The Other Side of David

So, as I’m driving home from visiting family for the Easter weekend, I’ve got my stereo blasting in my car, zipping through the New York thruway, and bopping my head to The Voice.  “Other Side of Down” and “Look Around” are particularly adrenalin-pushing, and three times, I had to really slow down from my 85+ speed when passing by state troopers.

What can I say? David lets me loose (as ironic as that might sound).

And yet, despite the feel-good feel of his last album (TOSOD really didn’t get its due), this past week really showcases how we still ain’t heard nothing yet from The Voice.  Indeed, was David holding back on us these past 3 years?

I mean, I thoroughly enjoyed his debut and sophomore albums, not to mention Christmas from the Heart, but I swear I only heard a hint of what David gave us of late on these albums, with his rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “A Ribbon in the Sky” and his latest Star Spangled Banner.  And let me tell you, just envisioning David at a Prince concert (PRINCE!!! GAH!! I still get goosebumps thinking of that one concert I attended years back when he rose out of a bathtub – just like his “When Doves Cry” video – *fans self* – even if that was a long-ago Prince) simply blows my mind.  David taking in Prince and, of course, getting all excited by Sheila E and Chaka Khan’s “Sweet Thing” put a smile to my face: “Soul David is back!”

Yep, that’s the Soul David I’ve been waiting for.  Who has been all underground on us, post-“Shop Around” with a slight surfacing come “And So It Goes” and a few versions of “Angels” and “Apologize.”  Let me tell ya, dear readers, I’m all hot and bothered by what musical directions David is considering. I mean, he seems so free of late. Musically free!

Can’t wait to hear The New Voice, which is itching for a performance and possibly also for a studio.

With this countdown to a new website in less than a month, will there be a whole new musical journey to go with it?

I suspect there is another side of David he’s itching to reveal to us in this post-Idol, post-Jive era.

Can’t wait! 🙂

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  1. i think you got that right hold on to your hat,s

  2. Looking forward to the New Voice tonight and so proud David for his support of Invisible Children.

  3. coming out of lurkdom to say I COMPLETELY CONCUR with this entire post! i too have been patiently waiting for Soul David to resurface.

    meeting his uncle at the AI show 3 years ago, i will never forget our conversation. We spoke briefly and I asked him if they always knew that David was so special. He spoke about David’s time on Star Search and how proud they were of him. He also said that David is capable of so much more than what has been shown so far, and that he can’t wait for David’s soul and R&B side to come out!! He said that David truly has a soulful vibe to him and that he excels in that genre.

    i am on the edge of my seat waiting to see how this new band and new beginning for David sync…got a gut feeling we are in for quite a treat:)

  4. Hello Mare! Thanks for delurking! 🙂 Your name sounds familiar.

  5. yw Peter 🙂 love your posts btw!

    HG, i have been around and lovin’ D for a looong time…back in the Rickey days in fact. i also post on some sites as crownjewel. love your site and your perspective.

  6. hg, chile… saw Prince during the ‘Lovesexy’ tour back in 1989 I think. Best concert out of the gazillions I’ve attended in my life. No hyperbole, no dramatics – Prince is in that rarified air of musical genius and artistry I call my untouchables. Knowing that our David, from Murray, Utah was in the presence of the Purple One from Paisley Park, soaking up all that genius… gahhhh indeed 🙂 My mind cannot compute, lol… If he’s looking for inspiration to be musically free, and to be fearless in pursuing his art, Prince is a good one to study. Prince has never played it safe, and I’m sure there will be some David fans who find him a tad, umm… risque, lol… He does claim an active membership in the Jehovah Witness sect ( even going door to door witnessing like ‘regular’ members… lawd, can you imagine opening your door on Saturday morning finding Prince on the doorstep, lol), I site him, and even Michael Jackson, as 2 artists who didn’t let what they may have believed in a religious sense stifle their artistic sensibilities. Quite the opposite I think. Prince has infused religious themes and imagery and wordplay in some of his works, and they r o c k. Having Prince still on the scene kind of softens the blow of losing Michael. Those two were all that was brilliant and genius and good in the 80’s and beyond in pop music. Gotta stop now, I can talk and gawk for days about Prince, heheheheh

  7. u started it hg, lol… here is what a lotta folks consider to be one of the best, if not the best, halftime performances at the superbowl… and wowowow… david saw all this up close and personal… lucky, lucky… I forgot how awesome this was – I remember me and my girlfriends shouting and drooling and screaming like fools during the whole show that year, lolol 🙂 PRINCE RULES…

    Prince’s Full Superbowl Half Time Show Performance

  8. Love Prince. Thanks for the video. I am really looking forward to seeing David and his new band on the invisible children live stream tonight.

  9. hi marie – i can’t wait to hear him live tonight too 😉 ima junkie for david singing live – if you have heard him, you know what i mean. if any fan has yet to hear his live voice, what a treat and treasure you’re in for… there are already fans arriving at the arena, so the tweets coming from nashville will be plentiful. the cause is great, the talent they’ve brought in is great – gonna be a fantastic nite all around 🙂

  10. soundcheck tweets from nashville… 🙂

    I hear Crush!!

    JOHN_AF John
    Can see D on a monitor as he sings


    I hear him! TOSOD!

    Heard a bit of a cover song too, not sure what.

  11. zerogravity1
    Practicing Crush!!

    My kind of perfect

    on the big jumbotron in the arena… the door is open… and we look like ding dongs lurking. I’m outta here…

    rotflmao 🙂

    zerogravity, or karin, is a hoot! have met her a couple times at david’s shows, and she’s just awesome – fiercely dedicated, and just cool as heck. we’ll get lots of updates and pix with her in attendance.

  12. When Doves Cry is a masterpiece. An amazing, amazing song. They don’t make songs like that anymore.

  13. Love When Doves Cry Peter, and agree… The Beautiful Ones is my favefavefave Prince song though… it’s… well, we all grown folk here, right?, lol… I have always found Prince to be very sexy – in a kind of pretty boy/androgynous way, and many an, ahem, impure thought about him originated just listening to him sing The Beautiful Ones, lol 🙂 his voice… goes from sweet soul to gutbucket and … ‘fans self’… wanna hear what a killer falsetto sounds like – TBO has it… Prince is still dangerous to my health – mental and physical, after all these years 🙂

    from the movie ‘Purple Rain’ (I think i saw this movie, no lie, about 20x, lol.. hey, it was the 80’s) 🙂

    Prince – The Beautiful Ones.

    • Wow!! Talk about bringing back some hot memories! *swoon.*

      Did I ever tell y’all that while Michael Jackson was my mother-approved boyfriend, Prince was the one I had to sneak in my room ‘neath the covers? 😆

  14. hg… chile, we gotta talk, lol… Prince… I’m goin’ to hell, that’s all I gotta say, lol 🙂 I remember all nite talk sessions during his Purple Rain heyday with my girlfriends about him… Our boyfriends couldn’t stand him, just jealous of all the swooning and fantasizing we did over him, lol… MJ was the ‘safe’ boyfriend… Prince was the bad, bad boy yo mama warned you bout, – but you still rode off with him on his motorcycle anyhoo, lol… ahem, back to the artistry of david before I forget my manners 🙂

  15. more nashville tweets!

    Line for Nashville

    @JOHN_AF: Very impressive!! The one hundred or so peeps here are totally silent. It feels good! #IC25

  16. elizabethwood4


  17. zerogravity1 karin
    Peeps are writing notes back & forth to eachother in line. For fun!!

  18. CanadianArchie

    Donate to @invisible for the children here @DavidArchie

  19. PaulaFOD – Moved up to the stage. Sitting on the floor. Will I be able to get up?

    zerogravity1 A 360!

  20. PaulaFOD The stage is a LONG way from the seats. I have never considered myself a sprinter, but when it’s time for David, I bet I can!

    PaulaFOD Inside…tired but PUMPED! Ready for @DavidArchie!

    zerogravity1 Beautiful stage! Everyone is silent. Very cool!

  21. raelovingangels

    Funny you should mention Look Around. That song was one of my least favorites when TOSOD first came out and it has become one of my favorites- Not even sure why- Maybe the lyrics? and how catchy it is.

  22. Wonderful acoustic concert! I esp. enjoyed POTC; very touching.

  23. David did a great job at the concert tonight. I really enjoyed it.

  24. 😳

  25. Thanks raelovingangels, I neglected to credit Karin 😉
    David sure was terrific. LOVED the band too! TOUR! TOUR! TOUR!

  26. I just saw David perform on the Livestream of Invisible Children and all I can say is WOW WOW WOW and OOOOOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGGG. I just witnessed another side of David when he sang, “Gotta Get Through This”. The guitar player and drummer play an entirely different vibe from past musicians. That was all he had with him. They are gifted as well as David as far as their musiciality. It was like a being at a jam session. David has never sounded better. He just blew me away and I am just in awe of the range of his talents. No words can explain how emotional I am after his performance. I have got to figure out a way to go to Myrtle Beach now.

  27. Sound of Silence!

  28. Hmmm…Nice to see him performing again and for a great cause.

    But…I think Coffeehouse David needs to work on his coffeehouse moves.


    • Yes he could work on his moves, David sounded great. Just read PaulaFOD’s tweets. She said MIC was there behind the curtain. He was very friendly to the fans. I guess we know who the manager is for right now. Why??

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the case. To me, this whole approach (build a band with jazz influences, don’t worry about a major label or management – “we can go it alone,” doing an american idol-style re-arrangement of Daniel Bedingfield (why? it’s not a cover most people will know)…..all just my opinion, but it all seems like a strategy cooked up by MIC.

        All the sports involvement to perhaps try and change a certain image sounds like MIC too.

        Just my impression. Hope I’m wrong!

  29. Gotta Get Thru This.
    uhm, funky David you are KILLIN’ me! WOWW!!

    fasten your seatbelts fans. man alive!!

  30. MIC may not be his manager. He might have just been David’s roadie. He’s good at helping with the sound, etc. His mom went with him to the basketball charity game and she’s not David’s manager.

  31. david funded this trip on is nickley so dad came along to help,don,t think mic is his mgr.

  32. Cosette, it sure doesn’t sound like you think that you think that much of David. I think you are really underestimating him. He can’t pick his own band members. Heck, he can’t even pick his own songs to cover. First off, I think too much has been made of the fact that the band members play jazz. As we’ve seen with the Nashville show David’s music was the same. It didn’t change and suddenly become jazz music. I’m not seeing how David couldn’t have made the choice himself based on hearing these guys in the auditions. I’m also not seeing how you would assume that David didn’t pick the cover that he did. Some people may not know GGTT but pop listeners should. It was a very successful single for Daniel. And even if they didn’t, I don’t see why that should be a deciding factor. And I certainly wouldn’t say that doing a different version of a cover than the original is limited to American Idol. Artists do different covers of songs all the time. The Civil Wars and Adele are two artists who have recently done covers of songs that sound nothing like the original. They certainly don’t have anything to do with American Idol.

    • I think you are misinterpreting a lot of what I said. Everyone has a right to their opinion, including you and me.

      • I agree with Cosette. However, when there is an official announcement from David that he signed with professional management and a label than my opinion will very happily change. I hope that happens at the end of May. I like this site because everyone is allowed to freely express their opinion. It would be a big bore of everyone agreed on everything. lol

  33. I don’t think I misinterpreted what you said. You pretty plainly said that all of the things that David has done so far are things that were cooked up by his father. That basically says to me that you think that David’s dad is making all of these decisions for David. These weren’t choices that David made, but choices his dad made. You have the right to your opinion. I certainly agree with that. I just totally disagree with your opinion. I honestly don’t see how you came to these conclusions especially after seeing David’s decisions and band auditions vlog and how genuinely happy he has been lately. You have the right to your opinion. I just so totally disagree with it that I had to say something.

    • I agree, Kris. David was oozing happiness last night. Heck, he even had a Stevie Wonder head sway during GGTT! Loved it!
      Cosette, there are many of us who have some concern about Jeff’s involvement, but we have to realize that Jeff is David’s father and he is going to be around. So far, I’m loving this “new” David. Maybe Jeff is helping him, but maybe David WANTS to go this direction. I just think that it’s too early to worry just because Jeff was there. At this point we still don’t really know anything concrete about management, etc.

    • Well Kris, i can totally see the sense of her point , because i really see ‘MIC’ all mighty phyloshophy in many of this changes , but i understand your point too since i really want to give the credit to david for this changes , for some people this Jeff ”aproach” in this new era represent a problem and in some way is disappointed to go back to the idol days, maybe not for the musical qualities, but for the PR with a very wide fanbase like the one David attract, and at same time you can see some others not only claiming that David saw the light thank to Jeff and celebrating this new era a la ”MIC style”, ……..I said it before , i want to give credit to David for this changes, but idk what to think now …….the last thing i want to see like his fan is to see that some part of his fanbase gonna be marginalized or/and condemned to the ostracism or alienated because ‘MIC’s’ presence on this new era……just my two cents in this point.

      • Sorry …i mean David, approach 🙂

      • I don’t know Jeff. So I don’t know his philosophies. I don’t know his approach. I think people will see what they see. We don’t know what is going on behind the scenes so all people can do is speculate based on what they see. Which is very little. No one knows what is going on and frankly it isn’t our business. Nobody would have even known Jeff was there if some fan on twitter would not have mentioned it. If people want to get upset because he was there then that is on them. There isn’t anything they can do about it. People have the right to feel how they feel. I don’t think anyone is going to be alienated because they don’t like Jeff. Or if they feel like Jeff shouldn’t be involved in David’s career. The thing that I disagreed with was how I saw it being said that David’s decisions are being controlled by Jeff. I also haven’t seen anyone thanking Jeff for this new era. Most people are crediting David for this new era. It is only on here where I have seen this new era being credited to Jeff.

      • First at all, yes Kris, i saw people claiming it was his father the ‘one ‘ behind his fans selection…i’m not liying and it was not here….just to be clear at this point, it was the reason i reacted last time to the comments about this possibility.
        Second one, you right we don’t know what’s going on behind scenes, so is what we call it speculation and opinions…..i just tried to explain you and make clear the two positions right now about this subjet on this fanbase….sorry o if that bother you.
        Third , i desagree, we can be concerned about that moves on his career, is not at all invasive and actually is pretty normal, so in that sense , yes is our business…….is not like we can do something to change what he want to do, but at least and Thank God we can still giving an opinion.
        Four, i’m not sure if people is upset, maybe more disappointed? idk, but each one has their feelings, right now i just wish we can stop to give more importance to his presence there ( just for practicals reasons ), because i know the subjet always take the lead and the spotlight on Davids career.
        Last point, about the last part of my post i just want to confirm that i know what i said Kris and is really something i don’t want to see , but you can desagree, is Ok for me ;).

        Sorry HG, it was not my intention to extend the discussion, i just wanted to explain something,…..sorry again 😦

      • I mean ”Behind the band selection’ …bye

  34. Great concert! Great cause! I wish we could Enjoy David’s music and honor the cause.

  35. Uh, I don’t know why David WOULDN’T put his spin on that cover. I appreciate the original but prefer David’s version (and I don’t mean to be rude or to dishonor the writer… just being honest.) I really love that cover and think David and the two band members were brilliant on POTC. I have zero complaints. Guess I don’t even care about stage presence if he sounds like he did last night. Plenty of performers just sort of let it all out on the stage and appearance be damned. Plenty of others (the majority these days, if you ask me) worry more about appearance than sound.

    As to the “MIC” discussion. Ugh. Knew I’d see this today after the mention of Jeff on Twitter last night. He is David’s dad and he is a musician. He’ll be around. If he helps David, I don’t mind seeing him around AT ALL. JMO.

    • Amen, Kathy. I’m done talking about him! 🙂

      • Count me in on that too – Dad for me is a non issue until/unless his alleged ‘influence’ is proven to be a CAREER liability for David in this post Idol/Jive/WEG era. People are free to feel the way they wanna feel about him, but I refuse to make him into this big bad bogeyman regarding all things David every time his name pops up. Requires more thought and energy than I think he deserves. 🙂

  36. If I gave my thoughts on the role that family might be playing right now, I’d just be making assumptions like everyone else. But I’m 100% positive that David is choosing his OWN musical direction. Over the last few months, he’s made that crystal clear….When it comes from David’s own mouth, it’s kind of hard to argue with that, lol.

  37. Shanny in Australia

    Jeff has always been around. He has been caught in the occasional photo and fans have shared the occasional story of seeing Jeff. David just chooses not to speak of him now in order to protect him from all the negativity. He said that himself on Ryans radio show. Frankly, I don’t blame David.

    • ”He has been caught in the occasional photo and fans have shared the occasional story …..”

      ”Occasional” that is funny LOL.

      GG i agree , specially with the last part of your post :)……….Focus in David , Focus in David Career , Focus in David 😉

  38. raelovingangels

    nice video from front row- Gotta get thru this

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