Third Anniversary of “Hello, Gorgeous!”

It is now my ritual every February 19 to mark the first time ever I saw The Face and heard The Voice. 

Back in 2008, I had skipped the auditions of Idol and just chanced on this beautiful, gorgeously voiced cutie on my TV screen singing a version of Bryan Adams’ “Heaven” so that I “could understand it.”

Boy did I ever!

Without realizing it, I had made a commitment to David Archuleta as a fan.  I had no idea what journey he would take me on, but just as I haplessly followed David through Season 7 like a sunflower opening up her petals and directing all her attention to the sun, I am now here at the precipice.  I have said more than once that I’d be a fan of David for life, through thick and thin, come hell or high water, and every other cliche you can think of.

Three years to the day, I would not have anticipated the highs and lows that would follow that glorious and honest rendition of “Heaven,” and it didn’t dawn on me then that David’s brand of stardom would be completely out of step with the rest of what the entertainment industry has to offer.  I just knew that he sang from a special place and made a heart connection with me and countless others.

I’ve had time to sleep on things and contemplate what kinds of “decisions” would be “scary” for a sincere, good-hearted guy with boatloads of talent and not much professional guidance to help him navigate the treacherous waters of that rough sea called the music industry.  But, I did something very “David like”: I prayed on it. I said, “Lord, you brought this amazing person into my life and allowed me to hear him at a moment in my life when I needed hope in this world.  Please let the Voice be heard and don’t let it get silenced.”

I think we devoted fans know that The Voice knows he is needed in this world, especially as we reach the precipice: economically, politically, culturally. 

I’m now coming to that same sentiment that David tweeted yesterday: “I’m excited for what the future holds.”

Because, without knowing where the road takes you, sometimes you have to take a chance and free yourself from unnecessary baggage to make that trip down that road a bit freer and a bit unencumbered.

And let’s face it: Jive (and WEG) were unnecessary baggage: or rather, they did not come with the right equipment, clothing, toiletries, and accessories for the kind of journey The Voice needed to make. We had been bitching about it going on three years now, so let’s keep hope alive and our eyes on the prize (what can I say? My mind is bombarded by cliche right now).

And what else is a cliche but the tried and true? David is as true an artist as they come, and he will get his moment to shine brightly.  Truth and talent will always prevail.

Special Note: I am now just one post over 700 on the Soul David blog! My devotion to David knows no limits! 🙂


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  1. Congratulations, HG! I remember back on NotingDavid when I first heard your story. Your perspective is always one that I respect and look forward to.

    You asked me about an article that Rascal wrote about Jive….I found it and have reposted at TDC. Perhaps we can get an update from the writer, but for now, it is amazing how two years later, nothing much has changed.

  2. Happy anniversary SD!!

    HG, thank you. Love all the SDers!

    It’s been quite a ride & wr are not getting off!
    *Things are gonna get better*

  3. I usually cut David some slack but…at this point, I think it’s kind of immature of him to let gossip sites and twitter release this story to the fans, without a personal, professional statement.

    • I distinctly remember a David who let gossip about his dad at a massage parlor go unchecked. He never said a word, and I expect he will do the same in this instance.

      David does not do negativity. He’s just not the confrontational type. It’s who he is, which will make it difficult for someone like him to fully take charge of his career.

      • This is a totally different situation. I didn’t expect David to make any statements about what happened to his dad. That is something that involved his dad, not him. It didn’t impact his career. I wouldn’t have talked about that either.

        I wouldn’t say not commenting on any of this was necessarily immature but I would say its certainly not professional. His former manager is the one who disclosed his split with WEG and Jive. Now Jive has released a statement to a reporter. And David has said nothing about any of this. All he has commented on is a birthday and the rain. That is not the way to handle this. I can’t imagine that he is just oblivious to all of this. That he is not aware of what Melinda tweeted or that this news is out in the media. How could he not be? I know if I had let my manager go, I would be checking to see what she has said on her twitter account. He had to know that he was released from Jive so I would be checking to see if they released any type of statement. How can he not be aware of how the fans are reacting? It wouldn’t be hard to at least send a simple tweet to the fans reassuring them.

      • Yes, we are seeing conflict avoidance, which is nothing unusual. But this time, a carefully-worded statement would be professional.

      • Does David have a PR person? We know what happened last time he tried to address buzz in the media. Maybe he’s a little gun shy? Maybe he or someone is working on it?

        It wouldn’t hurt to clear things up. Let people know he’s fine. He still plans on singing. Or not. This silence leads to all sorts of speculation and what Peter alluded to. Fans are posting links to gossip sites because they feel they have to put a spin on what’s happened. David doesn’t have a team to do that.

      • I think Melinda said that Gina Orr is David’s PR person but I’m not sure .

    • Melinda shouldn’t have tweeted about it and Jive should have made an official statement instead of just confirming the rumour to a journalist.

      David should tell his story too (like Ciara did) but I don’t think he’ll do it. I don’t know if he has someone in charge of the public relations who could say something in his name. (I just hope he won’t do it on twitter with a 140 characters limitation like the last time …)

  4. Remember when Rascal said this 2 years ago?

    Thanks for reposting, Marlie! 🙂

  5. Not sure what a “twition” will do, but you might as well add your signature!

  6. Let’s all be thankful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Congratulations ! Thank you HG for this site, I love to read your posts and all the comments here.

  8. HG, I remember how at first I thought your name referred to YOU – that you were gorgeous 😀 Not that I doubt it, but I have since learned that your name says something about your first “encounter” with David. Thus, it could be my name too, ’cause I remember feeling super creepy for drooling over a guy 4 years younger than me. But he’s so beautiful I’ve decided I really had no choice. And don’t have one now either 😛

    Thanks for such an awesome blog – with your straight-forwardness, your way with words and your never-ending support for David, you’re my kinda gal.

  9. Re: Ode to Thankfulness

    I’ve never learned to understand why so many self-proclaimed “positive fans” religiously post every possible link to every possible gossip site with pointless and irrelevant commentary.

  10. I’m thankful for SD cmmenters who are not afraid to say what I think Lol !

  11. Happy Heaven Anniversary, HG! And congratulations on the milestone post too.

  12. Congrats, HG! And thanks for this blog.

  13. HG……Happy 3rd Anniversary for SD! I know I have enjoyed it here very much.

  14. Happy Anniversary! I never tire of hearing “Heaven”! congrats and thank you for your site HG.

  15. The silence is broken, check out his tweets while fans from the other side of the world can now go to sleep! 🙂
    Have a great weekend to all!

  16. I love what he tweeted! Good night, Junnie!

  17. Congrats! HG. This is an awesome place and I always enjoy reading your articles and the comments of the posters here. I will celebrate today and at this particular time because I see it as a time to regain some fresh perspective.

    None of us really knows exactly what has gone on or why David has chosen to address (or not address) this unsettling situation. My feelings are that David probably has good reason for not saying much right now. And I will try not to worry about it as all of this is not something I could do anything about anyway. And as for all the speculation, I wonder if anyone outside the David bubble is aware or even cares. David is probably thinking he’s already prayed about it and he has made his decisions and just let the pieces fall where they may. His strengths lie in doing and living his life in accordance with his beliefs and standards, so why would he be too concerned about the rest. In many families people just do what they do and they don’t talk too much about it.

    Bring on the next thing David. I am ready! 🙂

    • Yes, if David feels divinely led to do a certain decision, there is nothing any of us can do about it whether he decides leaves music or not. He will let the chips fall where they may and move on with his life.

  18. Good to hear that David is doing well. I will say that the tweet doesn’t clarify for me that David is going to continue to pursue a musical career. It kind of sounds like he has no plans at all. He is just being his same optimistic self and looking forward to wherever life leads him. Whatever he decides to do, I will support him. He needs to do what is best for him. It is his life after all.

    • You are right; it is his life and if he wants to leave the industry, that’s his choice and it doesn’t matter what we think. I’ve been trying to prepare myself for that possibility.

  19. Congrats hellOgOrgeous! I have appreciated your love and support of David since…well… NotingDavid, JustDavid, TheDavidChronicles, and now your own blog site that is always straightforward and to-the-point. THANKS for keeping it real.
    P.S. Your prayers to keep the VOICE in our lives could of came right from my own heart. ♥

  20. This post summarizes my feelings right now. I’ve prayed for David too and now I’m very excited for him. I don’t know that he has precise plans but I do believe he has goals he wants to achieve. Whatever those goals are, I hope there are opportunities for fans to assist him in reaching them.

    Misc. but I had never seen the first 15 sec. of that “Heaven” video before. Thanks for posting it!

  21. Great post! I believe that David knows how much his music has touched people. He also believes he was given his gift for a reason. What ever decisions are made, I am sure his gifts and how to best use those to make a positive difference in the world will be a major consideration for him. He is also not one to leave when things get tough. He has shown that in the past. I don’t see him leaving the music business. He has invested alot of time, energy, money, emotions and has grown, learned and expanded his horizons. Once you separate out the emotional side of the equation, and reflect on the accomplisments- he has much to be pround of. I am looking forward to the next chapter and I hope I am correct that he will continue to pursue his musical calling- in spite of temporary bumps.

  22. tweet from MelWeg:

    On Friday 18th February 2011, @MelindaWEG said:

    Artists change labels and management all the time. Don’t be sad. Have faith. He is a brilliant talent and will be just fine. Always support who you love. I do!

  23. I don’t know what went down, but I do think that this is has been in process for some time and the fans are just learning about it. Decisions like this aren’t made lightly or overnight. i would even venture that it’s been in process for months. The Jive departure is no surprise and it was probably on the table for quite some time, perhaps full knowledge to all parties since last summer when the label gave no promo while he fulfilled radio obligations that were already contractually in place. I hope he does not leave the industry, but ultimately it is his life and the industry is brutal.

    • I agree. David pretty much told Jive that he wasn’t going to be molded into what they wanted with TOSOD and then SBL. Call me delusional, but I took “things are going where I think they should” as him having a plan. He knows where he wants to go and I think he knows Jive wasn’t going to help him get there.

      I like this tweet I saw:

      To the uninitiated, that’s his way of saying, “Good riddance! I’m not sharing my Pad Thai with you anymore. Eff off!”

    • I agree, This has likely been in the works for some time. The bottom line is a great album did not get promo from the label- likely due to a multiple of reasons, SBL should have been a big radio hit- whick would have impcted sales. That is wat we know from the outside. From th inside? Those private meetings nhd decisions behind closed dors? Who knows. I know Ciara’s fans are jealous and wishing they would cut her the heck loose like David.

      • oh- I do think they put on the promo act however & waited to see how sales went down w/o too much monetary investment. I mean on the other hand if the company is in financial trouble- they likely did not have the money to invest. At the end of the day a business decision.

      • i find this retweet by @daddioraddio (radio promo employee for jive) to be very interesting:

        “I ❤ David Archuleta with all my heart. Jive records sucks. Thanks for screwing up the best singer of all time DAVIDARCHULETA<3"

      • desertrat, isn’t that the guy who went on a couple of radio promo gigs with David?? That name is so familiar to me.

      • not sure where this will display but in response to astrid, yes, daddioraddio did join david a a few of his radio promo gigs.

  24. Am off to do the things of the day but, before I do, I wanted to say thank you to HG for this most awesome spot and all your reflections here. Also thanks to all you great and wonderful posters and supporters of David.
    I’ve been feeling pretty bummed out these last few days but after reading today’s post, I’ve come to such a feeling of peace and pride in David. I’m much more reassured and confident that he is following his own way and I trust in his soul. Once again this young man leads the way in doing the right thing and I am blown away by it.

  25. I am wondering if maybe David can’t talk about those “opportunities ahead” just right now. He has no obligation to jive anymore but who knows what he signed with WEG. He might not be able to disclose anything at this point.

    • Yep, that is what I’m thinking, too. He’s still in LA, so his business isn’t done. Whether he’s signing with someone else, going on a mission, or just finishing paperwork with JIVE, maybe he’s not ready or able to make a statement ’til everything’s finalized.

      And I keep changing my mind every few minutes, but I’m leaning towards thinking that he’s switching directions. Music hasn’t been in his vocabulary for awhile. And Melinda’s tweets “he doesn’t know a good thing when he sees it”, “It’s not my fault. You’ll see.”, “Things happen for a reason” …maybe she’s saying he chose something else over singing and we’ll realize that when “the story” comes out.

      Or…I’m being over-analytical again. lol.

      I’m just glad that he tweeted at all. I do agree that a statement needs to come out. But if it clarifies everything, what are a few more days in the gossip columns, right?

      • The mention of Melinda’s tweets has my blood boiling again, lol. To me, many of her tweets say more about her (i.e., classless, clueless, annoying and ignorant) than provide insight into D’s next steps.

        I still recall during D’s Motab rehearsals that she tweeted a some 4 letter words while seated inside the Tabernacle. She regularly argued via twitter w/D’s younger fans. On Grammy night, she expressed outrage over Esperanza Spalding winning over Bieber and topped it off by dissing Steely Dan and comparing Esperanza’s win to the time Steely Dan won over Nsync. For someone who manages singers, she should have known better than to diss accomplished musicians as she did. Irving Azoff and Gina Orr don’t behave in that manner.

        All this to say, she lacks the judgment to know what’s best for D. And besides D, I love Steely Dan as artists and didn’t take well to her comments. 🙂

      • I go back & forth too honestly. He did say opportunities in his tweet. So makes me ponder that is was plural. I just hope he wtays wiht music but a little part of me is wondering. Gotta believe he has prayed aboutr this, Guess I need to do the same and be prepared .

      • What?! And I liked her…

        Anyone with a set of eyes and ears can see and hear that talented JJ Cool B is not.

        Perhaps she is kissing the patooties of his management team because she is hoping to be recruited.

  26. hahaha Vulture is so funny. * Yep, 3 albums, 1 NY Time best seller, multiple tours including international, multiple natonal TV appearances, etc …. ain’t bad.

  27. First of all Happy Anniversary HG, what a night to remember! Heavenly indeed.

    I still lurk from time to time, and will always love David Archuleta. Just the day to day of it all got to be far too much given my life circumstances.

    I hope that David takes time to regroup, but that he must know that there is no way he won’t be performing for us again. That voice just must be heard. I don’t know what went wrong, I just know that somewhere, somehow, someone messed up a sure thing. Certainly there is enough blame to go around. Bottom line though, he will have the final laugh. I just know it.

  28. I have an idea.

    David loves those message songs so much, like “Prayer for the Children”..couldn’t he focus on finding really, really great songs of that nature and have Kurt Bestor produce the album? It could still be done in a youthful style, but a better fit for his personality. I don’t think he should aim for radio airplay, maybe should aim for album sales doing the music he likes but using the marketing techniques of a Groban, Andrea Bocelli, etc…

    I wonder what he is really thinking of pursuing though!

  29. Ya know- I don’t get it really. Granted some of David’s fans are/have tweeted Mel some inapproprate things “blaming” her but why she feels the need to respond back is beyond me. She must be the type that simply always has to be right or have the last word. To get into it with a teen ager/young adult and chastise by saying
    @CleofeArchie you need to check yourself before you speak. From your tweets it shows you have no clue about our industry. No clue

    Another fan asked her if an offer was passed on re an appearance in Vietnam and she responded it was. huh?
    Really her convos need to come to an end re David. Why does she feel the need or right to respond to these random internet inquiries? I gotta thnk she has really taken this personally. It likely cost her alot of money as her responsility was to keep him with the agency as a client and probably she feels her reputation has been hurt. In my mind the only explanation for acting in such a manner. But ya know, one’s true character shows in adversity. It is easy to be gracious with time are good. When times are bad, or you feel you lost, that is when one’s true colors show.

    Not meaniing to stir the pot about this. I do wish David;s would just stop tweeting her and feeding the flames. Some of them need to learn a bit of class also.

    • oops David’s fans that is-should stop tweeting her. Regardless of her approach, we saw alot of positive activity and outcomes from the short time with WEG- just silly to get into a blame game with her.

    • I agree, WEG did many good things; Melinda’s doing more damage to herself by responding to D’s fans. Clients may want to come to WEG but I doubt anyone high profile would want her speaking on their behalf.

      You ask “why does she feel the need or right to respond…” : She may be trying to cover something up.

  30. I did like Melinda but I think she has not handled this situation well at all. Melinda never should have put out anything on twitter if you ask me. Isn’t it Johnny Wright’s company? She should have taken a twitter break for at least two weeks. I am also I thinking that maybe WEG isn’t doing that great. Why would you bother to even respond to fans at this point?

    • I also have the impression that they are not doing that great.

      • Oh shoot. I opened my big mouth on twitter asking Melinda if it was professional to tweet David’s business. Then I told her I know she has his best interests at heart. However, I should not, perhaps said “unprofessional” in my tweet to her even though that is what I think about some of the things she has said on twitter, because it sounds somewhat insulting. I should have said it in a more gracious way. That is why I don’t really tweet and shouldn’t. But really, she needs a little wake up call about twitter (as we all do). She has to spearate her confidential, business info from the personal fun info of twitter. Otherwise, clients will lose their trust in those who work for/with them.

      • I think you did the right thing, collegemom. Why sugarcoat it? David and Jive parting ways was not her business to tell. She did it out of spite, I think. Certainly, she knows better.

      • Seems like we went from VRS to MBT (Management by Twitter) and NKOTBSB. It’s great that Jive, WEG and the boy-band mold are now a thing of the past, not to mention any Biebitations (Bieber imitations) she may have had in the plans.

  31. I would value a VRS right now to tell us just if David wants to remain in music or not. If he knows that he will not continue in music now, he should share that with fans, as fans are organizing efforts such as petitions, promo, etc.

    • Same here. Although I might not like the answer. That David is sure a sneaky one…”things are going where I feel they should”. Thanks for making it clear, lol.

      I just hope he understands that if he does take a break, it could end his career. That’s the part I worry about most.

      • I agree. I think that many fans just want to know if he’s staying in the industry or not, if we have a chance to see and hear him in the coming future. We can figure out the rest later.

    • I agree, and is something easy to do tbh.

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