Being 20: The Bigger Picture

It’s hard not to speculate about what’s next for David Archuleta, now that he’s in such a precarious state with no label and no management.

But, I must say: I don’t really see him giving up a career in music.

Why?  Because he’s 20, and he’ll eventually figure it out.

Look at it this way.  When David was being interviewed after placing second on American Idol, he said: “I’m so ready for this!” in response to the folks who asked if he was ready for the spotlight, the record deal, the fame.

When asked sometime later if such plans would interfere with his church’s goals for their young members to go on a mission, David’s reply was: “I believe I’m already on a mission.”

Nearly three years later, David discovers what it’s like to do not 1 but 3 albums, to make music videos, to tour the country and the world, to headline his own concert tour, to lend his star power to the causes he most cares about, etc.  Who really thinks David is giving all that up because a struggling record label decided to not renew his contract after he completed his 3-album deal? 

Who has already forgotten his New Year’s resolution to go on tour?  No, my friends, David is not ready to give up music. Furthermore, for someone with these kinds of plans and hopes, he’s not about to “quit” this line of work, not when he believes that “things are going where I feel they should.” He wanted to “check in” with his fans to 1.) calm us down (why do that if he’s planning to leave us high and dry?) and 2.) let us know he’s perfectly fine with the recent developments. 

Something else for us to think about the age 20.  It’s a young age.  David is young.  He truly has so much more living to do (both personally and professionally).  We’ve been so conditioned in this present era to believe that all pop stars peak at age 15 (Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, the Jo Bros, etc.) that the idea of David being dropped from a label at age 20 sounds like someone who’s about to retire.  In whose world is that even a logical order of things? (Oh yeah, in said entertainment industry).

But I’ll tell you what: the late Michael Jackson hadn’t become the superstar we would know him to be when he was 20 years old.  Neither did Stevie Wonder or Bob Dylan or John Lennon.  When Paul McCartney was 20 years old, the Beatles’ manager was negotiating a record contract for the band!  Perspective, peeps! Let’s not lose sight of the big picture.

My main point?  It’s too early in the day to be writing David’s career off simply because his record label, which wasn’t doing much for him anyway, cut him loose (and I’m sure Ciara is looking at David with envy at this moment).  It’s too early to be wringing our hands in anticipation that David would quit music after all the hard work he’s put into his music.  David is just beginning! 

If David’s looking forward with hope and an idea that opportunities lie ahead, so should we. 

I repeat: he is 20 years old! His musical life is just beginning.


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  1. HG – I really, really want you to be right. I know this is very selfish on my part, but it would break my heart to have David be out of touch for 2 years. However, I have to wonder if David wouldn’t look at this as “the right time” to do a formal mission. His recent trip to India was “life changing.” He’s between labels, and between managers. I don’t know, I just have the heebee jeebies right now.

  2. And so what if he did go on a mission? Two years later, he’ll be 22! Is that really close to retirement age in the music industry? Michael Jackson didn’t even come out with Thriller when he was 22.

    Besides, as David once said, isn’t he “already on a mission”? (Going on a mission now when he had hopes to once again go on tour just doesn’t seem like the next likely step. Yeah, I could be wrong, but I don’t see David “disappearing” from music. The limelight? Sure, but music altogether? I don’t think so.)

    What I think would be very interesting is if he came up with a tour that creatively combined his love for touring with the goals of a Mission (if that’s really what he wants to do at this juncture): not necessarily a religious tour but a secular one with spiritual overtones. That would be right in David’s wheelhouse and would give him a chance to explore the kind of music he wants to make a living on. He might discover that straight pop music is not where he should base his career on.

  3. I love that idea HG. But how can you say, “And so what if he did go on a mission?” without a tear in your eye? LOL You’d miss him! A true mission means no contact with the outside world, no secular music. It would be tough. Sure, I’d be here when it was done, cheering him on for a comeback, but it sure would be tough going over and over the videos out there now. Could he make a comeback? Of course! But it would be a little less bright of a world with him out of touch. Again, I know how selfish that is. Just sayin’.

    • Well, of course, I would miss him (and even shed a tear or two) if he went MIA on account of a formal mission. But the way other fans have been talking, it’s like Armageddon, and I just don’t think it would be that drastic. Yeah, it will be tough on our ODD, but that’s where I really blame his label and management for their lack of vision.

      Honestly, a well promoted album (with pre-recorded music videos and the like) could have a 2-year shelf life sans artist in tow. Let’s say, for example, that The Other Side of Down was properly promoted. Let’s say, right around the time that David appeared on Idol to do “Imagine 3.0.” A proper promotion plan would have had David perform one of his singles from the new album on the show, preferably during Top 3 week when viewership increases (say, “Falling Stars” as a new single), then have that single released to radio and pushed for heavy rotation. Followed by a music video.

      By the time summer rolled around, it’s time to drop another single to radio, say the catchier dance hit perfect for the summer, the actual title track. Then when David appears on Capital Fourth, he doesn’t have to perform standards but would actually perform his single “Falling Stars,” followed by “The Other Side of Down,” getting the Independence Day crowd pumped, and you’ve got yourself a summer dance hit. Followed by a music video.

      Then, the album could drop in September (I believe the original release date) on the strength of two hit singles. He does the TV shows to promote the album; it sells well. A third single (say, “Good Place”) gets released. Followed by a music video. And David, after doing a combined Christmas/TOSOD tour for the holiday season, can choose to end the year on a high note. He starts the new year doing one more music video for a yet to release single (say, “My Kind of Perfect,” to be released in February, and used in romantic movie soundtracks and commercials). David goes on his two-year mission while his label keeps four perfectly good solid songs in rotation. David may leave the outside world, but his label could keep The Voice out in the public.

      Then we fans wouldn’t be worrying like this because we could have scrambled for a chance to see his concert during the holidays before he went on his mission, but while he was away, we would have had the satisfaction of listening to The Voice in the public airwaves. Even if such airplay could expand to one year, that’s one year less without The Voice.

      But of course Jive was too cheap and couldn’t be bothered to do this kind of promo.

      So now fans worry about David going away (even though I still think he is too much into music to just walk away at this point, even if only on a temporary 2-year basis).

      • Well, dang, HG….quit that teaching job and go manage David. That is such a rational plan!

        I am so on-the-fence about what I think. One minute I’m worried he’s going on a mission. The next I’m saying, “Nah, he has so much invested in music…and it is in his soul.”

        I wish he’d give us a little bit of information, although if he is in negotiations, he likely can’t. Argh. I need to stop thinking about it. 🙂

  4. Well now I’m going to quote Rascal: “Trust the Archulator!”

    If David’s looking for a new manager, I guess I should volunteer! 🙂

  5. Thank you for your blog entry, HG! I really, really, really hope you are right! I’ve followed many artists and I’ve never been on pins and needles over a “decision” to be announced by an artist.

  6. Interesting post, and i really want to believe that, Maybe we , the fans are reading too much in between lines, Maybe because we are sad or scary that he’s gonna leave his career and we don’t gonna be able to hear his music. 😦 Maybe he’s gonna re-emerge next week, more optimiste that never , full of ideas and renovated , Maybe more strong and with more Star quality , who knows, the adversity bring out the best of ours strenghts….Maybe is his case :)……or Maybe not 😦

    I know he was very optimiste and self confidente last year , he even included the tour like a new year resolution , but he’s a young human being , under social and moral pressure with an recent unexpected unfavorable situation and a very sensitive personality ….so to me a little ”existential crisis” can be normal under the circunstances, (”EC” are pretty normal at his age btw)……..that can take him to re evaluate his goals in life and make and instrospective revision of what he really wants to be and for who and why.

    My wish for him right now is that someone really impartial , without family ties and judgement free can help him to put his thoughts in a balance with objetivity and lucidity and guiding his emotional energy to control any signal of frustration and confusion to be focus and take right decisions….. .

  7. would love to see you be David’s manager HG. Love your outlook and apparent organizational skills.
    Hoping for the best. I wish I had flown to his California and NYE concert after MoTAb if I had know he isn’t going to be touring indefinitely.

  8. Right now i am thinking that David might be leaving Pop music because of his “life changing experiences” in India and with the success of MoTab. Maybe he realizes that he can sing music that has more class. maturity and is classic. In a BYU interview he said that there were times when he didn’t think that he could sing a particular song but he did it anyway and it surprised him. He might have realized that he doesn’t have to wait until he is in his thirties or older to do music that isn’t geared towards teenagers. When he sang at the MoTab concert, he was so confident and comfortable with the mature singers of a choir with a long history. There was no doubt in anyones mind that David belonged there. He needs to accept that he is a great singer and act like it. I don’t mean being stuck up or vain. But, show that kind of confidence in himself to the public.
    As far as a mission is concerned, David is right when he says that he is already servinga mission. Several times he has sang and spoke at church firesides for the youth. A lot of times the only way you can attend an event like this is to bring a non-member. The Osmonds did this all over the country. none of them went on a full two year mission. In the LDS church there are many different ways a person can be on a mission.
    This is strickly my opinion when it comes to what’s going on in the David world.

    • IDK about the mature way, i just hope by Mature you mean more Adele, Sara B, Joy W ,Bruno Mars , Eric H than Josh G or Michel B he’s too young to sing forever that kind of inspirational songs. I mean he is in the position where he can make concerts more classics and someones more pop/rock.

  9. LOL. This is funny. The “mission” was my main concern a few hours ago, but now I’m leaning more toward agreeing with HG. NOW my concern is that his fanbase has dwindled down so far, I don’t know if it’s possible for a new label/mgmt to build it back up to where he can sell any more albums than he sold with TOSOD. Which would put him right back in the position he’s in now…If he does continue in music, I think he’ll need a miracle on that end. But that’s a little off-topic, so feel free to ignore.

    • but smaller independent labels do not have the expectation of Jive in terms of the numbers of units sold to be a “commericial success” 🙂 At any rate, time well tell. I have a peace about what ever will be.

  10. I love & want HG’s point of view but I have this nagging feeling that he is going on a mission (I hope not though). Remember this interview done June 2010:

    “Archuleta sat down with Scroll for an interview. During the interview he explained certain misconceptions about questions people have asked about serving a full-time mission.

    “He said he is currently unable to serve a mission due to American Idol contracts he entered into, which will not allow him to leave for a mission. Archuleta said he hopes to serve a mission after his contract expires. ”

    • I remember that interview. At the same time, I hear contradictory things. At a fireside in my city, he said that he would not serve one because he is too recognizable.

  11. I believe that if David thought the Lord wanted him to serve a full-time mission right now, off he would go. However, he has been such a great ambassador for the Church with his sterling character, joie de vive, and undeniable talent and charm, I think he’s right when he says he’s already serving a mission. Many people have investigated and joined the Church because of his good example.

    If he has talked to President Monson (leader of the LDS Church), offered to put in his mission papers, and been told to keep doinghe’s doing, that he’s already serving a mission, David will put aside the notion for now.

    Serving a full-time mission would be a great experience for him, but he can leave on a mission up until age 25 or serve a couple’s mission later in life, and he has things to do now that if he doesn’t take advantage of, he may permanently lose the chance. I think that fear is a familiar one to him.

    Personally, I think he’s too well-known, that his fame would be a distraction and interfere with his ability to teach investigators. That would definitely be a consideration, one would think.

    Bottom line is I don’t think he’ll go now. If Pres. Monson endorses what he’s doing, David will surely continue in the business. His love for music is intense and in the back of his mind is the thought that tomorrow we could forget him and the opportunity to do good through music would vanish.

    I think he’ll continue in the business for many years to come. Somewhere along the line, he’ll probably serve a formal mission, likely later on in life. Maybe never. Donny Osmond offered to serve but was told to continue what he was doing. As with David, people investigated and joined the Church because of Donny’s influence.

    I will admit though, I’m edgy, nervous. I can’t wait for David to find a new label, to get back on the road or in the studio. There’s so much I wish I knew. Did David not fit the mold for Jive, did they just not ‘get’ him, part ways with him coz he wouldn’t dance to their tune?–sing songs that were a bit suggestive, play the part of a flirtatious teen idol? I can see David standing firm on what is and isn’t acceptable. (Duh!) Will we ever know what went down?

    He wants a long-term career in the music biz, we know. How he hopes to bring that about, what steps, the end result he envisions are unknown. Surely, talent as unusual and prodigious as David’s won’t be ignored, left to wither on the vine. (Please, God!!) What will come is anyone’s guess. With luck, we’ll know more soon coz the angst is killing me. Imagining my days without David in them is distressing, truth be told.

    • ITA with you !

      Also, we know his trip in India was life changing but even if it was a personal trip he also did it because he’s David Archuleta the singer. The organisation uses his names and he saw, byhimself, all the good done by his fans because of him. I’m sure he knows that he can do more thanks to him being a known and respected singer than going on a 2 years mission (I don’t even know how it could be feasable for him because of his popularity, fans went to see him when he was in India without any publicity…)

    • Book, good points. If he is preparing for a mission, my question is why is he spending time in LA? Wouldn’t missions be administered and allotted from SLC, the church’s base?

  12. ‘Keep doing what he’s doing’. Note to self: proofread before submitting. Duh!

  13. Two days ago, I thought his career was over (I was not aware of MWEG’s Management by Twitter method and the NKOTBSB plans). Now I think he already has a new label and, hopefully, new management. Because of recent events, TOSOD sounds even better than before.

    • To add to the many dimensions of irony, his new recording deal, if any, will not be reported nearly as widely as the news about Jive “dropping” him.

    • Yeah, I don’t think his career is over. I see it as a new beginning for him, a chance to finally establish himself as the artist he wants to be. He’s in charge now of his career, he just needs a new management and a new label that will support him and work for him (not against him like Jive and his former “management by twitter” did).

  14. Thank you HG for this post.
    I don’t see David giving up on something he loves so much just because of his first real difficulty. I just think it’s not the attitude he’d have. Sometimes I just want him to not be so cryptic and secret but speculating is what we do best since Idol lol.

    I read this quote yesterday and it reminded me of David : “People will always throw stones in your path. It depends on you what you make from it. A “Wall of Difficulties” or a “Bridge of Success”. I beleive David is capable to build a “bridge of success” from all these difficulties.
    Also, I think that he can easily be signed by a major label if he wants it because he has a lot of things going for him : he’s still popular despite all the efforts of Jive to make him disappear (just look at all the press he got after he was dropped), he still have an established fanbase, he can sing all genres, he has the look, etc …

    BTW, HG, if you get the job as manager, my only advice for you would be to give up twitter for your own sake lol (I’m sure you’d do a better job than the non-sense marketing done until now)

  15. A little off topic but I was thinking about Jive and its financial difficulties and I thought of a new type of label that exists in France, it probably already exists in the US too (because we rarely are precursors here lol). I think this type of new label is the future in the music industry that suffers from the bad economy.

    My Major Company (MMC), created in 2007, is a music label community. It comes in the form of a social network of community financing from which Internet users become “Internet-contributors”. They are expected to buy the “Contribution Shares” in an album project of one or more artists, allowing internet-Contributors to contribute to the development and launch of their artist and album. The label signed a distribution agreement with Warner Music France for the distribution of physical and digital albums.

    They already have produced 30 artists. The first one, Grégoire, was able to receive the 70 000 Euros required to produce his album thanks to 347 internet-contributors. The contributions ranged from 10 Euros (minimum accepted) to 6020 Euros. He’s really successful here (one of the best album sellers).

    Imagine how many contributors David could get just considering his established fanbase and the persons who beleive in his talent. I’d love to be a part of it but I’d prefer him to be signed to a major label.

  16. Great Post HG!
    Like you I believe David can make a comeback. Here are my reasons for why he should take a break now. It started with something TibiTibi said recently, this “mission decision” will always be hanging over our heads and is obviously between David and his God. He is at a lull now in his career. If he signs with a new label, will they repromote TOSOD and give him an opportunity to tour it out while he records new material? Will he not have to first record new material? Please correct me if I am wrong.

    This will then place him out of our sight anyway for a while. I believe he can sucessfully serve his mission, grow and mature as an individual then probably come back with some wicked new material to regain the spotlight. As far as I’m concerned keeping his name out there with nothing to promote and just a National Anthme here or there will probably cause him to become just common currency.

    I have been following Josh Groban’s path with his recent CD. It took him three years to make and he was out of sight for a while. His CD has already gone platinum after only coming out last fall, and he is preparing to launch a tour in the next couple weeks.

    I really feel David can benefit from a “go away for a bit” diva style and come back with mind-numbing promotion. Yes, I will cry and miss him because he has become a daily part of my life but at this stage the band-aid is already halfway off and going on a mission will complete the rest.

  17. I really think that a break would be a good thing for David. That break could be doing a mission or going back to school. It would give him a chance to grow, mature, and learn. Because I do think that if David does quickly sign with another label and management and continues to do the things that he has done in the past he will be in the same predicament. Because I do think that David does share some responsibility for how his career has gone. I think a little bit of it is being young, inexperienced, and not really knowing which musical direction to go in. When you are like that then it is easy for a label to steer you in a direction that might not really fit you. And with him not knowing what type of artist he is it is hard for him to know how he should be marketed.

    And I don’t know what David does behind the scenes. This is just my opinion from what I see but it does not look like David is involved in every aspect of his career. He seems to be just concerned with the music but not the business side of things. Promotion is a big part of the business. If no one knows that you have a new cd out then how is it going to sell. Promotion is still on him even when the label is falling down on the job. Get out there and do whatever it takes to promote it. Get creative and think of ways to get out there and let people know you have new music. I just will never forget David going home a few days after his album was released and doing no promotion. All he did was tweet once a day. I have never heard of that. His website hardly gets updated. He needs to be concerned about that. His merchandise seems to be solely marketed to little girls. Merchandising is important and the way artists make money. I don’t think he is involved in how his merchandise looks. He doesn’t tweet ahead of time to promote events that he is doing. He will wait to the day of to say that he is going to be somewhere. That is too late.

    I just think taking a break and gaining new experiences will make him a better artist.

    • Kris – elegant and timely yet so true. Thank you!
      David does bear some responsibility for the lack of promotion. I remember early in the life of SBL, he would not even name his “new” single and kept up the sabotage by saying it was not reflective of the direction of the rest of the album. Like you said -time away can only strenghten his music industry chops and whet appetites for new material after an absence of time.

      • This is why I believe D and the label already knew they were parting ways. I think this has been known to both parties since last summer. He was just contractually fulfilling obligations since then.

      • I agree with you Freo. That would explain the total lack of promo from Jive and why they let David do what he wanted for this album.

    • raielovingangels

      excellent points Kris. No doubt David bears some responsibility. He is young, with much to learn. Throw in his nsecurites. He has no trouble promoting other artists. He needs to not put himself subtley down. I also have to believe the music industry is very tough even for the most seasoned to navigate. I am not sure when he knew they were parting ways- but if I had to put my finger on it, it was around the end of the year, beginning of tne New Year, when he tweeting about looking backwards to learn from the past/reflecting ( or some such thing). So, I am sure he has done alot of self assessment and what ever the path is, will take everything into account. It may or may not be what the fans want- but at the end of the day- there is I am sure much we do not know- and it is his life, right or wrong to succeed or fail.

      • raielovingangels

        Here is the tweet. This is when I started to feel well some serious reflection/decsions in the works

        Sometimes the best way to move forward is by reflecting on the past.
        10:44 PM Jan 4th via txt
        Retweeted by 100+ people

    • I totally agree with you that he share some responsabiliies for this era fail, some how he neglected all the promo process with his pasive behaviour towards the release of his album and even with the bad single choices . I’m sure he is a very creative person and he can do better in that aspect, again even if we love our works, it is always something that we don’t enjoy the same, but that we need to do anyway to succes completely., and business music is not the exception.

      I don’t see though, how he can gain more experiences going away to a very restricted environment, than now being in contact with too many kind of charity profils , cultures, tendencies , seeing the world from the outside of the bubble etc. David excels already of sensibility and spirituality, i agree he need more life experience, but the kind of life experience that he can find and built with the time , making contacts, knowing people different to him, sharing experiences, seeing others living styles and valuing what he has, then i’ll expect killer songs from him, more deeps and critical and full of emotions.

      • Tibi,
        I agree with what you say. College or just taking a break from the music scene will probably expand his horizons with regard to gaining worldly experiences for himself and his career, at the same time I do not think going on a mission will be totally restrictive for him. If he goes to other countries I believe he could probably pick up at the very least some musical influences. In India he was talking about the music of Indian artists.

        Bookaholic or Utahmom – do either of you know just how restrictive a mission may be on one’s activities? Granted David is a living, breathing artist, do you think his ability to write music will be impeded and by how much?

  18. Peter I think I agree with your comments. I think he will sign with a new label. I think that David will not get the coverage when he announces he signed with a new label. I just hope he signs with good management. HG I agree that you should manage him. I am not so sure that WEG had anything lined up for David. I think it was all just random tweets to Melinda’s friends. That is no way to manage someone. It would be a big mistake for David if he left his music career now as I don’t think that the fans would be there in 2 or 3 years.

  19. I agree that David is not good at self promotion and that has hurt him. I still think that he can continue in music if he wants to. I think that jive has major issues also. That did not help.

  20. Oh….. my….. heavenly gosh! To find out what is happening to my David…just gotta stop in and time out from this journey realm to make mention that it’s about time he has FINALLY made his decision to part his ways from those “jive” turkeys. They’ve done wasted his time, misled him to think they were serious and completely supportive of his career. Well my luv David, maybe being twenty brought you a refreshing of wisdom. Let me reiterate……there is a season for everything for that “set time.” Remember God is in control and His plans are not to harm you but to prosper you. He EXPECTS you to use your GIFT He gave you
    to INSPIRE others. Yeah, time to get beck on “track” with the music God
    expects you to sing for others. So continue to pray that you walk in His will for your destiny for where His presence is your fullness of joy! Why I believe you’ve been through this musical fire for a reason. More than likely to prepare you for what is to come for you. To strengthen you. God will only allow what you can only handle and it would be impossible for you to handle the “big” if you can’t handle the little. So yes my luv, KEEP THE FAITH as you continue to walk on these stepping stones even if they appear to e a little rocky ahahaha..just kidding. Hey, it’s okay,
    it builds character. You are a definite divinely work in progress and guess
    So count on it, believe it and you will receive it. Now, back into my realm.

    Ahem…for the record….David is not and I repeat, is not in a “precarious
    state” David is in a Divinely ordered state for something Bigger and
    Better. Thank God DAVID made the decision to leave. Very proud of him.
    Know that He is there pulling for you on that “other side of down.”
    Amen? ……A-A-M-E-E-E-N!

  21. Well, if nothing else, this has re-energized the fanbase. I’m loving all the comments I’m seeing here and elsewhere, but especially here!

    My thoughts have run the gamut over the past few days. David’s career is over; he’s going on a mission; he’s going to college. Now, I’m thinking he’s going to regroup with a new label and new management. He’s made too many sacrifices that would be for naught if he were to quit for awhile. I’m sure he and Jive knew they weren’t a good fit (and as has been said, probably accounts for much of the lack of promo–think about it–it seemed like they were ready to go to bat with SBL, and then suddenly dropped it, perhaps once they realized that David wasn’t playing ball wholeheartedly). So, hopefully, David has been looking at changing labels for awhile. Perhaps another reason for the drought was that he was waiting to be released before he could move on. More and more I do think David planned to stay with WEG only until he was released from Jive.

    It’s just worrisome cuz we don’t have confirmation of his intentions. Yes, we know he’s fine, but his comments are cryptic and can be interpreted different ways since from the outside it does look like a good time to take a break. But, behind the scenes there could be a lot going on (hopefully). One sane comment from Melinda was that artists change labels and management all the time. They do. We just don’t hear much about it, and like HG said at one point it’s a good thing that we’re hearing a lot about this change; it means he’s still a name. Yes, a lot of the press is using it as an excuse to knock Idol contestants, but a lot has also been supportive of David.

    Regarding the mission speculation, I’m quite sure church leaders have urged David to continue being a good example with his music. I once had a discussion with an Osmond about missions–they definitely were counseled to serve through their careers. Not sure whether the rumor about Donny putting in his papers only to be denied is true, but it was a well known story–whoever brought that up may know more than me. There have been a few higher profile missionaries–they usually end up serving in Europe. But David is more well known than them and those that have been more at his level have not served traditional missions (as far as I know).

    • That was way too long…sorry.

    • could someone tell me if you have to have a high school diploma or ged before going on a mission?

      • The application does ask about education, and it is viewed as helping to prepare missionaries. I don’t think it excludes you from serving though–every application is considered individually with the purpose of discerning if the applicant is prepared enough and where they could best serve.

      • Excellent question: one item we don’t know is if David has completed his GED. Perhaps that’s what he has been working on during this downtime. Another mystery!

    • Thank you for your input! Very informative. At the fireside in in my city, David attended with Kendra and he said that he felt he was too recognizable to do a mission. But that was two years ago, and things could definitely change in his mind.

      If David is leaving music, I do wish he would go ahead and share that, as some fans are organizing petitions, street teams, etc.

      • That’s interesting that he would say he was too recognizable–usually he just says he’s already serving, etc. Even though he’s not as well known at the moment, I still think that it would pose a bit of a headache to any mission president.

        I agree he could be less cryptic about it; maybe he’s not sure himself?

  22. Sorry to spam, but loved this article’s take on the issue:

    • I liked it too, especially this : “he might not have a record contract with Jive, but he still has that voice”

  23. Utahmom – did you see my question upstream^^?


    • Just looked at it, thanks for pointing it out! A traditional mission is extremely restricted. Mostly because a missionary’s focus is on serving the Lord and the people around them–there isn’t time to do anything else (unless they aren’t following the rules). Their activities are restricted as well. No concerts, no movies, no TV, no internet surfing (except church sites), no radio–well it would be easier to say what they’re allowed to. 🙂

      They have one day off a week (and the free time ends at 5pm), which is filled with laundry, writing letters, errands and some wholesome recreation. No time for song writing. My son’s serving a mission now, and if he has slow periods during the rest of the week, he’s planning out how to get rid of them by finding more people who need help. He is a musician (just for fun tho), and except for playing hymns on the piano, the rest of his music is definitely on hold.

      Hope this answers your question. btw, I do love your insights Joymus!

  24. This is interesting. WEG’s website has already taken David off their list of artists. That was quick. David is still on Jive’s website for now. You think WEG was not happy about his leaving?

    • You think the sky is blue? 🙂

    • I think that the Jive decision was known for months, but the WEG decision relatively came out of the blue (for them).

    • Not at all, i have the impression that this decision from David was unexpected for them, but like i said, judging Melinda’s taste in music style and her behaviour on twitter ,looks like David don’t fit on their groupe, even if Johnny W has a reputation of patient person and values focus ….., i guess that the fact that many Jive artist are signed with them played a role in this decision too.
      I was not opposed to the possibility of the NKOTB open act, , sorry . But Melinda tweets about Beiber boy made me worry so much about what was her plan for David’s futur. 😐

  25. Thank You Utahmom for your intrepid research and kind comments as well!
    Well scratch Plan A – inhaling new music influences if serving a mission abroad – No Go. 😦
    Plan B – if David does decide to serve then we will just have to wait patiently until he’s done.
    Plan C – If David goes to college, he still may not have time to write unless he attends part-time – which takes forever.
    Plan D – David’s Plan – hopefully we will find out soon. Torture sure has the sweetest face and personality doesn’t it? lol!

    • How hard would that be for David, the “human jukebox” to not burst into some pop song in response to a question or seeing something on the street. Yikes!

  26. “Torture sure has the sweetest face and personality doesn’t it?”
    -love it!

    (No intrepid research though–just an LDS church member living in the thick of mormondom.)

  27. If David was going wth a major label- and it was finalized- don’t you think they would have made an annoucement- as a response to the press around the Jive split- However it is possible the details are still being worked out.

  28. Yes, that is what happened. She did it on purpose because WEG was not happy with David. It is a cut throat business. I think whatever David is doing it has to be finalized. They are just not ready to announce anything yet.

    • I beiieve you are exactly right! Mel was ticked off and reacted…. David will announce things when all is set. no worries here! 🙂

  29. The “announcement” of David’s release from Jive WAS premature. David is still listed on their roster of artists. Melinda knew full well what she was doing when she let the proverbial cat out of the bag very unprofessionally. However, neither Jive or David have officially announced the release, except for a confirmation by a Jive “spokesperson” who also should not have said anything, IMO. It looks to me that perhaps the legalities of terminating the contracts are not a simple thing and both parties must have legal representation. Remember there’s the ownership issue of David’s songs, released & unreleased. There’s current & future sales of the albums David did while contracted with Jive, which will not suddenly cease because of the split and so much more I’m sure needs to be settled. It may take until the end of the month. It’s imperative that David takes with him what is rightfully his free & clear. Some artists who break with their labels just leave it all for their lawyers & mgrs to deal with the legal issues but David does not have a mgr & hopefully he has a good lawyer who has advised David to be present for any & all meetings until the release is finalized. Knowing what I know about the complexities of terminating contracts, this is why I think David has not made a direct comment about Jive. He simply can’t yet. IMO. I’m sure he will as soon as all the issues are resolved.

    I don’t agree he should take a break now. I may be selfish, but we need him. I need him. I can remember my life before David and I don’t want to go back there, not even for any length of time.

    • Yes, David can’t quit music (I don’t beleive he’ll do it). I still want a Soul/R&B album, a Spanish album, a great love song, an international tour with a lot of dates in Europe, I want to see him sing at the Olympics, at the super bowl, etc … oh, and of course he can’t give up before getting several Grammy nominations that are due (and to win them, at least for best male singer !).

      I’m selfish too. It’s too early for him to give up on something he loves so much, I just don’t see that happening.

    • excellent points SF! I was thinking about the current royalities etc & how that all worked for future album sales spins etc….but gahh how had I forgotten about all those other songs? Many of which David and other writers wrote. Well as Peter said WWWWEG spoiled the beans.

    • If David has an entertainment lawyer, that person might be based in LA and that might explain his time there right now.

  30. I think David made a smart move to part ways with WEG. He did get good advise from someone. They are just mad because they thought they were going to make some money off of David.

    • I think parting ways with WEG and being released from Jive are the best thing that could have happened to him. They just didn’t get him. A third album with them would have been a mistake. Now, I just want to hear from David about what’s going on with his career so all this speculation can end.

      (I can’t listen to Elevator without thinking of Melinda lol)

      • The only thing I ask is that he if leaving music, that he shares that with fans sooner than later, as some fans are putting efforts into petitions, street teams, etc.

  31. tibitibi: I believe that 19R is with universal labels now not Sony labels.

    • You right, so maybe he’s gonna move to Universal idk , i really don’t think 19R gonna give him his freedom too easy, i mean their have the reputation of tough people in that aspect.
      My point with Sony other labels is that usually Jive take out of their main page the name of the artist before to confirm the dropped them, and David still there…..i just find that interesting too 🙂
      IDK too much speculation this days , but i really want to know what is next to move on.

  32. Thanks Utahmom for answering my question from earlier.

    As someone else mentioned, I’ve also come to peace with whatever David has decided. I’ll probably cry regardless of what it is but I will be at peace.

    I can relate to David feeling uncomfortable with some aspects of what it takes to make it in the music industry. My guess is that he has found a way to continue doing what he loves (sing!) in an environment more comfortable to his style. The possibilities are infinite. I’ve said before that I don’t believe success has a start and stop date. As HG pointed out in the post, some entertainers peak later in life; David has yet to peak.

  33. It sounds like David was riding roller coasters most of the day today at a theme park. 🙂

  34. One of the reasons that I bet he is still listed at Jive is because it is not the end of the month yet and someone (named Melinda) spilled the beans, stirred the pot, whatever, before it was time to do so, in her highly professional way (Not!). I am still annoyed at her but oh well.

  35. There are so many articles about David being “dropped” from Jive because he only “sold 67,000 copies of TOSOD”.

    Now in the article below it talks about how bad the music industry is & that Beiber only sold 60,000 copies of his My World 2.0 CD & that album had been out since last March.

    I guess David didn’t do so bad after all ………did he……ha

    The press sure can paint a bad picture of David.

    • Burkey, Beiber hasn’t only sold 60,000 copies of his My World 2.0 cd. That cd has gone platinum. The article is misleading. The actual Billboard article mentions that for that week Beiber was #1 with 60,000 copies and that is the second-lowest week at #1 since 1991. But his album has sold over a million copies.

  36. Beiber’s manager is the best at recycling lol
    My Word 1.0 then My Word 2.0, a remix album, the movie and then the movie + new scenes. He’s selling the same product twice with little alterations, he knows what he’s doing and the little girls and their parents have to pay lol

    I agree with you, David didn’t do so bad after all. Beiber is everywhere and David had zero promo. I don’t care about the bad press for David. A lot of artists change management and label and don’t make the news. Apparently David is still relevant and newsworthy for them. It doens’t matter, the fans and those who know about the music biz knew it was comming and that Jive failed hugely to promote a remarkable singer.

  37. Here is the Vlog–> DECISIONS, DECISIONS

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