Song for the Day Series #5: “When Love Takes Over”

I remember this song specifically because David was spazzing over Kelly Rowland in his blog (and then promptly followed her on Twitter – and he swears he doesn’t have celebrity crushes – yeah, right). It’s still a fun song:

David Guetta (feat. Kelly Rowland):


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  1. Kelly Rowland and Beyonce on Star Search when they were part of a group called Girls Time. Kelly is the taller girl in white.

  2. hahha – i remember that spazzfest over kelly. she’s another singer who is very underrated, and just hasn’t found that one big break needed to come out from under the destiny’s child /beyonce shadow.

  3. have you all seen this – i want some deets… can david hoop – we shall see, we shall see 🙂

    • Oh boy, this sounds like it will be fun. Maybe Jimmer Fredette can give David some pointers. 🙂

  4. some history about the duffy’s hope org… why is there a big goofy grin on my face… david never bores or ceases to sometimes amaze me… you never know what to expect from him. part of my virgo soul kinda enjoys that.

    Duffy’s Hope Inc., originally Duffy’s Foundation, was founded by Allen “Duffy” Samuels who grew up on Wilmington’s Eastside. A graduate of Glasgow High School, Duffy pursued a successful college basketball career earning a Bachelor of Science in Human Services & Counseling. Since its inception in 1998, Duffy’s Hope has provided mentoring, prevention, intervention and academic support to youth ages 12—18 throughout New Castle County. Duffy’s own “coaching” approach, combined with consistent and caring support of adult mentors, has allowed Duffy’s Hope programs to serve well over 2,500 school-aged children.

    More than 10 years later, Duffy’s Hope continues to provide intellectual, emotional and interpersonal growth opportunities for youth and their families through advocacy, education, mentoring and community outreach. Duffy’s Hope, Inc. offers community and culturally based programs where individualized adolescent driven plans are developed. The programs are designed to meet the needs of youth to promote success, safety and performance in the home, school and community. Our volunteers work with a “whatever it takes” approach with youth and families to create individualized plans that cover the entire range of life situations, including financial literacy, parent resources, education and family recreation. Mentors are recruited from corporate, grassroots and faith-based community organizations throughout New Castle County with diverse backgrounds representing local demographics.

    Youth and families in the H.O.P.E. program participate in numerous volunteer events and community based programs throughout the year. Duffy’s Hope annual community events include youth HIV/AIDS forum, Celebrity Basketball Benefit Game, Celebrity Softball Benefit Game, and Youth Summit.

  5. more deets from fan scene – this sounds like it’s going to be fun


    JUST ADDED, Celeb Charity BB VIP tix deets:
    1 minute ago

  6. Japan update: 4/4/2011
    “Things are proceeding along nicely. Stores are back up and running, with about 75~90% of items restocked. Most of the basic necessities, milk, bread, rice and eggs are mostly readily available. There has been a little rise in some prices, but not as much as one might expect, and certainly not to the point that one could call it price gouging.

    Rebecca’s convenience store was open 24-hours a day, but since the earthquake has been closing at night. She says that the plan is to resume 24-hour operations on April 8, assuming nothing else happens.

    Best of all, it seems that gasoline / diesel / kerosene is being delivered with some regularity now. The other day we went to Morioka (about an hour away by expressway). More than half the gas stations appeared to be open, and I didn’t see any long lines at those that were. So hopefully the worst is past us.

    We’ve been having aftershocks two or three times a day, but that’s a lot better than the two or three times an hour we had immediately after the big one. None have come close in scale as the big one, but you never know when one will strike, how long it will last, or how intense it will be. They say there is still a chance for a major aftershock within three months, so we aren’t out of the woods yet, but we’re getting there.

    Talk to you later.


    Bill Lewis

  7. I just read that Jordin Sparks is going to open for NKOTB/Backstreet Boys for their summer tour. Wasn’t this the tour that Melinda/WEG was trying to get David to open for?

  8. While viewing some David videos…

    Ahhhh…His shoulder movements…his musical hands…his VOICE…his shy, fun self is written ALL over this BEAUTY! Love this side of David. 😉

  9. Yes, Melinda was trying to get David as the opening act for NKOTB/Backstreet Boys for their summer tour. I’m guessing that part of the reason that David left his management was that he didn’t want to tour with them or Justin Bieber. David seems so happy now selecting his new band members, and he keeps surprising us. Who would have guessed that he’d do a Celebrity basketball game?

    • Yes, I was guessing the same thing. David would never tell us/them he didn’t want to tour with those peeps. He is very appreciative of others talents. I/we know he’s way beyond the boy band/teen idol thing. lol 😉

    • I got that feeling also that there was a thought to have him tour with them. To be honest, I think they are has-beens and I am glad that David was not in that slot.

      • “If I lose mine honor, I lose myself”. William Shakespeare said: “Honesty is the best policy… 😆 Freo, Ha! Ha! I have to agree whole-heartily!

      • Kinda true, but Natasha B toured with them last time and it didn’t hurt her rep, so idk???

      • Every artist has down times, but their concerts are selling very well and they are over the place and tbh their music is not that bad……oh i guess Lady GG even opened for the NKOTB two years ago, then to me sounds like they still going and surviving in the business in not a very bad way. 😉

    • It sounds to me, like it would have been a great thing for him, regardless of whether we all think they’re cool enough for him. I think Jordin’s management saw a good thing and took it.

      I remember he complained about how his sister liked them and he didn’t, but honestly, it sounds like it would be a whole different demographic than the Demi Lovato crowd–a new audience, and a fun tour for the summer rather than another smaller venue tour to the same ole, same ole fans, which at this point seems like a best-case scenario.

      Oh well, only he can decide what’s best for him. I had kind of a strange thought, which is maybe he quit his management, because his dad needed the work?

      • I wonder about that too to be honest. I hope that it does not turn out to be true.

      • Wow, I didn’t even think of this but maybe you’re right. I always thought he set his Dad up with all the credits he received on the Christmas album, but maybe not enough to last for too long?

        Oh! and the other thing that came out today….did anyone see how the Idols paid a visit to TMZ today? If there was ever any doubt Nigel was planting the stage dad stories…..

      • I was one of the defenders of Demi tour LOL, it was a good move for 18 year old David and his super clean cut style, he was not edgy at all, so it was difficult to find a right fit in terms of concerts partners , even this he went on tour with McFly and the rocker girl (i don’t remember her name 😦 ) .
        In the same way i saw this like an opportunity for him in his way to mature and gain more experience, specially because the kind of music from ‘TOSOD’…but is gone now. :/
        And about your last point, man, i hope not, more than a label, he really need a good manager and mentor, with zero polemics around , for people and media be able to stay focus on David and his music and not in something else.
        And wouldn’t have sense to proclaim independence and go back to the point who give him the reputation of shelter and controlled boy that many people still having of him.

      • Except for the few months of WEG, his dad HAS to have been his manager–there’s no one else (except when he co-managed with the guy from Azoff, long ago). In his last vlog, David mentioned getting more involved in selecting the band. Who else could have been doing that if not Jeff

        Since the arrest, David has completely avoided any mention of his dad, but he has to have been heavily involved all along.

      • Is it normal for it to be such a mystery about who an artist’s manager is? With WEG it was a big announcement. He probably intends to keep his dad and just have it always be on the down low.

    • raelovingangels

      I think opening for pretty much any large arena tour for David would be great…. my irritation was her MO to accomplish that was taking it to the Twitter.

      • I can’t say that we know more than Melinda does about being a manager. Maybe David was a hard sell and she needed to show them that he had a dedicated fan base.

  10. I think that this is kind of an odd choice for Jordin to tour with them. I would think she would be tired of touring with teen and boy bands but I do like Jordin. I didn’t think that it would benefit David that much to tour with them either. David is full of surprises and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

    • Maybe the NKOTB/BSB turned David down, thus leading to the whole management crisis thing.

      • I think he turned it down…remember when Melinda said “he doesn’t know a good thing when he sees it?”

      • She may have just been referring to her own services as “knowing a good thing”.

        Maybe the Archuletas wanted to keep the management money in the family–they already 10% off the top for “‘personal” reasons.

      • *take* 10%

    • She is a pop singer, i guess she has more definition about what kind of artist she is, and let be honest do a tour can be expensive, so open for someone big acts is a good way to stay in the move and make some money at same time, btw for her is a good strategy to move her new single and next album…… the other hand David just released a up/mid tempo pop album, so this tour fit in a good way the kind the music he just put out…..anyway since is not a reality for him, nothing that what can say can change the direction or the events.

  11. Really? Time will tell…my money’s on David.
    I don’t think David is “cooler” than anyone else. I just think he can fill many different venues, gaining “new” (not same-ole 😉 ) fans along the way. I’ve been blessed to see David perform 9 times in the last 3 years. At each of those 9 performances, I would talk to many who had never even heard his name. I would get a big smile seeing the facial expressions and hearing their positive responses as David completed his songs!

    • I’ve always been surprised too at the number of people at the concerts who know nothing of all about all the fan blogs.

      In Sioux Falls, I was surrounded by young teens who discovered him via iCarly and Hannah Montana. Before the show started, his friend Ashley was walking around near the front of the stage. When I pointed out who she was, those girls were wondering how in the world did I know she was one of his hometown friends. Talk about feeling like a stalker … 🙂

      • At his ArtPrize concert last September with Natasha, I was surrounded by *tiny* little girls. I felt like their parent. When I mentioned to one of their mothers that I had just went to his New Albany, Ohio concert the weekend before, she looked at me like I was crazy.

      • Haha. Me too. That’s why I never go see him unless my 17-year old daughter (and sometimes a friend) is available to come too. I even missed the last Grove concert, even though it’s close to me, because my daughter was out of town :(. She and her best friend love him too, probably just not as much as I do.

      • its too bad you feel that way, cchalo. What will happen if your daughter loses interest? You won’t be able to see David in concert again? 😦 There are lots of women who are David fans- you could always try to meet up with some other fans so you don’t feel uncomfortable. (or maybe you still will, but at least you’d have company! lol)

      • Good question, Bella. At this point, who knows when I’ll have to figure it out–it may be a while till he’s in my area again.

      • LOL You make a very good point.

  12. I was one of the fans who really don’t see the problem with him opening for the NKOTB/BSB, boys bands yeah, but they still having a lot of young fans and older ones who perfectly fit in David’s fan demographic and that can easely be caught by David’s talent and charm, they maybe don’t have the big voice David has, but they sing live very well, they concerts are in big arenas , very friendly and most of all are already sold out or with good sales, better than the Rihanna concerts… i’m glad for Jordin, she maybe is less popular than David , but she’s very smart to make her moves and still current in the business without go over the top, she always here and there and still the same sweet girl tha won idol four years ago………If his management is the Jonas group , let me say that they’re doing a great job with her.

    If David did a tour with crazy McFly and left very good impressions with their fans, i don’t see the problem with this…….right now is about strategy, and boy need a very good one to reclaim his fans back.

    • I actually plan on going to one of the nkotb/bsb shows. I always wanted to see the Backstreet Boys live. They make the kind of music I enjoy listening and singing to during long drives. I’ll be glad to see Jordin too but I could pass on New Kids.

      Random …
      Wesley Jonathan, one of the actors in the charity basketball game, frequently exchanges tweets with MelWEG. If anyone saw the movie “Roll Bounce” a few years ago, he was one of the lead actors (ie, his name was Sweetness and he wore a large afro).

    • i dunno. jordin’s last era was not successful, and she evidently gained no new fans to buy her music after touring with/opening for the jonas brothers and britney spears, so i’m not so sure this new opening gig with nkotb/bsb is going to do anything more than those 2 tours did to broaden her appeal or audience. the most telling thing for me about her ongoing problem finding the right audience to connect with and support her music was her inability to even have a successful solo tour. she had poor sales in small venues, selling to her own fans. david has his challenges, but i do think he could still have a pretty successful solo tour playing to his base. i applaud her mgmt though, and jive, or whoever is doing it for working their tails off to keep getting her these gigs. they are trying hard to help her, but i’m not confident touring w/the nkotb/bsb would have done all that much for david, let alone now jordin – but i guess now it’s a moot point. david marches to the beat of his own drummer it appears about his career, the direction of it, and a host of the things. i ain’t mad at him if he felt nkotb/bsb wasn’t the way to go for him. it’s his career, to do with as he sees fit.

      • Well, Jordin last era was more succesful than David last era, but the point is that she is doing what she need to do to stay in the game and make profits, idk how this tour gonna work for her, but at least she has smart people to keeping her alive even if she still don’t reaching , the potential to connect totally with a public and in consequence to do a full solo tour……..if this could work for David or not will be an incognite, i said i don’t see the problem, so i’m not mad with him at all , because of course is up to him to handle his priorities about his career, he can handle a solo tour in medium places in my opinion ……but tbh i think is impossible for someone to say this or that can work or not for him in terms of partner tours, you never know what the reaction gonna be from the media , fans and public in general and what kind of support he’s going to receive.

  13. I would have been happy to see him tour with NKOTB/BSB, but I’ll be happy to see him tour again period. He needs to get out there once his new band is ready!

    • He need to tour to sell his music, his image like artist to new audiences that can become fans at the end, maybe this time with a different mentality about him, no looking for the gosh , cute guy that need protection for all his fandom and entourage in general, but looking for the Artist who can put a crazy show with good music, great connection and can go loose in the stage and make people of all kind of style enjoy his show……..he need to gain that reputation like performer.

      I prefer co-headliner tours btw in US and europe, and solo in Asia.

  14. I would not have minded seeing David tour with NKOTB/BSB either. I am not so sure that would have happened even if he stayed with WEG. cchlo I agree with your comments on David’s dad. I think his family had to be managing him because who else was? Big mistake. Jordin made a smart move when she went from 19 management to the Jonas brothers because she had a plan in place before she left. My hope is that David has a plan in place and got a better offer otherwise I just don’t know what he is doing career wise. I think it is the not knowing that is making everyone wonder.

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