Post-ODD Syndrome

Here’s a quick poll (all tongue-in-cheek since we’ve got to keep our spirits up!):


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  1. This is Angelica’s specialty! I remember reading this post from September of 09 & thought how cute & ‘real’ it was…haha

    September 2nd, 2009
    ODD: Proliferation and Pragmatism
    World Health Consortium/Quarterly Report
    ~ Angelica, MD, ODD specialist

  2. I remember that one! So true and so real! 😛

  3. That’s just too funny!

  4. If David is taking a leave of absence, I do wish he would let his fans know as a courtesy. It sounds like he is working on something. I would just like a rough estimate of how long. I will remain a loyal fan, but it would be nice to know if we have an extended quiet period coming up. All artists take quiet periods to work and create, so I’ve no problem with him doing so! 🙂

  5. I just think this ‘little pause’ on his career took everybody out of base, is because that, people is feeling it more. Everybody was ready for tour news after the holidays and suddenly he has not record label and not management team, and not signal of something going on his immediat futur, so in my opinion is kind of normal for hardcore fans to feel anxious and have worries about his future or about what is the next step. The over the top fans who are acting in a very depressing way , are the same that always acted in tha way lol, the rest of opinions are normal for me …….at the end people gonna be relaxed about that and moving on……but for now and until he can say something more clear , this gonna be the situation with the fans.

    • TBH, I think some fans are becoming a “tad’ irritated with David because while he tweets about (sorry David) – frivilous happenings at home or makes a vlog with a random gorrila in a closet (ode to Peter lol!), Rome, metaphorically is burning. According to Freo – is this extended quiet time or waiting for label/management/ or tour discussions to pan out?

      Patience is a virtue with David….Ai-ya-yai!

      • In further response to Tibi – when you said fans will move on – not necessarily from David but move on with their lives, its almost as if we/they are waiting for permission to do so. I believe everyone will survive David in due course. Its just the way of our human natures.

      • Well most people life never stop moving in despite to be David’s fans, others ones started to regain their normal routines and others really going to move on from him or from their ODD phase…….not everybody have the same level of patient to wait i guess….but then at the moment he can put good music out again , new fans will come…..but this time would be a cause of his music, more than any other factor.

      • raelovingangels

        LOL! I remember baaaack, way back when we were on…. was it ND? or JD? ( well many of us) and we were fretting about something or another related to David’s career. A picture came out of David happy flinging his body on ( was it balls or bean bags?) And one of the commentators said- while we fret, David is joyfully jumping on bean bsgs..) It was a funny contrast. I am sure David worries at time- and ponders, and prays, and contemplates but he also seems to not let it push him down… So, while I wonder, and worry that “I” don’t know… I think his tweets and time out actually mean things are in the works. David is productive, hard working and clearly seems music as his calling. Things may not be on our quick, quick, next,, next time table… but that does not mean they are not simmirng along behind the scenes. It is hard- because we are so invested emotionally in his success….( for all of us)

      • “see” music as his calling. At any rate… simmer, simmer,,, but can’t take the lid off too early. Yean, silly anology.

      • Rae – It reminds me of a movie with Jimmy Fallon, called “Fever Pitch”, where devoted sports fans are in a bar drowning their sorrows due to their team’s devastating loss, when they look up to see the players on the team at a table eating and joking and laughing. “See, to them, it’s all in a day’s work, and here we’re acting like it’s the end of the world,” says one. In the end, the team wins the world series.

        That’s like us and David. We’re all dejected, and he’s as apparently happy as can be.

  6. While weaning myself off the bottle, I discovered this viral video that some are calling the worst song and video ever. Tosh.O blogged about and said that songwriting isn’t for everyone. I sure hope David’s not in a closet writing the sequel to this song. It’s so bad it’s hilarious.

    Rebecca Black – “Friday”

  7. I can not possibly be irritated with David. Nope. So he is spending time relaxing with his family, writing music on his own, in Utah, singing to his dog in his room, or vlogging from a closet with a random gorilla. I could not possibly be irritated with him. Not after ALL that he’s given us in the last three years non-stop.

    Sure I would be ecstactic if he could let us know what is up with his career precisely. I would squeal with joy if he announced that a tour was in the works. It does enter my mind that what if he is making the same kind of business mistake he made last year not having management to maximize the release of TOSOD. But what am I going to do about that? If it’s going to happen again, then no amount of hand wringing is going to help. If that’s reason enough to be fed up with him, then so be it. Yeah it’s sad but no way would I ever be irritated with a guy who’s done so much for his fans. He may or may not be acting foolishly with his career, he may be clueless that his fans are worried for him. He is a 20 year old guy who is doing the best he can given what he has, for himself, and believe it or not, for us. Considering he is one of the most earnest people I know, I appreciate everything he does for us fans. I am not about to be irritated with him, not even a tad, for telling us about his life at home just because I’m waiting for what I’m waiting for.

    As for the topic of the thread, I deal with my withdrawal symptoms however I can. And even a hard core fan can probably benefit from some degree of weaning though I’m speaking mostly for myself. If this is happening–the Archu-drought– then I’ll find a good side to this.

  8. I think that David needs to announce something soon if he wants to continue with a career in the music industry. If not then he does not have to say anything. David needs to do that for himself not for his fans if he does want a career. David does not have to worry so much about the very small fan base of hard core fans but he does need to worry about the other regular fans moving on and not caring anymore. I hope it is a label deal that he has in the works.

  9. Well, here’s where I stand. I chose “weaning myself off the bottle”. But that doesn’t mean weaning myself off of supporting David, because that will never happen~ he’s stuck with me for life, lol. It just means re-prioritizing my time so that I can fit more things into my day, learning that I can’t control the decisions David makes, & realizing that my happiness shouldn’t be dependent on his. That last one is a toughie for me.

    And I admit that I am a little irritated with David for not saying a word about his career. Not necessarily because “he owes us that”. But because I feel that by doing so, he’s inadvertently pushing fans away & hurting his career even further. Those who are fans for his music aren’t going to stick around if he doesn’t have anything going on music-wise. He needs to be doing something…anything.. to hold peoples’ interest right now.

  10. When I selected “weaning off the bottle”, I meant that I’m spending less internet-surfing time on David. I’m a fan for life! Most of my anxieties come from my reactions to what I read online as opposed to what David is/is not doing; the “weaning” is how I’m controlling those anxieties.

  11. HI! I will always support David. He has given so much. We don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes and that can make us a little antsy. But I have faith and patience! I am keeping busy with other projects while I wait for the next awesome project from David. I’m not demanding any more from David. He is the most giving person ever.

  12. David did tell people in his vlog that he was making decisions as to what direction he wanted to go as an artist. He mentioned that he has been writing by himself to see what sound comes from him naturally. He also tweeted a few times that he was working on songs. He also mentioned that there were a couple of things that he would let us know about in their own due time. It seemed to me that he wants to continue to have a career. I have no problems being patient and waiting until he lets us know that information.

    David in the past three years has released three albums. He has written a book and did a book tour. He has visited Asia twice. He has had four tours and countless radio shows. And he is only 20. Let him take this time that he now has to figure out where he wants to go next in his career. Figure out what he wants to do. Rushing to make decisions, imo, wouldn’t be the best thing for him. David is pretty much starting from scratch anyway. He is going to have to gain a new fanbase so it doesn’t matter if he takes the time to make the right decisions for his life and career. And David is only 20 years old, he still has time to have a music career.

    And David has been very accommodating to fans. He tweets every day and he does countless vlogs. He does a good job of staying in contact with fans. He doesn’t have to do that. I am also a huge fan of another artist that never tweets, never vlogs, and I do not know where he is presently. Which I’m coming to believe is actually a good thing. Maybe David tweets what he does because he knows that a lot of people seem to lose their mind if they don’t hear from him for a day. Or he vlogs because he gets constant tweets even after he does one to do another vlog. I just don’t see how people can complain about David tweeting and vloging.

    • Amen! That is all! Thanks! I agree wholeheartedly!

    • ”Figure out what he wants to do. Rushing to make decisions, imo, wouldn’t be the best thing for him. David is pretty much starting from scratch anyway. He is going to have to gain a new fanbase so it doesn’t matter if he takes the time to make the right decisions for his life and career”

      Now i agree with this part, he’s pretty much starting again, that include to make new fans in the process, right now is a totally different game, that we don’t even know, since we don’t know what are the changes he’s going to apply to his career.

      And i guess is different the fans that need hear from him everyday , and tweeting to him making demands to the ones who want to know if his career still going……either case nothing we can’t do, glad he has fans that still care for his career though.

  13. Different strokes for different folks. I am not going to criticize people who are feeling irritated with David, or who are hand wringing, or who are completely zen about his down time in Utah. Everyone is entitled to deal with this in their own way, and certainly fans judging each other’s reactions doesn’t help. Of course, I do have a problem with someone if they cross the line and begin to attack David via twitter or facebook because they are upset with his absence. Not sure if that’s happening or not, but I know David has some very intense, passionate fans who don’t hesitate to let David know when he disappoints them! I just feel if people need to vent on a fansite or wherever, it’s their right to do that, and don’t need people saying “hey! He gave us all this and you can’t feel the way you do”. Let everyone deal with the Archudrought in their own way- hopefully when it’s over, we’ll all still be here, and be better for it.

    • GREAT point, i agree with you, i’m sure most of people stay giving their opinions in the fansites only, and that is right for me too……..not need for some others fans to be preachy about how we should act at this down time.

  14. People can feel the way they feel. But they are posting how they feel on a public forum. So therefore they should expect that people will respond to what they post. Sure they are entitled to vent but I’m also entitled to comment on what they say. I think everyone is entitled to have an opinion about what people post as long as they are respectful of others.

  15. I still think if he was taking a true, intentiional sabbatical to go to school or on a mission or something, he’d say so unless he hasn’t decided yet what he’s doing. Still exercising patience to the best of my ability.

    The funny thing is, we probably all feel all of these mixtures of emotions at various times. I know I do. One thing that I’ve come to realize is that, maybe because of the Idol machine or maybe because of who David is as a person, or both, David’s fans are INTENSE fans. We feel a strong connection to him and when he’s more absent, we notice in a big way. HOWEVER, if we are truly fans of his voice and music and personality, most of us will still be fans whenever he puts out music again. Perhaps David’s ‘silence requires a bit of faith on our part — that whatever it was we see in him is real and will be there at the other end of this very strange time.

    I mean, if we could know the future, and see that a year’s absence would bring about mature music with great depth, would we not choose that for him? I’m not predicting the future but I’m saying I could see that happening in the best of worlds. And I can’t let go, and won’t. (Somehow, David’s intense performances of that song from the debut album take on new meaning right now.)

    • Kathy, Good points. Like grief, I think people deal with the absence or quiet in different ways. And I think that this quiet is a grieving process to some people.

      I wonder if he’s exhausted. I know I would be, even if I got energy from the live performances. We are on spring break next week and I cannot wait for the time just to rest!

  16. I am having some withdrawal symptoms but I think David plans to sing for us sooner if he can, later if his plans don’t gel for him. That’s my thought on when we get to hear him again.

    I guess it is each individual’s decision how they will deal with this waiting situation. I have much love for David and his voice but he is only one part of my life. That said I would probably pass out with excitement if he announced a tour stop near me tomorrow. Silly me. @_@

  17. Well, I’m weaning myself off the bottle. I confess I’ve been antsy, mostly due to worry based on past missteps with management and Jive. I certainly don’t feel entitled to know what plans are being made. Some assurances that progress is indeed being made with regards to David’s career would be nice tho. Since those assurances are not forthcoming, however, I’ve decided it’s useless to worry about it; whatever will be, will be.

    Many of us have been wondering if he’s taking a break. Looking back, to me it’s obvious he has been taking a long break. Correct me if I’m wrong, but other than SOF, there’s been no news of anything productive career-wise for almost 3 months now. He’s back in Utah full-time. I’m just going to assume that nothing is going to happen for awhile, so that I no longer have to wonder about the unknown. This may be a good thing for his career, or it might not; time will tell.

    Maybe we can look at this as a gift for us too. It gives us time to rebalance, step away from our ODD, and discover other things (like yard work). Hopefully, whenever David starts up again, there will be enough promo out there to capture or recapture people’s attention. I will be there. For now, on to the yard work…

    • I had to laugh when I read “yard work.” I have a ton of it coming up in a few weeks! I checked outside the other day and the heavy snow even crushed one of my flower boxes. My work awaits!

      • Sounds like a lot of snow! Now that the snow has melted here, I’m seeing lots of deer damage. Glad to have some spring weather tho, especially with lacrosse and soccer starting–and now more time to enjoy it all. 🙂

  18. I really don’t care if David does a vlog or tweets or even does a tour this year. I just hope David can sign with a good record label if he wants to continue his music career. It is up to David and I have no problem with whatever he decides as it is his career not the fans career.

  19. Regardless of what he’s up to career-wise, it’s interesting that he’s using his platform (nearly 600,000 twitter followers, dozens of fan-sites, etc.) to promote values and habits that are part of his church’s teachings. Tweeting about playing games with his family on Monday evening suggests to me the Family Home Evening that church members do on Mondays. Connecting with family members, and “pondering” and writing in a journal, also are church practices, I think. Some other challenges, such as trying ethnic foods, not so much.

    It may be a very subtle type of good influence, and not that effective for proselytizing but I doubt he could have anywhere near the impact for good if he left his career.

    • May be “church” practices but it is also non LDS practices. meditating both eastern & western religions, journal writing encouraged by psychotherapists as well as a good practive for teenagers to help them work through issues and understand their thought process. Family connections not faith based alone ( although clearly they are important in LDS, as well as other religions) but a foundation or society etc….

      Now with that said, I do believe David sees his position as a platform to help people- which includes spreading his “outlook” on life. People can of course take it or leave it- but from his continually twitter growth, with no signficant radio hits since Crush, no appearances since New Year Eve, and no mangement and label…. interestingly enough- people seem to “like” it. (for now…) 🙂

    • Well, some of that activities are not exclusives from his church, like some people think , and i’m glad he chose to promote comun values and not strict religious ones, considering he’s an strict follower rules. But i agree that can’t be very affective like influence if he don’t have a career anymore or people start to forget about him, because don’t see him in any form anywhere……just look Justin Beiber comments, i can tell they are not very different to the ones i read in David sites (he’s an inspiration, role model, very charity person) i mean to play the role of role model he need to be visible……just a thought btw, i’m not demanding anything lol….just saying 😉

      • I’m glad that he promotes good values that are common to most cultures and religions. You’re right, many other artists use their platform for the positive. I’ve read too much on David’s fan sites where they talk like he’s the only good one, and that all the other artists are a terrible influence on society.

        When I read about David’s appearances at LDS functions, I usually wish that I hadn’t been so curious–its too OTT for me. I’m happy that he’s always been very neutral in his communication to fans. I’m also glad he’s being more subtle about his good advice lately. The “assignment of the week” was way too preachy for my taste. Here’s hoping that he continues to be a little lower key about it.

      • Well you do make some good points. Think everyone has to be catious about putting him on a pedestal- and he is not the only good artist out there for sure.

        To me it the the combo of immense talent, character, faith, youth outlook and how gosh darn funny he is wthout even trying that does me in. Oh and he can sing kinda good. Really something very attractive about him for young and old. He is entertainng without even trying. A rare combo. And as I said, he keeps picking up followers0 just seems to suck them up like a vacume.

    • I think this is a reflection that he’s back home in Utah, in the LDS-based culture.

      • Ya, I don’t think it’s anything David’s doing on purpose. It’s just part of day to day life here.

      • I think it IS on purpose. His “assignments of the week” (see comment above), were very purposeful. Since music is his “mission”, and he’s not doing music for us now, at least he’s still being inspirational.

        But he’s always been aware that being overtly LDS will turn many fans off. In a recent interview they asked for his favorite “Primary Song”, which I think is a church reference. He avoided the question by singing a song about the primary colors. (I don’t think it was a church song).

        It’s so hard to tell with Utah folk whether the focus is really just on being a force for good in the world, or whether it’s tied in with converting people to their church. I choose to believe that for David it’s the former.

      • “It’s so hard to tell with Utah folk”. I never liked the generalizations, especially when a person single out a category of people in order to make a point.

        I don’t think that his “assignements of the week” are a big deal. I saw tweets of fans asking him for new tasks. And when he asked the fans who want to do it to draw something, I’m not sure it had anything to do with religion. I agree with Raelovingangels for the other tasks.

      • My reference was to David’s being on a “mission”, which he himself has stated is an alternative for him to a traditional LDS mission. The reason for a traditional mission in his church is mainly to proselytize. Not ONLY to proselytize, I know, but primarily to.

        It seems like David’s focus in his “mission” is more to inspire good things among his young (and old) fans, which I very much appreciate. I used the term “Utah folk”, perhaps wrongly, trying to be a little less direct for what I really meant, which is “people who proselytize”, i.e. people acting as missionaries for their churches. Few people appreciate attempts to convert them, but most everyone appreciates people trying to do good things. That’s all.

        Of course, the assignments aren’t a big deal. Many people liked, and participated in them, even older people. I found them annoying, that’s just me. I read comments from others who also found them patronizing. So we’re just not that receptive to advice from 19-year olds. Just our opinion. I still find it touching that he wants to be a good influence to younger people.

      • Interesting discussion. Chalo, he hasn’t given up his ‘task for the week’, it was there last week in his vlog, and he separately tweeted about the task to make sure no one missed it.
        I also find his ‘tasks of the week’ annoying, especially considering his age, and think it is his way of being on a mission. It feels too forced, and yes it does feel patronizing to me. Although I also recognize that some fans do like it, and it gives them something to talk about, since there is nothing else going on. However, I preferred the ‘song of the day’ which he used to tweet, since I actually discovered some good music through that.
        This focus on ‘mission’ also makes me a little leary of what kind of songs he will come up with, and if he will let himself really dig in an let his inner feeling come out, or if he’ll focus on ‘being an inspiration’.

      • Cchalo……..I just think that adult people and responsibles parents can make the difference between Moral values and Religious Doctrines, is up to each one of us to filter what we can handled and that we can’t of everything the celebrities are saying and teaching. 😉
        I’m open to good moral influences in my standards, so i’ll let the kids to see and hear, but i’m very focus and conscious that nobody is perfect, and that the responsability of be a role model in every sense to childrens in my family, is to the parents and adults responsibles around them, is NO up to the celebrities or artists.

        David has many good moral values and his tasks are just that, tasks, people enjoy doing his little homeworks and i enjoy seeing the answers from fans on twitter……i mean they are really interesting and fun….so why not?

      • Now Gita, his self proclaming independence to write his own song is the part i have serious doubts……not offense to him.

      • Gita – Yes I DID like his “song for the day”. Now that is something I definitely could use some help with!

      • CC, yes, the tasks for the week are purposeful, but I don’t believe that talking about game night with the family, journal writing, and other possibly LDS-motivated activities are. Those types of things are just intrinsic to life; it’s very natural to talk about them without any thought of religious overtones. And I don’t think those “tasks” are very religious either; it’s not like he’s challenging everyone to read the Book of Mormon. Although, I don’t really pay attention to them anyway, so maybe I am missing something controversial there.

        As a “Utah folk”, I can say that most of us have a basic desire to help others and do good. All members of our church are in a sense missionaries because, for good or bad, we are examples of our faith. If all we cared about was converting people, though, our church would have died away years ago. (Though I will be the first to admit that unfortunately there are some people like that.) Our current prophet speaks more about kindness and gratitude than any other topic, and I am trying to follow his example, as it appears David is as well.

      • True that. I’m often blown away by the kindness of LDS people I know, and by so many people of other, or no, faith, without having the slightest desire to convert to their beliefs. I certainly know that when I do a good deed, no one asks me what church I go to.

  20. More Japan news on “Waking up to Tragic News”

  21. So, David just tweeted about having more breathing room, freedom and possibilities now…hhhmmm…

    • Utahmom~ Yep, saw that: “I know I need to go to Canada! Trying to figure it out and see what we can do now that there’s more breathing space lol”

      “Oh I meant breathing room as in more freedom, ability to do more possibilities lol but I know there’s a lot of wind in Chicago”

      “Hellooo Indonesian Fans!! Thanks for the support you show even when I haven’t been able to go there yet, but I’ll make it up to you!”

      “Thanks! And I am excited about them because I am trying a different approach with my writing! Or reviving an approach lol”


  22. raelovingangels

    So, that this “less visible” time feels like is- when your very favorite show ever goes on haitus and you don’t know when it is coming back on TV. You search around the channels and you are disappointed because nothing comes close so you end up just watching re-runs. 🙂

    • raelovingangels

      “what’ this… looks like there was a twitter party last nite that I missed. Have a great day!

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