New Voice, Old Soul

One of the things about being an Arch Angel is that you don’t just become a fan because of The Voice. You become a fan because of David’s character.

He’s like the “entire package” – an oft-repeated criticism from American Idol judges meant to convey that someone’s star potential is measured by looks and talent. With David, we get talent, looks, and character. Which is something more than just having a winsome personality.

I bring this up because I’ve been amazed at the way David conducts his Twitter life. What he chooses to share with us,  his fans, is oh-so-selective, both in terms of his personal life and his professional life.  For someone growing up in the millennial generation, a generation known for not knowing how to distinguish between the public and the private, I deeply admire this about him.

He knows just the right kind of info to share on twitter – from the stupendously awesome (flying on the Good Year blimp) to the incredibly banal (shopping at Walmart on a Saturday afternoon – really?).  Meanwhile, somewhere between those two events is an unspoken big deal: I’m sure it’s about the music biz, whether working on a new contract with a new label or ironing out some kinks in new music. Who knows?

What I do know is that David left the comfort of home in Utah to make this trip to California, and I do not believe it’s not musically related. What is fascinating to me is the way David is keeping the lid on things, even though he must have some inkling about the anxiety felt among his fans about his music career.

It’s things like these that really make me admire the Man – he is truly committed to being decent and to protecting information that could change things considerably if leaked too early.

Following David’s twitter is very much a lesson in reading between the tweets. I think the guy is coy and flirtatious myself.

It’s one of the cool things about being a David fan, and as much as he’s a “new Voice” for the millennial age, he’s also an “old soul” following the old-school rules of ethics and integrity.

It’s why I’m still committed to the O.D.D. 🙂


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  1. I agree with you hg. I think that something is in the works for David’s music career. He sure does make it difficult to figure out what is going on because he knows how to keep a lid on it. I can’t wait to find out.

  2. I have been facinated by the way he uses twitter since the beginning and how he has always understood the real need to maintain some privacy while still sharing his thoughts with us. He has an amazing, insightful thought process.

  3. I agree. David has old school class. I’d reference the “dapper gentlemen” of the golden past! 😉

  4. David has learned to be more subtle in what he chooses to share via twitter and his vlogs. I can’t wait and see what he reveals to us this week. Knowing that he won’t tell us much, maybe someone will spot him entering a recording studio, etc. If David is signing with another label, my bet is on S Curve records.

    • Why S Curve records? Do you know something we don’t, Drat? 😉

      • I don’t know anything, it’s merely my humble opinion that S Curve would be a good match for D. In 2008, the founder of S Curve made this comment about David:

        “Archuleta could be the biggest ‘Idol’ winner in years, if they market him in a teen idol direction. I would love to work with him because I would know exactly what to do.”

        I didn’t agree w/Greenberg then but I really like his label and their eclectic list of artists (eg, We the Kings, Tom Jones, Betty Wright, etc.) Another artist on their label named Andy Grammer reminds me of an older D. He has a song out called “Keep Your Head Up” that’s positive and has a nice beat, sort of like TOSOD.

        As a follow up to VJ’s comment, I wouldn’t be surprised if D is looking to become co-owner of a label. I also can’t picture him at one of the major labels; they may be to restrictive for what D wants to do.

    • Interesting, but who knows if David , in this little rebelion phase lol, is open to do concesions, and understand that at this point is almost impossible that a lebel, even and Indi one to give him total control creative of all the process……..actually i’m really surprise of all the freedon Jive give him with TOSOD (songs style, writers, even the pictures), too bad they were in transition and he don’t received the right promo at the right time. 😦

    • raelovingangels

      I look at them also- because We the Kings are on there & they are young, cool, fun and “seem” to be indendent. If you follow their blogs & volgs that is the impression I get. They also tour all the time and were listed as one of the “hardest” working bands (which I am sure David envies…it just seemed that Jive would not let him tour)

      • raelovingangels

        not that I know anythng- but it just seems a lower key label like them may seem like a good fit.

  5. Lol. I have to laugh at this last vlog. I’ve watched it 5 times, and still can’t decypher what David really means. He definitely has a knack for saying things without saying things. So he’s going back to Cali to plan, prepare, set something up, move forward and build a foundation. OK. lol.

  6. I think if David does sign it will be with either a universal music group or a warner music group record label. There are quite a few labels under those two music groups. I never knew there were that many labels. It is just a guess. It looks like S Curve has some ties to UMG so it could be possible he would sign with them. David is hard to figure out.

  7. Does anyone think it’s possible that he’s just getting his ducks in a row so that he can go back to Utah and start up his own label there?..I’m just having a hard time visualizing him being happy at a major label now. I can’t figure out where he thinks he needs to be.

    • I don’t think he is ready to launch a solo label, he still trying to find his own identity in music, he recognized not long time ago that some aspects of the business still confused for him, he’s gonna need (still) the support of people with contacts, reason enough to be prepared , if not he can still being manipulated for others and ending in the same situation… other words he has a lot to learn of the business already……..i admire his bravery to cut with some ties that become problematic for him, but i still waiting for evidence that some of that moves were the right ones for the professional moment he was living, he still a not established artist, i guess he should still focus on that goal, i mean on develop his own sound and style …..and leave the recording , production ,distribution and promotion work to who can really do it in a very professional and high profil way and who can truly help him to push his career in to the next level.

      I just hope he’s taking decisions with equally amount of emotion and reason, at this point of the game the lack of balance between this two can be determinant in a negative way for his futur…..just an opinion.

      • When David says he still has a lot to learn re. the music business, etc., I believe him but I also think he’s being modest. Remember, he’s been in recording studios for nearly 10 years. He’s been performing even longer and music has always been his passion.

        Quite often, when one has the desire to do something s/he enjoys, s/he doesn’t need to have the expertise for every facet of the business. What’s more important is the motivation, vision and interest. The latter is why I believe he’s ready now to start his own label if he wishes.

      • I can see him coproducing his own music with the collaborations he want to work, exemple his friend the ‘Rocket Summer’ aka Brice Avery (Stomping the roses) good friend of David, who practicly produce his own sound but still signed to a Major label ( Island Def Jam Music / UMGR/ new home of exDavid’s boss Barry Weiss) for the marketing, distribution and promotion of his music.

        But tbh and again, he still in need to do some other things for his career , that are priority right now before to go to such adventure……this is his professional phase, big decisions, big players in a very big and complexe business, if he decide to take that risk, i’ll wait for news (music related) in one year, because to structure his own label and not to fail , require time, money , and a very sage team with ideas, contacts and hard work ethic…..this is far of what he has doing on his young years……this is real world now.

  8. I don’t know what David is doing. Anything is possible. I would say that I don’t personally think that David is starting his own label. And I don’t think that David is ready to start his own label. Of course, I don’t truly know all that David knows about the music business. But I do believe him that he is still learning about it. I don’t think recording in studios makes someone knowledgeable about all that a label does. I’m not sure if David is knowledgeable about the marketing, production, promotion, and distribution that a label does. Of course I don’t know David so I’m not aware if he does or not.

  9. Why is everyone speculating about record labels? I distinctly heard David say he’s building a tower…obviously he’s leaving music to go into general contracting.

    • 😀 lol!

      just when i was about to explain that by starting his own label, i meant he may write and produce his own music (like diddy, jayz) and go through some other entity to distribute it.

    • LOL! You got me good, utahmom!

  10. I would have to believe that David has to take into consideration the financial aspect of things in whatever he does do. David can’t have that large amount of money available to him that some other artists do. If he does not have to worry about the money then good for him.

  11. I hope there will finally be some good-golly-gosh-dang news this week.

  12. Hear hear, Peter.

  13. Spectulation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  14. Loved your post HG . I think of you as a very articulate, no nonsense, tough cookie, but when speaking of who David IS, you show that soft side of you that makes me grin. To me there is nothing odd about O.D.D.,,,, David is a person of Character and Talent, a wonderfully rare combination that should be celebrated. Let’s Dance!

  15. Burkey, if you’re here you got email: (been looking for you on twitter, too!) 🙂

  16. Peter- Ditto what you said. I don’t like it when fans are so obviously “fishing”. It makes me embarrassed. It’s just not necessary in my opinion.

    Not to derail the topic of current conversation, but I get the feeling there is still plenty of interest in David beneath the surface. It is simmering and all it needs is to turn up the heat a little bit. I mean that figuratively btw.

  17. You handled this topic beautifully, HG.

  18. You got your big news, Peter! David misses bike riding! yeehaw!

  19. HG Love your topic and positive outlook about David. Thank You!!
    Much better than some who like to make digs about David and his fans.

  20. HG,

    Great post as usual. David definitely has old school ethics and integrity and an unfailing knack for knowing when to speak and when to remain silent, (and how to deflect.) I’m beginning to see in him the makings of a savy businessman.

    VJ and Desertrat,

    I think you both might be on to something regarding David possibly going with his own label. He has a very clear idea of where he wants to go which is his way or not at all. Once in a radio interview, the dj asked him about the possibility of becoming a producer and he did not squirm or bat an eye but with all seriousness, said it was something he would love to do.

    Something I saw on FOD today got me pondering further. It seems Mr. Archuleta took out a copyright on his squiggly pig design in 2001. Not that I think he will start, “Squiggly Pig Records” lol, but the fact that he thought that long ago that a design of his might be worth something one day and took the precaution of getting it copyrighted. There is for sure more to this man than tweets about cartoons, Wal Mart, and bicycles reveals. Also he talked in the vlog about planning, organizing, building a tower??? He is a puzzle. I know the pieces fit; I’m just not sure where they all go. 🙂

    • I agree with you Angelica about David wanting to go his way or not at all. I am hoping that he ends up with a label who will give him the creative freedom he desires and that he hires a manager who will know how to promote him properly AS HE IS.
      I’m guessing that the Squiggly Pig copyright was Jeff’s idea. I mean, David was awfully young at the time and I can’t imagine he would’ve thought of such a thing. They probably felt that David was on the verge of his big break at the time (before the vocal chord paralysis) and that the squiggly pig could be that David’s trademark to go along with his autograph. Maybe they were even approached about doing some type of marketing with the squiggly pig. It is awfully cute. 😉

  21. And while we’re waiting, here’s one of his best performances, IMO:

    • I’ve always loved his version of And So It Goes.

    • What an exquisitely beautiful performance. The gorgeous voice and face, the passion embued in the song are just plain breathtaking.

      Performed not long after Andrew Lloyd Webber’s advice to keep his eyes open, I think this is the one song he’s done that most complied with that counsel. Can you believe it? It’s so atypical for D. lol It is nice to see his eyes, though his closing them doesn’t bother me like it does some people (not here, of course!)

      David gets sooo into the song! It kills me everytime I watch coz at 1:20, he sings ‘Everytime I hold a rose, it seems I only feel the thorns” and glances quickly down at his hand. It seems as though he’s being poked by the thorn that very moment. I can almost feel the sharp pain in his hand and envision him swiftly looking for a droplet of blood before going on with the mournful song. No one brings a song alive like David, as I’ve said on more than one occasion. lol

  22. bella,

    Yes, I thought of that maybe being Jeff’s idea. Or was it? At the time David had his own fans and fansite. He’s been doing this a long time and it was David who created the pig and who continues to use it after all these years. I personally hope he sells T-shirts with the emblem because I woud be more inclined to wear that than say, his face. And as you say, It is awfully cute. 😉

    • “I woud be more inclined to wear that than say, his face” Haha! Me too!

    • I’m pretty sure it was Jeff’s idea. If it really was in 2001, not many 10 year olds know anything about copyrights. And, that would be a year or two before Star Search, so maybe it wasn’t even music related–perhaps manincap’s business? Or, just a school project? Unless, the date is wrong.

      Whatever the motivation, I’d rather wear something with squiggly pig on it than his face too. They’re both cute though.

      • Never mind…was on hold, so searched the copyright database while waiting. It was registered 3/25/2010, not 2001.

      • Oh wow, 2010? Interesting! I wonder what plans David has for that little piggy…
        I am definitely more inclined to think David pursued the copyright in that case. Add another Archu-mystery to the pile.

  23. Whaa??? It was registered in 2010? hehe. This little piggy went to market… 😉

    Thanks Utahmom

  24. Meeeeeetings. *smiles*

  25. Another bullseye, HG. Loved the post. I agree with you completely.

    About the squiggly pig. I’d bet dollars to donuts that registering it was Jeff’s idea. David thinks music and deals with business coz it’s unavoidable. Jeff is more the businessman with music on the side (for himself in the past and still helping David somewhat, I don’t doubt).

    Jeff is keeping his head down and staying in the background, but I’m certain that he’s still engaged. I remember mention being made by Dean Kaelin of something Jeff concerning David’s upcoming performances with MoTab.

    Ah, I found it: “When I got back to Salt lake I contacted David and his dad to see how preparations were going and they seemed to feel that everything was going well so I didn’t worry about anything.” That was just three months ago. Jeff was involved with David and his music for years. Just coz he’s not actively managing doesn’t mean he isn’t still helping D to some degree.

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