Song for the Day Series #9: “Man in the Mirror”

I was so touched that time when David finally had a chance to watch the Michael Jackson Memorial and suggested his “Man in the Mirror” as a song for the day.  It was such a sweet and heartfelt message he shared:


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  1. Loved MJ and I love this song.

  2. I have a hard time when listening to this song, my favorite MJ creation…Can’t really register the fact that Michael is no longer here. I am comforted with feeling that he is still singing his music to many in a much different place…

  3. I have a hard time when listening to this song, my favorite MJ creation…Can’t really register the fact that Michael is no longer here.

    ”sigh”… going on 2 years since he died, and i’m not ashamed to admit there are parts of me that still have problems accepting this fact. heh. the head and the rational part of my being has made it’s peace. the heart, the sentimental side that grew up with him through all phases of his career can still shed a tear when listening to certain songs, or seeing his image throughout the years. i feel honored, and lucky, to have been witness to such an extraordinary talent just once in my lifetime. it’s mindboggling the legacy he has left behind musically, and i believe for decades to come his influence will still be hugely felt and talked about. i dunno – maybe those of us who were gobsmacked by him as young kids from that 1st ed sullivan show appearance, and grew up along with his music and entertainment genius may be the ones having the hardest time ‘letting him fully go’… this song… the earnestness, the pleading, the raw honesty, the compassion in his delivery. ‘sigh’… berry gordy summed it up right i think in his eulogy – ‘greatest entertainer who ever lived’. rip michael.

    • 2 YEARS@#%*??? Yes GG, RIP Michael.
      How fast that time went is one of the reasons we should enjoy all that we have. That includes any bit of David he wishes to share with us right now. I can only speculate what the future holds for him. I may sound cheesy, but I just want him to be happy. While he’s accomplishing his goals, I’ll be here supporting anything he does. 😉

  4. This is a bit unrelated but I just read that Pia signed a record deal with interscope/universal records. Looks like she is making out ok if that is true. I just wish David was announcing some kind of record deal with a label.

  5. ‘add another log on the fire of speculation’ 🙂

    anyone ever think maybe david has some contractual restrictions from being able to immediately talk to or sign w/another label… maybe there is a specific period of time that may have to elapse contractually… just putting it out there as something else to consider in our collective desire to see him signed/sealed and delivered, like yesterday, lol…

    i don’t have a clue what the fine print or details are/were in his contract w/jive, or 19r, if there are certain clauses and other things in it that may bar/restrict him from doing certain things until a period of time has elapsed. it’s not out of the realm of possibility. things like that are not unknown or unusual in certain businesses, and i think it is just as valid a reason for the delay in signing as any we can speculate about. by nature, i’m going to first look for the logical and rational reason/explanation before letting the emotional ones come to the forefront, lol…

  6. GG I agree with you. I think you may be right about David having some possible contract restrictions. That would make some sense. You are very smart.

  7. We as fans want things to happen immediately but record deals can take time to finalize. If it wasn’t for Melinda we wouldn’t even know that David had broken ties with Jive. I’m hoping he gets a great deal with some label but in this day and age he can put music out there for the fans without one.

  8. Yeah, what a great manager she turned out to be lol. Unprofessional or what?!

    • all i can say is i pity the person who ever tried to break off an intimate relationship with her. that woman does not know how to let go.

      • Oh Please.

      • That really made me laugh. So true. And grammy, I hadn’t thought about that, but you’re right, we’d have no idea about Jive and David parting ways if it weren’t for Melwitch. It would be kinda nice to be blissfully ignorant about the whole label upheaval.

      • I’m sorry, comments like that are so unworthy of people who claim to be fans of a classy guy like David. How childish.

      • Ummmmm, we’ are talking about business, so not hate for her personal life plase 😐 , this fanbase has too many ones who don’t know how let it go too so…… and tbh we never gonna know what were the real circunstances behind this particular situation.

      • cc, I really do appreciate your comments normally, but that was a little harsh…

      • As usual, I appreciate Tibi’s comments. She put it very diplomatically. In David’s vlog he said “They didn’t do anything wrong, you know”. I don’t think it’s fair to rag on Melinda when as far as we know, David had his own reasons to let her go. Why hit her when she’s down?

      • raelovingangels

        let me just say that as far as I know David has many kinds of fans. One reason I ended up here in David world is this is a open place where people are free to express themselves without criticism- even when discussions are heated. I thought desertrats comment was funny- and I hope she and others with quick biting wit such as Peter do not sensor their remarks. We make assessments of people based on what we see, observe and know…. DR’s witty comment was on the money IMO… perhaps not in others… but we certainly have to be able to have a bt of fun,

      • Well I give up. If it’s hilarious to make an unjustified personal comment about someone who was working hard to help David succeed, then I just don’t know what’s funny anymore.

        She responded in a nice way to people who tweeted her about David and now she “does not know how to let go”? Sigh.

      • Oh yeah, I’d like to recommend the idolforum picture caption thread. It’s full of quick biting wit about how Ryan Seacrest is stalking David. Haha 😦

  9. BTW Jive finally removed David from their site 😦 , so maybe the rumor about his contrat ending in april was true and hopefully we gonna have some promising news about a label and a management specially in the next weeks.

  10. Off topic, Cook did a cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”.

  11. ccHalo is right that David would never publicly say anything bad about Melinda but he did let her go as his manager. I too noticed that David is no longer on Jive’s website. I hope we hear he has a new label and manager too!

  12. I think Adele’s album is just amazing. I listen to it everyday. Nice cover by Cook.

    • I love the all Adele’s album too ‘ Don’t you remember is probably my favorite right now…… great music 🙂

  13. cchalo, 8:17 pm: If you’re calling out my decision to post my comment as “childish” then my response is — I see it differently. If you’re calling me “childish”, then I’m taking that as a personal attack, something that HG hasn’t condoned on this blog.

  14. The “Man in the Mirror” is one of my favorites. A point I’ve been making a lot lately to my 20-year old son is: don’t blame others for your problems, look to yourself. David seems very wise about this, at least as far as I can tell.

    It’s why I get a little irritated with the frequent hate and blaming of Jive, WEG, Melinda, AI, Nigel Lithgoe, “Manincap”, and even Mike Krompass. Let me know if I’ve forgotten anyone. David has only said positive things about all of them. I think they tried to do the best job they could with what they had, even if their agenda didn’t happen to be the same as David’s.

    I’m not always nice and positive–if you’ve read my posts you know– but sometimes the criticism of just about everyone around David wears me down.

    • Nigel Lythgoe is pure evil.

    • And Nigel Lythgoe certainly has an agenda, and it certainly isn’t the same as David’s.

      • I’m disappointed. You couldn’t come up with anyone else who’s pure evil. Try harder.

      • I’ll try. It’s always a good idea to go back to an abuser and ask if they could abuse you some more, because behind all the abuse, they must mean well.

      • Waa! How dare Nigel have a different agenda? David’s in the cold, hard world of show business–it’s hardly “abuse”, it’s just reality.

        Another lesson I’m working on with my son is: you don’t know everything–don’t jump to a conclusion and run with it. Admit that you will rarely know the real story.

    • I agree with you. I think it is natural for fans to criticize everybody else but the person they are a fan of. They aren’t happy with the situation but don’t want to blame David so instead blame everybody else. He bears responsibility along with everybody else for the situation he is in. He made mistakes just like everybody else. Not everybody was out to get David. I agree with you about what you are teaching your son. How can a person ever grow if they spend their life blaming others for the circumstances they are in. And don’t look at themselves as to the reason why they are in those circumstances.

    • raelovingangels

      Not everyone here or other places hates on the people you mentioned. I have always taken a moderate view toward Manincap, have no strong feelnges about AI- becasue I was never really into that show after the first year, untl David, don’t follow or care about Nigel and have actaully said WEG seems to be a solid, well connected management company. However, I also am free to state my opinon that Melinda violated confidences, hurt her client and Jive did not promote the record ( for what ever reason) as they could have. I base that opinion on facts as I see them and I believe that hurt sales. I also think there were likely many other factors and certainly David has responsbilties also in the outcome. What ever was happening behind the scence which we don’t know- the outcojme was a disorganiized release with not the level of on-gong media blitz that I had hoped for. David has I am sure made mistakes. I heard that Jive set up David singing on NYE. Does anyone know if that is true? Because in hindsight, now that we know his contract was ending, then that makes me think Jive had a contractual agreement for two nationally televised appearances for the new album, and they were fullfilling their contract. Well, and it is just speculation, but where was that national appearance when TOSOD came out? A large label like Jive would have sway to get a song on Z100- Why did that not happen? Was it disagreement on what song was the lead? Or somethng else? who knows.

  15. We do want to blame the people around David for what went wrong with the sales for TOSOD. It’s what fans do. We are all disappointed as we wanted it to do well. Because of being a fan of David I started reading about the music industry. I have come to the conclusion that getting radio play and becoming a huge pop star is a result of a lot of luck, major dollars pushing the person out there, and buzz which sometimes comes from bad behaviour. It’s extremely hard to get it all aligned and talent doesn’t have a lot to do with it. I hope David can find his niche in the music industry and make a living at it.

    • It does take a lot of luck, hard work, perseverance, drive, ambition, determination, and other factors to become a huge star. David will probably never be a huge star and that is okay. As long as he is able to make a living doing what he loves then it is all good. There are probably many artists who are just as talented and maybe even more talented than David who will never have the level of success that David has had. It is just how it goes.

  16. Here where I many disagree with some of you. I believe David needs a major label and “professional” well connected music management in order to achieve his goals in the music business. That does not mean being a huge star. I don’t agree with him going the indie route. Jive/WEG was obviously not a good fit for David. Azcof and his dad were not good management for David either. I also think David really likes everyone connected to American Idol because he has always sounded like he was very positive about them all. I don’t think adolescent teenage David is to blame for all the past mistakes that were made in his career. He was a kid then. I love the humor on this site.

    • I ment: Here is where I may disagree. sorry for the typos. lol I love hearing the differing points of view of this site.

      • I just hope that David checks out all his options regarding signing with a label. I am sure he has offers. I would love to see him work with some top notch producers.

  17. I don’t think that David needs a major label to have a career in the music business. I can’t say whether or not he needs that to achieve his goals because I don’t know what his goals are. Whether going the indie route is right for him or not it depends upon what he wants for his career and what he plans to do to make those wants happen. Even if he wants to be on a major label, a major label might not want to sign him. It might not be an option for him. And even if it isn’t, that doesn’t mean that he can’t have a career in the music business.

    • raelovingangels

      I agree. After reading all the challanges the major labels are having and how many albums need to be sold for the artist to make money- I personally have concerns about out of the frying pan into the fire- due to the bean counters at a major label. I do think David needs strong and well connected management to keep up the special appearances and keep his fan base happy. He needs many public appearances, should be in TV, in movices, and sing in all types of occasions. He needs major sponsors for a tour and I would hope a solid management company could build on his brand. I am sorry it did not work out with WEG and hope the right company wlll be found that is a good match and realize that there is so much that can be done for and with David.

      • raelovingangels

        I think David should be in movies. And, yes, I will say it and duck-hah- I think he would be great for Disney movies. Would love to see him act and also he has such a unique and compelling speaking voice- I think he should be a pixar character.

      • well said raelovingangels.

      • raelovingangels

        lol- I see we posted at the same time…. thanks- but I am not sure you meant the Disney part. 🙂

      • hahah – my well said was in response to your comment at 12.04 p.m….

        the one re disney… lemme mull that one over a little more. kinda on the fence there, but you bring up some valid points and food for thought… i’m hosting sunday dinner at my house, so i must skedaddle to go feed my face b4 all the good stuff gets gone – my family loves their food, lol

      • Well said 🙂

  18. ”I’ll try. It’s always a good idea to go back to an abuser and ask if they could abuse you some more, because behind all the abuse, they must mean well.”

    we’re on the same page here peter, lol… i don’t place the blame for anything that’s happened so far in david’s career solely at anyone’s feet – all the players carry and share certain levels/degrees of responsibility for that, some more than others, with naturally david bearing the most. it does amaze me somewhat to see the level of selective amnesia some in the base get where all things american idol are concerned… just an observation here folks… these are the people who first introduced david to many of us, who shaped and molded a lot of the image and perception of him – an image and perception that has had some negative repercussions in those 2 areas that still persist, and probably will continue to persist for a while. thems the breaks they say, but you wonder…. if nigel and 19e had decided not to go the tmz /tabloid/whispering campaign/stage dad pr route with him in 2008, if things would have played out differently. that unfortunately is something that must stay in the land of wondering, cause what’s done is done. he has been and will continue to live with that fallout for a bit. doesn’t have to be forever, and it’s not what i’d call an insurmountable obstacle – it to me is just another hill for him to climb on his way to his destiny. but they had to make compelling, must see, drama filled television for the people of america to watch, who cares who got or still gets thrown under the proverbial bus in order for them to accomplish that, right, lol… it’s not their treatment of david that solely has me feeling this way – it’s a lot of things that have come to light about the way they do business. i know in business you must deal with a lot of folk sometimes who are seedy and unethical and plain nasty in order to do business, but i’ll never be one feeling that david owes those jokers at ai anything more than what he’s given them, and the less old 2 faced nigel has to grin in his face, the better. that type is all over the music business, so i guess in the big picture, idol and 19e are just one in the number. some may justify their wanting to continue to see him support this org, want him to make appearances on the show, etc as staying w/the devil you know, as using them now to further his career in some way… for you, for me dawg – if he never had to see those 2 faced xxxxxx again, or grace their stage w/his presence, i won’t shed a tear. they can be forgiven i reckon, but one never forgets…

    • I do believe that David’s dad is to blame for some of the negative publicity that he received and no one else. That actually started when David was on star search. I think Jeff needs to accept some responsibility for his actions even though David does not blame him.

  19. I don’t have selective amnesia, I just don’t agree with you. I think they did have something to do with the image and perception people have of David but I also think that David has a lot to do with the image and perception people have of him. And I am not concerned with what people may or may not have done to David in the past ,I’m concerned with his present and his future.

  20. ”naturally david bearing the most” meaning in an ultimate sense going forward – he is an adult [now], so the decisions he makes regarding his career he is ultimately responsible for. when he was under the guidance and direction of others as a minor, those charged w/that responsibility i think hold the most responsibility for the decisions made – right or wrong. what’s done is done though, and there’s no going back or changing what has transpired in the past – so i fix my eyes ahead to what lies ahead – and hope and pray there have been valuable lessons learned that will go a long way in getting him back on track and course careerwise, and keep him there.

  21. lol – i wasn’t singling you out kris, just making an observation… there’s an old saying around these parts of the south… ”through a rock in a pack of dogs, and the one that is hit, will holler”… if anyone wants to take offense and think i just called them dogs, so be it… those not taking it so literally i hope will get a chuckle out of it 🙂

  22. lol, where is spellcheck when you need it… s/b, ‘throw’ instead of ‘through’… no demerits please, hg, lol

  23. David needs a major label if he wants radio pla but he doesn’t need it for a career in music. He needs to be able to sell enough tickets to his performances to make a living. In my opinion the biggest mistake so far has been his lack of management before TOSAD came out.

  24. Wow, I could write a novel re: my feelings on all this. Lucky for y’all, I don’t have time today, lol. Regarding what’s happened in the past, I think everyone bears responsibility, David included. Past mgmt. didn’t keep him in the public eye, JIVE didn’t lift a finger to push his music or promote him, David waited to get new mgmt ’til it was already too late for TOSOD, and WEG wanted him to be someone that he’s not.

    Here’s my thing: David has no career without holding on to his fans. And right now during this transitional time, he’s holding on to the adults, but losing the kids. I know he’s been busy with the band & “building his foundation”, but at the same time, he needs to do something to keep the young ones from moving on. I don’t see it happening, & D does have some responsibility there.

    I want David to be able to go indie, if that’s what he thinks is best for him. But…I think it’s pretty risky. He’s not great at self-promotion. And I don’t think he’s established enough or has enough of a following to make it without major, continual promotion and radio play. (I think the fact that his fanbase has dwindled over the last 2 years is proof of that). So, in a nutshell, I think he still needs the help of a major label or mgmt if he wants his career to get going again.

    • Great Post!!!!

    • I agree with this post, i think is normal too for the fans be in the defensive side, saying is not David’s fault, but the reality is that he hold some responsability, that doesn’t mean it was totally intentional or conscious, because after all we are talking of a young guy(teen) , that like normal teenager was full of insecurities about the futur, confused about the decisions to take, looking for what was better for him in the life and of course under the pressure , coming from everywhere, (business side and personal side), fighting to have and/or regain some independence ( that is normal too at his age) to be able to decide what he want to do.

      Now he is living his firsts phase into the adulthood, and even if the brain take a little more years to end his developement lol, i expect better and more smart decisions now for his career 😉 Alas not the most perfect or super wise ones, just better to survived to his next phase…..just puting in perspective that he still a human being and his first responsability is with him-self and not with the expectations of perfection and role model his fans have.

  25. what does he need to do to keep the young ones or younger fans i wonder… young fans are notoriously fickle, have the attention spans of a gnat, so their attrition due to short attention spans, latching onto the latest and greatest shiny new thing [s] as they come along, or whatever reason they may no longer be here are par for the course. i hate to say he may need to write them off to some extent in the next phase of whatever he’s planning to do, but maybe he should. if his music is strong, and good, and has better promotion and exposure going forward, hopefully he will attract newer fans, young, old and everything in between. it’s the material he puts out going forward, and the amount of exposure it and he gets that will play a big role in this, imo… heck, the fact that he’s able to still hold on to a hard core of some pretty stable and dedicated fans right now, during all this upheaval and uncertainty and questions and speculation regarding labels, indie, mgmt, etc is kinda awesome. i’d posit that it’s been the stability and loyalty of those adult fans that has provided a solid anchor or base for him, and still provides one, while those younger fans not inclined to stick around have left. that is their choice, so c’est la vie. if the music is good going forward, and gets enough exposure/promotion, music buyers will come, young and old. i say bring them all on – enough room here to accommodate them all. maybe he’s focusing / refocusing on new fans, finding a new audience for his music – who knows – this is the enigmatic and secretive david a. we’re talking bout here. we’ll know when we get there w/him, heh.

  26. If David puts great music out there and can get it played on the radio the fans that left will come back, and he will get new fans. The big question is how does he get radio play? That is the difficult part. His other option is to start touring again with great performances to keep his fans and get new ones. I think this is what he is going to try to do. We will see what happens…..

    • Well, that’s just it. He wasn’t interested in making radio hits for TOSOD, & somehow I don’t think he’s changed his mind. Not sure when we’ll hear him on the radio again, at this point.

    • I really don’t think he’s gonna have radio moment again, i’m not too positive about that, less in the conditions the radio play is handled now and knowing David’s frugal phylosophy LOL, so he needs to try to go International, touring everywhere in the next year and booked some good events….of course he need a real good management that for me is even MORE IMPORTANT than a label right now and i hope a mentor to still going or better to say to restart his career again. 🙂

  27. maybe we should also begin shifting the paradigm in our heads of david as a radio artist. there are a lot of artists out here who keep viable, though lower wattage careers w/o having a lot of radio exposure. not saying that radio support is not or will never be an option for him going forward, but maybe an adjustment in expectation is warranted – as far as it being a major component for the ‘success’ we envision for him. my gut tells me david is ‘that guy’, lol.. that guy, meaning that he is just not going to go bxxxs to the wall in pursuit of top 40 smashes, or do all the hoop jumping required for radio acceptance and play… i dunno where he will end up on that spectrum. things change, anything is possible, but for the forseeable future, i’m not banking on having radio acceptance or play as part of the package… this is what makes part of not knowing what the future holds exciting – i hope to be wrong here, and on a lot of things we speculate about.

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