As We Continue to Speculate…

… and follow David at his basketball game today, how about a trip down memory lane? ‘Member this one? 🙂


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  1. This bball game/event look so random an small, but so fun so far, i’m so glad David get to play and enjoy his time there and give some fun stuff to talk and see to people there and to his fans. ……..Now i hope someone took good videos.

  2. i just looked up some info on vanessa carlton (ie, a thousand miles). she has a new album coming out in june. to make this album, she left her label and approached it as a self-financed project. her reason? she felt her music had become boring and more of what one would hear in soundtracks. she wanted to rediscover how she initially approached music.

    • Looks like is the tendency lately, i still wanting a major label for David, but if is an independent /Indi one i hope he becomes a priority like Taylor S is for her label, she awkward and clean cut image like David and so far this people are doing great working her personality. Something like that would be my dream for him, of course i hope he can put some love songs and more deep lyrics next time. 🙂

    • Now, there’s an interesting approach… thanks for this info as always, D-rat! 🙂

  3. This one is so cute LOL

    David Archuleta – Duffys Hope: Listening To the National Anthem – 😉

  4. David sang Stevie Wonders’ Ribbon in the Sky at a restaurant and got a standing ovation per a tweet from Alesha Renee. She says she will upload the video soon!

  5. I looked up Vanessa Carlton too. It said that her album is being released by Razer &Tie. It is a NYC based label. It is the fastest growing independent record company and has a variety of artists listed including Dweezil Zappa. However, Vanessa is managed by Career Artist Management (CAM). So even though it is independent label Vanessa still has strong ties and connections to the music industry.

  6. CAM also manages Sara Bareilles and Maroon 5 and many others. Not a bad music management company.

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