Cue the Archie Fan Freakout 3.0

What EXACTLY are we to make of this tweet:

… followed by this tweet from his former management:


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  1. I think this is it, as in his career is over. WEG seemed to have a long-term plan.

    A tweet to Melinda:

    “oh my gosh. that was NOT what i wanted to hear. i was hoping for a tour or like johnny said, back in the studio.”

    Melinda’s response:

    “we had all that in the works, but change of plans unfortunately”

    • Because it’s speculation time : maybe David didn’t agree with the direction they were taking, maybe he didn’t share the same visions about his career. I don’t know if the boys band tour was more than a rumour but if WEG was serious about it, I understand the change.

  2. Peter, are you suggesting self-sabotage on David’s part?

    And where oh where is a VRS when you need one?

    (Personally, if I were in David’s shoes, I’d probably be frustrated enough to leave the industry too but that’s not what we ODD Archies want to hear! Yikes!)

    My heart is heavy (just as I was preparing to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of “Heaven” this weekend). Sigh.

    • There have been so many of these sudden changes of plans…

      IMO, he seems to prefer drifting aimlessly through the music business (with the help of relatives) to having professional management working hard for him over the long term.

      • by lindas own words all mgt.des is advise and guide what good was she doing for him jive was supposed to promote but didint

  3. I want to speculate but so hard to know anything as I don’t know him. But a mission would not surprise me.

  4. I really don’t know what to think about this. I’m waiting for a blog or something from David. He can’t just tweet that and go, I hope he’ll explain what he’s excited for …

    I admit I didn’t see it coming. I thought WEG was going to help him part ways with Jive. I just hope he’s not going to wait to have another management like the last time.

  5. The fact that he’s “excited for what the future holds” might signal that someone else is courting him (either for new management and/or new label).

    Yes, my optimism concerning David’s career knows no bounds.

    Surely, he can’t be “excited for what the future holds” if it doesn’t include music, I don’t care what “calling” he has to do a mission!

    • The future holds Aunt Laurie.

      I, too, hope that he has an offer from a new label and a top-notch management company.

  6. I don’t really want to think about him not singing. I am totally selfish. I need to hear that voice. As Melinda would say, #thatsall

  7. I am trying to be hopeful and realistic. He is very devout and we might want to prepare ourselves for either direction…staying in industry for now…or leaving, going into mission, and perhaps after he settles down doing music as more of a hobby.

  8. I don’t know what to say right now, so I’m gonna wait ’til I can collect my thoughts a bit.

  9. David has now been around many, many other musicians and I would like to think that he has been really paying attention to the kind of lives they have, the management they have, etc. He is so into the indie scene (A Find Frenzy, etc.) Don’t know what any of this means but I was surprised that Melinda, when asked on twitter what happened by a fan, Melinda tweeted back: ”He doesn't know a good thing when he sees it”

    • If he decides to go the indie route, he should learn to promote himself more. It’s not an easy route and if I was an indie artist and had the chance to be signed to a big label, I’d consider it as an opportunity not the contrary. But I know nothing about the music biz, all I know is that there are a lot of singers who’d love to be at his place.

  10. A tweet to Melinda:

    “Is he really leaving Jive? Thats what i’m hearing”

    Melinda’s reply:

    “other way around correct”

    • I don’t like that Melinda is replying to the fans now that she’s not his manager anymore. It’s up to David to announce such things. Also, I’m sceptic about Jive dropping him when they don’t even want to drop Ciara.

      • With low sales, the drop thing could be writing on the wall for awhile. It may be sign to him that it’s time to leave industry and go on mission. I have no idea, though.

      • She said there were plans to make a new record and then she said that Jive dropped him. That seems uncoherent to me and she’s doing no good tweeting about David with the fans, she just makes things more uncomprehensible IMO.

    • I think I spot a silver lining hiding in the gray.

    • You could interpret that tweet by thinking… NO David isn’t leaving Jive. period.

  11. melinda is being so very unprofessional and I gave in and tweeted her. Trying to stay out of the fray. So very, very, unprofessional.

  12. I am so sad now……if he leaves music……what a sad thing for his fans

    maybe selfish, but I am still sad…….

  13. See, and this is why we’ve all been barking about David leaving Jive… Who’s surprised, really, that the label was moving to drop? He already completed his 3-album contract with them.

    What I want to know is: is there another label on the horizon? Again, for David to be “excited about the future” must signal some new direction in his music career.

    Besides, I don’t think David will drop out of public view, knowing he’s got quite a following of fans. I don’t know. He’s so young and wouldn’t know how best to use Fan Power to deal himself back into the game.

  14. saw this on twitter: not very nice or professional of Melinda to put this stuff on twitter—

    @WEGMusic and @melindaweg what happened with @DavidArchie? David’s fans are worried about him, his discography, his tour…

    @archuletaeurope he doesn’t know a good thing when he sees it I guess 🙂
    about 1 hour ago via ÜberTwitter in reply to archuletaeurope

  15. This is what I tweeted to David and hope he sees it:

    “Are you aware that WEG is telling your fans that you’ve been dropped by Jive? Just thought you should know.”

    Because, really, that beeyotch really needs to shut it! It’s sooooooo not her place to be feeding the rumor mill (pardon my French). 😐

  16. More from Melinda:

    “I don’t think he is quitting. We are just not going to manage him. He has a long career ahead of him. Wish him the best.”

    • She should be careful about what she’s tweeting or she should just stop because the fans are not the only ones reading her replies !

    • Reportedly, she had tweeted someone about David possibly opening for NKOTB.

      If that’s true, then maybe this parting of ways is not such a bad thing, after all.

      • I agree ! David opening for NKOTB was so wrong IMO. I know he can’t be too picky because of TOSOD sales but a tour with an old boys band would have been really damaging for David’s image and long term career. I think David parted ways with WEG because they didn’t share the same opinion about what he wants for his career and I don’t think Melinda gets what kind of artist he is.

  17. David needs to release some sort of statement now. I think that Jive might be dropping him. It is difficult to go indie because you need to be good in self promotion which David is not. I just don’t know what to think. I am kind of sad about all this.

    • I know many of David’s fans have held that he should be selling out large venues and only the creme de la creme but if David chose the indie route his shows would still be very viable even if in smalller stages. I will go wherever it is to hear that voice live. So if David chooses a different road I will be there and more excited than ever because then I think David would be freer to explore his music. So that’s my two cents. So yeah, I am very excited now that I have fleshed out this scenario in my head. 🙂

      • comolaflor: From you lips to God’s ears. I would be happy with David playing smaller venues, exploring his own style. Just so he stays in the music business. I NEED to hear that voice. 🙂

    • OK this is what she tweeted about David leaving Jive or other way around

      @MelindaWEG Is he really leaving Jive? Thats what i’m hearing

      then melinda replies:
      @frederick90210 other way around correct
      26 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter in reply to frederick90210

      So Melinda was so nice to say on twitter of all places that Jive dropped David……how professional

      • MunkFOD made a good point by saying that “you could interpret that tweet by thinking… NO David isn’t leaving Jive. period”. We all know by now Melinda’s great communication skills lol so everything is possible

      • I would be willing to think the tweet meant David was NOT leaving Jive except for the way the word “correct” was added at the end.

        As if to say to the fan that, CORRECT, David is no longer with Jive.

      • or the other way around is the correct thing ?

      • I just don’t know why she was first saying they were plans to make another record and then said that he was dropped. Unless he already has another label, I don’t know …

      • And don’t forget other news about him heading back to the studio, as well as David heading back to LA this week.

        I dunno. Enough with speculating!

        My heart is heavy: first Snarkies closes shop, now this!

      • HG, I think the talk of new record was plans by WEG, when Johnny mentioned it.

  18. Look, I was all for David moving on from Jive because it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that they had ZERO INVESTMENT in his career. Period.

    I’ll still be pissed, though, if I learn that they’re the ones who pulled the plug (and not David).

    If that’s how it went down, then trust me when I say: I’m mounting a Jive Boycott campaign! After every crappy thing they’ve done to sabotage his career, them dropping David would be the last straw on my camel’s back! 👿

    • I’m already boycotting AI, many radio stations, Glee, etc lol. I’ll have zero problem to boycott Jive too

  19. I’m excited that David said he’s excited about what the future holds. I don’t think he would have tweeted that if he was quitting music or if he was dropped or … I don’t know. His tweet seemed really positive, if it wasn’t the case he wouldn’t have tweeted I think.

  20. If David was dropped and then picked up by some other label, I’d be excited too!

    *Keeping my fingers crossed.*

    But I still won’t let Jive off the hook if I learn that they’re the ones to cut him loose.

    • After readng that article/postng from Ciara- is the parting with David any great surprise? I mean that girl had made them some serious money over the years but when it came to artisic direction- it was clearly their way or the highway- and they dropped her. Honestly, when I saw how many records she had sold and multiple grammy nominations etc and they let her go? I thought- what real chance does David have to make a long term career with them. Hopefully smaller lable who is in for the long haul wth David.

  21. WHOA…the other side of the world wakes up to some BIG news, per David ” wasn’t expecting that”, was hoping to wake up for a vlog or new tour news. First reaction shock and sad !

    After reading through twitter comments and coming here, at least now feels better.

    Trust the Archuleta, thats all I can say. David , 20 is all grown up and wiser. And having been in the industry for 3 years and learning more about the business, will not make any decisions that will be detrimental to his own career. His tweet is positive, and as fans, we should too !

    He is LA for business meetings, and if he is leaving the industry and per some fans, thats not the place to go if one is quitting the industry. Changing of labels and management are quite common in the industry so WEG and him parting ways is just the way how things work.

    Now that Melinda is no longer his manager, she really should not be tweeting fans info to cause futher confusion.

    *sign* we just have to wait longer for any tour news or news of any sort

  22. Well, honesetly- had it not been feeling like the lull before the storm? Like “something” was about to happen? Not suprised about big news but I was expecting to hear about a lable change. I liked WEG and was excited about what seemed to be alot of activity- felt great confidence in WEG but right out of the box- did anyone thnk Melinda was a good match for David as a manager? She was bossy and treated him like a little kid. She argued with fans and acted defensive…. But if they got the job done- I felt- that was not my concern. But how she is handling this parting of ways is probably indicitive or how she handled other things- Hopefully we will hear about a new lable soon. If David wants a musical career- and I hope he does- I am sure there will be a place for him. Remember someone just posted here about the struggles that Katy Parry went through? I know peeps here not a big fan of Taylor- but she also went through struggles until she found her right match. My only hope is on what ever scale David’s career continues- he will have professionals in the business that are a good match, treat him with repect and grow with him.

    • He still having a lot of opportunities in the industry, but i’m not sure if he is the kind of person who fight for his goals, or better to say that i don’t really know if to do music like his career is his goal, and even if most of his fans think he is way mature, i just think he is a young human being handling with pretty stressfull decisions the best he can and not always in a mature way. One thing i’m sure, his next decision gonna show what kind of character he has for real and how independnt he is to take control of his business….leaving after a bad day is not the best way to show his strong qualities of his personality…….so we’ll see what happen. 🙂

  23. I think I expected a label change. I just did not expect a management change this suddenly.

  24. David has more guts and integrity than most people! He has courage! He fights for what he wants. He knows what he wants to do with his music and WEG wasn’t it. So he made a change. Bravo for taking charge! He is excited for the future. I have faith in him and in his decisions! Way to go David!

  25. I have to admit that I am a little concerned that David will make a choice that some of us may not like. I’m hoping that music – and the music business – is still his primary career direction, but there is always that little issue of the mission hanging out there. I have no idea what David is doing. I’ll just have to wait and see. Sigh.

    • I really would not be surprised if David takes time off to go to school or on a mission. I’m not sure that his tweet about being excited for the future has to do with his music career. I will support any decision David makes. I think that if it is either of those things it will probably be a good thing for him. I would just like to know soon what his plans are.

      • In his interview after coming back from India he called it “a life changing”
        trip. Sounds like a mission to me.

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