If I Could Guide David through Paris

While I was on blog break, I was actually touring Paris as well as attending an international conference, which wasn’t nearly as organized as I would have liked (so the conference will remain nameless) but it’s always a treat to visit the city of lights (which was my third visit).

So, as any Arch Angel would wish, I’d love for David to visit and perform there.  So, here’s my own take on what I would do if I could guide David Archuleta through Paris:


After the nearly 7-hour flight, I’d let David relax once he checked into his hotel and have a free walk-around-the city day.  We’d do dinner later somewhere on Place de la Concorde and then we’d catch up on our jet-lag sleep.


Sunday is free entrance day into the world-famous Louvre museum.  I’d take David through, beginning at the top, where the famous Mona Lisa painting hangs, and I’d guide him through the Da Vinci Code version of the Renaissance paintings, before we worked our way down to some other collections, like medieval art and classical sculptures, and the ancient Egyptian and Coptic art below.  If we still have any energy, we’d check out the 19th century wing of French art.  Sometime later, we’ll walk up the Champs Elysee and visit L’Arch de Triomphe and eat dinner at one of the surrounding restaurants.


We’d take the metro down to the Eiffel Tower and get some awesome views. Maybe we’ll plan to climb the tower on our last day, so instead we would buy a combined boat and bus ticket for a few days, allowing us to ride along the Seine River and see the sites of Pars.  We’d get off at Notre Dame, see a sign for an upcoming Gospel concert (American Gospel??!! At the Notre Dame!!) on Vendredi (Friday to you English-speaking folks) and decide we will go. We do some more sightseeing and shopping (because David would be the type to hang like that) and get some nice glace (ice-cream).  We’ll choose a different cafe, maybe a jazz club later, whatever strikes our fancy for the evening.


The Louvre is closed, so in anticipation of the massive crowds, we leave early for Versailles to arrive there at 9 am opening time.  We tour the palace and the gardens, and later the beautiful and picturesque town.  Later, we work our way towards Montmartre, but David is a bit shy because it is the “red light district” and home to the famous Moulin Rouge, so I take him to the safety of the Basilica at Sacre Coeur, a lovely little cathedral surrounded by various artist types and little artist shops.  Somewhere around the vicinity is the museum of Salvadore Dali. David gets a kick out of it. By this time, we are exhausted and eat at a cafe closer to our hotel.


Paris is not complete without a visit to the Musee D’Orsay, but all the paintings of nude women make David a little antsy, but I assure him, he’s growing up, he’ll be fine… To humor him, I take him to the famous restaurant La Coupole in Montparnasse, where Josephine Baker used to hang out, along with Henry Miller and some other Hedonites, heehee.


Eating at La Coupole definitely inspires a walking tour of Paris Noir!  We go through Josephine Baker’s “Black Pearl Walk,” and we also take time to do the Africana and Asiana art museum, called the Musee de Quai Branley, just around the corner from the Eiffel Tower. We later have dinner on one of the Seine River restaurant boats, absolutely thrilling against the city of lights!


Speaking of the Eiffel Tower, we’ve got one more day to see Paris, and we devote to climbing the Tower, taking pictures, and later hanging around on the lawn below it.  We do more walking and take our boat ride from the Tower to Notre Dame, where we go to our gospel concert!

Before we know it, it’s time to go home.

Would David appreciate such a week in Paris? Maybe he will. I know I did! 🙂

Just thought to share…


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  1. Wow, HG, You just brought back beautiful memories of my three trips to Paris combined. I agree with you about the Musee D’Osay. It’s my favorite. Maybe someone will read about your trip and let David know and he will call you and say,”Lets Go”!!! Then you will call me so that I can “help” and we could all go together. Tee Hee

  2. WOW, HG……….sounds like a great week’s adventure. I bet David would really like it, especially listening to any French spoken. David has already had experience singing a French song, Pat-a-pan. & he wants his new band to be multilingual.

  3. take me, take me, lol.. i’ve been to london, wales, scotland, several cities in spain… paris, and several other french cities are still hi on the list of must visits – you are a lucky one to have visited paris 3x… next time, if you visit there before i get a chance, could you please stop by pere lachaise cemetery, and pay respects to jim morrison for me, lol… any self respectin’ doorsfan tries to make this trek at least once, but if you get there again b4 i do, you could act as my proxy 🙂

  4. J’adore cet article HG et bien sûr j’adorerais avoir l’occasion de voir David en concert en France !

    I love this article HG and of course I would love to see David in concert in France!
    The places you suggest to visit are fabulous. After visiting these places in Paris, you can visist other famous places such as Le Pere Lachaise cemetery, the catacombs, the Opera Garnier, the Buttes Chaumont park, the Buren’s columns in the Palais Royal, do a little walk in Belleville or in the old St Michel at night, the Arab World Institute, the Museum of Natural History, the Picasso museum, etc. …
    There is also a Paris less known, less “touristic” which offers many unusual places but just as steeped in history (that you should consider if you have more time). Paris is a city-museum; buildings, streets, parks,…, all have a story and are part of the History of France.
    Of course, there are other wonderful cities to visit here, but I think after Paris, David should go to southwest France and to Spain to discover the Basque Country and reconnect with one of his many “backgrounds” (it’s really beautiful there).

  5. you all are stoking my wanderlust, lol… i want to visit the regions of france where the great wines and champagnes emanate. have visited napa valley, but i want to visit ‘the source’, lol… i’m a backpack and have passport will travel kind of girl, have no problems hiking or hosteling and going off the beaten and touristy paths.

    i have heard that pere lachaise is huge, and there are so many greats interred there – i think richard wright, chopin, balzac, oscar wilde and edith piaf to name a few… if i weren’t a doorsfan, i’d still probably have it on my places to tour on a trip to paris 🙂

  6. GG, I actually visited the Pere Lachaise on my first Parisian trip but didn’t have time to go there this time.

    Sounds like we need an Arch Angel trip to Paris, with David in tow.

    How do we make that happen? 😛

  7. i don’t think david would be that keen to visit those places in france that trip my trigger, lol… pere lachaise may hold a little interest for him, but who knows… he seems to like to travel, seems to willing to try on new experiences, and i’d love to see how a trek through france, or europe, or any country outside the usa for any extended time would flavor his music…

  8. oooo, hg, ur an honorary doorsfan, lol… i gotta visit paris before my membership gets revoked 😛

    ”cancel my subscription to the resurrectionnnn”

    hey – if david’s destiny lies in the international arena, and he finds himself making some european tour or concert dates, well, we fans would just have to use our legendary resourcefulness [and whatever frequent flier miles we could beg/borrow/steal] to make 1 or 2 dates – especially if paris happened to pop up on the itinerary 😛

  9. So true! 😆

  10. A couple of years ago someone on Noting David mentioned that David’s ipod playlist included songs by French singer, Gregory Lemarchal. The young man had won a talent show similar to American Idol. I forgot which songs David listened to but one of my favs is “SOS d’un terrien en détresse”.

    • I love Gregory’s music! He was on Star Academy. Such a beautiful singer. RIP Gregory. His whole album “Je Deviens Moi” is so good, you don’t even really have to understand the words to appreciate it.

      • I’ve only listened to a few of his songs that are on youtube. I’ll have to check his album out – thanks for the tip!

    • I may be mistaken but I’m thinking it was little M that mentioned about Grégory Lemarchal’s music being on David’s iPod. Anyway that prompted me to listen to the whole album because I believe the whole album was on his iPod. In a letter I gave him once, I translated one of his songs just for the heck of it so he can maybe enjoy it a bit more, though I agree, you can still enjoy the songs without understanding the words.

      David is so open to experiencing new things I definitely think he would love Paris. We all know he’s always said he loves to travel. He knows visiting new places could give one new perspectives on things I think, like his travels to Honduras and Guatemala.

      I’ve been to France 3 times too and each time I visited Paris. The last time, hubby and I went, and he wanted to visit the catacombs but we ran out of time. We also drove down to the Loire region (GG! wine country!)

      HG, seems like this lovely post is stirring up people’s love for France! I love it that you enjoy visiting museums. I could live in them lol.

      cmoi, where do you live in France? I really believe David would be there one day for a tour 🙂 .

      • I’m originally from Orléans (where you can visit one of the numerous “chateaux de la Loire”) but I moved to Paris 6 years ago because of my new job.
        I’d love to see David here but I’d be happy if he just comes back to the UK, he was fantastic when he opened for McFly !

        I was really surprised that David knew about Gregory Lemarchal. He was a young talented guy with a serious health problem, it was a miracle that he could sing like he did on Star Academy.

    • He sang “SOS d’un terrien en détresse” when he was on Star Academy. The song was made famous by Daniel Balavoine, another great artist who died too early.

      • cmoi, too bad we didn’t go to Orléans. We stayed in a tiny town called Montrichard. We visited Chinon. I wanted to see where Jeanne d’Arc was. Should have gone to Orléans considering she lifted the siege there!

        I am so glad you got to see David in the UK! I’m sorry if this has been talked about before. Did you meet him outside before and/or after the show?

  11. This is going to date me but when I was in Paris in the seventies, I purchased two record albums and I still have them. One is Charles Aznavour (“Yesterday, when I was young”) and the other is Francoise Hardy. Both in French and then I bought another of Charles A, in the US and saw him perform in LA. He just stood on stage, not moving his body very much and just mesmorized the audience with his passion. Francoise’s voice is very soft and sexy. What a beautiful voice she had. Don’t know what she is doing now.

    We hare in the middle of a terrible storm as I write. We even have a “Tornado Watch”. It’s time to unplug my computer.

  12. Off topic, Syesha has a role in a feature film called “Dreams”. She first appears around 1:27 – 2:07.

  13. Allegedly (FOD comments section), this guy is one of David’s new band members:


    He’s eighteen and from New Zealand.

    Sounds like a rumor someone has started just for fun…

    • I think this rumor started with this comment left in David’s last vlog : “Hey we are your bass players mum and dad – g’day mate!”. I don’t know if it’s true or not but the bass player is young and he has jazz influences, so it’s a real possibility I think.

    • Like c-moi said all started from the comments on his last vlog, we were talking about that in IDF yesterday night, i was too lazy to follow the hints and find the others two guys and i don’t have FB so i was limited to do more LOL, so idk if someone there do an extra research 🙂 anyway yes, the guy is so young , but like already said in my weekend comments , i know is totally possible to find very talented and versatiles jazz musicians with very good improvisations skills at that young age, with as very wide knowlege of music.

    • IMO, it’s great if he’s the new bass player. Something new and different.

      • I hope for young and talented musicians who can enhance David’s voice and let him improvise. I can’t wait for something new and different (like adding some flavor to the staight pop songs).

    • It’s fun to read the tidbits. I think they are all just speculation at this point from fans (unless someone is revealing premature info they shouldn’t LOL). I look forward to hearing official news soon!

      • Of course all is just speculation lol, i expect David official word about that too, but i’m glad this guys a taking in a more quiet way this work, early communication with fans can be difficult to handle.

      • I am glad, too, that things are more quiet this time around. Communication at the right time is key!

  14. I mean someone in IDF give us the hints to find the names .

  15. I think it is great if David has young talented musicians in his new band. I have no problem with them having a jazz/latin background if that information is accurate. That is a good thing. A little off topic but does anyone else think the Nigel/AI connection to TMZ this year is kind of odd and not a smart partnership for AI? Not that it really matters to David at this point as he is not on AI this year.

  16. Welcome back, HG!

    Interesting speculation about the band…I just hope we get to hear some great music soon.

  17. BillBoard: The Best-Selling Non-Winning ‘American Idol’ Finalists
    by Gary Trust | April 12, 2011 1:05 EDT

    4, David Archuleta


  18. Well to be fair, the idols listed have all had multiple albums released. Adam has only had one.

    • And approximately eight times more promotion for his six or so singles.

    • Album , Remixes , DVD , Acoustic, Awards and Grammy nomination………i think he is a talented and hard work guy tbh and i really think he has a great voice , but with all the promo and international attention he had, has and still having ..his sales should be a little more high in general and a lot more high than David and Kelly P at least……his team are in need to revise their strategy, because obviously is not traducing on sales

  19. Re. TMZ and Idol, maybe that’s Nigel’s way of engaging younger viewers with AI. What you hear on TMZ reminds me of how some young people communicate via twitter – snarky tidbits of information that are more about humor and opinion than fact.

    I enjoyed listening to “BassBen” and his band; some of it reminded me of Steely Dan.

  20. It’ sad seeing all these closed record stores. I’m old enough to remember when that was THE place to be when you went to the mall. 🙂


    • Yes, really sad to see Tower Records closed. They were such iconic record stores in my days!

  21. I’m just learning on twitter that Mark Nilan Jr. is his new keyboardist. http://www.marknilanjr.com and Steven J. Robinson is the drummer. http://on.fb.me/fUKe9Y. It’s pretty cool!

  22. Good Morning All! HG – Welcome Back!!!!!!!!

    This Nilan guy is young, talented and terrific! I listened to all the tracks on his website. Particularly loved Momentum and Blackbird. Six degrees of separation – he also recently recorded his version of Bestor’s Prayer of the Children (David already has performed) and is currently the on-screen keyboardist on Glee (David’s wishlist).

  23. Mark Nilan tweeted about an upcoming tour 😆

    @MarkNilanJr: Proud to say I will be the new keyboard player with David Archuleta. I’ll keep you posted with tour dates, etc!

  24. Great news about the band members and possible tour dates. This band seems to make sense for David as they are young and very talented. Finally some good news about David.

  25. On Mark Nilan’s website it also states that he is the on screen keyboard player for FOX’s Glee show. Interesting.

  26. MelWEG is following Mark Nilan on twitter. 😯

  27. Hey MonkFOD,
    I have a question for you. You are a keyboardist right? Can you please describe if you can the differences of playing in the classical genre as opposed to jazz and the set skills required in each?

    • HI! I will try. A classical keyboardist looks at the notes on the page and plays exactly what the composer has written. A jazz keyboardist looks at a skeleton of a melody, an outline, ……chord symbols…..and creates his own melody from the outline. A jazz musician is in the creative process during the performance…it all just spills out… Does that sound familiar? LOL! Before they will “jam” and get ideas as to what they are going to do, but a performance is never quite the same. Sounds like someone we know, right? I hope that helps. 🙂

      • Well explained, and in my perception this improvisations skills were the key to be picked for David, he can do more and better on stage with musicians who give him the opportunity to extend or change the arrangements live and not stick strictly in the same way all the time……in other words to have differents concerts versions of his songs with some little differents features and even extending the time of each track that give him the option too to have some interaction too with the crowd….i hope now he can find some backup singers too, then all will be complet 🙂

      • thanks! this is VERY informative.

    • oops! Forgot about set of skills… well…. classical musicians have to be able to be very precise to project what the composer intended. It is very tight, specific, etc. The jazz musician has to be able to read a chord progression and play a melody around it. It is very free, open..to express what one is feeling inside. Makes me excited to see what is going to come out of David!

  28. PS. I am not implying that David is going strickly jazz. The musicians that are working with him will allow David to be free to express himself artistically. He will not feel restricted … think of Stevie Wonder… he had lots of jazz influence in his music. OK…I am done. 🙂

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