Daily Archives: February 2, 2011

Is David on His Mission?

I have to ask because, as much as I admire his putting charity ahead of all other concerns (like music promo and publicity campaigning for his music career), I’m also wondering if David is being a “stealth missionary” with this latest trip to India.  I also ask because I’ve been learning all about Rising Star Outreach and its connection with his church.

Don’t get me wrong.  If this is what David wants to focus on at this point in his life, more power to him. I’ve always wondered how he was going to be such a religious devotee as a Mormon and not do his church’s expected mission, especially when he is at the age when it’s expected and also because he’s on a very visible platform to do so.

This might also explain why he hasn’t “blown up” yet as a worldwide phenomenon. Apart from management issues, perhaps music is taking a backseat to these other concerns of his.  I would not at all be surprised if this is what David is defining as his “mission.” It just seems to fit with what he’s doing as well as with his outlook. 

I’ve always admired how David never used his celebrity to promote his religion, even though he doesn’t hide his faith.  It’s more or less a quiet determination to keep on pressing on, encouraging his fans to do good, charitable things, and inspiring everyone with his God-given Voice. 

It’s very subtle, and I admire how he weaves it in so effortlessly. So many of his Archies have been eagerly contributing to Rising Star Outreach without thinking of how they’re giving to his church, so yes, he’s very subtle. 

It’s something for us to think about though because I support David 100 percent, his church not so much.  But then, if I support David, does that automatically mean I’m supporting LDS, or just a man who’s definitely tithing more than 10 percent to his church?