David Dream Sequence #25

So, I meant to post this earlier today but am just now getting the chance this evening…

I had a David Dream last night! It’s been five months since my last one. And it won’t be hard for you guys to interpret it!

I dreamed that I was acting like an amateur sleuth with another young woman.  We had learned that David was MIA, and nobody – not even family and friends – knew where he was. We were being hired to smoke him out from wherever he was hiding.

So we found ourselves in a mountainous suburb (let’s say, it could have been somewhere in Utah with its “smoky mountain memories”).  We were visiting a bunch of different houses trying to find someone who would be privy to David’s whereabouts.

We finally came upon one of these seedy looking, rundown houses on the outskirts of town, and we had a hunch that, because of its unlikely location, this was a perfect hideout for David.  So, we went in to begin our search, but two shady looking guys inside basically offered us a place to stay the night (provided we, uh, exchanged some services).  Neither I nor my partner in crime were prepared to sleep with either of these gross-looking dudes, but we had a hunch that David may have been inside – even perhaps held against his will.  So we pretended that we were going to hook up, so while we stalled going into the bedrooms, we pretended to freshen up in the bathroom.

It was during this time that we came across a dark hallway, where we heard some heavy breathing coming from that direction. For whatever reason, we decided it just had to be David.  As we walked in the direction of the breathing, we called out his name.  We waited to hear an answer.  And it’s at that point that I woke up.

What in the world?!


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  1. Dreams sure are funny things. Whenever I dream of David, he’s always in a crowd and I have to keep looking at him to make sure that he’s really David. Everyday I think of another scenario of what David is really doing. Patience is one of my virtures but not this time. Please David give us more information!!!!

  2. A powerful dream. I think the culture he is right now is suffocating. That is how I interpret the dream. I was hoping he’d stay in LA to write. Even there, he surrounds himself by church people, but at least it’s in the LA area.

  3. “… where we heard some heavy breathing coming from that direction.”
    It was David…..in a closet…..pondering. 🙂

    Jokes aside, the dream may represent anxiety on the part of the fanbase. The shady guys offering comfort could represent the recent leaks from a VRS. leaks. The mountainous suburb could represent David’s omnipresence in our lives.

  4. Here’s a video making the rounds (I think if David were to go independent, You Tube could be his friend):

    Mad props to the little girls for their efforts (though I’m not a fan of this new school hip hop music); I just love the intention behind the song! 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing. I hope Lil Wayne sees this. Lyrics from two of David’s fav songs were included near the end: Man in the Mirror (MJackson) and Sir Duke (SWonder).

  5. Not about the dream, but guess who gonna sing Lately by Stevie Wonder
    tomorrow ? yeah Stefano, maybe David gonna wish to be in this Season, better fit for him in many aspects. 😉

  6. I am almost sure that David will sign with another label soon. I still think he would not have walked away from a deal with a major label if he did not have some other “opportunities” with other labels in place or almost in place. I think the 19R contract pays them, the winners and second place finishers, a substantial amount of money for six albums if they stay with a label. The AI contract was leaked to the internet last year. Just making a hopeful guess.I could be wrong. lol

    • I could be totally wrong, but I am thinking that David is still financially supporting the family, so wouldn’t they need cash flow, if nothing else?

    • If my memory serves me correctly, Ricardo recently called David’s deal with Jive “lucrative,” or something along those lines.

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