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I’m not going to get into a debate about David’s band members, what’s appropriate to tell fans, what’s not and the like. Honestly, shouldn’t we just be glad that

1. David is planning a tour (like he said he would on New Year’s Day this year)


2. David is getting ready to “unleash his Soul David” self? Live is awesome! On record may be in the works soon!

So, after listening to Stephano on Idol sing his swan song of “Lately” earlier this evening, I’m soooo eager for more “Soul David” like we already heard snippets of this week.  I wish Stephano the best, but David is like “a thousand miles” ahead of him when it comes to “soul singing” (JMHO).

So, here’s a quick poll, dear SD readers. I’d love to know which cover song, with soul, you would most like to hear David sing (or sing again) either live on tour or recorded in a studio.


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  1. ummm….welll……….are you mad with us HG? 😦

    Just to answer your question…..nothing already covered on idol , not ‘I need you know’ please ;/ . I just learn tha next week gonna be Carole King theme on idol, i would love to hear him sing something from her, i know david like her and even went to a one of her concerts ……just imagine ”one Who Belives In You”, ”Where You Lead I Will Follow” ”Where You Lead I Will Follow ” …idk she has a lot of beutiful/jazzy songs that David can cover amazingly……..just saying 😉

  2. I agree HG! excitement in the air! NA tommorrow eve on TV. Nashville Monday. Updated Facebook! New band! Lots to look forward to.

  3. I watched AI too. I am glad that my favorite Casey is still in it. I like David Cook but his performance on that song was just not that good. Maybe the sound was bad there? David should really cover all the songs you listed plus an Adele song.

    • To me, the sound has been bad for all of the contestants too.

      Re. Cook, I don’t usually listen to his genre of music so its hard for me to assess the song. He looked a little bored singing it; perhaps it was just nerves.

  4. I’m with Tibitibi, I’d love to hear David do a Carole King cover. My pick would be “So Far Away”. If he were to do something more recent, maybe a song by Babyface.

    And boy am I excited about a tour or whatever David is calling it, lol. For a change, I’d like to catch one of his shows in either Europe or Canada.

  5. No, Tibi, not mad at anyone. 🙂

    I’m just not worrying about stuff like I used to. I’m “trusting the Archulator,” whether he’s telling us everything now or waiting to reveal things slowly.

    Speculate away, as the conversations here are always interesting. 🙂

  6. I am looking forward to the “exciting things on the horizon.” Can’t wait to hear about them.

    I am having a good laugh at these suggestion for the official website on David’s facebook. A lot of them are for pictures and a few people posted they wanted to know everything about David including his love life.

  7. I like Cook, but I’m not a super fan of his. I don’t own any of his music. In his defense though, that is a brand new song and this is first time he’s performed it live. Our David has had issues with nervousness when appearing on AI, and I’m sure Cook was feelin’ those nerves as well. I thought it started off a tad shaky but got much better as he went along.

  8. I agree, HG!

    *David could be on a two-year mission right now* I am very happy to be able to see and hear him. Also flying to VA to see him perform — can’t wait!

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