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If I Could Guide David through Paris

While I was on blog break, I was actually touring Paris as well as attending an international conference, which wasn’t nearly as organized as I would have liked (so the conference will remain nameless) but it’s always a treat to visit the city of lights (which was my third visit).

So, as any Arch Angel would wish, I’d love for David to visit and perform there.  So, here’s my own take on what I would do if I could guide David Archuleta through Paris:


After the nearly 7-hour flight, I’d let David relax once he checked into his hotel and have a free walk-around-the city day.  We’d do dinner later somewhere on Place de la Concorde and then we’d catch up on our jet-lag sleep.


Sunday is free entrance day into the world-famous Louvre museum.  I’d take David through, beginning at the top, where the famous Mona Lisa painting hangs, and I’d guide him through the Da Vinci Code version of the Renaissance paintings, before we worked our way down to some other collections, like medieval art and classical sculptures, and the ancient Egyptian and Coptic art below.  If we still have any energy, we’d check out the 19th century wing of French art.  Sometime later, we’ll walk up the Champs Elysee and visit L’Arch de Triomphe and eat dinner at one of the surrounding restaurants.


We’d take the metro down to the Eiffel Tower and get some awesome views. Maybe we’ll plan to climb the tower on our last day, so instead we would buy a combined boat and bus ticket for a few days, allowing us to ride along the Seine River and see the sites of Pars.  We’d get off at Notre Dame, see a sign for an upcoming Gospel concert (American Gospel??!! At the Notre Dame!!) on Vendredi (Friday to you English-speaking folks) and decide we will go. We do some more sightseeing and shopping (because David would be the type to hang like that) and get some nice glace (ice-cream).  We’ll choose a different cafe, maybe a jazz club later, whatever strikes our fancy for the evening.


The Louvre is closed, so in anticipation of the massive crowds, we leave early for Versailles to arrive there at 9 am opening time.  We tour the palace and the gardens, and later the beautiful and picturesque town.  Later, we work our way towards Montmartre, but David is a bit shy because it is the “red light district” and home to the famous Moulin Rouge, so I take him to the safety of the Basilica at Sacre Coeur, a lovely little cathedral surrounded by various artist types and little artist shops.  Somewhere around the vicinity is the museum of Salvadore Dali. David gets a kick out of it. By this time, we are exhausted and eat at a cafe closer to our hotel.


Paris is not complete without a visit to the Musee D’Orsay, but all the paintings of nude women make David a little antsy, but I assure him, he’s growing up, he’ll be fine… To humor him, I take him to the famous restaurant La Coupole in Montparnasse, where Josephine Baker used to hang out, along with Henry Miller and some other Hedonites, heehee.


Eating at La Coupole definitely inspires a walking tour of Paris Noir!  We go through Josephine Baker’s “Black Pearl Walk,” and we also take time to do the Africana and Asiana art museum, called the Musee de Quai Branley, just around the corner from the Eiffel Tower. We later have dinner on one of the Seine River restaurant boats, absolutely thrilling against the city of lights!


Speaking of the Eiffel Tower, we’ve got one more day to see Paris, and we devote to climbing the Tower, taking pictures, and later hanging around on the lawn below it.  We do more walking and take our boat ride from the Tower to Notre Dame, where we go to our gospel concert!

Before we know it, it’s time to go home.

Would David appreciate such a week in Paris? Maybe he will. I know I did! 🙂

Just thought to share…