“Crush” in Stop Motion

A more fun and lighthearted way for fans to show their appreciation for the hit sensation that  is David Archuleta”s “Crush”! Got this from FanScene today! 🙂

Video by Allie W. (loving the sign language!)

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  1. raelovingangels

    Just saw the girl from Glee sing America the Beautiful and Christina Aguilur ( whom I really like) sing SBL. Sigh… no one does it like David.
    He sings America the Beautiful in such an earnest, pure manner- you just see the song. And his SBL so patriotic. A few flurishes and touches, but generally pure melody and lyrics.

  2. raelovingangels

    So I watch Suze Orman and follow her on Twitter. Also a BEP fan. She must also be a BEP fan because she tweeted how excited she was etc…. and she kinda made a joke she hoped they would not forget the words, since Christina A had just flubbed the words of the NA, So I responded and said:

    @SuzeOrmanShow haha love them too. Wish David Archuleta could tour with them. Have you heard him sing SBB? http://vimeo.com/3140379

    and she said:
    @raelovingangels yep I have. He is not their style.

    gah…. what have I done? She has over a million followers…. now someone would have to look up what I said to see why she responded that way but 😦 Of course I left it alone- when she gave that response- I do know when to walk away – no need to get into an argument about it- she is friends with Oprah.

  3. She’s right you know…he is not their style. They are too raunchy for David.

    I did not care for their half time performance, borrring! same-o same-o

  4. Suze Orman should stick to financial advice not music advice. lol I think alot of people did not agree with her. I like the BEP but they were not that great. It was an entertaining show but the singing was not that good. David should have sung the SSB.

  5. Hm, I guess I wouldn’t have taken Suzy’s response as negative. David really isn’t their style, lol. Although it wouldn’t have killed her to acknowledge that he did a good job.

  6. i didn’t take suze’s response as negative either. i agree, she should stick stick to financial advice; she actually said that the bep performance was the best she ever saw. whaaa?

    lol at the picture that mj put up on her blog of xtina:

  7. She is right. They aren’t the same style. And Suze Orman has the right to like whatever type of music that she likes.

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