Revealing David’s Character

Considering how David responded to the biggest news event today, it just makes me love him more and so proud to be a fan! 🙂

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  1. raelovingangels

    I am glad our soldiers killed him because he is a monster. However, it also brings a sad reminder of that tragic event, our country changed forever and it is hard to fnd much cheer about anything related to it or for his death although justified. I am also fearful and praying that he will not be viewed as a martyr with revenge being sought. I hope those victims have some semblance of justice- but I am not sure they ever will.

    • hell0g0rge0us

      I was thinking mostly of David’s dignified response and getting the mood right. He’s always so thoughtful.

      I personally was like, “Man, that was some stealth attack! Kudos to the troops and to the president for keeping it so covert over these past few days or weeks or however long it took for this mission to be carried out.”

      NO WONDER he was being so dismissive over Donald Trump’s insanity this past week! 🙂

  2. The president and the special ops team did a great job completing the mission to get Bin Laden. Nice tweet by David. We will always remember those killed on 9/11.

  3. hell0g0rge0us

    In other news, check out Jordin Sparks showing off her weight loss in a bikini!

    Not that she was ever shy, but this is quite the self expose!,,20486399,00.html

  4. Wow. Jordin is very good at self promotion. That picture was all over the internet today. She is trying to change her image a bit I think. I liked her just as well when she was heavier. I think there is pressure to be thin in the entertainment business.

    • Jordin always was a pretty girl with wonderful smile and sunshine energy, she didn’t fell to the ‘Thin figure’ pressure in her teen days and looked very confident and comfortable with her-self…………….so i think now, she’s just growing and want to look different and thin for her-self, how many of us don’t want (or didn’t wanted ) to exercise and look better and more healty specially at her age, then i don’t think is external pressure exclusively….of course the picture is a surprise lol, but hey! she’s spontaneous ?….and she’s doing better with her spontaneous moments , than Leona L and her kind of fake change of image, that don’t fit her at all. 😉

  5. Jordin’s pic makes me feel guilty for not hitting the gym this evening. 🙂 Last week, former idol contestant David Hernandez was interviewed on an Arizona tv station. He mentioned that Jordin’s mom is working with him to get some gigs. I wonder if she (mom) is a part-time manager.

    Re. Bin Laden’s character, what kind of person masterminds the death of so many, convinces others to sacrifice their lives, and then runs and hides for 10 years. Talk about cowardly….

  6. I was proud of David too. He is incredibly thoughtful.

    I saw the photo of Jordin and think she looks great, but I hope she lost the weight for herself and not because of pressure from the label, although I would not be at ALL surprised if they asked her to. Don’t like the message the entertainment industry sends to girls — “you’ll be successful if you are thin” and/or “thin = beautiful = successful.” JHud certainly looks great too but has her career changed at all since her weight loss?

    People are too focused on outer shells of people.

  7. Off topic –

    After looking at Jordin’s pic on the “People Mag” website, I stumbled across Justin Timberlake’s. He now looks 10+ years older than his 30 yrs. Maybe it’s the beard.,,20486485,00.html

  8. New vlog (he looks older):

    • Awwww….what a sweet boy.

      He just makes me smile.

      Can’t wait for more acoustic Soul David!!!

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