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Since I Can No Longer Pass as a “Tween”…

Well, it’s been a good 20-something years since I’ve been something called a “tween,” but when I was in the early stages of O.D.D., boy did I try to pass myself off as one!

How else could I explain to anyone my age why I adored David Archuleta and bought all his CDs and attended his concerts and even, yes, purchased those teen/tween rags if they featured David on the inside.

Yes, I really was trying to pass as a “tween” (what other could I do when David’s label and management insisted that his core fanbase was in that age range?  And don’t say you didn’t do some underage passing yourself!).

Alas, I must now stop with the pretense and act my age. No, this isn’t about outgrowing David (how could I? He’s maturing and has been relieved of his tween idol duties with the likes of Bieber in the spotlight). Rather, it’s about speaking out on something that I find positively outrageous!

Wal-mart is getting ready to launch some foolishness marketed to “tweens” (as if the Bieber wasn’t bad enough): a new line of cosmetics (I kid you not!) for girls ages 8 to 12! It’s called “Geo-Girls” (because, for the parent who feels uneasy about the early sexualization of their daughters, they can assuage their guilt by purchasing products that are good for the environment!! Go Green, Moms and Dads! Ugh!).

So many levels of sexual inappropriateness here. Let’s get real: this is not your average “play dress up with Mommy’s make-up” cosmetics. This is the real deal: mascara, blusher, lipstick, exfoliage (!!!) and anti-aging products (???!!!) designed for “tween” girls!

I’m not yet a mother but I’ll be the adult here and say this:

Mamas, don’t let your daughters go out and wear Geo-Girl cosmetics! Their faces are fine just as they are, and there’s enough time for them to grow up and discover “make up.”

This is just … SICK!!

Gosh, I now wish those little girls could recover their innocence fangirling over David.

Here’s info. on a planned Boycott (I myself prefer the term “Girlcott”!).

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