As David Ponders…

Been really busy today but did want to update with David’s latest vlog (as usual, David and I could be BFF – we both love Smokie Norful’s “I Need You Now” and have major respect for Stefano!):

Anyone else think David is just completely in awe that Stefano had the guts to “anoint the moment” on the most watched TV show by performing gospel and uttering the words, “But to know, Lord, that in you I’ve got victory”? And, man oh man, what I would give to hear David’s own rendition of this song! 🙂


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  1. David, thanks for the vlog! 😀

    From 2:49-2:53 when he says “When I sang in my room, by myself” I had a flashback to AI when he mentioned singing “Stand By Me” in his room, to his dog. Also, you can tell he REALLY likes the song “I Need You Now”; hope we get to hear him sing it one day. Or better yet, maybe he’d consider collaborating with Smokie.

  2. Would love to hear David sing “I Need You Now’!! a collaberation too! Yes HG I thought David was very surprised that Stefano was brave enough to sing that song in public under those circumstances. He was begging for his survival and he got it!
    Was hoping David would talk more about himself and what’sup but do appreciate the Vlog.

    • Look like Stefano really likes Gospel and is Grateful to still alive after the accident, so why not thank to God in national TV, he took the risk in a very rude society, i agree with David, he’s very brave and his interpretation sounde very sincere.

  3. Back n Utah singing in his room. Peter may be right about his career being over. Not one bit of real info in this vlog. 😦

    • …..And is back in obsessive AI watching mode. Perhaps he has ‘nothing else better to doooo’ ….Sigh 😦

    • LOL, but the blog is cute with the gorilla……. in the closet lol.

    • I am still hopeful that David just can’t talk about new news yet. I wonder if it feels odd to him after everything to be back at home in Utah watching Idol with his family like he did in high school and junior high? It’s like a time-warp or something!

    • ‘K, so I watched his previous vlog again last night. David said he felt good about the way things were going. He was excited to be able to share more of who he is as an artist with us. He was excited about the direction that he hopes to go with his music now. That was only 2 weeks ago. Does that sound like someone who’s career is over to you?

      Believe me, I know it’s unsettling for him not to mention music or his future in his vlogs. I want to shake him and say, “We just want to know what the heck you’re doing with your life!” lol. But….he gave us alot of information 2 weeks ago, & if he’s in the midst of looking for a label, there probably isn’t much more to say than that right now. And, if he’s anything like my dad, he’s probably thinking, “I already told ’em what’s going on 2 weeks ago. That should really be good enough, I think.” lol.

    • Back in Utah singing in his room? I hope his mama told him he’d better shop around (for a new label).

  4. I have to say on David’s behalf I almost envy the contestants on AI10. I get the sense that with Simon gone there is much more freedom of artistic expression and song choice. I believe I read in Dean Kaelin’s book that on one occasion David considered singing Contigo but decided against it because it was in another language. I also remenber one time in past AI seasons – Mandisa – who is now a well-respected christian singer, dared to sing a gospel song and Simon called it self-indulgent.

    What if David had such freedom then and wasn’t sideswiped by NLythgoe’s quest to promote Cook who redistributed songs David had earmarked to sing…. sigh. I just bet David would have considered a gospel song because he has mentioned on more than one occasion that he’s a fan of Kirk Franklin and Smokie Norful.

    • I love that this season is proving that we can still have an entertaining show without Simon’s nasty comments. I think that the new judges are able to be mostly supportive without being boring.

  5. stupid AI show……Nigel Lythgoe’s lovely comments…….

    “There is a load of crap being discussed all the contestants sing ‘live.’ The show has always been recorded to the West Coast…We are pre-taping for 2 weeks as we have a new Director & new judges. It has nothing to do with manipulation you morons.”

  6. Shanny, I think Jennette McCurdy is totally stalking David (can’t say that I blame the gal), and David’s being nice and friendly.

    Of course, if she’s particularly aggressive, she either will snag him one of these fine days or has done so already!

    She’s trying…

    • Shanny in Australia

      So I gather you’re more inclined to go with the first option I suggested? lolol 😉

      I don’t know who David would go for…..but I tend to think personality and values would come first and looks second….

      • hell0g0rge0us

        Yeah, I guess so! 😀

        Personality and values are what would make a “close bud” for David, but when I said “dream girl,” I’m specifically talking about the kind of gal who would make him go weak in the knees. The kind who would make him do a double take, or when she delivered her “glory note,” would just slay him. He’d be a goner (and for a guy like David, he’d have to be knocked off of his feet to really take someone seriously in terms of romance than just as a friend). That doesn’t mean that David wouldn’t date someone like Jennette, if they had a lot in common personality and values wise, but when he’s ready to get serious, the heart-stopping, knee-weakening attraction will have to be there for him.

        David just strikes me as a closeted passionate Latin guy beneath the Mormon white bread exterior. It would take a certain girl to bring that out, and that’s when he’ll know he’s met “my kind of perfect.”

    • Shamelessly bringing my comments over from a previous thread:

      “I didn’t like Jennette for him at first because of her annoying character on iCarly, but if you read her tweets, she comes off as grounded, funny and smart. She is also vocally talented, understanding of what it takes to be in the public eye and is LDS without being OTT about it. However, his comment about her inviting him to the “Fred” premier as a friend, seemed very sincere, not like he was hiding a romance. Who knows?

      By the way, my theories about his apparent lack of sexual interest are based on some unusual things David has said, not on the fact that he hasn’t had experience. My own husband only had two or three dates, total, before he met me at 20, though he had normal crushes.”

      In one of his most recent interviews, David kept emphasizing that he’d NEVER had a relationship, NEVER had a crush, NEVER NEVER. What is he thinking? Why would he do that? For me, it kind of ruins the fun of shipping him with various girls.

      On the other hand, it really seemed like he must have had a crush on Shawn Johnson, when he mentioned his friends wanting him to try and date her. And just look at the smile on his face when posing with her. (Sorry, I don’t know how and am too lazy to link that photo).

      • P.S. Jennette’s personality makes me think “Parachutes and Airplanes” is written for someone just like her.

  7. I should also add that – despite her best efforts – I don’t really see Jennette as the kind of gal David would go for.

    I’ve always gotten the impression that his dream girl would look something like his mom and who could saaang like nobody’s business.

  8. I picture the girl looking like this one (remember this?) or even like that new AI10 girl – Karen Rodriquez (very cute!) and who recently tweeted (@krodriguezAI10) : “I LOVE DAVID! Wouldn’t it be awesome if we would sing “No Me Queda Mas” together?!”

    • Shanny in Australia

      ROFLOL I love it!!! I was wondering where on youtube that ‘incident’ was supposed to have occured because I had never seen it before. I sure would have liked to know what was going through his mind right then! lol

    • Notice in the YouTube vid how he totally avoids eye contact with her, and giggles so nervously. She looks a little teary-eyed and says something like “I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight”. They would be perfectly adorable-looking together.

      There’s another cute girl early on in San Diego, where he puts both arms around her for a photo, then gets embarrassed and says, “I’m weird”. I’m interpreting all of this as his reaction to how cute these girls are, not as general awkwardness. But I just can’t make this jive with some of his other statements. He’s a mystery.

  9. Wow, looks like I missed quite a discussion for the previous post!

    Um, why is David so actively promoting AI? Is that show really the only thing he has to talk about? He could certainly say some vague statement about moving closer to a record deal, working on the SOF, “pondering” lots of options…please let there be something more going on than watching AI with the fam.

    Thanks for that link, collegemom. The expression on David’s face was priceless! He tries to keep his thoughts and emotions in check, but sometimes he just can’t. A totally different situation, but it reminds me of that brief flash of anger in his eyes during the Christmas interview when Jim Cantiello was a tad bit disrespectful (I still love Jim tho).

    Stefano’s performance was magic; so heartfelt and tender, the emotion he evoked reminded me of Imagine, except the vocals weren’t quite there. I too would love to hear David sing I Need You Now–he’d kill it.

  10. Utahmom I tend to agree with you. I do wonder if there is a reason that David is so actively promoting AI. There might be some connection there other than his being on AI previously. I remain very hopeful that he will sign with a major label and great management and he just can’t say it right now. Maybe it is better not to know if that is not going to I would love to hear David sing I Need You Now. Those type of songs are the direction he should go in.

    • I don’t think there is a particular reason other than David has always been a fan of AI. We know he has watched it from the very first season. He has always tweeted about it but this is probably the first time in awhile that he has actually had the chance to sit down and really watch it. And maybe David is not talking about any career news because he doesn’t have any. He might be finally taking time for himself to figure out what he wants for his life and career. He has never really had that chance since he was on American Idol. I think this a great time for him to make the right decisions for his life since he doesn’t have any obligations to anyone. Probably David did a vlog because of his resolution and because people constantly bug him over and over to do one every day.

  11. Peter: lol

  12. ”I’ve always gotten the impression that his dream girl would look something like his mom and who could saaang like nobody’s business.”

    hmmmm, my sista – is ‘saaaaang’ used here in the literal, or metaphorical sense 🙂

  13. Oh gosh I missed some discussion I guess. I must be in the minority when I say that i’d love to see David date jennette. She’s kind and funny and would lighten him up a bit. She’s also someone who understands his values while navigating through a celeb world that does not.

  14. Adding, also, that I have a daughter with a personality type very like david’s. Artistic, shy, creative, likes starting projects more than finishing. One might think she’s asexual too based on what she put out there, but the truth is she’s just private and shy. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel it. (I see it in her art and in creative writing.)

    I have always wondered why anyone young is asked about crushes or celeb crushes. Those are the sorts of things a person confesses ten years later, when it’s too late to cause embarrassment. I’d have never told an adult about my crushes and most certainly not an interviewer. Do you think the young celebs who do tell are being truthful? I am not so sure…

    • You’re right, media just put too much pressure in youngs artist asking about subjets that this kids don’t even have clear in their minds…..just look the Billboard Interview to JB (Abortion, rape, politics), so very difficult to try to please everybody with an specific answer, because people pick the most little expression and single word to attack and /or make fumn of them…….sad world 😦

  15. So many comments with different thoughts on the subject at hand. How is it possible to agree with so many?

    Is it in the range of possibility thinking to wonder if the highly acclaimed MoTab experiences, plus the Finger wagging from WEG for the previous six months and the week long ( four days of travel) trip to India has caused this downtime?? I believe that tending to the lepers at the age of 20 could have an impact on anyone and perhaps life looks way different now. In time he will be just that much more exceptional a person for all of that, but for now perhaps the clock has


    • ”but for now perhaps the clock has stopped.”

      I don’t think so, i mean he is just in the time where usually young people take decisions about the futur, the age of the first adult crisis according to the psychology , he just realized that he has the power to take that decisions for him self….. and is taking his time to do it and use that right.

      And WEG only work with him 3 month and a half ( since the last week of september) and i don’t count january that was down time for him and most of the people in the business, i don’t think they are responsibles of nothing since they had not time to show his real strengths like manager team, like i said before their only responsability was the handle very bad a twitter account lol:) we never gonna know what a tour with them can be.

      • David had conflict with his management including previous management for six months leading up to the MoTab concerts, about even doing the MoTab concerts. That was pretty straight up news while in SLC.

        In regards to ‘the clock has stopped’, for now for the next while until we have a date or news, there is nothing going on not even in a vlog about his music. So in a sense the clock has stopped.


      • MWEG didn’t want him to do the MOTAB concert? And they wanted him to tour with NKOTBSB. Wow.

  16. HG ”I think Jennette McCurdy is totally stalking David ” LOL , thats sound funny, but i know many of David’s fans think the same.

    And tbh i seriously doubt he has romantic interest right now in any girl, i mean he sound comfortable saving animals in his backyard, playing video games with his sisters, watching Pixar movies and doing blogs in the closet with a gorilla lol ;), clearly he has his ways to avoid the stress of the life, his profession is a big priority for him right now, i don’t think he want to start with something that gonna take away his attention from that….of course in my opinion.

    And about JM match values with David, idk, not only LDS girls can match his values , a lot of girls out there have great values , he even said in an interview in Asia that mormon don’t need to married mormons, in another one he said that latin girls has the family values he want for his own in the futur, and in another one that he’s still so young to think about that….so he cross to me like a guy he want to enjoy his space alone for now.

    Oh and looking his reactions at the Icarly time ,i saw him more attracted for Miranda C in a very cute way that for Jeannette when he’s talking about them, his behaviour with JM are more like polite friends….and Jacky C will be adorable LOL.

    • I also guess that he’s not romancing anyone, but didn’t he say his mom was pressuring him to date more? As a mom of a 20-year old boy, I can relate to wanting my son to find someone and be happy, but I also know 20 is SO young. David himself said that he wasn’t expecting to settle down for 10 more years!

      As a non-LDS person, I thought I’d heard that Mormons are highly discouraged from dating outside the religion– or is that an old-fashioned idea now? I do agree with Tibi that many non-LDS girls can match his values. Did he really say Mormons don’t have to marry Mormons?

      I posted a video on YouTube that I took of David and Charice rehearsing HYAMLC in LA, and acting all cute and awkward, and all of the comments (mostly from the Philippines) were about how much they’re attracted to each other, and how she forgot her place in the duet when they put their arms around each other. I think they’d be adorable together too, but since she’s not Mormon, I think that’s far-fetched.

  17. I think Jennette is Mormon, or at least some of her family is …

  18. Oh, never mind, tibi. I totally read your post wrong. I agree with everything you said.

  19. When I saw Stefano sing his last solo during auditions he gave me the chills. He was sitting at the piano playing and singing with such strength and commitment. I think that he is in it to win and I hope he goes far in the competition. I agree that there are so many talented contestants that all have their own vibe this season. I don’t care who wins at this point. We’ll see how this season plays out. I am not sure if I am seeing right but I saw a little bit of David in some of the contestants delivery of their songs. Stefano closes his eyes too.

    One thing you can’t say about David Archuleta is that he is boring.

  20. hello all, do you think david should work 24-7 and not take time out to watch al. i see why he left jive did you see chris brown naked on the inter net david did not want to be asssheated with that crap, good for him jive is putting a big push on chris uggggg,la is nothing but crap celebs any way david doesent need to be there,he may be working with a new mgr, in uata,for all we know,he desen,t have to tell us everything until it is finalized, it takes some time to set up tours, rant over

  21. Watched the “Decision” vlog again today. David mentioned writing… how he never has given himself the time to write all that is in him…melodies, lyrics…everything. He missed two years of his life with family… now he is taking some time to write and spend time with family. I say BRAVO DAVID! And this vlog about pondering. Do you think he is wasting his time? It is part of the creative process. There is going to be some great work come out of David. He said that there are things coming up…I believe him. He is far from over and I personally feel the very best is yet to come!

    • raelovingangels

      I agree… They say someone can only go 24/7 for 2 or 3 years before it starts to fall apart. At least that is what I learned through some management trainng- when for example an organization is in flux and everyone has to give 110 percent all the time. The body or organizartion just cannot sustain it. Bless David that he has done so much with the tours, writing the bood and many special appearances. We have loved every single minute of livng vicarously through it. But probably better to slow it down a notch so he can go the distance. I think it is the not knowing that he is on course ( what ever course that is right, or seems to be right for David) that is probably making everyone ansy. I feel the decsions vlog was very reassuring. He will get there. We may need to get used to a slower pace- but that may be a good thing also. Some fans may leave- but the core base will stay and other new ones will come as his career moves forward. Time to ponder, think contemplate. I think the message from the ponder video is to us fans- slow down a bit… all in good time… 🙂

      • yeah….we are so dang spoiled! I know I need to slow down… ponder a bit…. appreciate life more… So looking forward to hear what comes out of David!

  22. I totally agree with the down time–how many of us that would find ourselves in a career move i.e.– changing companies or jobs would rush into such important life changing decisions. We would take our time and evaluate everything before we made our move. Why jump from the frying pan into the fire. So David you ponder all you want–ask questions-seek advice-listen to your gut, and knowing David pray.

    He is also very aware of the time line and the need to not drag it out for a very long time–

    • David is aware…he knows exactly what he is doing and as far as I am concerned I am going to “Trust the Archuleta!”

  23. I am so sorry it looks like I am spamming! BUT… I love this article and it gives me hope for Davids future.. real artists receiving recognition! It’s about time!

  24. David who?

  25. Ugh. Go back and look at the vid of David singing most of what he sang on Idol and most of what he sang afterward, Peter. Then say, David who, okay?

  26. Does that mean your moving on Peter? …or is that a dig?

  27. Relax, please. I was kidding. David’s pondering seems to be making people juuuuuuust a little tense…

    • That depends of the kind of ‘David’s Pondering’ , if is the pre-release TOSOD ”pondering”…..well 😦 , if is the kind of ‘David’s Pondering’ that take the person to go with the flow or the opportunity of the moment ..well 😦 , but if is the kind of ‘David’s Pondering’ where the final word is the result of a strategic plan to grow like person and artist and , where the goals are clear at least, then 🙂 ……..but again i guess with David nobody never know lol………he is just impredictable 😉

  28. Sandybeaches-Was that the label or management?re: MoTab. I think Motab was all set by the time WEG was hired. Makes me wonder if David’s decision to leave Jive was related. I remember the
    Administrator of MOTAB said they has been trying for a few years to get David and that there were difficulties because of his contracts but finally were fortunate to get David.

    • I read the comment about the MOTAB concert, but i understand was more about some legal formalities, since he didn’t have management at the time they approached him……….then is normal to me that WEG wanted to give legal advise about conditions and money before to confirm, and i’m sure MoTab director knows how that works and i don’t think he’s offended at all, is just the difference between to do something in an amateur way and professional way ;)…………i just think some people are a little sensitive about the subjet since is the MoTab choir, but i’m glad he had professional help even for that kind of gigs, by then and i hope for the futur, that teach to the people that even if he is a nice young guy, they need to follow some rules to use his image and name or demande his presence……is very well know that some people , fans include think they can use his name in many ways without his autorisation……..and that can be abusive at the end, even if the first intentions were not…..just saying .

    • I believe Heidijoy that we are talking about the label. I was going to correct that mistake. It was a contract restraint that did not include something like the MoTabs. Is that accurate? Not a good place for an error.

  29. Peter again lol

  30. I still kind of wonder about a universal label for David because 19/AI is now with them. I am not sure if David is released from the AI/19R contract too just because he left jive. Maybe he is. Just guessing. I think David needs professional management even if it did not work out with WEG but they are going to want to get paid.

    • ”but they are going to want to get paid.”

      then they will find good gigs for David if they want to do money, i guess is the principle in the busines…..boy! even the amateur , or the non formal or familly management would want to make some money… normal, the point is to make enought for both of the David and Mngm.

  31. SB What the director said was something to the effect that they had been trying to get David for a few years and due to something re: contracts it was difficult and they finally worked it out. He said David was just that much better of a singer now and they were very happy to have him. ( I’ve wondered if David’s decision to leave Jive started then???? ) Too much pondering. ha!

    • Shanny in Australia

      I thought they said they wanted to get him straight after AI but he had scheduling conflicts and the AI tour.

  32. I remember him saying they had been trying for a few years since American Idol but since he was under contract there were some difficulties. It’s probably on tape with the interview when they first announced he was selected and again on his press interviews during MoTab. I don’t care to look for them. We could both be right! Shanny since he was under contract in both instances.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Heidi – yeah I’m the same – not bothered enough to look. lol I think we’re all just glad he got there in the end. Actually – from what you said about the MoTab experience influencing his decisions with Jive… has got me thinking a little… it would be strange for David to NOT have done some pondering about his future career direction after that event. It appeared to be quite a touching and profound experience for everyone involved and then he met with President Monson a couple of times through it. I’m not saying that President Monson told him what direction to take in his career – just that the whole deal would have probably been quite a spiritual experience for David and helped him to see even more clearly than before, what his music can do for people and the opportuniites and blessings he can receive from it himself…..anyway I’m rambling now….but it makes me even more curious where David might take us next.

  33. Yes that was such a profound experience for David and us. It was quite a spiritual experience and hard to even put into words. I was so proud of David and feel it was a Once in a Lifetime experience. I can’t wait until the next chapter. I hear the DVD and CD will be out in August. To be 19 and the featured singer with MoTab blows my mind and shows how much they think ofDavid. Peace!

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