Anticipation, Anticipation

Kinda curious to see what others’ thoughts are on David’s next big challenge, so please take the poll and vote! 🙂

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  1. Via The Voice. Very informative:

  2. good news !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    snarky Archies returned, I’m glad.

  3. Snarky’s is back? That’s great! This week has been full of good things.

  4. Longer version (Kendra is hello, gorgeous!):

  5. Full Press Conference about The Stadium of Fire performances coming up July 2:

  6. Rotfl. I think David missed his calling. He’s always just hilarious without even trying to be: “I gave Brad Paisley this flip thing *hand motions*…whaddya call that thing with their name on it?” Oh…David.

    As for the survey, I chose “Performing Live, Wherever and Whenever”. Yes, he needs to get with a label very soon, I feel. That’d be my 2nd choice. But it’s the live performances that get people fired up and build the anticipation and momentum again. And it’s the live performances that remind people that he exists and help him gain new fans.

  7. Yesterday, my response was “sign to a new label”. After listening to the “getting dropped” video, I’d like for his next big step to be networking with others in the profession and really thinking through what is required on his end to ultimately reach the goals he’s set for himself.

    Woohoo for Stadium of Fire!

  8. I hope is new management (that i think is priority) or tour news and not random appearances around his usual locations, because i really think he should make a tour in Asia, fans there deserve his attention and that market is probably the one that gonna help him to stay relevant for now and until he can release new music with a new label. Again people love him, but he need to offert something to maintain the excitement of that very hard working fans , so i hope he thought this when he left WEG.

  9. desertrat-“I’d like for his next big step to be networking with others in the profession and really thinking through what is required on his end to ultimately reach the goals he’s set for himself. ”

    I agree with you. I know there is always that fear that his fans will move on but David needs the time to frame the next stage of his career.

    I spoke yesterday of David’s challenges in writing new material that will more clearly point the way for his next phase but I did not speak of my gratitude and appreciation for the work he has done to date. I am one of those who if I went blind tomorrow could live on just David’s voice. I would just need him singing and that is all. I have been stuck in my own home due to a temporary medical issue. I was able to drive myself down to the store for the first time last night and I played TOSOD on my car stereo full blast as I was driving down the road. This new album is full of songs that people can relate to. All I am saying is that if David digs a little deeper he is sure to be able to relate to even more of the public. So I guess I will hope that he will do some live performances of TOSOD in the meantime till his next cd or single.

    • I agree with desertrat and comolaflor. I don’t know what stage David is at. He may already be talking with labels and managers. He may not. I do agree that he needs to take the time to really figure out what direction he wants to go in. Where does he want his career to go. What type of artist he wants to be. What does he need to do to make that happen. He has the time now to really reflect on those things. Once he has those things figured out then he needs to make a wise choice as to what management company is the best at guiding his career in the direction he wants it to take. Then that management company could help him to find a label. I think its best to take the time and not rush into anything.

  10. From the Poll:
    New Label is important but he can only make and release one CD every one or two year.
    TV appearance is also good but needs a reputable Management Company to do the deal, especially high rating TV shows.

    So signing to a new Management is more important. They can arrange his activities outside music too. Kelly Pickler only has less than three CDs but she’s on Elen’s show more than 5 times.

  11. So, most folks according to the poll, want David signed to a new label! But there are just as many who want David performing live.

    There’s always that nagging question: can an artist perform live and do his own tour without being signed or managed?

    Answer: it’s done all the time. Is the cash forthcoming?

    • That’s the thing. David’s music requires a full band, for full effect, in my opinion. Where is the money going to come from?

      I know he needs to get himself together. Some of us will wait patiently, but I’m worried the not-so-devoted fans will move on if he’s out of sight for an extended time.

      So, it’s no surprise I voted for performing live. I’m hoping a small tour is in the works, but only if he can really afford it.

      • Exactly. The reason I didn’t go to his last concert in Anaheim, CA was I wasn’t sure if it was acoustic or with a full band. He did a lot of acoustic concert before Anaheim. I am not a fan of acoustic concert.

      • Me neither ! I,m not crazy for acoustic concerts to pay for a show in that format.

    • To me he should tour and later in the summer put an EP to taste the waters. Seriously i don’t understand how Andy Garcia already came to Canada and for David take like forever, i just think is about taking risks and go for it tbh 🙂 . In my opinion the last band he had was more affordable, fresh looking and with very good compact sound, so he can just hired a Tour management or he can even still using Kariontour company a go , at least in US and Canada and in the case of International tour, he NEED to capitalized his moment there, contact the promoters and/or a temporal management just with this purpose.

  12. Hey there David fans and all that…..taking two here. I think this would be an ideal time for an A-team management company. David needs good sound direction from one who knows about the entertainment world and is able to coach David in how he should represent himself. Someone with creativity as in a stylist for his clothing and of course a new look for his hair. Actually I feel that spiky look totally identified the David Archuleta.. Other artists as in Zac Efron tried to imitate the David look and if I’m not mistaken David was announced as having the best haircut at one time. So why on God’s green earth would he want to ever change it. Needs to go back to his original look. It’s his signature look. Also major, major is the stage presence that he so lacked in his performances since Idol. Now is the time to regroup, hire a choreographer, learn and come back with a vengeance to be better than before. That’s when the walls will come down. Hopefully family members will decide to become his management team.

    • I agree he can improve on his shows , and i agree he need an A-team but Uh? Are you serious?, family and business don’t blend very well , lot of emotions to help with the decisions and the last thing i expect (and i know many expect) is that after announce he has the control of his life and career, is to go back to old times, he still recovering from the damage image of that phase and additionally he need some people with real connections out of his Utah territory, he has fans all around the world , from different cultures and believes so he should be more open to that .

      • David’s family ( father ) tried to manage his career since he won Star Search but no success. Going back to family is like a step back.
        I agree he needs help from professional, regarding his stage performance. I went to his concert 3 times and it was really unattractive. Brought his mom and his friend to the stage were even worse and amateurish.

    • I actually see him going more simple- billy joel piano man route- acoustic, simple & not too flashy. Acoustic guitar or piano like Five for Fighting John Ondrasik or Alicia when she first started. What is Sara B’s show like n terms of production? I have never seen her but I gott think the focus is on the musc and not alot of production.

      • If he was going to be heavy into dance moves & choreography, he could have stayed where he was because that is likely where they had him headed- a la boy band or JB.

      • Beiber that is- yep his show is professional alright -lots of moves & sets & lights. Not much jmusic though 🙂

      • I don’t think David need choreography just to be more comfortable and less self conscious,(he has natural latin moves) to projet more confidence on stage , a good band , capable of play the game of the improvisation and experts in many instryuments , like some etnics ones (flutes, percusion), some back up singers to help with the visual of the show and to repose his voice a little, can complet the dynamic in a live show (going from complete sound band to exotic acoustic one)….now about the piano, would be great, but he need more practice……. non offense 😉

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