Soul David Vlogs “A Ribbon in the Sky”

Don’t you just love how David is so giddy about singing Stevie that he had to share with ALL of his fans? 🙂


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  1. That was so thoughtful of David to make that vlog today.

    I was wondering if anyone here is planning on going to Myrtle Beach?

    • i won’t be going to myrtle beach but i do expect to travel somewhere this summer to see david.

    • ‘raises hand’ 🙂

      a group of us NC fans are planning to go down to Myrtle for the 28th’s performance. This is the same week they hold the annual Bike Fest, so crowds will be massive. I’m looking forward to hearing him sing live again. If he feels like throwing a lil’ bit of this out there, oh boy.

  2. I think David misses performing. 🙂

  3. ”’Don’t you just love how David is so giddy about singing Stevie that he had to share with ALL of his fans”

    He’s gradually breaking some of his own rules and fears , and getting loose more and more, losing his self concious that is one of the problems that don’t let him go to progress faster…… looks like he’s working that confidence……this vlog today is historic in Archuland for sure. 🙂

  4. We’ve been having so much fun since Saturday! I really feel we are the luckiest fans! There’s no one quite like him in this universe.

    tibi, at first I thought the same thing as you about his RTing the link, that he was wanting to have all his 618,000+ followers to know he sang RITS, but after seeing the vlog, I am not sure he did it as a form of self-promo. He said he tweeted the link “courtesy of Alisha Reneé” as if he is not aware (David David) of the fact that pretty much every single fan of his already saw the twitvid multiple times since it surfaced!

    cmoi, this is a few threads late response, but your English is super good and you can totally communicate with David in English! Though I understand how you feel because English is not my native tongue either; in the beginning, writing was not that hard but speaking was a bit more intimidating. I hope that the next time David comes near you, you do meet him and speak to him! Btw, French is not my mother tongue but I was educated in it (nine years! But now English is the most dominant language LOL)

    • I have double problem LOL, neither english and french are my first languages, so be happy people! 😉

    • I am so impressed by you, tibi and cmoi! You all write amazingly well in English, and I think it takes courage to communicate in a foreign language in such a public venue. So, you have my admiration.

      • And if I’ve missed anyone else, I apologize; sometimes it’s hard to tell if someone isn’t writing in their native language.

      • Aw! Thanks, you encourage me so much 🙂

      • Thanks Utahmom! In general, communicating in a public venue, in any language, is challenging sometimes lol.

        Hey Tibi, you must be fluent in at least one language right? I’m happy to be multi-lingual (add Japanese to the mix) but none of the languages are my native one. It’s an odd place to be. But I’m happy! 🙂

      • Thanks for the encouragement ! I never tried to write in English in a public blog or forum before being a fan of David lol

      • LOL VERMEER …yeah of course and Thank God i’m fluent in spanish 🙂 , l work in french and write in public forums in broken inglish lol, actually i find the inglish blogs more easy to participate than the french ones …and yeah i’m happy , i was joking with the expression i used , learn new languages for fun is kind of excited, maybe i gonna try japanese too :), or Italian next.

  5. But then again, it is entirely possible too that David is finally getting bolder about putting himself out there. He felt so good singing Ribbon in the Sky that he felt it was worth sharing the moment with the 618,000+ people out there!

    • Shanny in Australia

      Vermeer, it is unusual for David to retweet the song and then make us a special version. I can think of 3 reasons…

      1. He is free to do such things now he is not with Jive.
      2. He knows that now he is not with Jive, he needs to be inventive and pro-active with self-promotion.
      3. Because he can do it now and he knows how the fans are desperate to hear him perform again. So it was a gift of love. 🙂

      Actually I suspect it is all three of those reasons? Whatever reason it is….I’m one happy Archie among many many happy Archies! 😆

    • raelovingangels

      or he is getting advice from an advisor who he trusts… 🙂
      David seems like a show me kinda guy and perhaps he has someone with some expertise who he feels comfortable listening too, who he feels will not make him into something he does not want to be, but will highlight the great he already has going on.

  6. I don’t think Jive was stopping David from retweeting his performances or singing in vlogs. I don’t see why the label would have done that. Many artists do that. Someone who is really good at doing that is Jordin and she is with Jive. Jordin is really good at retweeting a link to an article or an interview she did. Or linking to a performance video. She also use to do vlogs where she would sing a cover song. She just did a Ustream chat where she sang a few covers that fans requested. I think the only person that was probably stopping David from doing those things was David himself. I am very surprised that David retweeted a performance video. I hope he keeps it up. I hope he starts using his twitter as a promotional tool.

    • I agree with you Kris, i guess is more that he is being conscious about the need to step up some strategies and use better his web tools to keep his fans interested, i mean he need to start to step up his game if is true he’s thinking to do a tour by the summer, he really need to put him-self out in the media buzz in my opinion :)…… you said Jordin is very good and very smart to handle her career and i don’t think either this is Jive related, is just a young artist learning from his past mistakes , applying correctives and confronting his own fears or prejudices about how good or bad is or how humble or not looks when i promote or try to push/put my name out there and having fun doing it for his fans, that is evident looking his joyful attitude 🙂 ……….that is not bad, is normal, is not lack of modesty and is what he need to do right now.

      I just hope whoever is helping him , it’s can find for him more high profils events to do.

    • raelovingangels

      ok- I agree. Lately, I have inwardly speculated that David has an advisor…. maybe even a manager? He has recently re-tweeted several of his vlogs- that is smart because it helps driver up the views and of course shows interest in David remains high. The cool sport/charity event- smart and a bit unexpected. The tweets about sports- ( rock climbing, snow boarding, hitting cages etc) singinng at NASCAR. We know David is althlectic and fit- but the general perception of David is not “jock” like. I am not saying David is being anythng other than who he is- but someone may be guiding him to highlight that side more. Additionally, and of course obviously the updated facebook. Just thinkin…. (Frankly even if Mel advised him to re-tweet and promote- because there appeared to be a disconnect between the two of them- he likley woudl not have needed her advice-)

      • raelovingangels

        meant to say he would not have HEEDED HER ADVICE LOL.

      • Not want to be mean with him LOL, but i just guess that he learned his lesson when TOSOD was release, him or/and whoever advised at that time to extend his time without management , made a BIG mistake, he needed by then and he need it now…..all what he’s doing now are maybe his own reflection about the previous process, he’s smart , but a little obstinate and i’m confident he can see what was wrong last years, this is not because the persons around him alone , but because his own decisions in the past…….he’s maturing and all this new resolutions are part of that, his human nature i would say ,taking calculated risks…..well i hope the risk were calculated before he left Jive 😉

      • Right on, Tibi. David reminds me of my same-age son–a little obstinate, but learning to be more proactive now that he’s more on his own.

      • Hmm….I think this is OK as long as they are not trying to make him into something he’s not. Lets face it he pretty much admitted he never watched NASCAR in an interview that day, and although the basketball thing was funny it didn’t really seem like playing was his cup of tea either!

      • Cosette, i agree that he shouldn’t feel pressure to do what he don’t want, so he always can say NOT! , he already demonstrated that he can do that and to refuse to do what he don’t want.
        I find the bball event so random tbh ?, but i guess he really wanted to do it, to collaborate and maybe even take a new risks, you know he’s 20, the age of the freedom, new experiences feeling the adrenalin in your body lol. i guess taking control of your life is always same exciting and scary. and sooooo learning experience. I’m sure he feel that even with his lack of bball skills the all moment paid off and he enjoyed along with his fans :), of course i expect better schedules next time lol.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Interesting Kris. I did not know that. Thanks.

      I’ve had it in the back of my mind all along, that David might be doing something a little different like starting up his own management group and/or indie label. Not saying he is, just that it is something I have wondered about all along.

      This new self-promotion and the vague ‘my team wouldn’t let me sing’ at the basketball game……just make me wonder all the more about those possibilities….?

    • Did not know about Jordin. Well, whatever reason(s) are behind his retweeting things, it’s all good as it helps create more buzz.

  7. Thank You, David! Everything I love about your voice was highlighted in this rendering. I’ll always be the first to admit I intensely dislike it when a singer adds too much “flavor” to anything, BUT. you, IMHO, have never done that. I love every facet of your voice you’ve shown. I’m a bit of a unlikely fan, much more into Country then Pop/ R&B, but, it works for me.

    I’m really excited that he is adjusting things according to lessons well learned! He’ll be around for a LONG time because of this abilility.

    • ”I’m really excited that he is adjusting things according to lessons well learned!”

      Yes!! ADJUSTING is the word to use in this case, thank you 🙂 and i agree i think too he’ll be around for long time, hopefully with good music, making justice to his beautiful voice………i wish with all my heart that he can use the best of the people and contacts he’s been knowing already during this last three years.

  8. to first acknowledge mistakes, and then do the hard internal and external work to effect change, or make whatever adjustments are needed to minimize or prevent the same mistakes from occurring again is a sign of maturity, responsibility and growth. that has been one of my biggest hopes for david and co. going forward. it’s said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. let’s hope this new phase finds both the artist, and those in the artists circle charged with managing, advising, promoting or helping support his career in whatever role taken on have learned some valuable lessons that will keep insanity to a bare minimum this go round. :p

    • well said, GG! I sure hope so, too.

    • Thank You GG – Excellent Points!

    • I liked everything you said, gg.

      Those little tweets and the vlog wouldn’t mean much to the casual observer, but to many it means there is a reason to hope that there will be changes, perhaps insanity won’t prevail.

    • raelovingangels

      well said!

    • Well said , that is the process to follow Recognizition , Acceptation, Apply correctives and Move forward and don’t go to the same problematic point again….so i agree ,let hope is far away of some insanity behaviour.

  9. Some excellent points by everyone here today. Well said. I think it is great that David is finally using his twitter as a promotional tool too.

  10. from the archives… something for those who like numbers – and facts when there is spin all around…. 🙂


    idolsnow : On sale for less than 24 hours,
    DAVID ARCHULETA’s new single “Something ‘Bout Love”
    is already #32 on the iTunes singles chart.

    I think it peaked on its release to itunes date at #31 on
    the overall chart, and 15 Pop. this is from memory, so if
    i’m off plz correct me, lol… just remember this in the days
    of spin (or selective silence) to come 🙂

  11. Band practice is tonight according to the Vlog. I can’t wait to hear David with the new band. I think this is his foundation. He wants to put on a terrific live show. Touring is where it’s at in the music business today .

    • i can’t wait either grammyj to hear how they will sound… so many things being held closely to the vest about so many things… i can’t wait to see and hear for myself in Myrtle Beach the results of all this practice and hard work 🙂

  12. According to MJ’s Pia going to sing in DWTS next week? I love Pia, and i glad for her but she doesn’t have a single yet out……i guess i jealous that David can’t have the same kind of opportunities for his singles and album …..yeah i’m a little frustrated right now :/ ……….CONTACTS is what david need to move people to hear and buy his music !! .

    • jmo – he needs a STRONG agent/ mgmt team w/ the contacts and connections and a little savvy ready/willing/able to work their butts off to get him these kind of hi exposure gigs. this seems to be the achilles heel in the whole works the past few years regarding the exposure and promotion issue, versus what many feel his outsized talent warranted. not knowing what restrictions or other things that went on behind the curtain, it’s hard to say just why he seemed to be shut out of appearing on such shows like this to promote himself, and his music. it’s all dependent on the direction he’s planning to pursue going forward, but i still think, at a fundamental level, that having a strong professional team with those deep industry ties to help open these kind of doors for him is a necessity, and a priority. as with a whole lotta things in the world, it’s not always what you know, it’s who you know, and who you have pulling strings in the background like this for you. i hope this is in the ‘lessons learned’ category for him and his team in the next phase, and steps are being taken to rectify this issue.

      • very well said, GG

      • Yeah i agree, …”it’s not always what you know, it’s who you know…” specially in this moment when looks like the succes in the business is dictated for this ‘Who you know’ …..just look at the lovely Rebecca Black, she can say now that she has a hit …i mean uh?…..i know , i know … Contacts lol. Again i’m glad for Pia and Paul (that gonna be include is the twiling tribute or something like that), because at least they have talent, so talent has David too, then what happened this long three years in terms of contacts and professional relationships with people in the industry?, David not only has vocal talent, but is very charming, good looking and a good performer in progress……honestly i still wonder. 😦

        In a bright note , some late changes really make my hopes stand up…….i guess is more the faux image of instant succes we are seeing lately that make me (us?) a little anxious and frustrated some days.

      • GG- I completely agree with you about what David needs this go-around. Problem is…I still feel like what he needs and what he plans on doing are two different things. It feels like, instead of stepping towards the deep industry ties, he might be stepping further away from it. And ngl, that possibility scares the stuffings out of me. But…(1) I could be completely wrong, and (2) I have to keep reminding myself that whatever decisions he makes are on him, & he knows it. So…all I can do is hope & pray for the best.

      • VJ ”It feels like, instead of stepping towards the deep industry ties, he might be stepping further away from it.”

        Is what i feeling some days , but ”Lets hope” he’s smart enough to make connections…..only the time gonna say what going on on his mind.

  13. I have to agree with you tibitibi. Those connections are so important. Charice was on Glee and Jordin Sparks was on a commercial for her new song during DWTS tonight. Oh well.

  14. David Cook will be on Idol on Thursday night promoting his new single. David’s TOSOD release was just not timed right at all. No promo…. I still feel bad about it. I still can’t figure out why Something Bout Love wasn’t a hit. Cook’s single is okay but not great like SBL. Oh, well.

  15. we’ve gone over all the seemingly logical reasons the TOSOD era was not as successful as hoped… with the information we do know, we can make what i think are pretty fair and accurate assumptions for its commercial failure. i’m sure there is still a ton of info we will never know that contributed to the resulting problems, and we’ll only know them if someone closely involved with the era decides to comment directly about it. there are some hard lessons to be learned from this era that imo could help make his next one stronger, more fruitful. this hopeless optimist with cynical tendencies sure hopes so.

    • And this other “hopeless optimist with cynical tendencies” (love that description) agrees with you. Lately though, I’ve been more of a hopeless cynic with optimistic tendencies.

      Like VJ said, it does seem like David may be stepping farther away from industry ties. But I think that’s temporary. He’s basically in a forced hiatus right now until his contract with Jive officially ends (in May, I think?). It seems like it would be a natural reaction to do exactly what he is doing. Except I still think he should have strong management during this time, but then, hey, I’m not paying for it.

      So my optimistic tendencies are telling me to hang tight and look forward to great things. Just wish I had a crystal ball to tell me what exactly is in store–I hate uncertainty.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Hmmmm…yeah, I agree with what you said about needing someone with connections in the industry etc GG. And I also agree with those who have said it seems more like he is stepping away from that.

      In my mind it raises the issue of….No-one is more well connected than Jive? And from everything I understand WEG is well respected in the industry and Melinda seemed to me to have connections. And yet, both of those top notch teams didn’t come through as well as they could have.

      Perhaps, what David needs to avoid, is a knee jerk reaction and not throw all the big name companies out with the proverbial bathwater. Perhaps he simply needs to give some other big labels a chance. Especially if he can begin a contract with terms that allow him more freedom.

      Although, I think it’s that musical freedom, that will always be David’s sticking point. It’s just so much harder to get with the big name brands. They are the experts with all the cash.

      I guess for me, I sure do want David to work with people who are well connected but for David’s happiness sake, if he goes with a smaller independent team that allows him more freedom, then I will respect that it is his life and his career and his decision.

  16. I feel the same Shanny regarding the ultimate decisions David will make regarding the indie vs big label question. Both have their distinct advantages and disadvantages, but it will come down to what he feels will provide him with those things most important to him, for his growth and viability as an artist. Where commercial success factors into the equation for him right now is anyone’s guess. I’ve accepted that his will not be a paint by the numbers path, that our personal desires and expectations for him careerwise may not align with his. I just hope there is more strategic planning done this time around, more attention paid/given to the business side of the house so the problems that have plagued him in receiving the most effective promotion and exposure for him – whether it be on an indie or big label – can be relegated to the past. All parties being in sync, on the same page in executing their vision for him is key. A house divided against itself cannot stand, as we see ultimately came true in his past relationship w/Jive and WEG, so I hope for better luck this time in the selection process for a label, and the management team. He’s got the ‘goods’, in spades. He needs the right delivery system to get them out to the market. 🙂

    • Shanny in Australia

      Thanks GG. 🙂 It sure does look like David is giving his very absolute best to planning this out as well as he can. He also seems to be pulling a few surprises out of the box with the self-promo and vlog. Plus, nothing works perfectly in life, mistakes are normal. I hope that people will respect whatever he decides to do.

    • Shanny in Australia

      And I’m not saying that you won’t GG. Just in general.

  17. someone tweeted this to recently departed idol, paul mcdonald:

    “@PMcDonaldAI10 busy april 25? b/c you & @TheGrandMags should be at lipscomb playing w/ landon pigg & david archuleta. i can make it happen”

    Per here, Apr 25 is a day of silence for the Invisible Children.

    Landon Pigg is listed as a performer at Lipscomb Univ in Nashville. However, I don’t see D’s name.


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