I’m Always Missing David’s Tweet Parties

But last night, he gave us some true gems…

Doesn’t sound like someone ready to disappear from the scene just yet, or am I reading between the tweets? 🙂


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  1. Good to see the tweets. I am wondering, who is “we?”

  2. yes yes that WE is telling happy happy me

  3. HG, David may have interpreted a portion of your dream sequence from a week ago. The “breathing” that you heard may have represented “breathing room as in more freedom, ability to do more possibilities”.

    If David performs in Canada this summer, I just might arrange a vacation around it. Exciting tweets!

  4. I feel so much better now!!

  5. I’m glad he has more ”ability to do more possibilities’ LOL……but yeah definately sound like something is in progress for this year, now who are ‘WE’ is my new question ha, ha. 😉

  6. I wonder who is “we” too. I don’t know if this is going to be good or not so good news coming from David.

  7. I missed the tweetfest too. I especially liked the parts about “freedom and breathing space”. Very telling, I thought!

  8. we = @manincap????

  9. I agree.

  10. raelovingangels

    Ay-ye-ye… Love that David has a twitter party! However, truly already felt David was staying with his music… This makes me think he may not be looking at any type of major label with the freedome/breathing room comment Ay Caramba! His choice of course to plot his own path. I don’t know the music business and maybe some small independent label is the way to go? David has no reason to lay out his path for but if he is not looking at a major label due to feeling hogtied with artistic development, which I get and support- then it would seem to me he needs a major management company to keep him out there with lots of public appearances, special TV apprearcnes, high profide Charity events etc to counter balance. Or I will be singing the tune of others here thinking he may fall off the map- at least for now… My 2 cents, probably worth less.

    • Be with an independent label or in his own is not that easy like people want to make it look, demand a lot of work and contacts ,unless is a ‘Indi Record’ a la Taylor S. (with money i mean and total dedication to him) then not complains from my part…..but tbh i don’t buy this ‘freedom’ and ‘Independence’ without go out of his home estate,popular precisly because the lack of Freedom and Independence…..noy offense, but is my perception, so i apologize in advance if i wrong….. i just hope Nashville is on his plans tbh

      What make me more curious is to know if after this three years he made some contacts in the business, people who can really give good advises, mentoring his path in the music business , sometimes David give me the impression of a very lonely person in that aspect, that or he’s a rebel lol or he really don’t have confidence in anyone out of his culture……let see what happen in the next chapter 😉

      I guess curiosity is my first motivation right now 😉

  11. @DavidArchie: A day of meetings and stuff >>>>>> in Utah? idk what to think then 😐

    • To me, it sounds like he is comfortable being a local Utah singer/celebrity. I guess he can make a decent living doing that and Idol related appearances?

      • raelovingangels

        I thnk he has a way bigger vision than that. I think he is trying to figure out the best way to make a living, have artistic freedom and choices, and keep his career moving forward. Unfortunately- I would imagine much like any big business- there is a inside path and a really hard, pratcially impossible outside path. Unfortuntely, you likely need some of those insdiers to help direct you and open the right doors. We feel Jive did not do it… David clearly did not feel comfortable with the direction WEG was taking him. Going totally on your own, to me seems crazy- Everyone needs mentors, guides, experience no matter what field you are in. I would imagine the music business is about as bad as it gets. Some people can make it big & then call the shots. But likely that is the exception. I really feel for the dilemma. What “decisons” to make- likely are not easy and alot of weighing of options must occur. The good news is, as HG aptly pointed out- David is only 20. Alot of time to get there- change course, learn, try again.

      • You right , maybe that is his choice……..of course i still hoping he want a little more……but that’s just me haa, ha…….Oh ! and I’m not making demands, just giving my opinion. 🙂

    • raelovingangels

      phone meetings, teleconference, skype. 🙂

  12. I don’t get looking at those tweets and finding something negative.

  13. I just wonder how he can afford to not sign with a label if he has that option. Maybe he does not have that option. I guess we will just have to wait and see what he does.

  14. David just sent a tweet that he is watching idol and so am I. I think that Casey is the most interesting contestant on AI this year. He is fearless.

  15. Man, did Casey bring back memories for me!

    “Smells Like Teen Spirit” really does define my generation. I immediately recalled hanging out in my college dorm room, with MTV on, and cracking up over Nirvana’s crazy looking music video, with the tattooed cheerleaders and the janitor and Kurt Cobain’s stringy hair. My roommate and I used to channel “Beavis and Butthead” in our music video “commentary.”

    And then we head-banged! 😛

    I’m loving that Casey is making these distinctive song choices.

    (I should give my ol’ roommate a call tonight…)

  16. lol that is so funny and true.

  17. Casey was definitely interesting but Stefano was the best of the night for me.

  18. I like Karen but she is not long for this competition because of the song choices she makes.

  19. Look at more Japan news on “Waking Up To Tragic News”. Really interesting. By the way Bill is an American married to a Japanese woman.

  20. I thought it was odd that David was getting a haircut last night during Idol. It leads me to believe that he either has travel coming up or some type of public appearance today.

    If “we” is planning a tour, maybe David has a 360 deal with a label like Jason Castro wherein the label fronts part of the cost for everything but also shares in the profits.

    Also, David is still on the Creative Artist Agency (CAA) roster. Maybe they’re helping to plan his engagements.

  21. I’m sure you’ve all seen it but new vlog up:

  22. wow – I wasn’t expecting that posting the link would put the youtube there! Hope that’s ok.

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