New Year Remix Series! #1

Happy New Year, Soul David Readers!  Of course, another year for Soul David means another blog break this week. 

Another season, another reason for a series! 😀

Since I’m excited for something new along with something old to keep with continuity, what better way to reflect this than with the Art of the Remix?  So, starting this “Remix” series, I begin with the remix master himself, Sonic Ether, and his recent mashup of David’s “Elevator.”

Enjoy! (And thanks to Embe for bringing this to my attention!)


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  1. raelovingangels

    Speaking of Elevator- Snarkeys has this great link to a radio staton website
    reference great performances on New Years Eve. They link to Thop’s YouTube of David’s performance. Lol, good thing David’s fans are Johnny on the spot with posting to YouTube because while they ” wait” for Travy’s they said check out David’s performances posted by “gasp!” a fan. OK yep I am being snarkey now-

    • raelovingangels

      “Travie” McCoy.

    • LOL, rae! Thanks for that. I was wondering how Elevator had more views than TOSOD since so many fans don’t care for the song. This explains it. Interesting, though, how Elevator has gotten mad love from a lot of reviews. Hmmm…

  2. YAY, a shout out from HG! My life is complete ❤

  3. I remember Sonic Ether from the Fanblast days; glad to see he’s still doing mixes.

    Rae, thanks for the link. Those performances prove again that there’s really no one to compare David to with regards to versatility as an singer/performer. Can’t wait to see who he tours with (or who tours with him).

    On another note, it’s going to be a tough Jan/Feb with only 2 known scheduled events for David (the skate for heart and Jordin’s superbowl event). 😐

  4. Happy new year!

    I have not heard of Jordin’s Superbowl event. Will David be appearing there?

  5. NKOTBSB? What the random? When did this happen? (Also, Ryan Seacrest looks like a wax figure.)

    • This is what I was forced to watch with my family on NYE! No disrespect to NKOTBBSB fans. lol

    • PETER!
      Its waaay too early in the year for me to survive your laser sharp wit without falling over laughing haha! Too early but true indeed LOL!

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