David’s NA at the NHL

Exquisite! 🙂


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  1. Love David’s performance of the National Anthem! Reports are that he had a great time @ his first live Hockey game.

  2. raelovingangels

    He is so good looking on TV. I know music is his love and our love too but I really think he should be in movies.. 🙂

    • Your wish may come true!

      Anyone heard of the @RunningBros?
      This what they tweeted yesterday :
      Just got done hanging out with David Archuleta at the Ducks game tonight. He wanted to audition for the next Running
      Brothers Movie.
      Hmmm… Interesting.

      • raelovingangels

        His voice and looks are just so engaging! But of course I also want many many many years of music too…. I see David’s potential multi-facited- like Justin Timberlake.

    • The Running Brothers make YouTube movies.

      They are two brothers training for a marathon and an Ironman Triathlon.


    • I was reading his book the other day and I thought that his story would make a great movie, if well adapted of course. (and David can play himself, from 12 years old to 20 years old, so they wouldn’t have to hire a young kid lol).

  3. Loved his performance of the NA.

  4. Junnie#$%^@! SQUEEEEEEEE! OK, I’ll calm down. One can only wonder how that face and character will show on the big screen 😉 I may need help for my heart when this happens for David. GAH!

  5. Running Brothers will benifit from mentioning David on their twiitter. How many besides me checked out their You tube!. ha! ha! I can see David in some of those scenes for sure. He can RUN!
    I’m sure they were thrilled that David knew of their Videos!

    • Lol, I believe David’s fanbase (incl. myself) is responsible for the majority of the hits on their youtube video.

  6. raelovingangels

    sorry to dwell in the past cause we are onward & upward right? But MTV said this about Cooks new song: ‘It’s definitely a contender for being one of the biggest rock songs of the summer, perfect for riding around with the top down’

    which SHOULD have been what SBL was LAST summer- had it actually been released in time for summer, and it had been pushed amd embraced- ( ok, done- what’s done is done)

    • Jim Cantiello didn’t like it at all… but let the paid promotion begin! This is so preditable that it isn’t even annoying any longer.

    • Please, that is so not true what MTV wrote because Cook’s new song is not really a rock song. It was more of a very generic pop/rock song. A lot of his hard core fans don’t even like the song. You are right that SBL should have been a big pop hit if it was pushed. No doubt about it.

      • Yes, even his fans thought it was a pop song, and now it’s “one of the biggest rock songs of the summer.” Puh-leeze. Well, this is how things go in Idolville…

      • raelovingangels

        🙂 I agree- it is pop with a slight rock edge. But IMP it is very catchy. I think his hard core fans likely want him to be true rock- but the label likely wants rado friendly. I think DC wants rock too.. biut alas the old delima. Saw DC in concert and he definately leaned toward rock more than pop in his show.

    • I guess the song going to receive a big push on radio and in consequence in sales, but from that to declare that is the ‘Rock Tune’ of the summer LOL, the song is totally a pop tune. 😉

  7. This post in snowangelz has so much love….. Just had to bring it here 🙂


  8. Another video of the NA from a different angle. Boy lots of hankie waving & cheers for David! Awesome performance!

    • Oh wow, I love this video!! Even tho you can’t see him (except a blurry David on the jumbotron), it’s awesome to just hear the way his voice fills the arena. Unbelievable- thanks for posting it!

  9. David Cook waited an extra year to put his album out so I was expecting his first single to be better. I like pop rock but don’t think much of his single, but with lots of promo it is sure to chart at least on HAC. Of course to get lots of downloads a single needs to chart on the pop charts which I don’t know if this one will. I can’t see it getting air play on Z100.

    • I don’t wish Cook ill will, but I think he’s going to have a hard road after being out of the limelight for so long. He also has a very ordinary sound.

      • Yeah. On one hand, I think Cook might have almost as hard of time as David’s been having. On the other hand, I think he’ll be promoted to the hilt & stations won’t hesitate to play his single, ‘cuz as the winner he has more support all around. No idea which way it’ll go…it’ll be interesting to see.

      • I agree; it will be very interesting to see what happens. Either way will not surprise me. On one hand, the promo may well turn it into a hit, but on the other hand, Cook has been quiet for so long and people quickly move on.

  10. I really like David Cook as a person (as much as you can from this distance), and I wish him well, but that song just didn’t do anything for me. It felt like another IDOL song – one he was singing that was written for someone else.

    David’s NA – gah! He can sure sing! 🙂

  11. Re. Cook, I’ll admit it now that I actually liked TOML; however, his other songs were too rockish for my taste. I thought his recent idol performance, was an attempt (by his label?) to further distinguish him from Daughtry and to expand his fanbase among teens & college age kids.

  12. David did great as usual but this NA was particularly good !

    a tweet from David’s new band member :
    StevenJRob Steven J. Robinson
    @WidaArchie Malaysia would be awesome! I’ll be doing an acoustic set with David this Monday in Nashville.

    the first time with the band, I wonder what he’ll be singing… maybe that awesome ballad cover we heard about by SH a few days ago ?
    I hope that there will be videos of his performance
    I can’t wait !!!

    • a new ballad that brings tears to a smile or a sexy acoustic set? i’ll take either one. 🙂

  13. I can’t wait to hear what David sings too. He will have at least part of the band since the drummer is going plus an acoustic guitar. His drummer said in a previous tweet that is was going to be a “sexy acoustic set.” hmmm.

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