Monthly Archives: April 2011

Happy Easter!

Let David soothe your soul and help you meditate on the divine this special Sunday.

David’s NA at the NHL

Exquisite! 🙂

Happy Good Friday, Happy Earth Day!

In tribute to both holidays, how about The Voice that makes you weep?

Soul David Covers

I’m not going to get into a debate about David’s band members, what’s appropriate to tell fans, what’s not and the like. Honestly, shouldn’t we just be glad that

1. David is planning a tour (like he said he would on New Year’s Day this year)


2. David is getting ready to “unleash his Soul David” self? Live is awesome! On record may be in the works soon!

So, after listening to Stephano on Idol sing his swan song of “Lately” earlier this evening, I’m soooo eager for more “Soul David” like we already heard snippets of this week.  I wish Stephano the best, but David is like “a thousand miles” ahead of him when it comes to “soul singing” (JMHO).

So, here’s a quick poll, dear SD readers. I’d love to know which cover song, with soul, you would most like to hear David sing (or sing again) either live on tour or recorded in a studio.

Celebrating My Birthday!

Good morning, dear Soul David readers! 🙂

Another year and another reminder of why I love me some David Archuleta! Little did he know that he gave me an early birthday gift with his a capella rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “A Ribbon in the Sky.” 😀

So, in celebration of my birthday, I’m re-posting the first video I ever made on You Tube, in tribute to The Voice that kills me oh so softly. It’s like David had to remind me again this week of the ways that he continues to do this.  Here’s to the Voice that soothes, the Voice that serenades, the Voice that makes another day and another year so much sweeter!