“I’m in Control…”

So, who was it who said David needs to do a Janet Jacksonesque Control album as his next project?

He’s so ready for that, and all I have to say to you guys, after watching David’s latest vlog today is: Trust the Archulator! 😀


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  1. One more note: all I ever wanted was for David to be proactive and cut Jive loose!

    These past few days, I’m ashamed of myself for believing all the media spin and rumors in thinking David passively let his contract expire and waited for a jive-ass label to drop him.

    His vlog merely confirmed that David was always the guy I thought he was: he made the decisions himself and chose not to continue with those jive turkeys! 🙂

    I’m so proud to be a fan! 😀

  2. I am so proud to be a fan too.

  3. I trust the Archulator !
    I love this vlog :
    “I didn’t want to leave you guys in the dark. I feel communication is key. And this relationship with music … you guys … it’s the relationship with you guys that’s the most important”.

    Instead of doing an official statement for the press, he shared with us what’s going on.

  4. I’m proud to be a fan too !

  5. hey hg – guilty as charged, tee hee… on vacay, but o.d.d. crosses all boundaries sometimes…

    one mo’ time, with a feelinggggg – mark her words carefully, history sometimes does repeat

    Janet Jackson Control

  6. I was very happy to see this vlog! He’s not leaving music. The rest can fall into place for me. As long as I can still hear and see him occasionally, I am happy. If the “events” coming up are appearance, I am definitely flying to wherever that is.

  7. Sighs of relief. I am so happy for him and how he is taking control. I join those that are proud to be a fan of David Archuleta!

  8. He is a professional and a gentleman.

    David only had words of thanks to Jive and all his people, gave thanks for everything he was taught and what they learned.
    Jive, at first, implied that they had dropped David. This rumor, so ugly and so convenient for Jive did not overshadow the happiness on David’s face. For the first time in a long time, I saw David’s face, relaxed, quiet, safe and most importantly, happy with the decision he had made.

    Looking at the camera, sometimes smiling, touching his hair, his face totally relaxed and trying to explain why he left Jive, all showed me how valuable David is both as a person and a professional.

    I saw a master class in professionalism, ethics and manhood in a young man with humility that can only be equated with his chivalry.
    David above all things has always been a gentleman, he made mention of WEG but at no time pointed the finger at Melinda and the tweets, so as not to offend anyone, male or female.

    Today, David showed me something, which applies to the rest of my life. If someone feels no respect for me, I will not hold a grudge and be resentful; I will just walk away.

    (Ay david, just a pure heart can do this. If Ms. M would be in front of me, I assure you I ¡’¿?==)))((/(//&/&%%% and also $%&/?¿)

  9. Kinda sad commentary on rumors & inueno reported as facts. A biased ex manager, gives a flippant half truth to a random internet inquiry. A reporter calls and an “unnamed” spokesperson confirms David not on roster and the media has a field day spinning untrue facts- writing detals about the “canning” . It is reported multiple times in different mediums as truth. Is that how little fact checking goes into other “stories’ we read? Man, is there no integrity left? Oh yean, David is around- guess there is a bit left. 🙂

  10. What a great vlog… though wish it had come a couple of days earlier. I’m very, very interested to see ‘what music is coming out of his head’, without the pressure of being in a group writing session. It sounds like he’s started this process a while ago. I hope that he’s talking to labels and management that can get that music out there. I guess all in good time, but I’m so glad that he’s concentrating on making real music, and that these changes were his choice.

  11. It was good to hear straight from David. But instead of talking about the banana tree, couldn’t he have said something a little more specific like, he’s talking with other labels? That would be more reassuring than a vague statement that things will be coming up. Maybe that means he’s signing with someone, but heck, it could also mean he’ll be celebrating another sister’s birthday soon.

    And I’m so mad at Melwitch now! I’d been trying to be charitable towards her, but now that I know she out and out lied, causing all those false media reports…makes me want to stomp the roses and cuss a lot.

  12. I was glad to get this blog, I must say. Like UtahMom, I would have liked a bit more (actually a LOT more) specificity. Details, David, details! Just the fact that he’s currently writing and planning on making music pleases me tremendously, though! I thought he’d be sticking around, and it looks like I was right! Happy days!!

    I am interested in knowing if he’s signing with another label right away, who they are, what direction he’s going exactly, and who is gonna manage him. I’m happy that he’s concentrating on making his own music. He’ll master the craft, I believe and I wanna hear what’s on his mind and in his heart. But, I wish he would do BOTH his songs AND those of others. Some people can write incredibly beautiful, memorable songs but they can’t bring them to life. Not like David can. I wish he realized what a gift he has in his ability to tell a story vocally. Sooo much passion, so emotive and tender. It’s crazy! He is paramount in the industry in this regard. Few if any can touch him. I think he provides such a service, such an exquisite gift when he conveys a story in song.

    The bottom line is that I want him to have some HIT songs, huge selling CDs so people will discover him and LISTEN to him. I think that will happen sooner if he sings not only his songs but those of others. His life experience is pretty limited at this point and he’s just beginning his songwriting phase. If he had a huge hit, when he told (sang) his tales, people would get to know and love him and would line up to hear. If he could just put out a mega-selling CD/hit songs, something that just hit the populace over the head and got tons of airplay, it would make all the difference in his career. I think he’d still get to the top of the heap, but it could take a whole lot longer to do without .

    A good example of David’s ability is comparing his version of ‘When You Say You Love Me’ to Josh Groban’s. I remember Masterclasslady characterizing Groban’s as pretty but staid and controlled in compared to David’s beautiful, poignant, yearning version. I’m paraphrasing her but couldn’t find the exact quote on her site. (I loved the comment when she made it and saved it, but I lost it when my main David file crashed and burned, all 2.5 million characters. Arghh! That was a bad day!)

    Anyway, my visit to her site reminded me why I love her. Here’s what she said of David after her first Idol’s Live concert: “What a gift this young man has – what a prodigious and phenomenal talent. I will support this young man to the end of my days. Talent like this is very rare in one’s lifetime and should be endlessly celebrated and championed.”

    Amen, MCL, amen! Who knows what’s coming with David, but I’m with him all the way–from now until forever.

  13. Sorry for babbling on so long…

  14. Loved your comment Bookaholic – especially, “David’s beautiful, poignant, yearning version.” One of David’s musical gifts is his ability to rip out his heart (and ours) in his music. It’s an amazing quality in someone who talks about bananas when his whole career is turning in a different direction. How does he do that? Who cares, so long as he continues to let us see and hear the prodegy that he is.

    For some reason, once David said he was continuing to move on “as an artist”, that was it for me – I can live with whatever direction he takes, big hits or small, new big label or Indie. It doesn’t matter as long as he continues to work on and develop his own style.

    And one last thing – I know David hasn’t had “all” the life experiences, but I think he’s had many more than we give him credit for. You don’t have to commit murder to be a powerhouse suspense author, you only have to be able to imagine.

  15. I really don’t think that David can confirm anything about a new label or management at this point. I don’t think you are going to see a quick decision from him after what he just went through. I am sure he has many options and offers. He already made a smart move leaving jive and weg.

  16. David seems to be a methodical thinker, making choices one-by-one in a careful way, so it may be months before we hear details of a new label and/or management. Given the behavior I saw from M last week, I am sure glad that he dumped them! Just to think that he was probably good money for the services.

  17. I am very happy with the vlog. I didn’t need for David to get specific. I feel like what label or management he is in talks with is his business. I would eventually like to know those things and we will. I just wanted to know that David was still pursuing music. I didn’t want him to keep us hanging on that.

    • Ditto for me!

      And lol at “Melwitch”. She’s so pathetic now trying to tweet her way on to the #neversaynever team (i.e., scooter and swag coach). Oh well …

      • I am frankly surprised that someone would not be let go for what happened. I agree with Kris — I am so happy that he’s not going to disappear.

  18. Off-topic, but I recently discovered this great song (and Train is managed by — OMG! — Crush Management).

  19. I was just thinking how the vlog addressed a lot of concerns that I have had about David’s career. Also, things I felt were important. For one thing, I’m glad David mentioned that he was thinking about what type of artist he wants to be and what sound he wants to have. I have thought it was important for David to have an identifiable sound and style. Its important for him to not have generic songs and to have a sound that people can recognize as his. I’m also so glad to hear David say that communication is key because that has been a big problem for David. He doesn’t communicate enough. Hopefully that is about to change. And he appears to be taking control of his career. The vlog made me very excited about his future. Hopefully he will make a wise decision about who manages him.

  20. Hopefully David’s new tweet means he knows how important it is to communicate. His silence on his dissolution from Jive and management didn’t negate a lot of bad press and worry from fans.

  21. I too hope he makes a wise decision about his management and label. I really hope he has someone knowledgeable helping him with that. That’s why I wish he’d said that he was talking to labels. I don’t need specifics, just reassurance that he is indeed working on this. It would exasperate me to no end if he holds off on a label decision and just has mbd (management by dad) while he writes songs. Although like Kris said, songwriting may help him develop his sound.

    I’m hoping that the “things” coming up are going to be good career wise. Please, no Jive, no Melwitch, no manincap; there’s got to be something better.

    • You know, I’m just speculating here but I don’t see David going back to be manage by his dad. When he said in his vlog that he just recently discovered that he can control over his life, I think he wasn’t only talking about Jive or WEG but also about familial decisions. He was portrayed as a puppet controled by his dad by the media, even if it’s not true that rumour made a lot of damages (still now) and David never mentions him anymore. I don’t think he wants to redo the things that didn’t work for him in the past, he seems to want to move forward and mbd would be like moving backward.
      I don’t know, it’s just the feeling I got from the vlog. I never saw him as confident and happy (and mature). I hope too for something better.

      • I really like your insights cmoi. I didn’t think of David’s declaration of being in control as a statement about his personal life too. It could very well be. Time will tell.

  22. Pete-Love the Train video and there are many elements that I especially enjoyed-namely 1) varied instruments add interest 2) vocalist dances with the mike (yes, I am cheezy) 3) leather pants (there is nothing wrong with this natural material) 4) vocalist faces camera straight on with eyes wide open (granted if David were to that I would probably have no further recollection of ANYTHING after that!!! */*

    Bookaholic-I agree with you especially, “He’ll master the craft, I believe and I wanna hear what’s on his mind and in his heart. But, I wish he would do BOTH his songs AND those of others. Some people can write incredibly beautiful, memorable songs but they can’t bring them to life. Not like David can. I wish he realized what a gift he has in his ability to tell a story vocally. Sooo much passion, so emotive and tender. It’s crazy! He is paramount in the industry in this regard. Few if any can touch him. I think he provides such a service, such an exquisite gift when he conveys a story in song.”

    David needs to relax in his writing and in his delivery. He should give his voice a rest in the song, gives us those notes, drag ’em out and smoothly, sweetly KILL US WITH THEM. HA HA But you know what I mean, I think. Geez, embarasing myself here. 😉

    I can go places with David in that voice. Admittedly, David’s voice is sometimes like reaching the heavens above, painfully beautiful, sometimes joyous, floating on a cloud, or having my heart rent open and lovingly put back together. David is one crazy trip!

    • Hopefully, his songs will be a little less produced in this post-Jive era.

      From his vlog, I got the impression that he wasn’t entirely happy with the songwriting process @ Jive.

      But, after having been colossally wrong about his career a couple of days ago, I no longer trust my impressions.

      • I hope your impression is true !
        I’d love an acoustic EP while waiting for a new album and a small tour (like the CFTH tour) to support TOSOD and the EP. It wouldn’t cost him too much because he wouldn’t need a full band.

        I hope too that his songs will be a little less produced now that his not with Jive. And I hope that now that he feels free, we’ll hear it in the album and that he’ll find a way to reproduce in the studio what he’s capable of when he sings live (does that make sense ?). Oh, and maybe he’ll find a producer that can make justice to his voice and also use real instruments in the recording.

    • “relax in his delivery….. give us those notes… drag em out and smoothly… ”

      Like this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdhYmYskOuQ

  23. In regards to David writing his own songs, I look back at what he wrote for the first album and with Mike K. – Zero Gravity, Don’t Let go, Falling, Somebody Out There. I’m all for David writing on his own, or with one other trusted songwriter. I think the thing I heard on the new album was the influence of too many writer- all different, many focused on top 40. David has it in him, he just has to remember it and have confidence in himself.

    • “David has it in him, he just has to remember it and have confidence in himself”. I so agree with you (as long as MK don’t produce the songs lol).
      I’m not sure he wrote Don’t Let Go with Mike K. I didn’t really like the song before he performed it. It was evident that it was a special song for him, he sang it with a lot of passion and emotions.

      He already did a complete album of fun and positive songs. He said, in an interview, that he wants to do a more serious and mature album now that he’s not a teen anymore. I can’t wait to hear what he wants to share in his writing.
      Also, I totally agree with what you wrote in another comment :”I know David hasn’t had “all” the life experiences, but I think he’s had many more than we give him credit for”.

    • I was listening to Fighting For You and I love the lyrics ! Was it a collab with Mike ?

      This is the type of sound that comes from David’s head : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxtWFNj4MHw&NR=1 He was trying to improvise a little song but the melody and the voice are just great !

  24. I agree with no Mike K. involved in songwriting and no dad in management. I hope he does find the right producer for his next album. I like the train video too.

    • Amen, new blood is in need to make move forward his career. 🙂

    • I don’t think Mike K. is very close to David anymore. It was awhile before he heard the news and he then tweeted about it. I could be wrong, but it seems like those who are close to David have most likely been contacting him personally since they appear to be really quiet on twitter.

  25. We may be asking the impossible. We want David to have huge hit songs, so that more people can appreciate him, yet we don’t want him to be too “commercial” or his music to have lots of production, or to have his songs written by a committee. We fans just love his simple, unadulterated self, but is that enough to sell huge numbers of CD’s to the casual listener? His label was trying to get him to do what they believe sells. I don’t think they had any other agenda than that.

    Most hit songs these days sound very upbeat and exciting and are very produced, like Katy Perry’s “Firework”. (Which is why I had such hopes of SBL, which is also upbeat and uplifting). I think that the more personal sound David is pursuing, will reach a smaller audience, unless lightning strikes and he creates a song like “I’m Yours” or “Unwritten” or ?

    On another topic, maybe before Jive made him offers to stay, David already had the prospect of a new label, like Joy Williams’ new company, which he felt would be a better fit for him. That’s why he tweeted about “decisions”. He decided to make a clean break with the old management and label in favor of the new, to be announced later. The upcoming events could be something with the new label. Just my speculation.

    • Katy Perry’s songs are hits because they are played on the radio. Also, “most hit songs these days sound very upbeat and exciting and are very produced” because it’s what the radios play 24/24, the same 4 singers. SBL didn’t have a chance without a push by the label.
      I don’t really agree about pursuing a more personal sound will only reach a smaller audience. Well promoted, everything can sell. Do you remember a #1 song called “Fireflies” or “Soul Sister” by Train. Also a personal sound would give him more credibility as an artist.

      I don’t know about Jive’s agenda but if they wanted him to sell, they surely forget the obscure concept of “promotion”. Ciara’s fans, Chris Brown’s fans and even Britney’s fans are complaining about the lack of support of the label. IMO, parting ways with Jive was the best decision he ever made.

      • cmoi–Oh Boy, I do agree about “the same 4 singers”! lol

        I do share the feeling that if only everyone could be exposed to David’s music, it would sell a lot. Unfortunately, I’m clearly not objective, though I’m trying to be, as I attempt to puzzle it out. I agree that a label that is in turmoil is not going to be the best at promoting their artists. And it would have been nice if there was an unlimited budget to have aggressively promoted TOSOD.

        But really, I’m not sure that it was entirely a lack of promotion that was the main problem. There were over 6 and a half million views of SBL video, and David has over a half a million twitter followers. That’s exposure that many artists would kill for. If that many people knew about the music and yet few bought it, you have to wonder. If SBL hadn’t been promoted enough, why did David switch gears and start singing Elevator or other songs on most of his TV appearances? Wasn’t it because they felt SBL HAD been tried, but just had not caught on?

        Why was David a hit in so many Asian countries presumably without huge promotion? I think it’s just the public taste. To them, he’s really cool. David may have been the cool thing in the US right after idol, but now he needs a really amazing song.

        My 17-year old (who is now in the next room belting out “Just the Way You Are) ran in and downloaded “Firework” the first time she saw the video. She doesn’t care if Katy Perry has a wonderful voice, or if Bruno Mars is a great guy or whatever. She just likes the songs and it also helps if there’s a coolness factor among her crowd. (She does also like David, though). Her friends who like Bieber only seem to care that he’s cute and cool, I don’t hear much about the music. We can’t crave Bieber-style success, without accepting that he got it by being a teen idol. Davids voice, though awesome, still sounds like a boy. Possibly too boyish sounding for the John Mayer/Jason Mraz fans, yet not cool enough, apparently, for the Beiber crowd.

        In the end, it doesn’t matter. It turns out that Jive wanted David to stay, and according to one of David’s band members, (I forget who), they thought he was a money maker for them. Now he can be a money maker for someone else.

      • I agree, I’m not sure too that it was a lack of promotion that was the main problem. I think the lack of promotion was the result of all the changes at Jive and the label seems to have financial difficulties. Also, David was in part responsible because he waited too long before having a new management.

        I think David is popular in Asia because his songs are played a lot and he’s respected there and recognized as a great singer (they like former AI contestants). Asian radios seem to play the songs people request. It’s rarely the case in the US, apparently payola is the rule.

        You know, when David was writing for TOSOD, he had writing sessions with hit makers like the Nasri Guys (they wrote for Chris Brown a kind of ballad song that I really liked and for Beiber) or the producers of Jay Sean (I don’t remember their names). I was really excited about it because they were more pop/R&B but the songs didn’t make the album. I always thought that those writing sessions were set up by Jive because they wanted those hit songs. Maybe David didn’t get the promo he deserved because of the divergence of opinion with his label. We will probably never know what was going on behind the scenes. The only thing I can bet on is that David will have a long career, it’s difficult for him now but he’s only 20. It’s just the beginning of his career. On the other hand, I’m not so sure about Jive longevity, it was the best moment to leave them before they made more damages to D’s career and image. Their marketing let a lot to be desired and they missed a lot of opportunities (like promoting him in Europe when he toured successfuly with McFly).

        PS : Beiber is not cool, Usher is the one who makes him look cool (and the swagger coach and all the money spent to sell his image to the media).
        “Davids voice, though awesome, still sounds like a boy”. It’s funny because I made one of my friends who didn’t know anything about David listen to his songs from AI and he was really surprised to know that he was only 17, he thought he had over 20 years because his voice sounded really mature lol

    • I’ve also wondered if D would join Nate and Joy’s label and possibly become a part owner.

      “His label was trying to get him to do what they believe sells. I don’t think they had any other agenda than that.”
      The problem for me was that they seemed to only be open to trying one way – cute, teen idol. And as HG has said in the past, they didn’t even go all out to do that. I realize that Jive wasn’t obligated to spend large amounts of dollars on David but to me, they had one of the top vocalist on their roster and didn’t try hard to promote that unique quality. But as D said in the video, they’re moving in one direction and he’s moving in another.

  26. My guess is that David does have quite a few options now so it is hard to figure out what he is going to do. I would not rule out David signing with another major label at all.

  27. Cmoi you read my mind. I was thinking the same thing. Or maybe Jeff Fenster at Warner Brothers. I am sure that they both dislike Jive as they left that label. He mentioned both of them in his vlog but who knows.

    • I thought of Jeff Fenster too. He seemed to like David, he even went to a book signing lol
      I think the label he’ll choose will depend on what direction David wants to go. If it’s the singer/songwriter type of artist, maybe a label like Jason Mraz, or Adele or even Bruno Mars. Well, a label that is willing to let him express himself via his music.

  28. Oh, I mis-wrote what I meant – Mike K and Zero Gravity. I don’t know about the rest of the songs. And I’m all for him not working with Mike anymore, but I do think most people need a partner to write with or at least to run things by. That was more what i meant.

  29. I just want him to make decisions that’ll lead to him getting decent promotion again so he is no longer “out of sight, out of mind”. I honestly don’t know how that can happen without a hit. So yeah, I do worry that he’ll follow his heart to an underground place where no one knows he exists except for us.

  30. VJ: Don’t worry too much about that. David knows the music scene and has probably learned a great deal in the last three years, he has more musicality in his little finger than anyone around, and he has a desire to touch a lot of lives. Those things alone will drive him out from “underground.” 🙂

  31. a tweet from Sara Bareilles :
    I heart David Archuleta. Sweetest guy you’ll ever meet, and a giant talent. Go david!

    I hope David will see it because he admires her a lot (and it’s cool to see a great singer recognizing the GIANT talent of David !)

  32. http://www.billboard.com/news/adele-s-21-likely-to-take-no-1-on-billboard-1005046952.story#/news/adele-s-21-likely-to-take-no-1-on-billboard-1005046952.story

    I’m happy for Adele. That just prove that great music can sell and that even if you have a personal sound, you can reach a larger audience.

    • cmoi- I am loving Adele. Adele took Someone Like You and made us “understand it.” I think of this David-ism and I think David can go back to that. At the end of the song, the presenter makes the comment about how all you need is the piano and the voice. How very true. I have been going back to Someone Like You and Rolling in the Deep for the past few months.

      The only possible obstacle for David is that he perhaps would not sing about these love’s lost themes.

      • That is exactly the obtacle he need overcome if he really want to be a good songwriter , same the fans who think he shouldn’t sing about more depth/sad sujets, i appreciate his positive imput about all kind of situations, but if he really want to connect with people, he need to talk about his more emotional feelings, show the good and sad of the life, because that is the life. 😉

      • I’m listening to her album on repeat since I bought it, it’s really good ! I like all the songs but for the moment my favs are Set Fire To The Rain, He won’t Go, Someone like You, Don’t you remember. I can’t really choose lol. David would be fantastic with that kind of sound and we (his fans) know he can deliver these type of songs really well. But I’m not sure David is fully aware of his giant talent yet …

        Tibitibi, maybe David will surprise us. I think he’ll do. He said he’s writing what’s in his head, what he’s feeling so maybe the next album won’t be only positive songs. Nobody is always happy, not even David. Also, maybe it’s a good sign that he’s writing by himself, maybe it’s a way for him to feel entirely free to write what he really feels, it’s more difficult to share your feelings with other songwriters you don’t know well or that you just have met (he wrote Falling alone I think and it’s the saddest song by him). Of course this is just my opinion, I feel like I mastered the art of speculating lol

      • tibi-I hesitate to say this but I feel that David has lived with so many constraints, maybe that’s too strong of a word, but maybe well meaning suggestions, gentle approval/disapproval or the like, that boundaries have existed all around him forever. Family, church, friends, fans, Idol execs, label execs, management, the media, and so on. It just boggles the mind. He probably needs awhile to just learn to shut some of that out.

        ”I know David hasn’t had “all” the life experiences, but I think he’s had many more than we give him credit for”.

        cmoi-I dug up Fighting For You and listened to it last night. Wow, it sounds a bit dated style wise but David could have moved through that song lyrics and notes from the depths to the heights and he would have made a believer out of me. He could have convinced me he experienced all of this. Yes, David surprise us. I am so ready!

      • Comolaflor , you just make the point and the list include all the the ”factors” that don’t let him be less self conscious to be really open with his lyrics. Like i said TOSOD is a good try, but i guess that like he said he’s growing like artist and i hope really controlling his life and decision .
        And maybe you right about his life experience, sadly he had been portrayed (even for his fans?, maybe) like a extreme innocente ‘kid’ ,who can’t even go out alone or be in the same room that some others personalities of the business, or who can’t hanging out with people out of his community because he can be contaminated somehow = A kid without any kind of life experience :|…….and that projection of him like person has made hurt his image.

      • Comolaflor (I have the song stuck in my head thanks to your screenname lol, I love it BTW).
        I love Fighting For You, the lyrics are good. I’m just going to say that (almost) every songs Mike K is involved with sound a bit dated lol (that just my opinion, I hope I haven’t offended any MK supporter).

      • Cmoi i expect to be surprised by him with more balance on his lyrics choices, like i said in IDF, i’m not saying he need to change his personality , because i really believe he is a positive person, but he need to learn and be confident to put his thoughtful and deep side on his lyrics and not be worry or feel the need to to explain why, only worry if he can connect with and be relatable to his fans experiences too.
        Interesting point you made about the sonwriting groupe seasons….definately, is more easy for a private person like him to put his heart on a song alone that with people he don’t even know well. 😉

      • Well MK is kind of old school LOL, and nothing energetic on stage…not offense 🙂 Good Guy though 😉

      • I agree with you Tibitibi.
        But I’m just sure his next album will be more mature. He said it will in an interview. He seems more confident and freer (??) than before so maybe will see it in his writing. He’s in charge now !

  33. Anyone want to go to a David concert july 2?

    Brad Paisley and David Archuleta!

    Saturday, July 2nd at Brigham Young University’s LaVell Edwards Stadium in Provo, Utah. American Idol alumnus and Utah native David Archuleta will also perform at the event.


    • Hey Burkey, I’m packing my bag as we speak! 🙂 Yipee!

    • Dang it! The baby’s due date is July 29th 😦 No David for me then.

    • OMG. They’ve used a recent picture.

      • I hope this is not one of the two news he was talking about, i guess i have high expectations about that news so i hope this one is an addional news…….. and i wish this time this BYU guys don’t gonna push the old sujet about the ‘Mission’ thing, someone need to explain them that that is personal.

      • I hope it’s not one of the news he was excited about. I mean, it’s a great opportunity to perform there and with Brad Paisley but I thought the news would be more about his career (management or label or both lol).

        Apparently David doesn’t have a PR person and he doesn’t have a manager for the moment so the only person who can say “no comment” or “question out of limit” is him. But if it’s ok for him to answer the first kiss question and the girlfriend one, he’d be ok to answer to everything.

  34. As soon as my hubby gets home from a business trip I will ask if we can squeeze one more thing in and change some dates/places already planned!

    • OMG………so hope you can go! What a trip that will be: Germany to Utah!

      Brad Paisley is a good match for David. He is a really nice guy also with lots of talent. So happy for David & his fans! 🙂

  35. Is Kendra Lowe, assistant executive producer for the Stadium of Fire, the Kendra who toured with David?

    • yes it is……

      • Thanks burkey. I don’t know why I never realized this. Or maybe I just forgot. ….. For me, that’s entirely possible. 🙂

      • Oh! she work for the event !, for a second i thought this will be his idea of new management 😐 i was scary 🙂 …..nothing against Kendra , just hoping for someone with real contacts in the business .

  36. David talks about being asked to perform at The Freedom of Fire event


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