Song for the Day Series #1: “Stranger in Moscow”

It’s that time again for me to take another blog break, when I usually schedule in advance some posts tied to a series.

So, this new series I’m calling “Song for the Day,” a recollection of those earlier blogs David used to do when he would end with a Song for the Day. ‘Member those? 🙂

I used to love these because it was an opportunity to learn something about the music David was into as well as get introduced to some new songs and/or new artists.

I begin the series with Michael Jackson’s “Stranger in Moscow,” an older song I wasn’t even aware of until David mentioned it, and now it’s one of my favorite MJ songs. (Thank you, David, for your eclectic musical tastes!)


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  1. raelovingangels

    • David is so cute in that interview video from the NASCAR race. Great interview and he’s funny. I hope he does do a vlog next week that shows him with his new band. That will be fun to see David with the new band members.

  2. his is ART at its finest. he never tried to hard unlike most of these people who do “videos”, he never had to get naked, cuss, talk like a porn star, disrespect women, talk about killing people, no none of that. just real stuff that had meaning , taught love, promoted actual use of the brain and didn’t require censor spots! that is TALENT. take a lesson all the rest of you who make videos.

    indibabs122275 5 days ago 44

    This is a comment left at the “Stranger In Moscow” video. So true! this is the kind of genius that I know David has inside of him. He is only beginning to discover it……..

  3. David has become so much more comfortable and articulate in interviews. Just love him!

  4. Oh, geez, and Stranger in Moscow has become one of my favorite MJ songs, too, and I also was not aware of it until David mentioned it.

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