David is Free of Jive A$$ Records

“Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”

So said Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. nearly 50 years ago, and so shall I say the same for David with this latest news that he has parted ways with a trifling label.

What’s in store for David’s future? Let’s keep hope alive (to quote Jesse Jackson – hey, it’s Black History Month!). 🙂

And on that note, Imma let Janelle Monae say everything that needs to be said for David and for Soul David readers:


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  1. Here’s hoping that 19R will release him as well.

  2. I always knew that David would be recognized worldwide, all would see the tremendous talent he has. This feeling I feel in my bones, I knew from the first day I saw him.
    I never had doubts,
    These events in the life of david are stages in their growth as a professional.
    I’m also excited about the future. I was with David when they lost the crown, was at this step, for the promotion of Crush, during his first video, his first solo tour, I was with in England. I was also during non-promotion of his latest cd and try to tell by twitter, your cd is much more than you imagine.
    If I, Gladys, was in all these times, then I should be now also, along with david.
    Maybe you do not see me, david, but I swear I walk beside you and hug you. I’m not alone.
    All your fans formed a shield around you to protect you, and we are many and different countries, different ages.
    We love you David, I know you know.

    • I love your comment Gladys and I feel the same. I’m a fan of David and his voice, I’ll support him whatever happens. I hope he knows that he can count on us !

  3. Awesome headline, HG!

    • Well, I’m not going to do any “thank you, Jive!” positivity crap like I’ve seen on certain fan sites, which shall remain nameless.

      • I’m not either ! It’s a thing to want to be positive but it’s another one to want people to say “thank you, Jive”. That’s just ridiculous and I admit it makes me mad ! ( he’s not talking in David’s name and I don’t have to agree with everything he writes because he’s a “close” friend. Also, I’m happy to see fans who comments there saying they don’t agree too).

      • kind of sickening I thought…….

      • #Ricardo has good intentions but some of his comments just seem so naive at this juncture.

      • that is why we LOVE YA HG….
        So, I am just getting in- is it official- not just some unprofessional twit ( opps meant to say tweet) trying to make her look um meant to say themselves look better?

      • Alas, Rae, it’s official! See TMZ, MTV, Billboard, and every other online gossip and entertainment news site.

  4. Life goes on, guys. David is at the mall. lol You gotta love him!

  5. What a joke. Jive did nothing for David. The rest of the idols left on that label will not make out much better than David did. I am sure they will be all gone in time. I agree with you about his “close friend.”

  6. I’m lovin’ the title to this post. NICE HG! 😉

  7. Brought this over from end of previous discussion:

    “David is still tied to idol through 19R. Technically they are his label and Jive was the distributor of his albums. They might decide to release David as well. They might not. I don’t think they released Alison when she was dropped by Jive. She is still managed by them as well.”

    Kris, if this is the case it really ain’t over, is it? It is conceivable that David would be in limbo until 19R releases him. And how long is this contractual straitjacket good for? Makes me wish David had taken another route in building his career. Straitjacket may be too strong a word but I am not feeling very reasonable right now and that word feels right at this moment.

  8. I do think that Richard has a point: It is very difficult to market David in the industry.

    • They shouldn’t try to change him to fit the mold, they should use his uniqueness and make it a force. There is a place for him in this industry IMO, they just need to really want to try a little harder by developing a real plan (unique to him) to market him. Jive didn’t try to understand him as an artist, they just saw a young good looking guy and they thought “teen pop star”. If I’m sure of something is that David doesn’t need to change who he is in order to be accepted, his personality makes his charm too…

      I hope for him to find a label and a management that are willing to make the effort to try something new with him, to be innovators. He already has everything, they just need to accentuate his assets and let his great voice “talk” for him. Those who have heard him sing can’t deny that he’s a great singer, they just need to discover the “real David” to be hooked forever.

      • I so agree with you. I don’t think he is hard to market at all. He is like-able, good looking, and has a great voice. What is the problem? And he is very charming. I agree about developing a plan that is unique to him and marketing him to audiences that he appeals to. Obviously there is a market for David given the success that he has had in the past. He hasn’t changed. And that is the problem with labels. They don’t try to do anything different. They just do what they have done in the past that has been successful. There is no long term artist development anymore because people are afraid of losing their jobs. And long-term planning isn’t the case for idols because they are just looked at as a way to make a quick buck.

        I just see it as marketing a product. David is a product. And when companies market a product they sell its uniqueness and how it is different from what is currently out there. They sell why this product is special and how it meets the needs and wants of consumers. They didn’t do that for David. They didn’t sell what was special about him.

    • I’m sorry about the long comment. I’m just tired about hearing how difficult it is to market David in the industry. I think it’s just an excuse for the lazy labels that only want to recreate what’s currently working. Maybe it’s good for a singer like Kesha who is really limited as an artist (the girl just can’t sing) or Rihana (who really lacks of originality) or even Katy Pery, but that just doesn’t work with artists like David who are not in it just for the money but for the art.

      (I promise, I’ll use an English dictionnary the next time I comment lol).

  9. I wanted to add that I am not letting Jive off the hook. They did nothing for him beyond Crush and the initial push of the debut album (which is very similar to how many Idols are treated right off the show), but due to a combination of factors he is difficult to market.

  10. No management & no label !! I am devastated ! How to hear& see him again!? Have to keep going back to his tweet for some answer, what is it about the future that he is excited about?!?!

  11. MTV, Billboard, Hollywood Gossip, TMZ, Vote for the Worst…

    Everybody is talking about David getting dropped!

    Nice to know he’s still a name…

    • If David makes an official statement I hope it’ll get a lot of press too. Some people are just discovering that he has a new album “thanks” to those articles.

      Dropping him is the best thing Jive did since a long time lol. I don’t want to send them hate tweets, I want to thank them to have set him free.

  12. I just want to register for everyone that today is the first time since I started this blog in 2009 that I received triple the amount of views than I’ve ever received on any given day.

    Sad that so many are flocking here under these circumstances (and if the same number went out and bought David’s latest album, his label wouldn’t be able to point to low sales as their excuse).

    Thanks for stopping by all the same, lurkers and first-time visitors! 😀

    • congrats! i believe the catchy headline helped, lol.

    • Thanks for giving us a place to flock to! It’s nice to have a place where we can commiserate with each other. I’m not ready to celebrate David’s freedom just yet. I’d feel much better if I knew he had a good management team in place to help negotiate with a new label.

      On MSN’s homepage, David is listed as a popular Bing search.sigh.

      • And somehow that gives me hope. This is making headlines in entertainment news!

        What does that really say except people must be thinking: if someone with undeniable talent can get dropped from a label, there is no hope in the music industry.

      • I have exactly the same feelings, and tbh i think for him is more urgent to find a new management and then a new label.
        I hope he received all this buzz for his music and album, that for this events 😦

      • I agree with you, Utah. I’d feel much better if I knew something else was set up. Maybe it is and we don’t know it. Maybe he can’t talk about it yet. But I know that his silence is a little unnerving. Sometimes, amidst everything and he tweets about going to the mall, it has two effects for me: puts things in perspective, or I could see it as causing me to wonder what he even wants. Does he even want a professional music career? Is he taking a break or going in a new direction (mission and then college)?

  13. The headline really is the best. Good work hg.

  14. Thanks! It wasn’t hard to come up with the nickname. 😆

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