Soul David is Back!

Here’s the You Tube version:

Until a few folks pointed it out, I had not even realized that “Soul David” had been repressed and undercover since his performance of “Shop Around” on American Idol. That’s a long time, ain’t it? 🙂


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  1. Hi all 🙂

    Yesterday i had made a nmp3 from the video posted in this article. Today brings a newer video with better sound quality.

    I made a new mp3 from the newest video of Ribbon in the Sky.
    Download here:


  2. This is a complete video of David’s RITS posted by @jttryon20, originally posted here —

    As you can see, it was taken sideways so I flipped for better viewing. Enjoy!

  3. Thanks. That is a nice video.

  4. David tweets…….. 🙂

    Hm, I think I’m gonna try and give you guys a cleaner sounding version of me singing that song in a blog.. haha
    25 minutes ago via web

  5. David’s last tweets !

    # Haha! Fun singing Ribbon in the Sky for Duffy’s Hope crew RT @AleshaRenee part two of @DavidArchie ! Enjoy guys !

    # Hm, I think I’m gonna try and give you guys a cleaner sounding version of me singing that song in a blog.. haha

    I can’t wait !!!!!!!! I really like the new (post Jive era) David, you know, the confident and in charge David Archuleta !

  6. OK, David is the best singer ever !!!

    • goodkarmaseeker


    • I have a really long list of songs I’d love him to sing, I wonder if he takes requests for the next vlogs lol

      • ah! I just watched the vlog til the end (I kept repeating the song lol) and he said to leave requests for another song !!!

    • I love that he was so excited by singing Stevie Wonder that he had to share it with everyone! Thank you to whoever got him to sing RITS–it’s like his love for soulful music has been reawakened.

      • (And so much for a certain ex-manager’s insistence that David doesn’t like fans filming and putting up videos on you tube.)

      • She sure seem to enjoy her power while she had it, lol.

      • That was an old rumor , since his first solo tour not just the las months, i guess is more people around him taking precautions that David didn’t even demanded, that David him-self puting conditions…..but is ok , he has his way to take down some ‘ myths’ some of his collaborator want to create around him…… someone said before he just do that so easily and without drama. 🙂

      • Oh joy–just wouldn’t be any fun if we can’t misrepresent and bash someone.

  7. The Soul man from Utah has arrived via Vlog!!!

  8. David is just full of surprises today. First he rts video of him singing. Then he covers a song in a vlog. His cover of RITS was really lovely. Finally, he actually says that he is going to take requests. What has happened to David? I hope he sings something from a current artist that is a favorite of his. Maybe one of his current favorite songs. That would be cool. I’ve always wanted David to sing Many the Miles by Sara Bareilles. I know he said that he wanted to sing the song on idol. A Jason Mraz song or an Adele song would be great as well.

    • I still in shock after to see him RTwg his own interpretation LOL. i guess he start to understand the importance of self -promotion and the right use of his own sites, he doing a LOT better with his FB page,YTB channel, still needing work with twitter and with his his Official Site and My Space, seriously any fan can do better that whoever was in charge of his sites this two and a half last years .

      I agree RITS was lovely, he got serious even with he was singing alone in front of a camera and i agree too with something more current …Adele (don’t you remember), Alanis ? or maybe something old from Sting (Fragile) or U2 (One) or something in spanish, but please not Josh Groban, just don’t put ideas on people minds LOL

  9. jackryan4DA, thanks for turning the other video upright. I’m loving this vlog version of RITS!! Next, I’d like to hear his version of “I Believe I Can Fly”. Also, I’d love to hear him do a modern remake of The Rance Allen’s Group “Ain’t No Need in Crying”. Guess I better scoot over to youtube and notify David of my wishes. 🙂

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