Being 20: Spotlight on Eva Cassidy

As we celebrate the third anniversary of David’s “Imagine” this week, it is only fair that I spotlight Eva Cassidy, the songstress who only achieved fame after her premature death at the age of 33 in 1996.  She had died of cancer at such a young age, and still, she left a poignant legacy that is felt today by any true and devoted David Archuleta fan.

It was a young David, who was introduced to her “Fields of Gold” recording at the Winter 2002 Olympics, when Michelle Kwan skated to this ethereal music, and who would later find inspiration from Eva’s own signature take on John Lennon’s classic.

When Eva Cassidy was 20 years old, she sang and played guitar during the summer at the Wild World theme park.  She was painfully shy (um… sounds familiar?), but her love of singing helped her transcend her fears of performing in front of strangers.  She continued to work with several bands and played at local pubs in the Washington D.C. area before she graced the stage of the legendary jazz club, Blues Alley, and partnered with a blues legend, Chuck Brown, who was thoroughly amazed at this “white girl schooling him on the blues.”

It wasn’t until she was 30 years old that a major label, Blue Note, tried to sign her, but Eva Cassidy refused to compromise her versatility as the label wanted to pigeonhole her as a “jazz singer” when Eva sang all sorts of genres: jazz, blues, gospel, standards, even a bit of pop (despite her disinterest in singing “pop crap,” she gives Cyndi Lauper a run for her money with her brilliant cover of “Time After Time“).  Sadly, Blue Note couldn’t correct their mistake as, three years later, Eva died of melanoma.  Her friends and family put on a special concert in her honor, in which she sang in public for the last time to a grateful crowd a stunning delivery of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World.”

As things go, we always have to wait for folks across the pond – in Britain to be specific – to launch her fame, where radio programmers have control over their playlists and music folks have a healthy appreciation for America’s founding musical genres: blues, jazz, rock.  It would take a special program on ABC’s Nightline about “The Eva Cassidy Story” in 2001 to really launch her name in the U.S.

Watch this and weep:

Somewhere between John Lennon’s worldwide legendary status and Eva Cassidy’s own underground status before she broke into the mainstream posthumously, David might fall in the middle.  Of course, he always has the potential to break the mold and surprise everyone.  Exhibit A: his take on “Imagine,” all three versions performed on Idol.

Thank the heavens for John and Eva and their influence on The Voice.


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  1. hell0g0rge0us

    OT, but David wants to know what our thoughts were on AI last night, and I tweeted back to him:

    “Nothing Compares 2 U.”

    Remember Sinead O’Connor’s take on Prince’s song?

  2. Watched Idol last night and I agree NOBODY COMPARES TO DAVID.

    I did see some voices that I could see going somewhere. James, Jacob, Scotty and Casey have good voices, imho. James and Jacob would benefit from a little bit of restraint and control but the rawness and power are unmistakeable. Scotty needs to throw a little bit more spark into his performance but I could see him doing George Strait type stuff (btw, I think George Strait is hot!). And Casey, wow, I would love to have seen him in one of those Sixth Street clubs in Austin. Man, I love his style (who knew I liked sexy bearded dudes). I think anybody with a voice like that who can play that bass has to get his show on the road. Too bad he’ll miss South by Southwest (SXSW) this year.

    And on a further ramble, while channel surfing yesterday, I caught a little bit of the younger Jonas brother performing live and I almost yakked! I don’t know where he was but he has no voice and to add to that he had to knock down the standing microphone in order to divert attention from the fact that he has no voice. Geesh!! I am am close to upchucking just thinking about it. Sorry, if there are any Jonas fans out there.

    On a more positive David note, he does sound happy in his tweets. Wondering what he has up his sleeve? Aaiiiyyy!! I am hurting so bad. Thanks HG for the memory tickle. I have decided today to check out We Can Work It Out- Studio Version and some more Eva Cassidy as my impatient selfish little heart is becoming more and more of an issue. #/#

  3. Sorry, and please forgive me HG I maybe losing my mind. But as I was making my way to my targeted videos for today, I stumbled on this (I almost can’t even type after this). It was a message to me straight from David and if you choose to watch this video, you will understand why I find it difficult to type or even put a sentence together. Enjoy! ha ha 🙂

    • Oh, my, I always get distracted by these videos of David’s live performances. There is NOTHING like a DA concert – nothing.

  4. HG I’m really enjoying this series. Eva’s story of staying true to herself gave me more understanding of what David is going through as he made his decision to look @ other options vs. Jive. Good for him for being so strong rather than take the popular route. I’m so anxious to see what his plans are. Thanks takingthe time to help us understand what David might be going through @ age 20.
    Watched the Don’t Let Go video Comolaflor!! Wow! Such passion.

  5. raelovingangels


  6. raelovingangels

    HG: Gotta hand it to you, This series is brillant, inciteful and calming to those who worry. Sadly we have gotten use to instant everything in our society. Guess it started with drive through fast food eh? All in good time… 🙂 for a strong foundation.

  7. Yep. I wanted to say thanks to HG, too, for putting this series together. I’ve never followed an artist before, and am normally only interested in Christian contemporary artists, so I had no idea of the “music milestones” that other artists have had. It does help put things in perspective.

  8. Como, I’m with you–James, Scotty, Jacob and Casey stood out to me too. Everyone else was, meh. It was a better start than the last 2 years of AI (at least so far). David didn’t completely blow me away until Imagine, so I guess I can give them one more week.

    Sinead was quite a blast from the past. Except that song was so over played, I remember being so sick of it at the time! Wish that would happen to one of David’s songs…maybe someday.

    And time for some totally unsubstantiated speculation–think all of David’s supportive AI tweets mean something behind the scenes is going on? Instead of distancing himself from AI, he’s promoting it. Maybe he’s talking to UMG? Or an appearance is in the works? Or maybe the archudrought is getting to me…

  9. HG,
    Words fail me…this is sooo moving. I had only heard bits and pieces of her story before but Nightline really put it all in perspective for me. David Archuleta mentioned her first and the rest is history for this fanbase. What does it say about an artist we already hold in high regard? Anything he wants to do from here on out I will support because he only wants to sing or write about the things he connects to the most. To use a pun from Rae – This is an exercise in digesting organic and whole food, not fast food.

  10. I have wondered about all of David’s AI tweets too. It is going to be very interesting to hear what David is going to do.

  11. Check FOD for BIG NEWS!!!

  12. hell0g0rge0us

    Um, so I went to FOD, and saw some anticipation for some tours coming up, but unless I overlooked something, what’s the “BIG NEWS”?

    For me, BIG NEWS!!! translates to: David just signed to a new label!!!

    Sorry if that makes me narrow in my focus…

  13. @JennyFOD tweeted that there are lots of gigs coming up, lots of irons in the fire and international travel to be announced soon. Many, prior to this news worried that there was only the July 2 event in Utah and before that wondered about many possibilities. So one tweet such as Jenny’s was enough to get many excited. Ha!
    That’s why your series is so calming!

  14. I agree hg. I would hope the news would be that David signed to a new label and new management. I am not so sure about the news if it is not that.

  15. From her past tweets to David I had the impression that Kari (Kariontour) is still working for David so it’s not a big surprise for me that he’s going to do shows but it’s still exciting to know for sure (I thought there weren’t any VRS anymore, I was wrong about that lol). As a European fan, it’s not as exciting for me but I’d love it if he can open or coheadline with someone who is not a disney starlette or a former boys band. It will probably be small shows …

    I, too, want to hear about a new label and new management !

  16. Me too i still hoping for news about a professional and with contacts management team, a MENTOR for him , PLEASE!. But looks like the VRS started to work again in this post-WEG era, so i don’t gonna be excited for now . 😐

    Tour new can be good news especially if he’s going to Asia, his fans there deserve his attention, so i’ll be happy for them 🙂

  17. I said no comment but I can’t help to say what I think lol

    When David said in his last vlog that we will know in due time, I didn’t know he meant FOD would give the info ! He recently said that communication is key, that makes me laugh now lol. It’s cool to know that he’ll do some gigs but I want to know it from an official source like David’s twitter or the OS or his facebook ! We were mad at Melinda for leaking info when she had no right to do it. It’s (almost) the same with this VRS. They should just let David announce the things about his career, that’s just not professional IMO.

    • That is true, this same fans who never liked Melinda because her tweets with extra information, because she was a woman hanging out too much David lol ,and because she was not from some special state in US, are the ones celebrating the news from the VRS…….twhat selective ethics points uh?

  18. I agree!!!!lol

  19. I very much agree that it isn’t professional to be giving information to a fansite and having them relay the information. I agree it should be coming from an official site. But I don’t think that David meant in his vlog that FOD would give out info. It wouldn’t surprise me if David doesn’t even know that someone is giving information to FOD. David never seemed to me like he was about leaking information. He has never announced anything before it was official.

    • I know he didn’t mean that FOD would give out info lol It was just a snarky remark but English is not my first language so I should avoid it in the future lol.

  20. hell0g0rge0us

    What a difference a night makes! I’m watching the girls tonight on Idol, and they’re miles better than the boys.

    Does this mean we’ll finally get a girl winner this year?

    Loved Karen Rodriguez’s Spanglish version of “Hero” and love the tone in Kendra Chantelle’s voice.

    It’ll be interesting to see who moves on to the Top 10.

  21. I really like Karen and Kendra. I think facebook or an official site is the way to go for giving out any information on David’s career.

  22. Okay guys, I’m slow. What’s a VRS?

  23. ok – popping in – that’s a good one (WASIH/SIAN)!! (and I agree, she was)

  24. Not surprised that the VRS has popped up again since it looks like David is planning to spend quite a bit of time in Utah. sigh.

  25. The Nightline clip is very touching. I’m glad that Eva’s music lives on. I’ve read that Leona Lewis is a fan of Eva’s too.

  26. I just looked at the FOD music survey results. I guess I’m the only fan that thought Smoky Mountain Memories exemplified the essence of David. 😦

  27. That survey was really just had a small number of people voting on it. I don’t think it included the opinions of a lot of David’s fans. It sure did not include his younger fans which he should still try to keep, Still hoping for new label news.

  28. Do you think that the father is managing David again, now that info is coming through the same channel as before?

    • I wouldn’t be surprised

    • That thought makes me panic a little cuz if that happens, it makes me doubt that David can succeed in the music industry, and I want to see him go far. If David meant what he said about being in control of his life, then it wouldn’t make sense to put his dad in control over a large part of his career, especially since #manincap’s track record in business and professionalism is dismal. I hope the resurgence of VRS is a blip. And I hope his leaving LA for awhile means that he already has a deal with real management and a real label in the works.

      • Well, I could be wrong. But my thinking (and my hope) is that maybe his family is stepping in during the interim until he gets professional management, and they’re just trying to help us feel better about things until “real” management’s in place. If that’s the case, I wouldn’t expect them to say who they are, and they probably feel most comfortable using the fansites…

  29. So, it’s WCSCT, after all? Bah.

    (Worst-Case Scenario Come True)

    • “I know something you don’t know. I just can’t tell you now but don’t worry you’ll know soon too”. Lol !
      You know what I really don’t like about the VRS, it’s that it just generates more questions and speculation. Why can’t we know who is the source, why is everything always so secretive. I’m like every other fan, I want to know about what’s going on but I don’t want to hear it from another fan who has inside infos. I want to hear it from David or his professional team. Amateurism is what hurts David’s career the most IMO. His dad is not a professional and his public image is really bad. I don’t know how he can help David (in a professional way) with his career. But I don’t think he’s managed by his dad again, it’s not the impression I got from his last vlog.

      • Again i just hope he’s gonna pick professional help to push his career, if a career is that what he really wants, of course.

      • I completely agree with about the amateurism.

      • Totally agree cmoi. Although, we really don’t know the circumstances behind the leaks. Maybe nothing was supposed to be shared, but excitement can overtake judgment in the best of us. However, there’s a history of leaks, so it does appear that this is being used as a method of communication.

        Using a fan as way of communicating is lazy, clueless and unprofessional. It wouldn’t be hard to post the same info on David’s facebook, or let him tweet it himself.

  30. ‘It wouldn’t be hard to post the same info on David’s facebook, or let him tweet it himself.’

    VRS usually share what he/she/they/it don’t should share, i pretty sure David don’t know about this leaks informations , happened in the past btw(at least i wish he’s not conscious about); this is more about some people and fansites trying to gain some protagonisme , the same with the music survey that someone can read lol…….would be so ODD just to imagine David is going back to his ‘amateurism’ to handle his career , instead of show more progress………like i said the WRONG thing with this situation is that they are portraying a different David to the one himself is proclaiming to be from now , taking control of his life and career………..IDK at the end maybe we’re just going to far with our imagination LOL

    • like i said the WRONG thing with this situation is that they are portraying a different David to the one himself is proclaiming to be from now , taking control of his life and career


      What they should leak is that he has a new label and new management.

      *Crickets chirping*

    • My point was that since there’s a long history of this happening, then Team David or whoever is okay with using this as a form of communication, or else it would have stopped a long time ago. It fits the old amateurish pattern of management. I agree, though, that David probably doesn’t know about the leaks until afterward. If this VRS wants the information out there, then it should be done without anonymously using a fan, or not at all, even if they’re just trying to be helpful. That’s just how I see it.

      I appreciate your viewpoints too, Tibi, and I understand your concerns. Maybe your take on it is more accurate, idk. So the VRS is either being too buddy-buddy with a fansite or is very unprofessional. Either way, shame on the VRS, whoever he/she/they/it are.

    • I agree Utahmom.
      I will always find the expression “team David” funny lol. I just don’t think it’s a “team”, they seem to do their things separetly, in their corner. A team would mean coordination confidence etc… All I see, since the beginning of D’s career, are personal interests, disorganisation, lack of professionnalism. I don’t think there’s a “team David” this time like when he was managed by his dad. IMO, it’s just overzealousness (excès de zèle ?), someone who thinks he’s doing something good for the fans. It’s amateurish but we are used to it by now. Things can only change for the best now that it seems that the fans are resistant to this way of doing. (and I don’t think David knows about the VRS).

  31. boy no matter what david does you guys are never satfied,fod site was started by one of davids good friends who is very close to david ,they may be doing this on ther one to stop the fans fears that he has nothing comeing up,and he does but cant tell right now,

    • OK, ‘No matter what David does?’ I’m sure David has nothing to do with this leaked information , i mean his mom is very close to him and she didn’t knew about the 2 july gig on Utah, so go figure at what point David is cautious with the information he want to share , and Second one David good/close friend? i seriously doubt that, not long time ago some familly member said a very different thing about that……just saying 😉

    • Just to clarify; FOD was started by Richard Parkinson, who is one of Jeff’s good friends, not David’s: big difference. Plus, Richard appears to have very little to do with the site these days anyway. He just shows up when there’s drama.

    • “they may be doing this on ther one to stop the fans fears that he has nothing comeing up,and he does but cant tell right now”. LOL ! So, a secret source can leak infos that David can’t talk about ? How is this acceptable ? Also, about the “fans fears”, David already did a vlog !

      I have nothing against FOD. It’s a good fansite and I think it’s important that the fansites are still there even when nothing is going on in David’s career. The thing is that a fansite shouldn’t operate like an official site, it can do a lot of harm to the person they support because all the infos about David’s career should be handled professionaly with official statements in an official site. If it’s not the case, it would be difficult for the fans to do the difference between official infos and rumours or speculation. There should be a definite line that is more difficult to establish in a fansite. This is just my opinion, of course.

  32. Great post. David has been a big supporter of Eva. BTW – There is a brand new CD of Eva’s music whoch has just been released. Entitled SIMPLY EVA it is all acoustic – just Eva and her guitar. The last song on the album is done a capella and showcases Eva’s ability to be completely accurate with her pitch and vocal phrasing. Here is a link to listen (it’s only one verse – so its short) Thanks again for your wonderful post. -Scott

  33. Thank you Martlet530 for the info! we have become fond of EVA through David. Hg has this series to show us what other artists were doing with their careers @ age 20 and beyond. Nice to know that she has a new CD.

  34. this tweet made me happy :”I’ve been into listening to more oldies/old-school music lately. There’s some good stuff from back in those days!”. I hope he’ll be inspired by the music he’s listening to !

  35. I really liked David’s tweets today. They seemed to be very positive. He seems happy. I really think we might hear some good news soon. I have to believe that David is getting many good offers from different labels and management companies.

  36. hell0g0rge0us

    Smokie Norful’s “I Need You Now” is one of my favorite gospels! Man, Stefano KILLED it tonight! This Wild Card competition is already off the charts! I don’t envy the judges…

  37. Did you all notice a tweet from LadyVMusic:

    Ok I’m not being a hater but can someone explain how kim kardash has a deal when she can’t sing and @DavidArchie doesn’t when he’s amazing!
    about 22 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

    Ryan Seacrest is pushing Kim Kardasian’s song (who can’t sing) on his radio show, but wouldn’t give David the time of day.

      • Yes, I knew he was behind the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but now he has Kim doing a single & he had her debut it on his radio show.
        It is definitely not about talent with Seacrest. It is all about $$$

    • Worse than that, all the radio stations connected with Ryan Show played the debut of the Kim K song, I just can’t believe this joke :/

    • OK, i just said my Virgin Radio Station that is part of Ryan domain, played the the debut of Kim song yesterday and i was so upset than even sent them a message lol……….. so each night they do an ‘Smash’ or ‘Trash’ they put two new songs and people vote for they favorite, but tonight they did and ‘Trash’ or ‘Trash’ LOL, with Kim K and Paris H songs ha, ha, and this is the results via twitter :
      ”You voted “Turn It Up” (Kim song )The Worst song – It’s been destroyed, never to be heard of again. ” LOL 😉 ……at least they know the song is garbage 🙂

  38. Whew! Stefano and Naima made it through! Woo hoo!!!!!!

    I’m liking this group of finalists! 🙂

    Wonder what David thinks.

  39. I really like this group of finalists. I think they are a very diverse group. Seacrest is totally all about the money.

  40. When David tweets, his little orange picture puts a huge smile on my face. The mere mention of money hungry Seacrest does just the opposite. 😉

    I like all the AI top 13. The judges are offering some really good advice but on occasion, they are too nice.

  41. David was at Jimmy Osmond’s studio today. I am wondering if he’s going to an LDS manager and will be working with a Utah-based team.

    • well, that’s not a good sign, IMO…!

    • Too much to say, if that is true, that better don’t say anything……….i guess at this point i really have not clue what kind of person David is, i have high expectations about his expected ‘Smart Decisions, ‘we’ll see what’s gonna happen, and what new worries or hapiness this decisions gonnab ring to the already very tired but loyal fanbase .

  42. I don’t think he was at Jimmy Osmond’s studio. At least it didn’t sound that way from the tweet. The girl tweeted that David was at her dad’s studio and that he was meeting Jimmy Osmond. I saw a tweet that Jimmy Osmond had produced the Stadium of Fire show before so maybe it was something to do with that.

    • Um..”TanikaRoseABit: So David Archuleta is chilling out in my dad’s studio right now. In case anyone was wondering.”

      Gulp. No, David. Just…no.

    • Jimmy Osmond definitely is a producer of the Stadium of Fire show, so that would explain meeting with him. I know it’s easy to get nervous hearing about David hanging out at a Utah studio instead of LA or Nashville, but it sounds like a low key thing. I don’t recall anyone being upset about David jamming with Benton Paul, and the Kurt Bestor collaboration produced some great music. This could be a good thing, or turn out to mean nothing at all. At least that’s my hope.

      Tibi, you summed it up, we are a “very tired but loyal fanbase”.

  43. Blah. I agree with Tibi.

  44. So, speculated about VRS, supposed upcoming events and now the possible re-emergence of TEDA -Team David.

    When will enough be just too much for the remaining fanbase? Which straw will break your camel’s back?

    Tibi says it best – we are tired but loyal, however each day now brings worries or happiness. Talk about an elevator ride. Fans of David either have the option to ‘disco with the flow’ or just worry yourself sick.
    Great huh? Just Great.

    David really needs to say more soon and quick. We can wait for the music but it sure would be nice to know that some entity will record his music and another one manage his career. Sure he has his whole life ahead of him to live but fans are dying from the archudrought of factual information. I think we are owed at least that piece of mind. Shoot!

    • hell0g0rge0us

      If David’s not worrying and busy tweeting about something as trifling as Idol, then neither should we. I’m giving up the hand-wringing (there’s a reason why I’m doing a “Being 20” series, y’all!).

    • IMO, he should address the label situation and communicate through his official website.

  45. I just wish David had a decent official website. lol I will never understand why the OS was not maintained better. Big mistake. I think maybe that was jive’s fault. hg Good thing you are doing this series. I don’t know when we will get news at this point.

  46. never going to happen peter… a kind of rhetorical question here…. why would we [now] begin to expect david to be more forthcoming and transparent in sharing the real time goings on in his career, let alone his life. he never has up to this point, and he never will. this is a guy who is on record stating that he hates self promotion, who hasn’t in the past shown a consistency or desire to use twitter or the os, or his facebook, or even his vlogs and blogs to pass info down firsthand, or to promote himself. i’m just going over what we know to be true, i’m not knocking him. david has set a precedent and pattern here…jmo, but any fan that by this late date who didn’t know that david’s first allegiance is to serving his god, his family, his faith, and all that comes along with that has been willfully blind, or in a state of denial so persistent it’s scary. i think what is happening is the gulf or chasm that exists, and most likely has always existed, between fan expectation and projection of who they[think] david is or was, and the expectation of the kind of career they wanted for him is being brought to the surface, in very sharp focus. it’s uncomfortable for many people, this waiting, the unknown – but like hg, i am not hand wringing, i’m focusing my energy elsewhere while david takes his time figuring out the next step in his career. regardless how i or any fan may feel, it just makes sense that he would hunker down in utah, around people he has known and feels comfortable around during this time. the implications that may have careerwise – dunno. i’ll just have to let the future take care of the future. those of us more worldly and jaded and cynical can be driven to distraction by what seems to be inertia, the perceived lack of movement in getting his career back firing on all cylinders… i kinda shrug, and say – that’s david, david’s way. he has shown us who he is, many, many times… have we, as a fanbase, really been paying attention… he is in the driver’s seat regarding his career, so i will occupy my mind and life with other things while he figures his next step out… peace.

    • I’m not wringing my hands, and I’m not invested enough in this to have expectations. I think he’s exceptionally talented, and some info about his career would be nice. That’s all.

      Personally, I think that, without professional management, his career will be over soon.

      • Perhaps in mainstream circles his career could be over, but I don’t think in the LDS circles. I wonder if he will sign with an LDS label and go with management from within the church?

  47. i’m not disagreeing with you there peter re pro mgmt, and all the implications inherent there. i’m just saying how could or can we expect there to be a change in the way we get information from him, or his ”team” – and i use that term loosely, when there is nothing in the past history to indicate there would be… i’m kinda surprised that there is a lot of surprise in david land that this is occurring – hello, lolol… the default position for team david has always been the ‘vrs’s’, so there ya go. we’d all like to have more timely and [relevant] career or professional info, in real time, but looking at past history to help form an opinion… let’s say it doesn’t give me confidence this is something that is changing anytime soon. ymmv, and all that rot.

  48. tsk, tsk peter – don’t play coy – we are all, and have all been invested in david career – how could we not, with a talent like his just so apparent. if we were not invested, then why after 3 years are we all still here – david has left his mark and a deep impression on us all, and whether some of us are batshyte, svrb ! fanatic fan ott about it, or play the ”too cool for school” card in our appreciation for david, it’s all good. it’s all good. don’t try fronting about the investment in this dude, cause we all have that, in different degrees. 🙂

    oh –

    • You don’t know me. I don’t know you. We don’t know David Archuleta.

      But it will be interesting to see what happens next.

      • david has left a ‘blueprint’ over the course of 3 years in matters regarding self promotion, communication, etc that is pretty easy to follow… it gives us an audit trail to analyze to make best guesstimates about how a lot of things in that arena may play out. and up to this moment, for me, it’s par for the course. things can change, i hope they will, but i must begin seeing some real evidence of that before i stamp the blueprint as outdated. i have no prob admitting that i had some pretty large expectations of where i thought david would be by now careerwise, the kind of career he would be maintaining by now since first hearing him sing in 2008. yep, guilty as charged of the expectation/projection thing. i’ve also taken a lot of time examining those pesky little things, and have been managing them and scaling them back to more realistic proportions as time and circumstances have unfolded. if some of us are honest, we have all done the same thing. this fanbase has compared /contrasted him to everyone from elvis to paul anka and beyond, people want to hear him sing in this style/genre or the other, some want him to revert back to the david from idol, some want him to take a more edgy, rnb/soulful approach – it seems everyone has had their own private or personal expectations of him, and i’d wager have at one time or another projected their own personal pr private wishes/dreams etc onto him. that is a lot for anyone to handle, let alone a veritable 17 yr old kid now 20 year old grown man from murray utah. david has told us in countless interviews that he never expected to go as far as he has, and i’m beginning to feel that some parts of this whole experience has been overwhelming to him – the expectations from the label, management, media, fans, etc.

        if he is using this time to do some regrouping, some serious soul searching in order to figure out the next step, i wouldn’t blame him. as much as i want to hear him sing live again, as much as i’d like to see him singing all over the place, if that isn’t something he chooses to get back into quickly, i must accept that. i am learning to accept what he wants, and what he may not want, what he does on his terms, up to and including walking away from this business for a spell if he chooses. i can’t get so caught up emotionally or let whatever expectations i may cling to blind me to the different options he may choose that could turn into reality. he’s doing this thing his way, right or wrong, and my hope is that whatever happens, he lands on his feet, and remains happy, and true to himself. his life will go on, as will mine, and all of ours, i’m sure…

      • yep – and i’m content to keep it that way 🙂

  49. I’m not hand-wringing and I’m all about David taking time to figure out the next steps of his career. I think that David has the time to figure out what he really wants to do now that he has no obligations to anyone. He has the time to reflect and figure out naturally what musical direction to go in and what type of career he wants to have. I’m all for that. I don’t need to know any behind the scenes business deals he is up to. I want to know. I admit that, but I know its not my business.

    But let me say. I have always had issues with David’s lack of self-promotion. I’ve had issues with the way he uses twitter and the way the OS was not updated. The way that he has handled his career and the decisions that he has made have not always been the best and have lead him to the place that he is now. He shares some responsibility for some of his failures. There is always been a lack of professionalism every since he was on American Idol. That is a problem. I don’t think this is a problem because of fan expectation or projection of who I think David is. Or any type of expectation of the career that I want David to have. I don’t want David to be a superstar. I’ve never thought he was going to be one. All I want for David is to be able to have a career making music for as long as he wants. I want him to be able to support himself with his music . Not have to get another job to supplement his career. And even little indie artists self-promote. Even they use their twitter properly and promote upcoming events they have and don’t wait until the day of to mention they will be somewhere. Even indie artists update their official sites. Those promotional tools are important. Even indie artists use proper channels to inform fans of events they have upcoming.

    David himself indicated in a tweet and in a vlog how important communication is. And I agree with him. His lack of communication has been a big problem. And I don’t see him changing that at this point even though he just mentioned it. I don’t think he needs to be communicating about his business deals. That is not our business. But why he hasn’t mentioned anything about Stadium of Fire, when it has been officially announced, I don’t understand. Where is the communication that he talked about? I’m quite sure there are many people who follow him on twitter that don’t know about that event. He should have already tweeted about it and that the tickets are on sale. That is what an artist does whether they are big or small. That is a part of the job. We all have things we don’t like doing in our jobs but we know we have to do them because they are a vital and necessary part of the job. That is what self promotion is for an artist. How is an artist going to get people to buy their albums or attend events if they don’t promote it? How are they going to make money to continue to make albums and perform at shows if they don’t promote?

    It is up to David to decide how he wants to handle these things and he will have to deal with the consequences. But just because people have issues with how David deals with his career doesn’t mean they have fan expectations or projections.

    • Thank you Kris, you wrote exactly what I think but without being able to express it correctly in English. ITA with your entire comment !

      “just because people have issues with how David deals with his career doesn’t mean they have fan expectations or projections”.

    • Kris – totally agree! Of course, we do not have a right to know intimate deal-making decisions. However, fans want to know that David can record somewhere, is being managed carefully, and his products promoted effectively. After all, what would be the point of it all? If he wished to stay in his room and write music for the rest of his life then he would not have taken baby steps toward this very public career by auditioning for AIdol in front of millions of viewers.

      To me – Expectations and wanting to know general basic information of his well-being are not alike in the least.

  50. I agree that we can’t say right now that his career is over, too many factors to have in consideration before to say that at this point. But all this series give to us the ilusion/idea that at some point with the maturity of the person a new start is in order to come, with more wise decisions and some signals of real independence……sadly for us , all the speculation/rumors point a very different direction, obviously is just speculation and is fun sometimes and even inevitable, specially with the lack of comunication from his part, you just can’t stop wonder what going on and what gonna happen , and i’m not shame to feel that way, after all i support this guy since three years ago, and clearly i have expectations about his career, is because that i’m decided to support him, because i thought and i’m stil thinking he has a big potential and bright futur like artist.
    Now obviously we have alls a life and responsabilities , doesn’t mean we can’t ask about what’s gonna happen with his career, i’m seriously doubt he’s gonna pick a full LDS team to handle his career, i mean why to blend business and religion at this point ? ….i mean that would bring a very new set of questions about what his intentions are or whatt is his definition of independence, IDK just wondering again, not offense intended . 🙂

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