Performing for Invisible Children

Here’s last night’s live stream on You Tube:

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  1. I have a feeling that comments will be low for a bit. People could be sleeping off their late night spazz-sessions and/or busily watching videos and listening to Mp3s. I know I haven’t stanned like that for a lonnnnng time. LOVE the new band. David has my undying devotion.

  2. These are exciting times. Some people are saying the launch of his new website takes place immediately after his three-year contract with Jive expires.

  3. Can’t wait to see the entire band together! These are exciting times and I sort of like some of the mystery surrounding what he’s doing. E.g., Will the new sound include the backing-tracks? Will any of the band members sing back-up? What song medley will he perform? Will he have back-up dancers? Just kidding on the last one. 😉

    From the previous thread, I can see where David could use a few tips on performing in front of a large crowd vs. an acoustic set. All in all, I like that he’s taking chances with his performances and willing to try something different.

    • I agree. Sometimes mystery is a good thing. I am excited to see where David goes next. I think there is a lot to look forward to. David has already thrown us a surprise with his mashup of GGTT and MIAB. I’m waiting to see what other surprises he throws our way. I liked the new band members. I liked what they added to the songs. I just thought POTC was just so lovely. I loved how it sounded with the guitar and drums. I can’t wait to see David with the whole band.

  4. Loved POTC with the guitar so much. This was my favorite performance of POTC by far.

  5. And about yesterday concert, i’m not a fan of acoutics sets tbh, but the more exotic flavor and sound that the two band members put onto the songs pays off , i like SOTS duet, even if was not perfect, but sounded beautifully and sincere, then with POTC he did the best work until date, i really like it, considerant i was not fan of the song, the DB cover was great (and i love Daniel) i want to hear the track with the full band (Yay)…….so according to my evaluation i concluded , that he need new music and new arrangements ha, ha 🙂 oh and i agree he need to work a little his stage presence and try to portrait a more mature performer….even maybe to use so more fitting clothes, the big T-shirts make him look more young that the usual. 😉

    Thanks HG for your blog , you’re doing a great job! 😉

    • Shanny in Australia

      He was wearing an Invisible Children T-shirt, so I assumed he purchased it and wore it to support the cause. I noticed he was the only performer to do it too. Makes me respect him more.

      • Dear Shanny, i know it was a t-shirt for ICO 😉 , i was refering to the size he use in general , including the size of this one.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Oh ok, sorry. You are right, I did misread what you said. I thought he was size small and mens sizes probably don’t generally go smaller? I guess it’s one of the cons of being short and slim.

        I personally think they are fitted enough most of the time. I like him in shirts and I loved the military style top he wore when he was being interviewed in the Philippines. New Years eve event he looked stylin’

  6. I agree on POTC, Bella. My favorite perf. of that song by ‘a country mile.’

  7. Hi everyone!
    What a great set by David last night. I went to bed and got up this morning listening to the mp3 version. I loved…..
    *the new exotic, earthy, caribbean/latin american, organic vibe. David has never really had a true percussionist before, just drummers.
    *GGTT, POTC and the SOS duet were among my favorites. As a matter of fact I would even venture to say that TOSOD, MH and Crush sounded dated and tired in comparison against the newer vibe. Unfortunately, David may now need to record some new music with just this sound. He seems to have outgrown pure pop with this debut. JMHO.
    David’s lower register….is the BOMB! Silky, silky, smooth indeed!

    • He need to put out an EP with this new exotic/pop new vibe fast…. a try to sell is new sound,i agree with wthat you said about MH,Crush and TOSOD…..but he can still working in the arrangements for the futur.

    • Shanny in Australia

      To be honest, I don’t think David ever suited ‘pure pop’ and I don’t think he really likes to sing pure pop. I think of his debut album as being pure pop and we know that was not perfectly to his liking. As much fun as ‘pure pop’ can be and as well as David can do it, I don’t think his heart is in it as much as it is when he sings other genre’s. TOSOD had a different sound and every indication seems to point towards even further evolvement in David’s music.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Actually…I should say…It’s not that I don’t think he likes to sing ‘pure pop’ but I don’t think it is as satisfying to his soul when he sings it, unless it is pop that leans to the R&B side or something.

      • Both albums for me are pure pop, and i think his voice fit pecfectly pop music, but then pop is a very wide universe. Now that he likes a more alternative pop sound Right Now , is a different story, at each stage of his life he going to have a diffrent preferences or maybe he gonna find his niche, he already said he passed by differents phases about musical tastes, i really doubt he’s gonna stop himself to try in other styles that catch his attention or interests.

      • Shanny in Australia

        I thought David was going for a bit of an ‘alternative pop’ feel with TOSOD. I think it still leaned more towards pop than it did towards alternative but I don’t consider it to be as pure pop as the debut album. But that’s ok that your opinion is different. Musical genre’s these days have so many shades that people can hear different things in the same music it seems.

      • Shanny in Australia

        I felt that David was going for a bit of an ‘alternative pop’ feel with the TOSOD album. I still think it leans more towards pop than it does towards alternative but to me it still wasn’t as ‘pure pop’ as the debut album.

        But that’s ok that you have a different opinion from me. Musical genre’s have so many different shades to them these days, so its entirely possible that two people can hear two different things in the same piece of music.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Argh, sorry for the double post (kind of. lol) My computer had redirected me and I didn’t think the first comment went through.

  8. This is all I need! Was waiting and David has delivered. Delicious on the half shell. Ayaaaaah es superb!!!! Please excuse my Spanglish. Wow!

    • Hi Comoflor – this is the other half HOT, MOLTEN LAVA BABY!!!!!
      Smooth, silky, silky vocals!

      • This is my favorite video of the night. I loved seeing David sing with someone else.

      • Shanny in Australia

        This was my fav too! Still spazzing! lol I loved the other performances but this was the one that did me in. lol I would absolutely love to hear them do the duet again but a little tighter after a little more practice.

        I checked out Landon’s music too – I hadn’t heard of him previously – and he has a great music video and I really liked this song.

  9. I believe that new guitarist in David’s band that played with him last night is Brian Green. He was Michael Buble’ s guitarist. That is pretty cool. I like Buble’. Brian’s myspace said that he has worked with artists on both warner brothers and verve labels. He has a lot of good experience in music and seemed laid back in the videos.

  10. I like the new sound very much and David looks much more relaxed. Hope he works with the same stylist as before; he always looked very stylish under WEG. Looking forward to the future!

    • Ditto Freo on the stylist. Love David anyhow anyway BUT I love a well dressed man. Nothing I can do about how I feel. The shirts I think were for the charity event so quite appropriate. Lookin’ to see some cool threads in the future to go along with those AMAZING vocals.

      Joymus-One minute Hotchuleta, next I am transported somewhere else entirely. This is one incredible ride for sure.

      • Sorry I missed that — I realized later that the t-shirt was a charity t-shirt, not one of his own. Makes sense that he would wear that last night.

    • raelovingangels

      Wow! I am beginning to feel hope that for the first time David willl have a decent website that actually may help his career. 🙂

    • Whoa … I can’t stop looking at it. 😀

    • I’m dying cuz I don’t have time to watch the invisible videos (now that’s an oxymoron). Can’t wait to see them! I did check out the website. Defibrillator-worthy, indeed! And, I was right…more Matt Clayton pics! Hope this is an indication of how the site will look; uncluttered, simple, but eye-catching. (With a great pic of David as the focus, how could it not be eye-catching?) This looks so promising!
      And David had meetings in Nashville!!

  11. I like David’s foundation – young, extremely talented band members, updated Facebook, absolutely fantastic picture on his web-site that is being developed, plus a half hour mini-concert from last night with an eclectic mix of songs. Yeah, great foundation so far…..

  12. HG, Melinda Doolittle and David may get together for coffee!

  13. The new site looks lovely today 🙂

  14. The new website has class and that suits David to a tee. I wish I had a poster of that photo by Matt. Maybe they will be selling them at his concerts. I love that photo and David looks delicious (whoops, that’s not a classy thing to say.) Tee Hee

    • Suay-Q: I long ago gave up trying to censor my own thoughts and words about how David looks – scrumptious, delicious, handsome, gorgeous! He just is – doesn’t matter if I’m old enough to be his mother, I’m not dead, yet! LOL

  15. Based on experience over the last 3 years, I’ve decided that it’s best for my own health & sanity if I try not to have any expectations about anything related to David’s career. lol. Yes, so far the website already looks great, especially with the latest pic on there. *ahem* But I’m trying not to assume that it means good things are coming. My mentality is “I’ll believe it when I see it.” So, if & when I actually SEE good things coming, THEN I’ll let myself go there. lol.

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