Anticipating David’s New Website

Could it be that David’s new website will be run by (gasp!) professionals?

The “countdown” look has captured David’s essence far better than Jive ever could!

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  1. New countdown page at

    • Shanny in Australia

      I’m loving the new website. I think the pic is current looking – relaxed, cool, plays up his eyes etc. Not cheesy or young looking in any way. And I like the simple layout and even the piano countdown bar. Maybe I’d change the background colour to a pale tan colour or something mature and modern looking. But looking good so far.

  2. I can’t wait until the 26 days are up to see what is going to be on the website. I hope it is going to be good news. A little off topic but David did tweet last night that “The Voice” was a cool show. I watched The Voice last night and I thought that it was a cool show too. It may be too soon to totally judge it. Although someone did tweet AI RIP after watching The

    • I watched The Voice as well, and I liked it. The different approach made it even more obvious than before that AI is about humiliating the contestants. The judges on The Voice were real professionals, and the singers were seven million times more talented than those on AI. Also, Carson Daly totally lacks the tackiness of Ryan Seacrest.

      They didn’t have the courage to make the show entirely about the voice and talent though.

      (Despite appearances on AI and Ellen, David Cook’s single is not longer in the Top 200 on iTunes. AI has lost its power. Perhaps they can still afford to pay for radio play.)

      • ‘The Voice” was so much fun, i really enjoyed the first episode, looking forward too see it next week. Team Adam here lol, well for now ha,ha 🙂

      • Cook is scheduled to be on the finale of AI to sing the “boot song” too. I don’t think that will help his sales of the single either. You are right AI/19 has lost its power. I think they and his label are too cheap to pay for airplay. Too bad for Cook. Only the judges and the big name artists benefit from appearances on AI.

      • Cook sales first week ”The Last Goodbye – single (RD: 19-Apr-2011)
        Total 21,562.

        Almost the same than David, with the difference that DC single debuted in Idol, so of course i think the song gonna pick up if they give it a good push in to the radio play……just a guessing here.
        Otherwise and maybe if i sound silly, i feel better for SBL debut now 😉

  3. Besides the reflective picture of David, I like the keyboard count down.

    I didn’t get to watch The Voice but since David says it’s “cool”, I will try to catch it next week. Time will tell what AI can do to promote this season’s contestants. The show has really boosted JLo’s career and Steven Tyler’s popularity.

  4. The website looks great and very professional.

    • You mean countdown/picture page right? we don’t see the the website yet ! ;), But yeah at least they took the time to vitalize the page a little…..wuold be great if the can add sound to the keyboard , isn’t it? 🙂
      And the picture, well is better than CFTH ones, but not better that SBL picture ,so i guess they still can do it better than this …..just my opinion. 🙂
      I only wish they avoid the message boards and forums in the main page, this site should be the source of information for the press , business people and not hardcore fans….with full information about the moves on his career, store, and disponibility of fresh picture to be used for the press. 😉

  5. The new website has class and that suits David to a tee. I wish I had a poster of that photo by Matt. Maybe they will be selling them at his concerts. I love that photo and David looks delicious (whoops, that’s not a classy thing to say.) Tee Hee

    • I’m classy as hell so I’ll just say that David looks like one of my pregnancy cravings.

    • Replied to you on the other article, so I’m bringing it over:

      Suzy-Q: I long ago gave up trying to censor my own thoughts and words about how David looks – scrumptious, delicious, handsome, gorgeous! He just is – doesn’t matter if I’m old enough to be his mother, I’m not dead, yet! LOL

  6. From the other thread

    ”VJ Says:April 27, 2011 at 10:33 am
    Based on experience over the last 3 years, I’ve decided that it’s best for my own health & sanity if I try not to have any expectations about anything related to David’s career. lol. Yes, so far the website already looks great, especially with the latest pic on there. *ahem* But I’m trying not to assume that it means good things are coming. My mentality is “I’ll believe it when I see it.” So, if & when I actually SEE good things coming, THEN I’ll let myself go there. lol.”

    LOL, you right i guess is the lesson we learned this last three years, ‘wait to see what’s going on”

  7. I had a ton of misgivings last week about the site for various reasons. Thankfully things seem to be improving every day and only time will tell at its completion if everything is as it should be.

    Saw The Voice last night and loved it. What helps a ton is the callback of only the better sounding voices out there, so the pace of the show is fast. I also love the collective experience of the judges as they make their choices and it is up to the contestants to pick who they wish to work with. AI wastes so many early weeks on poor auditions and unnecessary ridicule.
    Desertrat, I believe there is a repeat episode on NBC tonight.

    • Thanks for the info about The Voice. I missed it last night, so I’ll try to catch the repeat.

      I totally understand the reticence you and VJ feel. We may be disappointed. So far, it’s looking good, so I’m focusing on that…And that picture…

  8. 😉

    I hope he can go to this. :/

    BTW this is one of the few pictures i like from the TOSOD studio 🙂

    • I think someone contacted them tibi, and was told that David would not be in attendance. That was a week or so ago. I guess things could change, so you never know.

  9. Just in case some of you missed it; The David Chronicles has all the vids and mp3s from Nashville courtesy of Jackryan, (thank you JR–you’re amazing).

    Happy that David and Melinda did get together!

  10. HG Excited to hear Melinda and David got together for lunch. Saw where she contacted him on twitter last eve and wasn’t sure if he saw her tweet.
    Oh boy would that be a wonderful collaberation and in any case two of my favorite artists together. Glad you’re happy too Utah Mom.

    HG Your thoughts?

    • I would love a collab bet. David and Melinda. 🙂

      I wonder what they were discussing.

      • I hope that she and his other Nashville-based friends are working on him (gently) to move there! LOL

  11. from twitter:

    dougosmond So excited that @davidarchie is going to be a presenter at our event!!!
    13 minutes ago via txt

  12. Here ya go HG…….David & Melinda together 🙂

  13. Sounds like David’s been busy in Nashville with meetings and friends. I think he would love living there. He just needs to move there already!

  14. I bet he would too! I think Nashville would be a fantastic place for David to live. Seems like he’s settled in LA at least for now since his band members are all based in LA. Maybe someday 🙂

  15. This person Kassi was at lunch too.

    pinkjuney DLove ✓ Verified ◕‿◕

    @Kassimoe hi kassi 🙂 whatchu hvng for bfast? Wait ur w david archie ? That cute david archie? Say hi for me :p

    Of course I checked out her website. She’s a 19 year old singer/song writer that sound a lot like Joy Williams.

  16. sooo funny….a tweet from David—>

    “You was on American idol huh? You cut off that mustache you had?” I never had a mustache. “oh that’s right you the baby face one”
    26 minutes ago via txt

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