Since I Can No Longer Pass as a “Tween”…

Well, it’s been a good 20-something years since I’ve been something called a “tween,” but when I was in the early stages of O.D.D., boy did I try to pass myself off as one!

How else could I explain to anyone my age why I adored David Archuleta and bought all his CDs and attended his concerts and even, yes, purchased those teen/tween rags if they featured David on the inside.

Yes, I really was trying to pass as a “tween” (what other could I do when David’s label and management insisted that his core fanbase was in that age range?  And don’t say you didn’t do some underage passing yourself!).

Alas, I must now stop with the pretense and act my age. No, this isn’t about outgrowing David (how could I? He’s maturing and has been relieved of his tween idol duties with the likes of Bieber in the spotlight). Rather, it’s about speaking out on something that I find positively outrageous!

Wal-mart is getting ready to launch some foolishness marketed to “tweens” (as if the Bieber wasn’t bad enough): a new line of cosmetics (I kid you not!) for girls ages 8 to 12! It’s called “Geo-Girls” (because, for the parent who feels uneasy about the early sexualization of their daughters, they can assuage their guilt by purchasing products that are good for the environment!! Go Green, Moms and Dads! Ugh!).

So many levels of sexual inappropriateness here. Let’s get real: this is not your average “play dress up with Mommy’s make-up” cosmetics. This is the real deal: mascara, blusher, lipstick, exfoliage (!!!) and anti-aging products (???!!!) designed for “tween” girls!

I’m not yet a mother but I’ll be the adult here and say this:

Mamas, don’t let your daughters go out and wear Geo-Girl cosmetics! Their faces are fine just as they are, and there’s enough time for them to grow up and discover “make up.”

This is just … SICK!!

Gosh, I now wish those little girls could recover their innocence fangirling over David.

Here’s info. on a planned Boycott (I myself prefer the term “Girlcott”!).


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  1. So I’m, really agreeing with you here, HG, about the sexual inappropriateness of our little girls. Just walk through the girls department in a store & see what they have for underware. I friend of mine said she has a lot of trouble finding real underware that actually covers a whole girl’s butt. They have bikinis out for little girls and not only that, they make bras for little girls that don’t even have boobs yet.
    Glad my kids are raised & I’m glad I am not raising any more. 🙂

    • OMG that is my story with my 8 years old niece , last summer was so difficult to find the right shorts for her, seriously the cut of the short this past season were too much for a little girl , same with the beach costumes, i can believe the designs in the market :|, and the bras lol, i can relate to that too, she was like obssesed about us to buy her one, at the end we have a very long conversation with her (we bought her a nice under t-shirt and she’s happy), explaining that we have a moment in the life for each experience, and how she needs just to enjoy being a kid doing kids things and looking like a kid . Seriously too much influence out there to grow more fast than their minds and bodies are allowed to take. What sad reality 😦

  2. anti-aging products ? really ?!!! This post is really interesting coming just after David’s vlog about kids. He said something like “don’t be afraid to be a kid at heart”. Unfortunately, we are in a society that just can’t let kids be kids, where the “look” and the appearance are more important than personality, originality, inteligence, etc… The little girls are more precocious, they want to be like the new “role models” they see on TV, in the internet, in the magazines or in the music videos from their favorite artists. Parents should be vigilent about that.
    When you have Rihana performing “rude Boy” at the KCA, a TV show for little kids, you know there is something wrong with what is valued nowadays. I remember a discussion I had with my friends after watching Christina Aguilera’s video for her song “not myself tonight”. I like CA but I thought the MV was off limit. I said it was degrading women’s image and they said it was “women empowerment”. So maybe I’m just disconnected from reality and old fashioned. But this isn’t what I want to transmit to my children (well, when I’ll have children).

    This reminds me of Pink’s song “stupid girls”
    Me too, I wish those little girls could recover their innocence fangirling over David lol.

    • What i can say, specially Internet is a danger with youngs and emotionals tween and teens, each time is more difficult for parents to control where they go or with who they talk in the web and about what they are talking …TV shows don’t help too much either, you should be very vigilent even with the most children marketed show in TV and with the music is worse, with adult singers trying to get the teen market (Katy Perry? Teenager Dream? :|) or Lady Gaga and the very catchy melodies …..i found funny the Jacky Evanko?(she is a sweet girl with an interesting voice) said in Today Show that her favorite artist was Lady Gaga lol. Anyway media knows they have a big buyer market on tweens and they gonna do whatever they can to capitalize that potential client range.

      • “…media knows they have a big buyer market on tweens and they gonna do whatever they can to capitalize that potential client range.”

        TRUE — everyone seems to be after the tween market.

  3. Completly OT but have you seen this :

    “Insiders say the singer is a drain on label resources because she does not know her artistry and is unable to pin down a unique sound”. Jive is just a joke lol “The failure of the album was put down to poor timing, lack of promotion and poor singles”.

  4. I find it interesting that Ciara left or was dropped by JIVE too cmoi. I hope that she signs with a better label. I read that she has been having issues with JIVE for awhile. What a surprise. I think Ciara is also managed by WEG. It makes you wonder what is going on with David and his label.

  5. The industry is in crisis, Sony is in crisis, Jive is in Crisis, their executives are leaving and changing, they’re trying to find new ways to have succes with low investment and that is the problem for not established artist who want to make the things their way, with this economy i seriously doubt a label gonna play the game to invest just for experiment, they gonna put the money in what they already know gonna work….and tbh from business point view that make sense, just a few gonna take risk with their money with this weak economy…….just my opinon of course.

    Now i thought Ciara was a new artist, but looks like she had a succesful album in the past, what makes me think that one succesful album in not guarantee of a succesful career, popular artists now can not be anymore at the end of the year, no one is safe in the industry right now, people minds are changing so fast about what they find cool and marketable, so all the singers out there need to work very hard to be able to stay for long time, i mean everybody ….so i expect/wish/hope WEG , David and team gonna come with a real , serious, ambitious plan if David want to stay doing and sharing music.

    • Ciara was really popular. She had a huge hit with “1,2 step”, even in France lol. She’s a better dancer than a singer but the same can be said about Chris Brown, and being a good singer is not that important now. She did collabs with popular artists like Justin Timberlake so maybe Jive tried and invested a lot in her but the sales were still low. I think her case is different from David because I just can’t see how David could possibly be “a drain on label resources” lol.

      This makes me smile about Jive : “she does not know her artistry and is unable to pin down a unique sound”. A unique sound, really ? Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t see Jive being a precursor in the music industry anymore. They just “copy and past” what’s working at the moment without letting the artists “grow”.

      • The way they handled the release of her album seems similar to what they did with TOSOD. I don’t know what that means for David.

  6. This article is reinforcing what we have suspected about Jive’s handling of TOSOD. I can only wonder – is David also considered a drain on resources? He only wanted to express himself in music but at what cost?

    Interestingly tonight I watched Katy Perry’s life on E tv. Since at the age of 17 moved to Hollywood after first trying to break out as a christian artist in Nashville. She encountered severe personal and financial troubles with two labels before finally signing with Capitol and making a name for herself with material written from even before the first label deal – Def Island. That label wished her to sound like Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson, so was not interested in her material. The second label – Columbia did not know how to market her successfully and the deal fell through after she tried collaborations with other artists. She finally got noticed through an appearance in another group’s music video and given billing with Travie McCoy before being offered the Capitol deal.

    All of this is to say we really do not know what is happening behind the scenes with David and Jive. I can only hope that his interests are being looked after, he will prevail and given the opportunity to keep making music period.

    • Katy. Perry she was droped from two labels before find the succes , changing her image and style…….interesting. I don’t like her, her cool attitude looks fake to me 😐

      And about David idk what too think, he has his motivations and are valid , but Label motivations are pretty much the ones a label have, i mean they’re just thinking like business people…..i don’t think they gonna drop him though, and with the competition i don’t think is smart for him to leave without be sure he can get a good deal with a very consolidated label, even that is not guarantee for him that a new one gonna give him totally control of an album, and his fans need to be realistics with that point, tbh i’m surprised that they give him too much control this time, usually that happens when the artist is a very stablished one or have money enough to put conditions on the table and i don’t think is David’s case.
      Something happened with this era , some information behind scene is missing for us, money is a big factor in David’s career for sure, he need an sponsor and i know i’m in the minority, but he need to be a little more flexible with his concesions, if not gonna be very difficult for any label to work with him, he start to look very controlled to do the minimun required to create some buzz…..or maybe like i said before, this is not his priority right now. G’night 😉

      • Hi Tibi,
        The thing about KPerry is regardless if one likes her or not, she went through a ton of struggle before becoming successful and I came away admiring her tenacity and hard work to get there. She also mentioned how timing and circumstance are unknown, uncontrollable factors that play a big role in the way things happen – good or bad.

        For David it is now the reverse -moving away from early teen success to now trying to establish a foothold in the industry while staying true to himself. I have quiet faith that his hard work and tenacity will eventually pay dividends. He has only scratched the surface of his talent and life experiences with this business.

      • “I have quiet faith that his hard work and tenacity will eventually pay dividends. He has only scratched the surface of his talent and life experiences with this business”.
        I feel the same way.

  7. As a mother of an 11 year old girl, I agree completely. Children are bombarded with so many sexualized images and messages that its really hard to help them sift through and form healthy values. And these tween magazines are all complete rubbish… why SO much focus on relationships (and kissing) at this age?
    David has made his respect for women clear. If David wants to write feel good songs, this message is a good one to focus on that will be lapped up by girls and could produce some real hits if done right.

  8. The concept of make-up for tweens reminds me of the little pageant girls in the movie “Little Miss Sunshine”.

    Regarding Jive, Big Boi (of Outkast) had lots of problems with Jive and left the company last summer. They wanted him to do a song similar to Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop”.

    “I was stuck in a space where I’m making this music that Jive did not understand. They were telling me my album was a piece of art. They told my manager they didn’t know how to market and promote that. They were talking about just doing an online limited release of my record,” he said. Later, he says Jive specifically asked for a song similar to Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop,” …”

    • Wow, this version sound a lot more familiar with David’s case :O…..interesting, at least the guy found a new label easily, i wish some similar luck for David…..i still thinking they don’t gonna drop him…….ummmmm or maybe? 😦

      • According to the old reliable sources, David signed for 3 albums with Jive. I don’t think Jive wants to drop him but maybe he can decide to part ways with them.
        It seems that they don’t know how to launch new artists anymore, they only concentrate on the established ones like Britney or Chris Brown who require the minimum of work.

        David has a new management but now I doubt that they can do something for him without the label push. Ciara is with WEG too and there was no miracle.
        We can’t know for sure but I think that if David decides to quit Jive, he’ll find a new label easily. He’s still popular and he’s talented. I just don’t see how David’s situation would be different if he stays with them. They did almost nothing for him since Crush, so maybe it’s time for him to make important decisions …

      • “I was stuck in a space where I’m making this music that Jive did not understand. They were telling me my album was a piece of art. They told my manager they didn’t know how to market and promote that. They were talking about just doing an online limited release of my record,” he said. Later, he says Jive specifically asked for a song similar to Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop,” …”

        And the excuse for dropping Ciara, according to that insiders, was that “she does not know her artistry and is unable to pin down a unique sound”. This is really contradictory with Big Boi situation …

        OT but all the radios here are already playing the new LadyGaGa single. My thoughts on first listen : too much hype for a just OK song. Nothing new, if it wasn’t LadyGaGa I doubt it’d get all the praise it’s getting right now. I think it was too early to refer to her as an icone (I liked her at the beginning but now I think she became a caricature of herself) or the new Madona. At least, Madona was always reinventing herself. I don’t see any novelty with this new single. Maybe I’ll change my mind after listening to it more than 3 times lol

    • It’s interesting that they don’t seem to be able to try or develop anything creative or new. They are simply trying to reproduce successful concepts.

      • I know, right? This alone makes me anxious for David to find a different label. The current one he’s on seems clueless! When I hear them describing Big Boi’s concept album as a “piece of art” but then tells him to come up with a Lil’ Wayne version of “Lolipop,” my immediate instinct is to say: “Run, David, Runnnnnnnnnnnn!!!”

  9. I saw this article on MJ’s a couple of years ago. Ryan Tedder (One Republic) mentions that he, Katy Perry and the JoBro were dropped by Columbia on the same day. Ne-Yo had been dropped by Columbia a year earlier.

    • Interesting to know how many populars acts are being dropped for their labels and then they are found the succes anyway, because a part of good luck, they were so perseverant and confidents of their decisions.
      I hope David can adopt the same attitude if this become a reality, that from my point of view , i don’t think gonna happen…….but what i know?

  10. I don’t even think Jive was promoting Chris Brown at first. At least according to his fans on pulse. They say that he had to pay and promote everything himself before Jive would even give him an adds date.

    I don’t know what David’s contract with Jive is. I don’t know if he can part ways with them and get another label. Another label is probably the best option but finding the right one is tough.

    • Kris, that’s my understanding too. Over a yr ago, Chris had a twitter meltdown complaining that stores wouldn’t stock his cd and that radio wouldn’t give him a chance. After his incident w/Rihanna, Jive allegedly tried to sell his contract to another label. Chris had to finance his own tour for Graffiti and he was in many of the same venues that David performed in during his solo tour. I’m not defending Chris’ past actions but he has worked really hard to get back to the top.


    President Mubarak stepped down!!!

    The Egyptian people actually did it! I’m amazed!

  12. twiiter from–>nytimes

    Tahrir Square erupts in continuous roar of celebration after Mubarak resigns. Watch live:
    32 minutes ago via TweetDeck

    • Great news ! It’s so cool to be able to follow live an historic event. I wish for all the Egyptians to have the democraty they “fought” for !

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