David’s “Hey Mama” Vlog!

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  1. I love this vlog. He talks about being at the ASCAP Expo. I think it is great that he saw so many talented songwriters there. Love that he sang some of Kanye West’s “Hey Mama” song.

  2. Love that David updates us,sings and pays tribute to his Mama and all other mothers,mother figures. He seems inspired by the ASCAP Expo and seeing some that wrote songs for him and others he admires.

  3. His vlogs make me feel happy and lucky. Love that he makes such good connections with people that he can call some of his former collaborators “friends.” I imagine he makes a really good friend, don’t you?

  4. After listening to David’s blog again I can just tell that he is in a “good place”. He’s just having a ball during his “break”. I love that he sings in his blogs now, and has such a heart-felt message for his mom.

  5. I just watched the blog and I agree, David does appear to be in a “good place”. His voice is getting deeper too. What a nice tribute to his mom.

    I noticed that “The Voice” has a new post up re. Prince’s stage presence and David’s growth as a performer. When I raised the issue a few threads back, I was thinking of their similarities – small stature and shy personalities. I’m rambling now but I do hope that someone in David’s circle encourages him to explore who he is as a performer as well as a vocalist. Maybe I’ll tell #SunnyHilden or the #TweetingDrummer to make that happen. 😉

  6. Desertrat you really made me laugh out loud with your tell #SunnyHilden or the #TweetingDrummer to make that happen. Too funny!! I will say that David has gained so much in his stage presence since AI. It’s just one of the many reasons that I find being a David fan so fascinating.

    • I’m glad you and Marie found the comment funny. I agree, David has improved so much in all areas of his performing. Sometimes I worry that he’s exerting more energy than necessary to work the stage (eg, Zero Gravity jumping up and down, running across the stage, etc.) and that he may need to reserve more of that energy for his vocals.

    • I thought he was better than many teen who went to the show before his season and maybe even after, i agree he gained so much since then , but i think he still needing work. Like Deserttrat said i wish too he gets some help to encourage to gain even more confidence on stage too……I agree that he has very nice natural latin moves, but still too self-conscient to let in go…..and by let in go i’m not talking about choreagraphy dance , but just to the fact to be more comfortable with his own body on stage, for some of his body postures he shows that he still feeling a little awkward making some moves…but when he’s so into it you can see the difference.

      Ah, Sweet Vlog, and his mini cover of Kanye W was very good, i remember that performance, very touching……David should take the risk and do one of this songs covers in concert ….would be fun 😉

  7. Hey all! I love David’s appreciation towards his mom and the fact that he’s never embarrassed or shy about saying out loud how much he loves Lupe.

    I’m kinda celebrating my first Mother’s Day, though the kid is still inside my frontal backpack:

  8. The pic is tiny but yes, I see the baby bump! You look great by the way. You are ALL baby!

  9. Well I guess that’s better than nothing lol! Facebook has changed the way one can view photos and I can’t get the link of the photo :/

  10. Screw Facebook – here’s a photobucket link to the damn picture!!!

    *Sorry for offending anyone with my foul language*

  11. Embe, you look great and I’m excited and happy for you! Reminds me of my “first Mother’s Day,” when I went out to dinner with the whole extended family. Little niece, then 7, watched the waitress hand all mothers in the party a rose, including me — I was probably about 8.5 months pregnant at the time with my first. I commented about how nice that was, and my niece looked at me with huge blue eyes and said, “she can TELL.” LOLOL!

  12. hell0g0rge0us

    Embe, you’re looking fabulous! 🙂

  13. Hi Embe – WAVES! You look great!

  14. archiesfan4life

    Embe – you look fabulous!

  15. Embe -good to see you and hear from you! Yes Mam-you are looking good/ Happy Mother’s Day!

  16. Gosh, thanks you guys! You really know how to make a gal smile 🙂 I don’t feel so fabulous some days, but July is just around the corner lol.

  17. New video!! David singing ‘Falling’ scalable at ASCAP expo

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