Song for the Day Series #10: “Golden”

Just as David is able to make me cry over a Song for the Day selection, he can just as easily make me laugh and dance for joy, as I did when he was busy singing and bobbing along to Jill Scott’s “Golden” (still one of my favorite David vlog moments!)

Jill Scott’s “Golden”


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  1. oh yeahhhh – this one hits all the sweet spots.

  2. Oh yes! one of my favorite moments from a David Vlog! Love the way David introduced us to this song/artist. David is living his life like its Golden. David has accomplished so much in his young life and is moving ahead in fine fashion.
    Still on a high from seeing him sing with MoTab. Looking forward to what is ahead and have enjoyed the journey thus far.

  3. From the previous thread:

    “…I hope she and others with quick biting wit … do not sensor their remarks.”

    What’s “quick biting wit” mean? 😉

  4. Desertrat, Bwahahaha! Our David has no idea. Even to this day, he can make me bust-out a belly laugh!

    • I also laugh at 1:00 when D responds to Syesha (w/a raised eyebrows and mouth full of something), “Really?”

  5. Seeing David sing this song was one of my fav vlog moments too. I saw the Fanscene tweet that his new band has jazz influences. I’d love to hear some jazz infused pop from David. I just hope he and the band are coming my way this summer.

    • jazz influences? hmmmmm

      • hmmm indeed… i’m intrigued, ears perked up for any deets to come about this new band… so many different styles/hybrids of jazz to know or for me to begin speculating what these alleged ‘jazz influences’ may be… keep any news about this coming ya’ll…

      • LOL, i’m not a truly fan of ‘Pure Jazz’ music , but the jazz music had an evolution and impacted many new styles, some alternative rocks and latin music include, so the information is nice , but is not determinant to say what kind of music is in David’s mind.

        My nephew (18) is a very pro music student ( just to give you an example) , he already had some gigs with some big glories from here, and jazz improvisations are one of the most values qualities for a guitar player (the same for other important instruments) and one of the reasons he was picked, but the kid is a crazy lover of rock (more than pop) , so i assume this young musicians are equally versatiles, then again doesn’t mean jazz is the style David gonna go……just my opinion.

        Now if that is the style he chose , then i guess he’s going for a more older audience….but again i don’t think is the case.

    • I’ve traveled some miles to enjoy David and his music! I am hoping for something closer to home too. It’s coming…I can just feel it…Dare I say it…TOUR?! WOOT!

    • David said that he wanted to be able to “jam” with his band and it sounds like he is/has picked band members that are skilled in improvization – which jazz musicians tend to be. When I saw him in Reno and he improvized at the beginning of Works for Me, he was so happy – just David in the music and in the moment. I hope his new band allows him the fun of that because he is a natural at it.

  6. I really think that David wants to stay in the music business by touring thus the new band. He seems truly excited about it and keeps saying he’s building a foundation. I hope that means he and this new band will tour and put on great shows.

    • I guess and hope this self -proclaming independence is true , at least in terms of freedom creativity, because for him is very important right now, to gain some credibility in terms of control career, the one he lost on his first teen phase taking not too smart decisions about his management and music style. I wish he can go out to the road fast enough to start gaining moment again.

  7. “Amanda’s nice. She just could…kill you.” lol, David.

  8. That is good news about the band improvisation. I am curious where this news came from. Was it from a reliable source, such as a family member?

    • I thought it came from Archuleta Fan Scene. They have a longtime family connection I guess because it says that they were his first “street team” when he was young and there are pictures with Lupe and her family.

    • I just hope they don,t have twitter or will be instructed by David to avoid the contact with obssesive fans/stans….then all gonna be better 🙂

  9. BTW this ‘Golden’ song is pure golden and so much fun ! 😉

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