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Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop…


I’m not going to lie.  All the talk I’ve been having here on SD with hopes for David to part ways with Jive was my own wish for David to be proactive in moving on from a label that showed in so many ways that they were not invested in his career.  So, after every messed up thing the label has done to The Voice (a talent who they’re not even fit to ties his shoes or hold his water bottle for him) – from marketing him inappropriately to not having a vision beyond his first single “Crush” to letting a perfectly respectable sophomore album dwindle in the dust to not even banking on a perfectly fabulous Xmas album during the holidays to now, using low sales (presumably) to justify dropping (presumably) a promising young talent, when it was their fault all along (and this is the same song sung by every other unfortunate artist tied to their label – Alison Iraheta, Lil’ Mama, Big Boi, and Ciara, who’s trying to get out from under them) – I would not be surprised if the next big news we hear is that the label has dropped David. I mean, he’s already finished his three-album contract with Jive, and it’s very clear the label is having its own shake up.

But whither the music industry and their ability to launch new talent?  I have no faith in their abilities.  Except I had faith in David!  Sigh.

See, earlier this week, I was so excited when the Grammys went to little known artists, like Esperanza Spalding for Best New Artist and Arcade Fire for Album of the Year. 

Then I realized: none of the entertainment news shone a spotlight on who they were and what they were about.  On the Grammys, Ms. Spalding was reduced to providing background music for a speech made by one of the execs!  Where was her opportunity to perform for a live audience?

And the only story she received for her Grammy win?  Oh yeah: her wikipedia page was hijacked by a bunch of angry Beiber fans!

And we wonder why Jive and management don’t know how to market someone like David, or why, if the label did send his songs to radio, why no one was interested in playing his music. Look at the culture in which he is expected to thrive.

I’m just deeply disappointed.  Three years ago, on AI’s Hollywood Week (which is occurring right now and which has yet to showcase a contestant who has captured my love and imagination the way The Voice did back in 2008), the first time I said “Hello, Gorgeous!,” when I saw The Face and heard The Voice, I was so sure we had found the next big thing.  And even before that season was over, we saw how media spin worked overtime to ruin his chances of winning the whole shebang.

And if that could happen in the course of a TV season, what about in a short three-year span? 

How things can change in the span of a week, when I started with so much hope and now wait with baited breath – wanting to be optimistic but knowing how dismal and distressing the music industry is. 

There is nothing else to do but wait for the other shoe to drop. 

Must the nice guys always finish last?

Cue the Archie Fan Freakout 3.0

What EXACTLY are we to make of this tweet:

… followed by this tweet from his former management: