Song for the Day Series #6: “A Song is Not a Business Plan”

I love those particular songs that allow David to deliver a message in his oh-so-passive-aggresive way:

The Rocket Summer’s “A Song is Not a Business Plan”


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  1. Bringing over from last thread…Cosette~ When Melinda said “He doesn’t know a good thing when he sees it”, she was referring to WEG as the good thing, & basically saying David was a fool for leaving it.

    Also, I think David could possibly be working with his family for the interim, but I doubt that it’s a permanent thing. Just to help out ’til he gets his ducks in a row.

    And “passive-aggressive” David…ya know, I reached the conclusion a while back that he probably is. lol. After listening to the lyrics on TOSOD and reading his tweets for 3 years….yep.

    • I think VG may be right. David is just waiting to get his ducks in a row before he or someone else makes an official statement on anything. I am going to be positive about things. Jive still has David listed on their website as being one of their artists. They have been in no hurry to remove him from their list. They removed Allison Iraheta and other artists right away. Not that it means anything.

  2. I like the message in the Rocket Summer’s song.

    “I love those particular songs that allow David to deliver a message in his oh-so-passive-aggresive way:”

    I’m not sure if I would call this behavior passive-aggressive. I’m thinking back to the posts a couple of threads ago where the concept of “parasocial” interactions was discussed. He has written that it’s easier for him to communicate via music. Since he’s communicating with people who know so much about him but he knows very little about us, this is an indirect way for him to let us know where he’s coming from. It’s inoffensive because this method allows each of us our own individual interpretation.

    • I’ve known a couple of guys with real passive-aggressive behavior, and it’s not pretty. Horribly manipulative. But there may be a very mild strain of it in David’s music, coming from a background culture of control, plus being controlled by the industry he’s in, mixed with a desire to please.

  3. Well David is very assertive on his very particular way, i agree with the ‘Passive Agresive’ discription, at least fit perfectly and i don’t think is a bad thing lol, he’s a rebel with an smile in the face, he just don’t gonna do what he don’t want to do, look at the lyrics of ‘Don’t tell me’ back when he was 13 years old and the explanation he gave at the M&G about back in the Christmas tour…. and then ‘Works for me’ , music is his language that is clear, is because that, that is difficult to him to be totally open in terms of lyrics, he even confessed that he was ‘freaking out’ when the date of TOSOD’ was close , because he knew part of him would be exposed. So it’s looks like he’s strugling with this ‘ i need people give me some respect in terms of my own capacity to decide and do what i think is right for me’ ……..he is just fighting his own battle againts an image that people created around him and that some people think he is…….so i guess each one find his way to move away from the factors that keeping us stuck in the same point.

  4. st to have the visual of the lyrics……..interesting 😉

    Hey stop, do you hear an echo?
    I do but does anyone know?
    The same old thing we heard an hour ago,
    Different band, the same radio
    We broke down on the side of the road,
    East coast we had to cancel the shows
    I’m trying as hard as I can
    But I’d rather write a song than a business plan
    Because this is me saying words I actually mean
    I won’t compromise this thing just to make it

    I want to that’s a given but,
    I can’t imagine the same way as you,
    Oh you, no, I’ll never do the things they do just to make it
    Oh, oh whoa
    Oh, Oh

    Singing soul, you say you got it in you
    Something to say, well I don’t hear it in any one of your tunes
    The words you heard you reused
    You got a hook, but it’s no book, got no soul just a look
    And this is me saying words I actually mean
    I won’t compromise this thing just to make it

    I want to that’s a given but,
    I can’t imagine the same way as you.
    Oh you, no, I’ll never do the things they do just to make it.
    Oh, oh.

    Honest and real
    What happened to having something to say?
    Where is the purpose?
    What happened?
    You made this all become about nothing
    This song is not a business plan
    We’re losing hope in the world
    Create something you love
    Follow the formulas
    What does it take?
    Say what you mean, and not because someone else said it,
    but because it’s what you feel

  5. The Idol manipulations continue; jambajim tweeted this re. Nigel (dizzyfeet).

    “@dizzyfeet The camera caught u wrangling girls for the end of Scotty’s performance. Whoops! PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN!”

  6. raelovingangels

    I really, really miss the song of the day. Wish David would bring that back.

  7. Me too. Come back David. We miss you! We need to hear you sing.

  8. So true. I listened to AI tonight, but couldn’t sit through the end of any of the songs, ’cause I wanted to hear David singing them instead….
    David has Skewed my world.

    • Boy, I have a different take on it. After watching AI, I still love David, but I’m worried that he really has to step it up–those kids are on fire and most people’s memories of him are probably skewed towards the ho-hum ballad boy image.

      • i haven’t watched an episode this season, so i’m basing my comments from selected videos of performances… i don’t see it. i don’t see the talent level of this year’s crop being all that great compared to season 9, which i thought was horrible, as compared to season 8, etc… all i see is the usual hot air by nigel, trying again to sell the viewers a bill of goods about this being the best season!, most talented group!, most marketable group evah, lol… they say the same stuff, rely on the same schtick year after year – they just seem more desperate than normal this season to convince themselves and the rest of the world that they are still relevant [as if], that they will survive [a la gloria gaynor] post simon cowell and by golly we will manufacture us a winner who will sell millions of cd’s and singles this year, lol… david don’t have to do a thing, imo, to try and keep up with anything or anybody coming off of american idol this season, or from the past few seasons, imo. truth be told, idol hasn’t produced anyone in quite a few seasons who has really set the world on fire, contrary to the hype. they are no longer the starmakers, haven’t been musically in a long time. i do feel david will eventually find his niche in this industry – it will take him some time, but he will. he’s determined it seems to do it his way – i want to be here to see and experience how the story plays out.

      • cchalo
        I do believe there are some talented singers, but for me, they only sing. David touches my heart, everytime he opens his mouth. He sings to tell the story of how each song relates to him and I feel it. I just don’t with any of these singers. I kind of lied though,,, I did sit through the end of Jame’s song, and I thought he did try to “tell the story”. ( I still was picturing David singing it instead though 🙂 )

      • We are on a David fan site, so of course we’re going to be strongly biased in his favor. We feel David’s heart, but to be fair, most of those kids are absolutely singing their hearts out too. And last night many of them were technically perfect as well.

  9. i miss david too. i would even listen to a cellcast of the upcoming basketball game, lol.

    • me too……lol

      I want to see him actually PLAY basketball.

      It wasn’t too long ago when he said he got “creamed” by his mother. 😆

  10. David did tweet that he watched AI so he still does watch the show. My favorite this year continues to be Casey because he is a true musician. I would buy a ticket to see Casey in concert with his bass. The rest are just alright.

  11. I do feel like this is one of the best seasons. All of the contestants are really talented. I’m really enjoying watching it. I love the new judges. I think most people don’t miss Simon at all. And I think the X factor has some worrying to do. Last night was fun and everybody did a good job. It will be hard to pick somebody to go based on last night’s performances.

  12. I too think there is some pretty good talent this year from what I’ve seen. Every year they are billed as the “best eva!” though so I don’t really get too excited about all the hype anymore.
    Kris, I’ve actually seen a lot of complaining about the judges. Many people feel they are too complimentary all the time, and aren’t doing much in the way of helping the contestants improve. (my Idol watching has been sketchy at best so this isn’t my opinion, just something I’ve read at various sites)

    • I’ve seen some complaining about the judges. People always complain about the judges. Some of the complaints are valid. I do agree that they need to give more constructive criticism. I think Jennifer is pretty good about that. But I don’t miss Simon and I think the majority of people don’t. But like I said I’m really enjoying this season and I don’t think it is obvious who is going to win. Or even who is going to be the final two. I think that is a good thing.

      • I agree that the talent from 1-9 is all pretty good. (I’ve only watched a couple full shows and bits and pieces here and there though) I don’t miss Simon either. For years, he was kind of mean and snarky yet still offered some practical advice. Towards the end of his Idol career, he was just mean.

    • It’s one thing to make valid criticisms when people are off-key, or too dull, etc., but I think the previous judges were always making absurd criticisms because that was the tone Simon set. (“You couldn’t have picked an American composer?”, etc.)

      Now they’re very complimentary, but even then, Marc Anthony came on the show and ragged on his wife for being too critical. The level these singers are at makes it very tough to give decent criticisms, because they’re already the best of 100,000 contestants.

      And about Nigel’s manipulations–I went to the AI 8 finale (Adam Lambert vs. Kris Allen) with my kids. We were up close at the dress rehearsal (after sitting on the sidewalk all day in our good clothes) and we saw how things are directed–because it’s a SHOW!–that’s how it’s done.

      My daughter’s average-sized friends and my son were picked to be in the mosh pit, but my daughter wasn’t–because she has dwarfism–and that’s not how they envision the “cast” up front. We shouldn’t be shocked that people are manipulating to make it a more compelling show.

      • P.S. My daughter might not have been picked also because she looks too young due to her small size, so I’m not alleging discrimination or anything.

  13. ”We shouldn’t be shocked that people are manipulating to make it a more compelling show”.

    in that vein, those still lamenting david’s loss in s7, and the manipulations from nigel et al [planting and fueling the stage dad rumors via tmz and other media] should be over it by now, lol… all nigel was doing was his job – making idol must see tv, a more entertaining and compelling show. he was on top of his game in s7 – hyping the drama and tension, setting up a good guy, bad guy/stage dad/ robot boy/ballad boy versus a grittier, older rocker type. from all appearances, it worked, lol… s7 was compelling as heck, and nigel’s efforts in 2008 are still reverberating in the davidverse today – well done nigel [clapclap] 😉 i’ve never looked at it quite that way…

  14. Even though I do think idol did have something to do with the image people had of David, I think David holds responsibility for that as well. He didn’t always make the best song choices. He did sing a lot of ballads. People thought all he could do was a ballad because that was pretty much all that he sang except for a couple of times. He has grown tremendously as a performer. Even he commented on how they would tell him that he could move around the stage but he wouldn’t. He came across as technically good but boring to a lot of people. Obviously I didn’t agree. But that is what people felt.

    And I don’t believe that David’s dad was mistreating him. But it wouldn’t surprise me if he wasn’t heavily involved behind the scenes with what David was doing.

  15. at that time on idol, it was/still has been widely rumored/reported by several idol insiders that the producers et al played a big role in the song choices and selection he and others were given – or not given. as a reality show to its core, it has been rumored repeatedly that nigel and company ‘cast’, for lack of a better word, the role each contestant was to ‘play’ on the show, and the songs they were given to sing, was all a part of it… tmzand their other media friendly outlets are fed info to help them shape and construct whatever narrative they’ve settled on for that particular year to create good, compelling television. it’s about the ratings and idol, the show, first and last i think with them. took me a while to get that, but when i did, it began to make sense. idol above all else is a reality tv show, with the vast majority of its bottom line derived from the advertising revenue it generates… not the profits made from its premise of finding and making stars or superstars… that is its hook to keep viewers watching – the revenue they generate from advertising could keep the show afloat for a number of years regardless if the people winning/placing or showing on the attain any measure of real stardom, let alone superstardom. they have what seems to be an inexhaustible supply of contestants still willing to try out and chase the brass ring, a built in though dwindling viewing audience in the hi millions that still give it ratings sufficient enough to make it the most viewed show on tv… these cats know what they are doing – making compelling and drama filled television year after year… it’s their job, and they admittedly have done it well.

    • Lots of things have been reported but the only people who know what is really going on is the people who have actually experienced it. I believe the show can be manipulative. I believe the show is the most important thing and they don’t really care about the contestants. I don’t know that I buy that Nigel played a big role in the song choices David made. I think he picked those songs. They didn’t have anything to do with how David performed them. He presented the songs the way he did and either people liked it or they didn’t. Its like davidlily saying that the contestants this season are talented but they don’t move her. People feel the same way about David. And he was competing against someone who the majority of the viewers thought was exciting. I didn’t feel that way about Cook. I thought it was predictable how he would change a pop song into a moody rock song. But people loved it and he won. And the songs he performed on the show sold very well. He set some type of record for how many song he had that charted.

      • the manipulation can become an issue if as reported nigel or the show blocked david and other contestants from getting certain songs they wanted to sing cleared – or the saddling or sandbagging of some contestants with obvious dreck [see syesha, happy feet] to lessen their chances of becoming a threat to their so called chosen one, or ones, and the way the script is supposed to play out. lol. david’s camp wasn’t/hasn’t been the only camp complaining about idol/producer interference in this way, so it’s up to each person who cares to decide for themselves what they believe about how far they will go to ensure they get those good ratings, and compelling tv. as for cook and his so called reworking of pop tunes into moody or emo rock… well… there is no accounting for taste in a lot of the american idol audience is there, lol. there imo was nothing groundbreaking or especially revolutionary about what cook was doing. imo, blake lewis did it earlier, and a lot better in his season, and i am no fan of blake lewis, but i give him props for being the 1st to open up the possibilities of what could be done with songs on the show… i think he was way more daring and ballsy in the way he reworked a lot of rock and pop classics in the beat box vein. his downfall was having a serious ego problem, and picking a style of music to pursue in his post idol debut whose shelf life had long expired.

  16. on a lighter and funner note 😉

    – the pinoy david fans are fierce, and all kinds of awesome.


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