Daily Archives: April 28, 2011

Two-Year Anniversary of Soul David

Two years ago, I made a decision, as a devoted Archie who was a regular participant on blogs like Noting David, Just David, and David Chronicles, to launch a blog that would focus on what I called the “soul music dimensions” of David, or what I used to call “Beyond Disney Versions of David Archuleta.” I thought a few fans would appreciate different kinds of conversations about David, and slowly but surely, I built a following.

Not long after its inception, I dared to break the silence in the Archuniverse and invited open discussion about the scandal revolving around #manincap, and from then on, there was no turning back. Soul David took on a life of its own, and its been peopled by some equally feisty and deep-thinking Archies (and then some!).

This year featured another milestone: I reached triple the number of views I usually get in one day – ironically the same day when the blogosphere rocked with the news that David was “dropped” by Jive, to which I rejoiced by celebrating David’s freedom.  It’s been a steady climb ever since.

In two years, so many things would change.  In two years, we watched David produce not 1 but 3 albums and author a best-selling memoir.  We delighted in his songs, videos of his live performances, live streams, etc, and we deconstructed his many tweets.  In two years’ time, we watched David evolve from Idol to Jive to post-Jive, and we speculated ad infinitum.

In two years’ time, Soul David has patiently addressed everything from David’s looks to David’s thoughts to David’s musicality to David’s religion to David’s love life (or lack thereof).  Finally, in two years’ time, we’re getting a glimpse of the “Soul David” I always knew was there but was struggling to emerge post-Idol and post-Jive.

In two years’ time, blogging for SD as HG has expanded my life in virtuality and kept me connected to an equally virtual community that feels very real.

So, I thank you all for taking this special journey with me, and here’s hoping I can keep this blog going.

To celebrate this milestone, I’ve changed the banner! Hope you like it! 🙂