He’s Got Legs!!

… and he knows how to use them! 😉

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  1. this made my day, lol… david and his mom are a great pair, and seeing him happy, and being so fearless in trying new things and experiences makes me glad. this transition phase – who knows may turn out to be the best thing for him personally, and creatively… life and the universe have a strange way of doing things sometimes…

    those socks are a riot though 😉

  2. AleshaRenee
    WOW!!! @ crabby dicks with @davidarchie and did and impromptu performance and he killed it !!! WOOOOW!!!! Standing ovation

    I’m sorry @DavidArchie sand Ribbon in the Sky by Stevie Wonder the whole restaurant gave him a standing “O” !!! Ill upload the video soon

    http://crabby-dicks.com/ 😉

    we got legs, and stevie wonder w/ovations all in the same day…. holla! 😉

    so stoked to hear david’s live singing voice again – myrtle beach fest can’t get here fast enough…

  3. Great pictures courtesy of muldur 🙂

    some pictures from tonight http://s319.photobucket.com/albums/mm455/muldur/DuffysHope/?albumview=slideshow

  4. Sigh. David singing some Stevie Wonder and getting a Standing O…

    That video can’t upload fast enough for me! 😛

  5. Twitvid of David singing Ribbon in the Sky – part 1 and part 2



    • He’s got legs, and he’s got soul!

    • Aww, Man!!! *chills chills*

      I’m with the sistah who’s yelling, “That’s how you turn it out! That’s how you turn it out!”

      Stephano, please take notes…

      • david can b-l-o-w. thisssss is the david that’s been in reserve since he blew me away singing ‘shop around’… i would love to hear and see him singing and throwing down on stage or in studio with the likes of stevie, and other rnb and soul heavyweights… i think he can and could more than hold his own. no doubt.

  6. Good Morning All!
    As Paula once said – David you are ridiculous! OMG! I’m wondering if watching AI10 is partly responsible. By that I mean singing with everything but the kitchen sink. This is vintage StarSearch – ISurrenderAll, Soul Man David. I have never seen so much soul unleashed in 2 mins of singing. On AI7 after Shop Around, this is what stopped happening until a bit of it on finale night.
    David is King!

  7. hellOgOrgeOus you got your Soul David!

  8. Wow. That was fun to see him singing Ribbon in the Sky. David has such soul and those are the types of songs he should be singing. He is much better than any AI contestant they have on the show this year. lol

  9. HG,
    While Stephano has the pipes, he lacks David’s power and panache. It’s as if he almost tries too hard. This just oozes out effortlessly in David.

  10. WOW just WOW!

    I agree with the random shout out in the first clip: “That boy can sing!”

  11. A mash up of Ribbon in the Sky courtesy of Abbra fro TheVoice

    thank you Abbra 🙂


  12. The twitvid put me in a Stevie Wonder vortex this morning. Stevie is an outstanding songwriter. The lyrics for “My Cherie Amour” and Fromme’s “Notice Me” have similar themes but to me, there’s no comparison in the songwriting and the ability to hook the listener with a catchy line.

    Changing topics, MANY thanks to Abbra for the mash up! I was waiting for a fan to merge the two “Ribbon” clips.

    From the previous thread, it was interesting reading up on Vanessa Carlton. Like David, she seems to want to rediscover her sound and what first inspired her music. There’s no bitterness, she just sees the need for a change. I looked up info on her management company, Career Artist Management. Azoff bought them out in 2008 but I wonder if they’re still affiliated with him.

    • I find it kind of confusing when you do look this stuff up.lol I am not sure who CAM is affiliated with but you could be right. These artists change labels and management teams frequently. It seems like David has lots of different options. I bet he is checking them all out. It will be interesting to see what he does do.

      • You right Marie look like just a few stay with the same people all the time, but i remember back in february MelindaWEG responded to a fan saying that ‘Artists change of management all the time’ and make sense, if they still growing like artist and reaching news goals.

  13. ”He’s got legs and he knows how to use them” LO, i a half of his fanbase still in shock Ha, ha………but i’m glad he id this and enjoyed his time there out of his comfrt zone. 🙂

  14. raelovingangels

    What a weekend full of win. And let’s not forget the point of the event Duffy’s Challange…. but to see David happy, relaxed and doing a really cool, unexpected event. I had been secretly hoping/thinkng he may just surprise everyone by wearing basketball atire, including shorts. It is if he is saying, all those who thought you had me all figured out- think again. hah! Remember when there was all that ridiculous controversary wth people tinking that David would not sing “hell” in Imagine. Well he shot that down nicely n the same way. And OMG Ribbon n the Sky- epic. How much have we been needing that??? I feel like I just a glass of water after being on a parched desert island. David keeps moving forward, evolving and full of surprises. His mother and he were more than adorable together. I love her spunk.

    • He has not drama on his blood at the moment to change some perceptions fans have….you really can expect anything from him . 🙂

  15. VERY cute recap of yesterday’s basketball game with a few pictures!

    Crayon’s pictures and mental notes from the basketball game


    • This is funny, specially the foul againts the other player LOL…….who knew David can get tough in the court eh? 🙂

  16. Interesting…….


    “One of the organizers approached us afterward to thank us for coming & ask if we had a good time. Very nice. We asked why he didn’t sing. She said, “his management wouldn’t let him.”

    • That is interesting.

    • Well, someone else who was there said this: “They said his team wouldnt let him, we all took that as to mean his contract with Jive isnt up till Mid May, not that he has new management. But then again he is always full of surprises…”

      Maybe we’ll find something out in mid-May? lol.

  17. The videos were great to see. So thankful for the fans who took the videos. Interesting about the management tweet. So who is managing him? And apparently he has management?

    • who knows…….it’s always a guessing game…lol

      • Maybe his contract with WEG isnt up yet or maybe he don’t feel like he’s ready to perform yet and need more time….who knows?

        In anycase i don’t think is something to do with Jive, they take out his name of their site already two weeks ago, and i don’t think charity event can be a problem for them…….so this is more personal strategy to me, like i said before.

  18. Shanny in Australia

    This version of Ribbons in the Sky is higher quality and a MUST WATCH. Unfortunately the pic is sideways but you can still see and hear it beautifully. 🙂


    Btw, I would be very surprised if it was Jive still managing him. It could be any number of things….

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