Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop…


I’m not going to lie.  All the talk I’ve been having here on SD with hopes for David to part ways with Jive was my own wish for David to be proactive in moving on from a label that showed in so many ways that they were not invested in his career.  So, after every messed up thing the label has done to The Voice (a talent who they’re not even fit to ties his shoes or hold his water bottle for him) – from marketing him inappropriately to not having a vision beyond his first single “Crush” to letting a perfectly respectable sophomore album dwindle in the dust to not even banking on a perfectly fabulous Xmas album during the holidays to now, using low sales (presumably) to justify dropping (presumably) a promising young talent, when it was their fault all along (and this is the same song sung by every other unfortunate artist tied to their label – Alison Iraheta, Lil’ Mama, Big Boi, and Ciara, who’s trying to get out from under them) – I would not be surprised if the next big news we hear is that the label has dropped David. I mean, he’s already finished his three-album contract with Jive, and it’s very clear the label is having its own shake up.

But whither the music industry and their ability to launch new talent?  I have no faith in their abilities.  Except I had faith in David!  Sigh.

See, earlier this week, I was so excited when the Grammys went to little known artists, like Esperanza Spalding for Best New Artist and Arcade Fire for Album of the Year. 

Then I realized: none of the entertainment news shone a spotlight on who they were and what they were about.  On the Grammys, Ms. Spalding was reduced to providing background music for a speech made by one of the execs!  Where was her opportunity to perform for a live audience?

And the only story she received for her Grammy win?  Oh yeah: her wikipedia page was hijacked by a bunch of angry Beiber fans!

And we wonder why Jive and management don’t know how to market someone like David, or why, if the label did send his songs to radio, why no one was interested in playing his music. Look at the culture in which he is expected to thrive.

I’m just deeply disappointed.  Three years ago, on AI’s Hollywood Week (which is occurring right now and which has yet to showcase a contestant who has captured my love and imagination the way The Voice did back in 2008), the first time I said “Hello, Gorgeous!,” when I saw The Face and heard The Voice, I was so sure we had found the next big thing.  And even before that season was over, we saw how media spin worked overtime to ruin his chances of winning the whole shebang.

And if that could happen in the course of a TV season, what about in a short three-year span? 

How things can change in the span of a week, when I started with so much hope and now wait with baited breath – wanting to be optimistic but knowing how dismal and distressing the music industry is. 

There is nothing else to do but wait for the other shoe to drop. 

Must the nice guys always finish last?


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  1. New post (because my heart is heavy, and I’m in tears over a few performances on AI’s Hollywood week, even though none has replaced David’s Hollywood week, which will always be in my heart).

  2. I don’t even know what to think anymore. I know the music biz is brutal. I am waiting for the next bit of news: I wonder if it will either be moving to a new management company/new label, or leaving the business and going on a mission. Or, perhaps another scenario I have not imagined because I have no idea what is going on behind the scenes.

  3. “Must the nice guys always finish last?”
    I don’t know, I still have great hopes for David. The thing I don’t understand is why everything seems so difficult for David (for his management to find him a good tour partner, for his songs to be played on radio, to get great producers and songwritters, to have his face on mag covers, to be recognized as the great talent he is etc ….). Is it David’s doings and choices or what ? I never thought it would be so difficult for him to find a place in the music biz when others less talented are doing really well.

    About Jive dropping him, I’d prefer him to have taken the decision (if it’s true of course) but honestly it may be the best thing for David. A new album with them would have just been a bad thing when you see the disinterest they had about TOSOD and David in general. Crush helped to sell his first album, they did nothing for CFTH and even worst for TOSOD, why would have it been different with a third album ?

    I hope David will make an official statement.

  4. You know HG,
    I was just looking at the promise of such raw, untapped talent wanting to be on a show for a chance to enter a music industry that will eat them up whole. David’s promise was worn down a bit by poor vision, promotion and management. I do not think the grand experiment has failed by any means but will now venture into an uncharted period of transition with the fans waiting to see what will come out on the other side.

  5. Last weekend, David tweeted this quotable quote:

    “May you have enough happiness to make you sweet,enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human… and enough hope to bring you Joy.”

    Was he trying to tell us something even then?

  6. Good post hg. I can’t tell you how many times I think of “nice guys always finish last” when it comes to David. Why is everything so difficult for David?

  7. I think it’s interesting that Melinda tweeted that David had chosen “not to continue work.” She did not say “David has chosen not to continue working with WEG.”

    I think he’s finishing up his affairs in L.A. and then going on a mission.

    Sheesh – offline for two days and this happens!

  8. Meanwhile, Jive is busy tweeting about the world premiere of Britney’s “Hold It Against Me.”

  9. Melinda also tweeted “I don’t think he is quitting. We are just not going to manage him. He has a long career ahead of him. Wish him the best”.

    That, at least, gives me a bit of hope. It is hard to wait for some sort of official statement from David.

  10. I think that fans are a little? stressed and scary , not because Jive drop him , since many were wishing that change for better , but because the way we received the news , without any kind of consideration 😦 , For someones this looks like he has not plans to continue on the business or following his career and in to that addition the Mission thing gonna be always an issue to expect and some sort of ”ghost” that gonna take away David of the scene for some years………..So i guess i can just justify all the stress and sadness right now 😦

  11. Yes, I think the next word will be from David or news that he has new management and/or new label (if that is true). I guess we’ll see what the next few days brings! Good nite!

  12. Wow… not news I was expecting about WEG. Looks likes this is truely the end of the TOSOD era. I did think WEG an odd choice for David, since they specialize in Boy Bands and ‘manufactured’ stars, a direction that David didn’t seem to want to go. I wonder why he chose them to begin with, since it’s clear from their roster the type of stars they manage.
    But more than that… what next? I also hope that David has some clear direction in mind, and has already lined up or is close to closing a new label/management. Is ‘excited for the future’ just his usual optimism, or does he have something specific in mind?

  13. Crap. Did not expect this one. Meanwhile, while his fandom explodes exponentially, David tweets about tonight’s AI episode…

  14. I wish David would give us some info about what is going on. I don’t like that he has left us hanging after his tweet and Melinda’s announcement. I wouldn’t be surprised if David is taking a break from his career right now. And maybe that is the best thing for him right now. I would just like to know what is going on. And if he isn’t taking a break I’m not sure he has new management in place already. He didn’t have it in place when he left his first management company. I will support whatever decision David makes. It is his life and he has to do what is best for him. I just want to know what is going on. And he does need to have a statement prepared before this info spreads any further.

  15. The more I think about it, the more I believe that Melinda knew she was starting a sh*t storm when she put out that tweet. She knows this fanbase. She would know that tweeting that David was no longer with WEG would start an uproar. Very unprofessional for her to make that kind of announcement at all. I had nothing against her, but her “performance” tonight – and I think it was retribution, to be frank – was pretty deplorable.

    • I agree. She should have stepped away from her twitter account until she cooled off. And she had no right to reveal what happened with Jive.

      And ditto to what Kris said.

      This whole explosion makes me wonder; who is advising David about all of this? Do they know what they’re doing? Is anyone advising him? I know lots of people are saying to trust David to make the right decision, but, really he’s just barely 20 without much business savvy. Plus his track record when it comes to management decisions hasn’t been the greatest. Although none of this will matter if he is going on a mission. Then his management will be his mission president…

      • I agree. I’ve not always agreed with the trust the archuleta stance. David is still a young man that hasn’t had much experience in this business. He doesn’t know much about the business side of things and hasn’t always made the best decisions. It is his life to lead and his mistakes to make and he will probably learn by them. But that doesn’t mean he is knowledgeable about what to do in every situation. David does have friends in the business that I hope he can turn to to get advise as to how to handle the situation. I also hope that he prepares a statement. I don’t know if Gina Orr is still his publicist but he has always had such nice things to say about her. Maybe he could go to her for advice as to what to say.

      • I agree too with the point about him taking decisions, i guess you explain it very well , i mean why is that complicate for David’s fans to accept that he’s young and ” able” to make mistakes or maybe to take the right choices? or even to have a little age crisis, that btw are pretty normal at his age, not that he’s gonna go crazy, but more like he can be confused . To take decisions is already very difficult and kind of stressful for the regular human beings with regular works, i can imagine how difficult can be for a person at young age in the public eye and with a lot of pressure around him. I just wish he really knows and is totally sure of what he’s doing with his career, if he really think music is his career othewise……nvm

    • This whole explosion makes me wonder; who is advising David about all of this? Do they know what they’re doing? Is anyone advising him? I know lots of people are saying to trust David to make the right decision, but, really he’s just barely 20 without much business savvy. Plus his track record when it comes to management decisions hasn’t been the greatest.

      I completely agree.

      (Also, 30 Rock is brilliant.)

  16. I haven’t really gathered my thoughts yet, as I just woke up to all this. But one thing I do know; personality wise MelindaWEG just doesn’t make a good match with David. Not with her mean tweets, the gossip she KNOWS she’s stirring, pretending to be David’s spokesperson by answering fans’ questions about Jive etc. And I’ve always thought she wanted to mold David into something like Bieber or the Jonas Brothers. Not to mention she sent a snarky tweet to Kariontour after she tweeted about David being a wonderful person etc. last week, something along the lines of “Really? Gag me..”. Does that really sound like a person David could work with in the long run?

    And now it seems she’s feeling guilty about everything, ’cause she’s tweeting stuff like “we wish David nothing but success, he really deserves it” and this:

    suttygal joanie s
    @MelindaWEG True story. I’ve actually seen a baby (my great niece) stop crying when I started playing @DavidArchie’s Somebody Out There. :))

    in reply to ↑
    Melinda Bell
    @MelindaWEG Melinda Bell
    @suttygal @davidarchie it is because they heard an angel sing

    I know it’s probably my temper talking right now, but good riddance to Mel. And if David is no longer with Jive, then the amount of work they’ve done to help David doesn’t change a bit. Zero.

  17. This question was raised before when Mel seemed to be tweeting things that may or may not have reflected David’s views- Is there not something in the contract with a management company and informaiton disclosure? Is management not like a PR firm where you carefully craft your message and image? How in the world would any ontract or professional standard allow you to take liberty with sharng information like a possible lable drop? There were just many things that Mel tweeted that such as “He is still learning” or things like that- which did not promote the client. So, I stand by what I said- that WEG seemed to be a good company- but I don’t think Mel was the right match for David. Heck I would not want her as my manager either- because it would take a lot of supervision to get her to defer to what I want and my approach- and she did not seem the type to want to defer- especailly to someone that she seemed to veiw as young and inexperienced. C’est La Vie. I do do do hope, as someone said- that David is gettng PROFESSIONAL guidande from someone he can trust who can navagiate the shark filled waters of the music industry and show biz….

    • sorry bout the tyos…grrr.

    • I agree with you. Also I hope that what she tweeted won’t have a negative effects on David, especially for him to find a new management and a new label (if he hasn’t done it yet). It’s not like only fans read her tweets, someone said it was already on VFTW (I know they hate on everybody and I don’t take them seriously) and other idol blogs. I hope David won’t wait too long before doing an official statement and maybe announce some good news.
      BTW, I”m glad he parted ways with WEG (and especially with Melinda). I don’t think she was a good manager for him and she just proved it yesterday !

  18. In other news, JBieber proves once again that he’s a little sh**:


    I HATE that nice guys finish last…

  19. I hope David makes some kind of statement today. I am not so sure who is advising David now. I feel very strongly that he should have professional management if decides to stay with his career. Agree that he has no business savvy. Parting with jive is no loss as they were not going to do anything for him anyway at this point.

  20. I agree, David has limited business acumen. Hopefully he is not being advised by #manincap!!!!!

  21. The question I have is wouldn’t David have had to sign a contract with WEG for at least a year? David must have not had a very binding contract with them. Must be you can just leave your management if you are not happy with it. Please no dad in management.

  22. Thanks. That makes sense to me now.

  23. Anyway i’m too concerned about who is giving him advise, David really looks like he alwyas struggling to make this kind of decisions, so i really don’t know what to think and i going to reserve my opinion about if this management change was a good move or not, Melinda for sure was a tough girl, that went to far on twitter, specially with this very passionate David’s fanbase , but WEG is a big business house so i’m sure we can expect an statement from them about this and i hope David’s image don’t gona be hurt, they are business people and they going to deffend their views , specially if his fans still in the rude mode.

    And about Jive , we need the confirmation

    • To tell you the truth, Melinda was so unprofessional in her jive firestorm-starting tweet, that in most businesses, this breach of client confidentiality would get you fired by your boss at the company (WEG).

      • To me that Jive tweet was the real problem and the unprofessional behaviour , she should stayed away from twitter to avoid the nasty tweets and to control herself with her very primitive reactions from a major damage. But that don’t happened, So now we’ll see what she /they gonna said about this affair. Or maybe she’s gonna be fired by WEG too who knows?

  24. cmoihttp://www.hollywoodreporter.com/blogs/idol-worship/american-idol-alum-david-archuleta-101546?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed+thrmusic+The+Hollywood+Reporter+-+Music&utm_content=Twitter

    It’s official now, David is no longer with Jive

    It’s time for David to communicate now. He should say if he didn’t renew his contract or parted ways etc… He should do like Ciara did and give his opinion, but “knowing” him, he’ll probably not.

  25. Where are you, HG? The other shoe has dropped. Oh boy. What a last couple of days 😦

    • Just catching up after being out all day and offline. I already have a new post to sum up what I feel about all this.

  26. David deserves better than Jive and Melinda ! I’m glad he is not with Jive anymore but I’d have liked a better way to leak the info. It’s why I don’t know why David is so secretive about everything and so cryptic in his tweets. He shouldn’t let others talk for him !

    Do you think he knew about Jive back in December or January ? Maybe he had the time to make new contacts ? I’m wondering what will happen now, what he has decided for his career ….

    • If he didn’t made new contacts in this three years……..idk what to think then 😐

      The stressing part is not to know what’s gonna happen now, if he was ready and prepared for this and how his reaction gonna be, he’s gonna show out to his fans like and strong player? or the all situation gonna eat all his confidence?…….a big moment for him to built and make strong his all philosophy for sure . David has been respected because the dignity in how he handled the pressure we’ll see what happen.
      BTW seriously is time for Jive and David to release an statement
      In another hand…….i feel so down,:( he is a talented guy, Dear God please help him to find the place to show his musical identity.

  27. We should turn this dropping news into a celebration and show our support to David. He hasn’t lost anything by leaving Jive IMO. I for for David’s that he thinks about this as a new beginning with a new label and

  28. We should turn this dropping news into a celebration and show our support to David. He hasn’t lost anything by leaving Jive IMO. I hope that David thinks about this as a new beginning with a new label and a new management that will respect him and support him.

    • Yesterday I thought his career was over. Now I think this is a new beginning. I liked Melinda, but her tweets were utterly unprofessional. In any other business, you would get fired for divulging client information.

      And Jive — Jive is a one-trick pony. Also, they have a long list of unknown artists whose albums certainly don’t sell 60,000 copies.

  29. I suspect that this is not a surprise to David and team, that the Jive ending has been on the table for some time. If he does have a three-album contract (I think it was an option contract with the third album an option) perhaps the contract just ended and he chose not to renew. They let him do pretty much whatever he wanted with third album with no promo. In any case, hope he gets picked up by a good label (and management) soon!!

  30. What I am unclear on, and what I’d like to talk to someone in the industry about, is who paid for the third album? I believe that David got an advance for the first one. Did the label pay for third album, did he get an advance, did this come out of his pocket with sales and touring to help recoup expenses?

  31. Wow……is Jive ever getting a lot of hate tweets


    • this tweet frpm a fan is so true : omfg!!!! @jivemusic needs to be dropped not @davidarchie

      They got a lot of hate tweets when they dropped Allison and also from Ciara fans who asked for promo.

  32. Now we shall wait for the fourth and possibly fifth shoes to drop: Is David going with a new label and/or management, or is a mission and departure from industry in his immediate future?

  33. I think Jive have a lot of difficulties and I’m not sure they’d last long, even with Britney and Chris Brown (and Justin Timberlake but his focus is on movies right now). Like Peter said, they have more unknown artists that don’t sell a lot than the contrary. I’m curious to see what is going to happen to Jive (even more that now they won’t have the idol signing anymore and their fans to exploit lol).

  34. This tweet says it all !
    @Bill_Frost: Archie put out a 2nd album? huh. RT @THR: David Archuleta Dropped By Record Label

    Now that David is getting some press, people are just noticing that he released an album lol

  35. I hope this finally marks the end of his Idol era.

    • David is still tied to idol through 19R. Technically they are his label and Jive was the distributor of his albums. They might decide to release David as well. They might not. I don’t think they released Alison when she was dropped by Jive. She is still managed by them as well.

  36. I’m a long time lurker coming out to make a comment. There is a lot of good information about how record labels operate and royalties work at this website:
    http://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/recording-contract.htm. It is entirely possible that David owes Jive a lot of money from the production of his last album. Artists don’t get any royalties until all the productions costs etc. are recouped by the record label. I read somewhere that most artists don’t make any money on their CDs until their third CD and that is only if they have gone gold. The record label always gets their money first! Artists make most of their money from touring. It is entirely possible that David can’t afford WEG now, if he owes Jive money. I believe that David can make
    a good living with his music, but he will have to tour a lot to do it.
    I also think that David should put out a CD of great cover songs. This is what David excels at. It could be marketed to AC radio not pop. David still has a good size fan base and he can sell out smaller venues, I’m sure.

    • I don’t think his last album costs were too high, the production was not that good quality and the writers with exception of Claude K were not high profil (i mean for the music standards right now), many of them were more friends than anything.

  37. I don’t think David owes Jive any money. If they have not recouped their expenses on this album they just take a loss. He doesn’t make a profit on his albums until the label recoups their expenses. I’ve heard that the money they didn’t recoup from an album gets deducted from the expenses they put forth towards the next album. But if they don’t recoup their expenses and they drop him they don’t make him pay them for it.

  38. “David is still tied to idol through 19R. Technically they are his label and Jive was the distributor of his albums. They might decide to release David as well. They might not. I don’t think they released Alison when she was dropped by Jive. She is still managed by them as well.”

    Kris, if this is the case it really ain’t over, is it? It is conceivable that David would be in limbo until 19R releases him. And how long is this contractual straitjacket good for? Makes me wish David had taken another route in building his career. Straitjacket may be too strong a word but I am not feeling very reasonable right now and that word feels right at this moment.

  39. David made a good deal of money in 2009, I believe. He was on the Forbes list of most financially successful IDOL alums with earnings of 1.3 mil. Now, is that gross earnings? or after expenses, etc.? Who knows. But he was #8 in earnings of all Idols, that year.

  40. I hope another label picks david up, he is so talented. I hope they make Jive sorry that they droped him. Lets show them and get everybody to go out and buy another copy of The Other Side Of Down.

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