The Crap Shoot That is Teen Pop Stardom

Sigh.  Poor us, as David fans. I mean, seriously!

The idea that we’d be all in a tizzy debating whether or not David will get signed to another label, or to a major label, because being an incredibly talented music artist means nothing in this era of autotune-meets-techno-pop, just seems so unfair.

Meanwhile, I finally decided to check out this Rebecca Black, not because Desertrat once shared her much trashed music video, “Friday,” on one of our threads, but because she keeps trending on Twitter.  Finally, having read an article in which Lady Gaga called this latest teen sensation a genius, and having watched her on Jay Leno (yes, LENO!!!!), I decided to see what all the fuss is about:

So, on first listen and viewing, I was positively sure this was a deliberate parody of Justin Bieber’s “Baby” and Ke$ha’s “TiK ToK.” But, like, this video has received nearly 38 million views! The “sensation” is how bad it is, but at the same time, she’s all over the place! Um… what?!

I’m so confused! How is this chick a sensation, and David can’t even get anyone to listen to TOSOD?

I really must be getting old… And please tell me that this is some elaborate practical joke that Rebecca and her backers are pulling. If it is, then I might just agree with Gaga that this young girl really is a “genius.”


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  1. The song “Friday” is terrible and her singing is not much better. The students at our school’s radio station where I work even threatened as a joke to put in on repeat over the air during the entire Spring Break!

    • this is the funniest piece of, er, merde i’ve heard in a long time. i mean, seriously? 😀 my sides were hurtin’ after i heard this the 1st time, and omg, if this is what passes for genius [rollseyes at gaga] nowadays in mainstream pop music, i’m cancelling my subscription, lol. if david wants to go underground and record as a renegade artist, i’ll gladly follow him and thumb my nose at the music establishment if this is a harbinger of what we can expect, heh.

  2. I agree. If it’s a parody of just how ridiculous lyrics are today, then it is brilliant. The acoustic version made me lol for some reason.

  3. Seeing this video confirms that I am now living in the TWilight Zone!!! (I suspect some of you will remember the sci-fi series, no not the one with Bella what’s her name. Oh never mind.)

  4. Well, the people who produced this song have a casting call for kids ages 13-17. They have these kids fly out to LA. The kids (or their parents) pay them money to have them produce a song and do a video for them. There are more videos from these guys on youtube. There is also a video of these kids singing at some launch. They are just all horrible. And this has only gotten as big as it is because of how bad it is. Rebecca will have her 15 minutes of fame and that will be it. Sure she has gotten to go on a few tv shows but she has been made a laughingstock and has received a lot of tweets telling her to die. Hateful youtube videos made about her and she is only 13.

  5. I thought it was a joke at first because of the lyrics, the stupid MV, the super autotuned voice etc… but now, I think that this is a genious concept. People seem to like bad music so lets give them all the worst things in the music industry now by concentrating them in one song. And it seems to work, the buzz for this song is huge. The great majority of the tweets are making fun of it but the song is #42 on itunes and I even heard that Simon Cowell is interested by her lol (Simon is a joke !).

    I remember this article asking “is this a real thing ?” :

    Everything is possible, you know, the best selling song last year in France was a single by a mole (the animal) named René lol. They even released an album ! Don’t worry, I’m not going to post a link to this masterpiece lol

    • A mole?? You’re kidding, right? You have GOT to post the link b/c I have to see such a thing before I believe it!!

      • It’s not a real mole lol but the “mole” was invited on TV shows and on radios just like Rebecca Black … The Mole René is a star here !

        You ask for it :
        All the songs by the mole did really well on the Top 50 (song’s rank in France) and for months ! But René The Mole is not an isolated case here. There is a singer specialized on song parodies who also sings stupid original songs. He’s a huge star and people buy his songs, but at least he’s a real person !

      • 😆

        At least the mole is adorable! 😛

  6. It seems so unfair that this type of thing gets so much hype!!
    I’m sticking with David and his beautiful voice and character.

  7. inspiredbydavid

    OMG that girl can’t sing. Sounds like she is holding her nose while singing lol. The lyrics are so stupid, but that is teen music today lol.

  8. David has more than 600,000 followers on Twitter:

    • Steadily he climbs! Great news! 🙂

      Meanwhile, that Rebecca Black “Friday” video actually received 1 million more views today!

      I smell a set up and a SCAM!

      • RB is getting her 15 minutes of fame before fading away. She’ll left her mark in the music biz with one of the worst song ever written (she’s tied with Kesha for the first place) and people will make fun of her for years. And she’s only 13, what an accomplishment !

    • Ellen’s Grayson Chance scheme failed. He was “discovered” on YouTube.

      Glambert’s latest product (an EP, I think) sold only 2,000 copies during the week after his appearance on Idol.

      David Cook’s new single didn’t become a hit. Not even close. Perhaps they can still pay radio stations to play the song?

      • Isn’t Greyson Chance doing fairly well? I read that he’s planning a tour and recording an album. Plus, I saw something about recording a song with Joe Jonas. I don’t really follow him so I don’t know if he hasn’t done as well as expected, but it sounds like he’s just getting started. He certainly deserves some success for his talent unlike this poor girl. I do feel badly for her being so young and being ridiculed by everyone. She does not have a career in singing though, that’s pretty apparent.

      • slight correction – cook hasn’t released a single from his sophmore cd yet. he recorded the boot song ‘don’t you forget about me’ for this year’s edition of idol – sales of which thus far indicate the general public may have done just that. how dreadful.

      • It’s not a single? It was released as a single song. Singles need to be from an album in order to be called singles?

      • my understanding was that currently Cook’s single is free to those who pre-order his upcoming album and that it will be included on the album. Unless I missed the discussions, Cook and Lambert’s fans are rather quiet regarding their recent sales numbers.

      • in the game of semantics, it can be classified as a ‘single’, as in 1 song, released on itunes for download to the public – but it’s not the product of a collection of songs or ‘singles’ packaged as part of a cd, or scheduled for release to radio. the boot song is just a winners perk awarded cook this year by tptb – same as carrie, daughtry and ruben recvd in past seasons…. it has been underwhelming thus far in sales, to say the least. the real story will be how well the lead single from the sophomore cd release will perform on itunes and on radio. dunno if the poor performance of the boot song means anything or not in the grand scheme.

  9. OT, I was thinking about David going the Independant route and if it’s the case he should find more (original) ways to help sell his music. He and his team should be more agressive and more creative (and I’m not only talking about his merchandise directed to little girls).
    For example, there’s an artist I like who in addition to selling his music the conventional ways (via itunes, amazon, etc), he lets his fans compose their ideal album. There is a “music on demand” category on his Official Site so they can personnalize and make their own CD. They can choose the songs, the cover, they can even do remixes thanks to tools available on the site (he’s a rapper so there’s a demand from his fans for this kind of thing). I don’t know how to explain it but it’s a way to attract potential buyers and to prevent from illegal downloads. I hope David will have ambitious and creative people with him who can see farther than just offering a bonus song or a bracelet.

  10. hi desertrat – the boot song dyfam is not expected to be included on the upcoming cd release,nor will it be released to radio.

    it is downloaded for free to anyone who preorders cook’s cd from his official site – 3k were downloaded and added to the 1st week totals from itunes of 13k, for a grand total so far of 16k. seems kinda low to me, with him going so long between albums, and the anticipation you’d expect from his fans to hear and buy anything. oh well, lol.

  11. ha – so you noticed that too desertrat 🙂

    methinks there will be a day of reckoning coming for a lotta folks in idolville, vis a vis ongoing sales and such… just pull up a chair, and keep watching… keep watching…

    • thanks for the clarification on cook’s single. i actually like it but i haven’t bought it.

      something else i noticed last summer was that kelly clarkson pulled out of the lilith fair tours supposedly to work on her album. that tour was selling poorly and her addition was supposed to boost ticket sales. i’m not picking at the idols but i believe all the idol fans (incl. me 🙂 ) spin their idol as if s/he is a major artist. i know kelly is a bigger artist that david and she sells but let’s face it, if lady gaga had been added to the lilith fair, it would have sold out.

  12. Lambert’s and Cook’s recent sales aren’t that great. The boot song sure got a lot of promo too. You are right desertrat. Their fans are being very quiet about the sales numbers.

    • Yep, they are very quiet. I have one more dig to get in then I’ll lay off the idols. Comments were made by other idol fans when David performed at the zoo gig and performed at charity events. However, those same people were quieter when they learned Cook is performing at a Petapalooza and that Lee held in a concert in the sierra vista mall (as did David).

      as GG says, the economy, etc., is taking it’s toll. i smell fear too.

      • hi desertrat – i don’t see no digs – i just see truth, lol… what goes around fo’ sho’ will come around… all that loud talking and trashing and shade thrown david’s way will find its way back to a lot of those senders. i trust the universe, lol… and i’m a very patient woman, so i expect to be here when these particular chickens come home to roost.

  13. i smell the fearrr, lol …i think what happened to david scares the bejesus outta them, quite honestly. the law of diminishing returns regarding sales of the sophomore cd, a lousy economy, the music industry in the toilet, piracy, the fervor and hoopla surrounding the 1st cd and that hype has died down, oversaturation of idols in the market, and idol’s credibility has taken it on the chin – the search to find those elusive ‘superstars’ hasn’t exactly worked as planned, so no one knows what to expect or predict anymore, about anything – unless you are carrie, kelly, daughtry, and to a lesser degree jhud and fantasia, right now, for proven alumni sellers. the jury is still out on lambert. everybody is on guard, and antsy, and i think there is a lot of hidden angst going on, lol…. seems our fanbase let our emotions and angst hang out on the web and on twitter for the whole world to see wayyyy more than either of these 2 bases, but it’s there… if you know where to look, lol

  14. Kind of an interesting conversation on Melwitch’s twitter. I sense that she really wants to see David do well and she was very frustrated as his manager. She confirmed what many of us have been saying all along; that there wasn’t any promo, and not having management until the day his CD dropped was a mistake because so much needed to be done beforehand. Reading between the lines, it sounded like they thought the CD would do much better than it did (ie. the sales of Nick Jonas’ CD weren’t unexpected, but David’s were).

    It just sounds like the prior mismanagement was colossal. Based on Melwitch’s spiteful behavior, I still don’t think she was a good fit for David, but more than ever, it looks like he needs a great manager.

    • I don’t understand why David’s fans still tweet her about David. She has nothig to do with his career anymore.

  15. in my opinion ,young people don’t appreciate GOOD MUSIC or even know what it is.The trashier the better, being an older person i am shocked at the music industry. David is such a breath of fresh air and I guess that doesn;t sell

  16. A couple months ago, I was wondering what was going on with Cook in comparison with David. So, I googled Cook for fan sites and buzz. I was shocked coz I couldn’t find any really super active sites like David has although we’ve since lost Snarky’s and MomJulee’s site.

    One of the comments I found was from Cook complaining about feeling stalked coz some fans came to the door of his hotel room. He was pretty put out. Made me think of David’s comments about how nice his fans were, how respectful and kind. I wonder if Cook’s fans took his objections to heart and have backed away. That and the fact that he hasn’t been touring for some time. Plus, I don’t think he tweets much if any. I think Cook is a good guy and hope the best for him.

    I know when Cook’s upcoming album release was in the news, seeing that he had been writing songs with Ryan Tedder hurt. Whyyy couldn’t David be writing with someone like him who’s been so incredibly successful in recent years (Apologize, Bleeding Love, etc). Nonetheless, I believe D will be very successful sooner (please!) or later. I listened to the song Cook has out now, the single or whatever it is, and I wasn’t all that impressed. It just didn’t speak to me…like anything and everything David sings does.

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