is he spontaneously breaking out into song in his vlogs and interviews?).