Happy Good Friday, Happy Earth Day!

In tribute to both holidays, how about The Voice that makes you weep?

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  1. Sigh. Too lovely for words.

  2. David’s FOG = silky soul.

  3. Sublime! Happy Spring!

  4. After having been performed to 20 million viewers on Idol, David Cook’s new single peaked at #50 on iTunes. Idol seems to have lost its promotional impact.

    • ..or maybe it just isn’t the greatest song. I know it left me kind of “meh”. Unfortunately, I think there was something wrong with the sound system on AI, too. Once it hits the radio, I’m sure it’ll be OK, since Cook has industry & label support.

    • true, true – and it goes a little deeper than that.. i know you’ll appreciate this peter…

      ‘sbl’ peaked on it’s debut day at #31 overall, #15 pop… w/o ANY substantial promo outside of this base, NO substantial promo or support from jive at any level, NO management in place to support or coordinate addit’l promo. CAN WE IMAGINE WHAT THIS SONG COULD HAVE DONE WITH A SHOT LIKE COOK HAD LAST NIGHT, or if all the ducks had been in a row from all corners to throw just a smidge of real support behind it, lol… from what I’ve read around the web, he basically blew his shot to really sell this song by turning in a flat, pitchy, uninspired performance… David and this base I think did a helluva job supporting ‘sbl’, and ‘tosod’ basically all by ourselves… and ‘sbl’ still outpaced cook’s single on itunes on debut day, and after last night’s performance, after all the support in the world from his label and management, the song has not even come close to ‘sbl’s peak… dunno what it all means in the long term, how the song will perform over the long haul, but i think this little episode speaks volumes about the strength and dedication of this fanbase – against all odds, lol… it may not have ended the way we would have wanted, but i feel very proud about the way ‘sbl’ performed in it’s debut day and week on itunes… david vs goliath, indeed 🙂

      • “‘sbl’ peaked on it’s debut day at #31 overall, #15 pop… w/o ANY substantial promo outside of this base”. The first time I heard SBL, I thought that it would be a hit for David !

        SBL music video has 7 253 073 views now ! How did they manage to sabotage it like they did ? It probably demanded from them much more efforts to make it a flop than a hit lol (and David’s apparent enthousiasm for the song probably helped a little too).

        So much potential for TOSOD (it’s a good album !!!) but few opportunities to make it happen !

      • Thorazine?

        Speaking of Thorazine, this new era makes Jive seem so sluggish that it borders on sabotage and, yes, a conspiracy.


  5. Good point Peter. Cook also has the “boot” song playing every week on AI. I don’t believe that single did that well in sales either.

    • Yes, a cover on AI and a just OK single (I’m being nice here). I hope for his fans that his album will be better than what he already released because after waiting 2 years, they surely deserve better lol. DC seems to be a nice guy but I don’t care for his singing. I wish him luck (sincerely) but I’m sure he’ll get radio airplay and that he’ll be on every shows to promote his album. He already has got a big promo opportunity so I think that he’ll be fine. But he shouldn’t sell himself as a rocker, maybe the image suits him but his music is more pop than rock IMO so for me it’s probably the main problem he’ll face if the rest of the songs on his album are not more rock. (I can’t believe that I wrote this much about a singer that I don’t even follow lol).

  6. about tonight’s performance of the NA :
    eriktreble Erik Ray
    @DavidArchie I’m gonna be in the orchestra accompanying you!

    • but it would most probably be for the IC performance ? one of his band member said it will be an acoustic show …

  7. Hi Cmoi – it just signals to me that David can still sell, and sell in spite of a lot of obstacles, in spite of not having the massive promo opportunities other alums have had to give them a leg up. My goodness, he really imo needs a kickass manager, management and promo team, and SOMEBODY with some brains and moxie and killer pr and marketing skillz to sit at the helm of crafting the vision and executing the direction to shape his image and market his music in this next phase. Marketing and promo and getting higher profile marketing and promotional opportunities is one big missing link, imo.

    • I agree about all those things.

    • Yeah. About that missing link, I’m praying that it’ll be found this time around. But tbh, I don’t know if it will. I’m not too crazy about him working with Sunny Hilden again, & I just have this feeling that after experiencing JIVE & WEG, he wants to go back to working with family & friends who already “get” him. Hopefully I’m way off-base.

      • On one level, who could blame him, or anyone for seeking out the safety and familiarity of people/places/things after taking a few hard knocks… that’s just human nature I’d think. I think shifting the focus from whether we like who we think he is working with, maybe the part about him still working, still having fire in his belly to work and write and pick up the pieces of what could have been a career ender is the important thing… Many folk would have cracked long ago under the weight of the expectations and stress and the whirlwind of experiences, culminating in the end of a major label contract and mgmt. These are usually adequate reasons for anyone to want to run to safety – if not the analyst couch or the bottle, lol… I don’t mind him going home to regroup, get his bearings if that is what he needs from time to time – as long as the familiar doesn’t stifle or keep him from doing what needs to be done to grow, keep moving forward. Regrouping is ok. Regression, not so much. As always, I’m staying tuned 🙂

      • I hope that you are way off-base too (I’ll use this expression in the future if I can place it in a conversation lol, I learn English thanks to this blog lol).

        Things are handled more professionaly lately, with his FB being updated regularly, the rehearsing with the new band (they used to have a band only when it was a necessity), that he’s in LA for the things related to his career and not in Utah, the launch of his new OS, etc. And because it seems more professional for me, I doubt it has anything to do with him working with his family and friends. If it was the case, a lot of things about what’s going on would have leaked IMO. Maybe Sunny Hilden is just helping him with the songs he’s writing by himself or the covers he considers to sing for the future shows (I’m not crazy about him working with her again too , I don’t like DSH).
        Also, it’s not because they “get” him that they are qualified to help him with his career, I still hope that David knows the importance of a good management company and that he won’t reproduce the same past mistakes ! I just want to keep the faith lol

      • IDK what to think about that, i still thinking what you said early this week, and i don’t see him knowing or making contacts with new people , like he should do to survive on this business, is like he’s alwyas around the same groupe of people who know him since he was little……sometimes i worry, for real after three years in the industry and he goes back to the same?? , idk :/
        BTW he,s not the first to have a difficult experience with his Label, and i really can judge WEG, they just dont had the time to do too much for him anyway, i mean i know of singers that had more worse experiences and still wanting to know more people in the industry to take new chances….so for now , i really don’t get his acting in this aspect.

      • GG – ”as long as the familiar doesn’t stifle or keep him from doing what needs to be done to grow, keep moving forward. Regrouping is ok. Regression, not so much. As always, I’m staying tuned”

        Totally right 😉

    • I jus hope he can find the good missing link ;), that is the key in this Post-Jive era….i just think that excluding the winners, the runner ups or non winners that are having good opportunities right now is because they have like managers people who know people and are a little more open minds and less ”scary” to go for it…..is not necessary because the media is ignoring David, maybe is David who don’t want to take some chances and want to stay …..well……. safe?

    • David still a ”HOT ITEM” even with the lack of promo from his label , attention from the media and neglecting attitude form him- self.
      With a good opening act ( hopefully a girl or a band) and a more organized David and David Music focus promotion he can sell medium sizes venues…i’m confident with that 🙂


  9. It is radio play that will end up selling Cook’s song or not. And since Cook has been successful on his main format his song will probably do very well on HAC. The single might not have charted high for various reasons. One being that maybe Cook is an album seller. Another being that I don’t think debuting new songs on television really sells a song. People usually have to be familiar with it before buying it. Could have been his performance of it or the song itself. We’ll see how it ends up doing. I think it will probably end up selling well because it will probably do well on HAC.

    • And we shall see, lol… I think there will be some reality checks getting cashed this time around for Cook and his fans – on a lot of levels… I plan to as always just casually chew my popcorn, and observe 🙂 I’m much more interested now in David’s new site… sounds and feels like the underpinnings of a solid foundation are being laid 🙂

      • I’m more interested in David as well because I’m a fan of his. Just giving a different perspective. I hope Cook does well but I probably won’t be following how he does.

      • Thumbs up Kris 🙂

    • I guess Cook lost his sound somewhere in the process, the track is pure pop and is weird to hear him sing that, maybe the song can do better in a pop voice, but sorry that was not good.
      And yes maybe the song gonna receive airplay, but he still missing his original style.

    • Songs performed on Idol used to chart in the top 10 — and even at the 1 spot — on iTunes the morning following the performance, at least during Season 7. Something has happened since then.

  10. apparently David’s new site will launch in 30 days ! and it will be more fan friendly lol, and it’s already being updated with his 3 future performances (so far) ! (and the pics they’re using for the moment are better than those on his last OS !)

  11. That was quick. One problem is that Myrtle is spelled wrong. Someone needs spell check.

  12. Progress! Keep laying that foundation David, brick by brick 🙂

  13. yea 30 days end of contract with jive you think,

  14. Is David more busy now than when he was with Jive? LOL! Yippie! He seems to be the most in-demand NA singer currently. Maybe Super Bowl organizers already have him within their sights? You never know…Hmmm

  15. Just had a thought. I wonder if David will skate out to the middle of the rink to sing?

  16. nice job mr. archuleta!

  17. New site sounds promising but idk…some strange grammatical things going on right now on that page… 🙂

  18. Absolutely stunning National Anthem performance by the incredibly talented David James Archuleta! GAH! I’ve listened 5 times already. My hubby says it was flawless and very, very good! GO BIG D!

  19. Beautiful heartfelt performance of the National Anthem! I’ve listened several times too Archangel48! Enough to give you goosebumps. Like David says he only gets them when he sings. He also Gives them!

  20. Gorgeous national anthem! Those hockey fans showed David lots of appreciation; loved hearing the loud, spontaneous applause.

    Regarding the new website: yay, I am a happy girl! So far, things are being handled better than they have been in ages.

  21. Also, isn’t that pic a Matt Clayton one? Maybe we’ll see more from that photoshoot soon…

  22. david and the duck! so cute.

  23. Thanks for the links to the pics. That is some psychotic looking duck.

  24. I’m trying to think of idols who debuted new singles on AI. I can’t think of too many who had the exact same situation as Cook. I know Jordin debuted Battlefield on idol. That was a first single. Brooke debuted a new song on idol and that charted well. I think that was a first single. I can’t remember if her album was already out when she performed. I think Blake debuted a song on idol during the semi-finals that had no radio airplay. Allison debuted a second single on idol and I don’t think that charted well. David debuted TMH on idol and I don’t remember how that charted but I don’t think it charted that high. Lee debuted his second single on idol, I don’t know how high that charted. I think it did okay. I think it did do a little something for his album sales. Crystal is probably debuting her second single on idol next week. We will have to see how well that does.

    • As I said, I was referring to iTunes and the morning/day following the performance. I have no idea as to how the songs did after that. Usually they charted high on iTunes for a very short time. (When Cook was a contestant on Idol, some of his performances charted high on iTunes for a short time after the performance).

      • I’m referring to how the songs charted after the performance as well. But I see you are talking about how the contestants songs charted on iTunes and I am talking about how the idols own songs charted on ITunes. I don’t think you can compare how Cook’s songs charted on iTunes when he was a contestant to how his debut single is charting three years after he won.

      • I was talking about both, actually. I think any songs performed on Idol used to get a stronger boost and chart much higher than #50 on iTunes the day following the performance.

      • raelovingangels

        Cook has been played alot on hot adult contemporary stations. If his lable pushes the hac- which he seems to be popular there- I would imagine I-tunes sales will pick up. I like Cooks voice myself alot with the slgiht rock edge- although he does sound a bit generic.

      • raelovingangels

        ooops label

      • raelovingangels

        Just listened to Cook’snew song-… I like it!

    • I can literally see you thinking this post through in your head as you’re typing it, lol.

    • If I remember correctly, Crush was the first single and ALTNOY the 2nd single. TMH was never promoted as a single although he performed it on Idol. The music video for that song was hurriedly done with footage of his fans, a low budget video, IMO.

  25. The other issue is how long a song stays on the itunes charts. My guess is Cook’s song will drop very quickly. It is interesting to me that Cook had so much promo for this single and it looks like it may not matter.

  26. I think there were probably instances where debut songs charted higher than #50 on idol and instances where debut songs didn’t chart higher. Like I said the only person that I can remember that had the exact same circumstance as Cook was Jordin. Maybe there were others.

  27. I see David Cook’s song at 42 on itunes. Not sure where the 50 is coming from?

  28. Aaaaaaaaanyway, David’s new website looks promising.

    • Keeping the faith…I hope it’s being done by professionals and not FOMIC.

      Strange how the days of the week are in quotes, no? Improper use of quotations is just a personal pet peeve so I noticed that 🙂

  29. Another video of the NA from a different angle. Boy lots of hankie waving & cheers for David! Awesome performance!

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