Celebrating My Birthday!

Good morning, dear Soul David readers! 🙂

Another year and another reminder of why I love me some David Archuleta! Little did he know that he gave me an early birthday gift with his a capella rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “A Ribbon in the Sky.” 😀

So, in celebration of my birthday, I’m re-posting the first video I ever made on You Tube, in tribute to The Voice that kills me oh so softly. It’s like David had to remind me again this week of the ways that he continues to do this.  Here’s to the Voice that soothes, the Voice that serenades, the Voice that makes another day and another year so much sweeter!


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  1. Band members should not be giving out info on a tour before a tour is announced. I hope the new web site is going to done by professionals. I like Adele and Bruno Mars official sites. I wonder who is managing David too. Good news that he is singing the NA.

  2. I’d like to think there was a meeting of some kind between David and the band discussing just these sorts of communication. I can’t imagine Steven would do or say anything he shouldn’t. IMHO

    • IDK, Steven is nice and don’t know at what point some fans can become obssesed to find hints and information for their sites and just for the pleasure to be the first on twitter or just to capture the attention of this guys lol. ;)…of course not all of them 😉

  3. On a positive note David’s new drummer obviously knows something we don’t know and it might be very good news.

  4. From MJ’s BigBlog

    Invisible Children’s ’25′ Campaign Mobilizes 100,000 Young People to Stay Silent for 25 Hours; Featured on “The Oprah Winfrey Show”

    ”Headlining groups include Rogue Wave, Peter Pisano of Peter Wolf Crier, Faces on Film, Plain White T’s, and American Idol’s David Archuleta.”


    Now i really wish he can go with the band ! 🙂

  5. It’s funny how we fans of David jump on board the secrecy bandwagon with him and worry if the band members are giving too much information or speaking out of turn.

    I think just like his old band members, his dad, and MelindaWEG, the new band members are used to being open and chatty about their lives and the work they’re doing. It seems like it’s David who has created a climate of not communicating until everything is set in stone. He says “communication is key”, but we’re back to the same ol, same ol waiting and wondering all the time.

    Freofan is right–it’s not a state secret for most artists who their management is–also what songs they’re going to sing, where they’re appearing, what they’re thinking of doing, etc., etc.

    I wonder why David seems so secretive?

    • I don’t think we are jumping on a secrecy bandwagon with David. I can only speak for myself, but I don’t find band members giving out info via twitter to be professional. Tours should be announced by official channels and by the artist themselves, not their band members. The band members are just that. They are only band members. They aren’t the ones responsible for setting up the tour and deciding which areas to tour or how long the tour will be. Or if there will be meet and greets. They might be used to being chatty and open about their lives but that doesn’t mean that in your profession you give out information that you shouldn’t.

      I also think that not communicating until everything is set in stone is the professional way to handle things. Most importantly because things happen and things can change. So you don’t want to announce something before it is set in stone and then end up having to tell people later on nevermind such and such is now not going to happen.

      It also might not be a state secret who most artists managers are but I don’t think most artists talk that much about their managers. If David has new management I don’t personally need to know who it is. I just hope it is someone who can help him to accomplish his goals.

      • I admit that since I don’t follow any other artists, I don’t really know what is considered “professional” as far as communicating with fans.

        I only notice that some other artists seem to tweet more about their careers and less about what restaurant they went to or hanging with their families, etc.

      • cchalo ”I only notice that some other artists seem to tweet more about their careers and less about what restaurant they went to or hanging with their families, etc,,

        Funny but true lol. 🙂

    • ”I wonder why David seems so secretive?’, David is a little desorganized lol, i truly believe that like him-self said he is very distracted, has difficults to stay focus and is not so good being multitasking, so he really need an assistent to helping with that.

      In the other hand , i just want to guess he’s waiting to ahve all ready to go and give the official information complet, when the time comes….let hope is that. 😉

  6. cchalo is right, if David wasn’t so secretive others wouldn’t have to give out the information first. It must just be part of his nature. He didn’t tell most of his close friends that he made it to Hollywood week on Idol. He forgot to tell his mom that he would be singing at the Stadium of Fire until she picked him up at the airport to take him to the interview where they introduced the acts for SOF.

    • I agree, it may just be David’s style. I have family members and friends who never seem to tell each other what’s going on until the last minute, if that, and others who tell each other every little detail.

      I don’t think we should be critical of David’s new band members for being excited and communicating about their work, especially since the older professionals didn’t seem to be overly tight-lipped either.

      If there’s a likelihood of a tour, I don’t see the problem with David saying just that–i.e. “We’re trying to get a tour together”. (Or maybe he did say that and I just missed it. LOL).

  7. On a positive note David’s facebook was just updated:

    David Archuleta created an event.

    Monday at 6:30pm
    Lipscomb’s Allen Arena, Nashville, Tennessee

    Let’s hope this continues and a lot more events added!

  8. I was just coming to post that, grammyj. Whoever is updating David’s facebook is doing an excellent job. Everything is getting updated promptly. Hopefully that continues with the new official site.

    • I Agree, finally they’re beating the fansites posting the activities information fasterr than them lol. ……guess is a good signal?

  9. Different artists deal differently with twitter. Some artists rarely tweet and some don’t personally run their twitter accounts, some tweet about personal and professional things. The only thing that I think David needs to do differently with twitter is tweet that he is doing an event as soon as it is announced.

  10. Just to be clear, is not if his band members or team give information or not , but is about some fans arrasing them on twitter or FB to acces to exclusive information, this became a problem in the past and I think is kind of unfair to make this guys probably be in trouble because some people demands……HAPPENED in the past and we know what happen when someones don’t like their answers. bye

    • You’re right about that. The solution is to be more forthcoming and proactive about the official info.

    • I agree about some fans but fans can’t force the band members to give out information they shouldn’t. They don’t have to reply to the fans when they ask questions. They can either ignore the questions or say that they aren’t at liberty to say.

    • ”harassing them” Sorry 😦

      and you right Kris, but seriously , someones are to difficult to ignore, just remember ”doggy girl”, Eman ended to run out of patience with her LOL….anyway is up to him to adjuste this time and make it works for the goods.

    • I don’t know why we assume that any band members of any era have been speaking out of turn. Why take on all that disapproval without any indication that David or any one minds?

      • P.S. I think that almost everyone on the fan sites LOVE all the little tidbits we can get. Who really wants to only know the official info?

  11. David is promptly posting events on Facebook and there is also a section to make suggestions for his upcoming Official site. Join Facebook. or just google DavidArchuletafacebook to look.

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