Song for the Day Series #8: “I’m Gonna Get You”

Remember when David was so pumped for the Idol finale that he recommended this song for the day?

Bizarre Inc.

I swear David’s a dance machine. 🙂

No wonder he gave us lovely danceable tracks like “Zero Gravity” and “The Other Side of Down” (Jive was foolish in not promoting either song).


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  1. A nice upbeat song to start this Friday morning. For his upcoming shows, it would be fun if he did a medley of upbeat songs mixing covers with some of his own.

  2. Japan update April 8, 2011:
    This will be a fairly short letter as there is little new to report, Following the aftershock of April 7, Bill and family are unharmed. They lost electricity for eighteen hours, but it has since been restored. There is no apparent damage to their house, nor to the surrounding neighborhood. This quake was less powerful than the March 11 temblor by a factor of almost two magnitudes, so unless a structure had already been significantly weakened, there should be no damage. They have been warned that they may have aftershocks up to three months after the main earthquake.
    Perhaps of greater concern to most Americans is the fact that Arkansas has experienced fourteen minor quakes over the past three days. These have been very small, in the range of Richter two to three, but they are on the New Madrid fault, site of the worst earthquake ever felt in the Lower Forty-eight, and are evidence that this fault, although it has not cut loose since 1811, remains active. Let us hope that these are not foreshocks of an upcoming big one.

    • Thanks for the update. I didn’t know that AR had experienced minor quakes over the past few days.

  3. just saw this on twitter:

    “Oh, poor poor David Archuleta- we just passed him. Sweet kid, but there WILL be casualties when yer dealin w/ fangirls.”

  4. I heard Roberta Flack’s “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” on the way home from work today. Something about the tone in her voice and how well her voice complements the piano reminds me of David when he sings MKOP or Crazy.

    • raelovingangels

      The First Time Ever I saw your face is one of the most beautiful love songs ever written IMO. Had not thought about Roberta in a while but she does feel the music and every word like David.

  5. Idol is collaborating with TMZ? Classy. (They have been collaborating for years, but now I guess they are doing it openly. This is very Nigel.)

  6. I was so irritated by TMZ actually being “guests” on Idol. Ugh! I loved the audience boooooos.

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