Daily Archives: February 7, 2011

What is David’s “Style”?

This question is really in response to a conversation on the previous thread, in which Suzy Orman tweeted that David was not really Black Eyed Peas’s “style” and, therefore, would not be a good fit for a concert tour.  Well, I would agree he doesn’t match BEP (who I thought were terribly mediocre in their Super Bowl half-time performance – but then, I knew they would be since they only offer “feel good” music by their own admission.  Rock Star Gods they are not).

Still, this conversation is definitely worth having because, thanks to Jive and David’s mismanagement in the past two years, I too couldn’t really vouch for what is David’s “style.” Remember that sad, muted, bleached out (literally!) video his label did for “Touch My Hand”?

Would you be able to figure out David’s “style” after that? This video alone should have given us all kinds of red flags about what David’s label thought of him (which is: clueless!).

So, what is David’s “style”?  We know he’s not “raunchy” or “neurotic” or “crazy” like Gaga or even “eccentric.”  He’s not even “soothing” like a Josh Groban.  His eclectic music style and self-proclaimed “dorky” image both go against his more known images as a “ballad boy” and a “cutie.”  David, no matter how much you say it, no body will look at your sparkling hazel eyes and your to-die-for good looks and automatically think “dork.”  And no matter how often you sing pop, no one who’s seen you on Idol will separate you from your “Imagine” and “Angel” performances.

Seriously?  I think David needs to go back to his “ballad boy” persona and amplify that in a way that’s cool.  Every Idol who has been successful is one who has been able to stick to the personas they developed on Idol.

If I were his manager, I would seriously be marketing him as the young Adonis with the voice of an Angel (which is what every Archie thinks anyway – management needs to broadcast that better and reframe that in a popular and cool way).  Yeah, I know: it’s a complete deification of David.  But so what?  That’s what celebrity is designed to do anyway!

In this electronic age, he’d also be the Voice that needs no Autotune.  Or, if he needs Autotune (Pfffft!) it should be added in by someone who can magnify the echoes and melismas in the Voice (in other words, David is in need of a creative music producer who knows what he – or she – is working with).

I respect David’s own desires to break free from some of the stereotypes Idol cast on him, as well as to prove he could do “pop” (which, to me, “Crush” already proved that).  But, he needs to think about the “style” now and distinguish himself accordingly.