Lessons from David

When you lose your job (or find yourself between jobs), go to Six Flags and ride the roller coasters! 😀

Gotta love being 20 (and being David). 

Other folks take to shooting sprees…

Is he celebrating his freedom or what?


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  1. I admire his ability not to give any control to the media or DJs.

  2. David just handles things so well. Good for him. The way the media picked up on David’s being released and leaving jive is just ridiculous. It is not even really such a big deal. He did not get dropped and it makes me question if you can believe anything you read or see. I guess it proves he is still popular in an odd way.lol

    • You’re right, it’s ridiculous. David’s not the first artist who change label and management. I don’t read the bad press, they have nothing else to say about him (no drugs, no meat dress, …) so they jumped on the first thing. That just prove that David is still newsworthy.

      I think David parted ways with Jive, but with no official statement from them or David, the “journalists” can say whatever they want.

  3. There are so many articles about David being “dropped” from Jive because he only “sold 67,000 copies of TOSOD”.

    Now in the article below it talks about how bad the music industry is & that Beiber only sold 60,000 copies of his My World 2.0 CD & that album had been out since last March.

    I guess David didn’t do so bad after all ………did he……ha

    The press sure can paint a bad picture of David. So glad David is having fun.


    • Burkey, Beiber hasn’t only sold 60,000 copies of his My World 2.0 cd. That cd has gone platinum. The article is misleading. The actual Billboard article mentions that for that week Beiber was #1 with 60,000 copies and that is the second-lowest week at #1 since 1991. But his album has sold over a million copies.

  4. We were discussing his career while he is riding roller coasters. 🙂 Either he is not concerned, there is nothing business going on, he can’t share yet, and/or he has already made his decision.

  5. Go David! 😀

    All of this reminds me of what happened w/comedian Dave Chappelle about 5 yrs ago. He had a top-rated tv show, was offered $50 million to continue with it, he then began to disagree w/the tv producers and finally he walked away from the money with no explanation and just disaapeared. For about a year, all kinds of rumors surfaced (eg, he was on drugs, he couldn’t handle the pressure, he was difficult to work with, etc.).

    When Chappelle resurfaced, he explained that sometimes he felt the producers were laughing at him and not with him. He wasn’t comfortable w/the comedy they wanted him to do on the show. Also, his real passion was simply stand-up comedy; everything else was pulling him away from it.

    A quote from him that was in “Time” magazine: “I’m interested in the kind of person I’ve got to become. I want to be well-rounded and the industry is a place of extremes.”

  6. Interesting point of view about Jive and David


    Credit to Dolls in IDF . 🙂

  7. David ha a V-log in the works for us. Hmmm? Are we ready for this. 🙂

  8. He decided to part ways with Jive, I knew it !!! Melinda made it look so bad saying his label dropped him, I’m really mad at her !

    This vlog is the best ever, David has a lot of class, I wouldn’t have talked about Jive so nicely lol

    • He’s always so grateful for every learning experience. He really is quite a human being.

      I’m just happy we know for sure that music is still on his mind!

  9. He certainly has a lot of class, unlike the Wicked Witch of WEG.

    She got her revenge. Hope she’s happy now — with the online boy-band talent contest and whatnot.

    • Melinda should learn one or two things from David, and he’s only 20 ! I’m glad she’s no longer involved in his career, I think she wanted another JB. David said he just learned that he can crontrol over his life, for me it’s the crucial point in the vlog. He seems so confident about his future and happy too !

      Oh, and he knew he scared us lol

  10. so, so glad he is not leaving music!! I was really scared that he was.

  11. Here is the vlog link–> DECISIONS, DECISIONS

  12. I’m glad that David finally let us know what has been happening. All I wanted was a general statement that he was still pursuing music and he would let us know what he has lined up when he can. It looks like David is taking control of his career. It’s good to see that. And looks like he has a couple of things to share with us soon. I can’t wait to hear it.

  13. Didn’t he mention in that vlog that he did have offers from Jive, but decided to part ways with them anyway??

    All those headlines that JIVE dropped him…….ha!

    And the same with WEG………he said it wasn’t the right thing for him.

    • I am responding to myself……lol……….but yes David said this in his vlog:

      “‘he had offers to continue working with Jive, but he didn’t feel it was the right thing.’

    • But we know his vlog won’t get all the press he got for “being dropped”.
      And now it makes sense why Jive didn’t made an official statement and just let the rumour spread !

  14. So can we expect some international flair perhaps in some of his next project (projects)? Need clarification on whether he will actually have new management and a new label? I guess he will be sharing that in the not too distant future. I hope David gets some expert sound advice for this next phase. So exciting!!! Gonna go celebrate!! His decision to stick with the music is such a relief. *****<3<3<3

  15. The headlines screamed that he had been “dropped,” and he hadn’t, not at all.

    The gap between what David represents and what the entertainment media represents is so enormous that I think nothing the entertainment media says about David will annoy me in the future.

    It’s amazing how anyone can be that grounded, centered, wise and at peace, and at such a young age.

    • so do you think the headlines will now “scream” the truth ( he had offers to continue working with Jive, but he didn’t feel it was the right thing.’)
      ha….I bet not

    • No, they won’t.

      (I will never again jump into conclusions about David’s career.)

  16. Celebrating big time! David is one class act! So proud of him! So excited to hear what music comes out of him! taking charge.. this is just awesomesauce! that is all!

    • yes, for sure……he had nothing but nice things to say about JIVE and WEG

      unlike Melinda tweeting all her false stuff out to the world

      • He just reminded me why I’m a fan and why I’ll support him 100%
        Now, I want to know what are the things coming up soon that he seemed so excited about !

        I don’t think we’ll get some “regret tweets” from Melinda, but Kari tweeted him “Cannot wait for what the future holds! RT @DavidArchie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0UY9H3vMTM

  17. I have never been so happy to be wrong! This just makes me so happy. He can take his time, work through whatever he wants, just so we know he is staying on the path of music. What a ride this guy is taking us on LOL

  18. Yeah Burks,
    Melinda stuck it to him in the end but you would never hear it from David. It sure shows up the classier of the two. I hope she continues enjoying the fruits of what she has sown – Witch!

    In a way now we still have to wait for yet another shoe to drop but it might take some time to unfold. Probably the next album he releases will be all him – lyrics, music, production. He should also try to make an EP of his material and test the waters directly from his website through leaks. I feel happy for him because he seems liberated as an artist.

    Now more than ever Who I Am is resonating like crazy.

  19. Sorry I messed up the thread guys! Now I cannot remove it. I apologize again.

  20. Joymus- I am so happy. Try this one.

  21. David is such a class act. I am so proud of him. Melinda is a witch. David seems so happy to be himself.

  22. YES !!!


    “David Archuleta breaks his silence”
    “I just want to make sure that what I’m sharing is real and something I feel a real connection to,” he continues.
    Sounding older than his years, Archuleta adds that sometimes, “You have to follow your gut.”

  23. Love love the vlog !!!! That’s really the reason why we are all here !!!! 😀

  24. HG was right when she wrote “Is he celebrating his freedom or what?”

    Maybe he’s going to do a small tour (Kari was working on something and she tweeted him that she cannot wait for what the future holds) ?

    • That’s the only thing that would have made me happier about today’s events, cmoi. Mention of a tour. Maybe that’s one of the things in the works. I’m really hoping. I need to hear that voice live very soon!

      • I think there will be a small tour soon !

        Kari replyed to a fan on twitter : “kariontour@PritiKothari thanks but I do not work for WEG. He was talking about @MelindaWEG and @JohnnyWrightWEG. And yes WEG is a great company”.

        Maybe she’s still working with David and she asked us about where we live so … I don’t know, I’m just speculating like always lol

      • I’d be happy if he does a tour (even if he doesn’t come back to Europe). I’m sure the fans will do cellcasts and upload videos of the shows, now that Melinda isn’t his manager anymore !

    • I’d be happy even if he did appearances. The next appearance he has, I’m flying to wherever it is!

  25. The only thing I wanted to know was that he was not going to run off and do a mission and then disappear forever from our lives….! I am feeling much better!

  26. Love it when David says “you have to follow your gut” ! That is exactly what he did when he decided to sing “Imagine” …Idol producers were not happy, but he did it anyway…and look what happened… how awesome is that! We are in for something awesome! 🙂

  27. Munk, excellent point. David needs to follow his instincts and blow us away!! Super duper excited. Also, I would like David to reach down in that same gut and pull out his feelings and thoughts about some of the more difficult topics. He should not feel like he has to be a sunshine soldier everyday of his life. I know some of his fans will not like it but let’s get real here.

    • I love your metaphor – sunshine soldier. I really feel that could get in the way of even better songwriting results. More introspective writing without so much sugercoating.

    • He said in an interview that he wants to do a more mature, serious album after TOSOD and TOSOD was his last album as a teen (or something like that). We’ll see

    • I’m listening to Adele’s CD right now. Trust me. I like what you’re saying!

  28. Love the vlog! I noticed he started off w/an assertive “Hi folks” as opposed to the usual smiley “Hey guys”. If you compare this vlog to his very first one, you can really see his growth. I’m so happy for him! :mrgreen:

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